Everton 2 West Brom 0

Albion team-mates Ben Foster and Peter Odemwingie had to be pulled apart after an angry flare-up as the Baggies’ form continued to tail off at Goodison Park.

Albion team-mates Ben Foster and Peter Odemwingie had to be pulled apart after an angry flare-up as the Baggies’ form continued to tail off at Goodison Park.

A Gareth McAuley own-goal before half-time and a second-half strike from substitute Victor Anichebe sealed a deserved win for Roy Hodgson’s men.

But the Baggies failed to perform and a disappointing day ended on a low note when Foster and Odemwingie squared up after the keeper blamed the forward for allowing a shot on target by the Toffees.

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Albion are now without a win in four games since a run of three successive victories left them virtually clear of relegation danger.

Everton made the brighter start and saw an early cross from Leighton Baines flash dangerously across the face of Albion’s goal.

But despite the hosts’ dominance of the early exchanges, there was a major element of misfortune when they took the lead on 18 minutes.

Osman played a neat one-two with Nikica Jelavic before letting fly with a long-range shot that hit McAuley and flew past Ben Foster with the Baggies keeper stranded.

Albion almost levelled the scores 10 minutes later when Paul Scharner had a shot parried by Tim Howard and the ball broke for Chris Brunt, who saw his far-post effort hit team-mate Shane Long and rebound for a goal-kick.

A minute later Foster had to make a fine low save to keep out a 20-yard effort from Marouane Fellaini.

And five minutes before the interval Albion sniffed another opportunity when Liam Ridgewell crossed dangerously from the left towards Shane Long, only for Leighton Baines to make a superb covering header.

A rare moment of promise from the Baggies 14 minutes after half-time saw Keith Andrews screw a shot well wide after neat counter-attacking move.

But it was 2-0 on 69 minutes as Anichebe collected a pass from Steven Pienaar and was given too much time on the edge of the box to compose himself and score off the base of Foster’s right-hand post.

The Baggies keeper had to make another excellent b save to deny Pienaar before a more routine block from Magaye Gueye sparked his row with Odemwingie.

The Baggies keeper appeared to blame the forward for allowing Gueye too much room and they squared up before being pulled apart by team-mates and referee Peter Walton.

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Comments for: "Everton 2 West Brom 0"

Ant baggie

What a shambles, completely outplayed, out passed. Formation all wrong Thocyi waste of time very poor played on the wing has no pace, subs too late again, just so frustrating Foster good game, cant see us winning another game if we play like this.

Cyril Randle

Another abysmal performance with no attacking threat whatsoever against a team that had played midweek. We saw every kick and frankly, it was sad. No confidence, no ideas, no originality, about as threatening as a feather duster. The final straw was Odemwingie heading Foster. Please don't tell me everything in the garden is lovely. It isn't.

wordsley baggie

another poor performance and got what we deserved. oh well could be worse i suppose, we could be in wolves position

Marathon Man

Is it safe?


get rid of odemwingie trouble maker

Brummie roader Ryan

Rubbish. Players already on the beach.

We need to sign a few players in the summer.

Odemwingie most unpredictable bloke to play for albion. Let alone Tchoyi. One game he's class and the next he's pants and when he squared up to Foster at the end that was an embarrassment. Come on sort it out.


Worried; yes we should be!

Dreadful performances for most of March and most sides below us all picking up points.

No form being showed to suggest a mid-table finish.

Maybe after next weeks game we will be safe but another negative performace like today and the bottom group picking up more points and we will be getting nervous!

Did they ever look remotely interested today?

I know Everton are on a high currently but surely we could have at least given the impression we wanted to be there.

Very poor!!!!!!!!!!


why is everyone taking it for granted we are safe from the drop when we're not,we are only 8 points clear with b/burn,QPR, and bolton still to play,also two top clubs man city and arsenal,if we lose to b/burn next weekend and QPR and wigan win that only leaves us 5 points clear with man city to play next,as i said we still have QPR and,Bolton to play if they beat us thats us just two points off the drop and before anyone says they have to win their games first well so do we and they look more likey to win their games than we do, i truely hope im wrong but im not taking anything for granted. thats my pessimistic view, my optimistic view is beat b/burn next week and a draw with one of the remaining fixtures and we should be ok,i'll probably be slated for my comments but ive a point of view just like the rest of you.

Kiddy Baggie

Utter rubbish,Im fed up of spending my money on watching this garbage football ,we had three wins and al of a sudden the players are talking about Europe ... Get real were gonna have trouble staying in the league so pull your socks up or enjoy the delights of the fizzy pop league with the dingles.


Too many players and Roy even with their minds on contracts for next season be it at B71 or elsewhere. Time to remind you all lads you earn them on the pitch. Time to stop yapping about next season and make sure we don't royally cock this one up.

Sort it Roy

Here we go again, spouting off about what we are going to do and what we will acheive? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, just do the business first, then start spouting. Roy, I'm not sure how your logic works at times? but my god, anyone can see the formation is wrong, Odemwingie is just a prima donna, who actually believes, he is better than he is. leave him out for the rest of the season, and then off-load him. It's a good job we won those 3 games when we did, or we'd be going down with Wolves. We are not safe yet, so get back to basics Roy, A.S.A.P. Football is quite a simple game really? watch a few Barcelona tapes.

Frustrated & Annoyed

Forever Albion

Been saying for weeks now you cant win with Championship Players - Jones, Andrews, Tchoyi just not good enough. Scharner seems to be slowing & what was Odemwingie up to today. Even Olson struggled. Hope they have not given up for the season or otherwise we will be with the Wolves. Foster, whatever he costs must be signed, more goal saving saves again today. Have confidence in Roy sorting it out over next 7 games though, perhaps his team selection today was saying "JP we need to spend to strengthen"!

henry young

With, I think, 7 games left and 21 points to play for, should we really regard ourselves as safe?


Its a good job were safe from the drop after performances like the last 2 games, we will finish 15th or 16th if we carry on like this to the end


when I seen the team selction I knew we were beaten,

Cyril Proudbottom

Listened to game on radio we seemed pretty woeful!

Sort it Roy

Well Roy, it's a good job we won those 3 games on the bounce, or we'd be going down with the Wolves. Not sure how your logic works sometimes? but a blind man can see the formation is wrong. Get back to basics (again) and get rid of that Prima donna Odemwingie, who actually believes he's better than he is. We are not safe yet, so lets stop spouting off to the media, about what we are going to do or achieve? and just get on with it.

Annoyed & Frustrated

Sort it Roy

Sorry guy's,

I thought my first message wasn't sent? Ah well.

Still annoyed and frustrated..........

Silverend baggie

We aren't a bad team. We have taken the foot off the pedal. Like we did last season against Wolves at the Molineux.

I think it was a mistake when Roy Hodgson declared we were safe. Although this has been followed by exhortations to the team to continue playing well to the end of the season, the squad rotation sends out a mixed message - i.e. that RH isn't that concerned.

Is anyone convinced by the Odemwingie/Long partnership? Both fine players...but they don't seem to gel. We look more dangerous with the MAF/Odemwingie combination.





i'm with Wall Heath Baggie on this one...

and he ain't even posted yet...

at least cyril randle's posts might become a little more balanced now that we're fast becoming as bad away as we are at home.

Nottm Baggie

A few weeks ago it looked like Wigan, Blackburn & Bolton were in dire trouble but it now could be the three West Midlands sides that could fall from grace. The teams below us are all on a high after picking up valuable points and the 'safety zone' of 40 points is getting closer for them & more difficult for us!! Blackburn & Villa games will be vital, I do wish the players wouldn't keep giving the press articles as invariably it comes back to bite them in the rectum. Is Roy the man for us or is he just another one of the also ran managers??


I was at the game and whilst it was disappointing there was not much between the teams.

What I am struggling with at present is things like Tchoiy not being in the squad for weeks and then he is suddenly back in the team?????

When we beat Wolves, Sunderland and Chelsea it was the same staring 11 except for Andrews replacing Scharner following his injury at Molineux. Since then the team has been chopped and changed and we seem to have lost our way a little. We look our best playing 451 with Fortune leading the line and support from the wings. It is also clear that Long and Odemwingie together does not work. We still need another 4 points to be safe let's hope we can get them soon.

J♣ck the Hat.

Is Everton near the Bering Strait?. Couldn't get the match on computer or radio, had to manage with sparse reports on 301. Looks as though it was a non event according to these posts. Good job we have a few points in the bank, still need six more to keep afloat in this league as teams beneath us are picking up points like nobodies business.



dont do your dirty washing in public PO, makes our dressing room look 2nd rate, foster excellent

alfred miller

and another bad performance, i cannot undertand this team. 1 month ago we were beating wolves, sunderland and chelsea. Then what happened, we played man u and we lost ,and as always after a manutd game we go on an 8,9 match losing streak. Always,just check it out. We were not interested at all today. Just like last sunday.They used to call wimbledon fc the crazy gang, so what shound we call our own albion...

SC Baggie

Roy its time for a big shake up and sort out of players. I'm sure he his giving everyone a try out at the moment before showing quite a few the door.

Start with Ode and Thocyi the pair are to unpredicable....we need consistancy.

glenn hussey

odemwingie...you are a disgrace

headbutting your own goalie!!!

scoring against wolves and selling a few t-shirts aint enough

drop him and watch our performances improve


After losing to Newcastle last week I felt it would take something special to get anything at Everton. When we beat Chelsea many were saying how strong our squad was, Peace and Hodgson walked on water, etc. but four defeats later the talk is all doom and gloom.

Reality is somewhere in the middle. We aren't as good/bad as many make out. Roy believes we're safe, I feel we should be if we perform in half the games left. In my opinion we are still weak in many areas and I believe if Roy stays quite a number of the old guard will leave.


Not a worthwile shot on target infact it was blummin awful worse than wigan Foster motm again four strikers on at the end and still couldent muster a shot at goal Roy take the england job or any job for that matter because your taking us backwards roll along end of season cant take watching much more of this rubbish ...

Orlando Wolves fan

# 3 Wordsley Baggie

Yes, I agree, you could be worse and in Wolves position.

Baggies......get some points in...we don`t want both Black Country teams in the Championship next year!

Cyril Randle

If Odemwingie had put as much fire into pestering THEIR goalkeeper as he did ours, maybe we should be thinking a nice point gained. What the heck was he doing on OUR goal line? And what happened to this new 'masterful' defence? Foster consistently our best player, says it all really. There was one good bit. The picture on the computer was fine so our tea and choccie bikkies tasted good. Let's hope our form takes a turn upwards because the away form has turned down.

CantelloRocket 78

I tried to watch on the net,and had to put up with picture freezing and constant adverts,so not exactly ideal.

It did look a poor performance,but as the top 10 bookies all had in-form Everton as odds-on favourites to win,and the Sky pundits completely agreed,I wasn't expecting to add many more points to the board by the end of the game.

I always acknowledge when we play badly,and give equivalent praise when we play well,which seems pretty fair to me,but some guys have been pouring out doom and gloom for most of the season,and can't bring themselves to say anything good when it's goin' well,so at least they'll be pleased they can spend another week wallowing in the absolute train-wreck that's called West Bromwich Albion.

Now I'm off to do other things because i can already feel myself being dragged down into the depths of despair.

Then it's a party and a fresh game to look forward to next weekend,so onwards and upwards...........


i have no right to tell people how to behave or react on here - though some people think they do - so it is with good grace and honour that i make the following polite request...

...if you've got nothing good to say about our football club, don't say anything...

thank you.

telford baggie

I don`t normally post but we are getting like the wolves on hear roy is the best manager we have had in years and we never beat everton away and it took a lucky goal to beat us Newcastle are a class act so no surprise there and yes we did win 3 games on the trot when did we do that last has well as beating stoke we are also the highest midland club with only 7 games to go and are 4 points from another year in prem 3rd on trot so would you all get a grip because when we win our next game you will all be saying how good we are lol


Well, our season continues to flatter to deceive. I agree that it was a big mistake from Roy to come out and call us safe. Caging the team (defence) around for Blackburn was an even bigger mistake. Followed by the usual cr@p in the press from the players, and this fall in form was inevitable.

Thankfully, this is the best Albion squad we've had in years and we are good enough to get 3-4 wins from our remaining games. That is so long as we go back to doing what we do best: 451 with a high tempo pressing game. It's no coincidence that we've looked at our best, both home and away, when we've deployed this tactic. Unfortunately, a leopard doesn't change its spots and Roy is always looking for an excuse to go back to his favoured 442 (where we look utterly toothless).



Jones Macauley Olsson Ridgewell

Odem Andrews Mulumbu Brunt Thomas


That leaves us with a strong bench including Long, Dorrans and Tchoyi (who is better off the bench)


The last two performances have been awful. There's nothing wrong with the skill level of the players and backroom staff at the Hawthorns at the moment but form like this so late on in the season is troubling. Hopefully we can scrape a couple of results together like Bolton did during thier slide last season but having said that look at where they are now.

We need a confidence boosting run at the end of this campeign to set us in good stead for next season. A game against another mid-table side should have been taken more seriously. Come on Albion, next week we need to be ruthless and help send Blackburn down as they have done to us on multiple occasions. I recon Andrews must have a point to prove against them. Come on you Baggies!

Boing Boing

kev in mallorca



J♣ck the Hat.

Why does one of our strikers have to play fullback?, surely the defence should move across or a midfielder should cover. Osaze shouldn't be anywhere near Foster to react. No wonder the striker isn't scoring when he has to do other peoples work at the other end of the pitch. Let him do the job he supposed to do, RAID, disgusted.

I see a T-shirt was shown for Petrov without a booking. About time Scharner's joke of a booking was rescinded for showing his sons charity T-shirt. Players have now shown T-shirts for Muamba and Petrov without being booked, Where is the fairness F.A.?. Sorry that word isn't in your dictionary.



"Stinky", you must be referring to the wolf dung on your shoes, say hello to some of your mates on here. Two wins and we're safe. Maybe your lot on here would like to put a wad on us going down, Whats say Dog-Head.



Whilst I can agree with a few on here that this current slump in form is a tad alarming it is not critical and I think some of you need to calm down a bit and get real.

I believe the recent press coverage on Roy has been unsettling for the squad. This coverage though is due to the lack of clarity from the FA and the red tops down south are growing inpatient so they are flying names around to get a respnse. I believe Harry will be manager and my only concern is that Roy is waiting for a director of football role down the road in Burton at the new centre.

That waiting and failure to commit has filtered through to the squad and it has happened at Tottenham too. Players like Foster, Olson, Odemwingie, Andrews and fringe squad members alike, are not sure where they will be in a months time so the inconsistancy is understandable.

My main concern at the moment is not Roy Hodgson. I do hope he stays as he has been good for us and has laid to bed a lot of the hoodoos that surounded us each year combined with another year (hopefully) in the prem, but if he did jog on to the FA we are in a good position to attract a good class of manager now. My fear is we will be losing Dan Ashworth for that new role at the FA. He has been paramount in the rise of our club and his ability to find these gems from around Europe has made as much as an impact today just as Sir Gary did to begin the rise from the ashes.

I think one more win will do us fine as Wolves look doomed and I still believe QPR will go as will Wigan. We have a good squad but may I finish on a one little negative? I think our flow of play has stagmated since the return of Brunt.....just an observation..451 next week please Roy..oh and grow up PO you know you didnt track runners for the last 30 mins and you didnt like the fact you were told!!

Cyril Randle

21.sherlock. My posts are always 'balanced'. I don't get carried away when we win but I praise the team. Similarly, when we lose I can be sympathetic if we put the effort in.

I also believe we have better players now than in previous seasons. What I cannot agree with is the TOOTHLESS performances like Wigan away, Newcastle home and Everton away.

Tell me, are YOU happy with Odemwingie giving more trouble to our goalkeeper than theirs?

When the opposition goalie doesn't make even ONE save? I would suggest you stop blaming ME for how unhappy you feel. That is just SPITE.

34.same bloke. We were brilliant yesterday and SO unlucky. Everton's first goal was an 'in-off' and sheer bad luck for us. Their second just caught us off guard and was nobody's fault. Should have ended 0-0 and we deserved a point at least.

Will that do?

All fairy stories must end 'happy ever after'.


42, cyril

am i happy with Odemwingie giving more trouble to our goalkeeper than theirs?

nope. I'm just happy...

B90 baggie

Results wise all we did was lose away from home to a better team than us. It's not a massive disaster, most people would say Everton should beat Albion at home. We were not outclassed but it was a poor game which both sides contributed to.

The more worrying issues are we had players fighting each other, supporters fighting each other in the stands and players (Brunt) arguing with Albion supporters during the game.

kev in mallorca

Just watched Newcastle v Liverpool and amazingly Newcastle beat Liverpool 2-0 but more amazingly than that they are 6th in the Premiership just in front of amazingly Everton at 7th, I'm beginning to think that most of the above are talking sense,we should be wiping the floor with teams like that. Oh I forgot Wigan amazingly beat Stoke as well, I don't know the worlds coming to, I'm off to get a pitchfork!


kev in mallorca



kev in mallorca

B90 Baggie

You're the voice of reason in your first paragraph then you go a little off course.

Have you never played football and had a ruck with a team mate about something he should have done? Roy's statement is sufficient for me and if the fans who travelled to Everton were shouting as much parc at the team as the so called fans on here are I don't blame him for having a go back.



Reality setting in for many on these pages who thought we could strive for a european spot !!!

We over achieved last season which many thought we could better.We will finish with around 42 points which will be enough and I would have been happy with that if only we could have taken the cup competitions seriously.To the many on here who use the excuse we have played 3 games in a week and the players are tired when we lose, may I remind you that Everton had a hard cup tie at Sunderland in midweek but beat us in a canter.So come on defend your statements now !!!!

Cyril Randle

43.You be Happy and I'll be Dopey or Grumpy. Bags me first go at Snow White.

45.Kev. After we had just beaten Chelsea, most thought we would be 6th or 7th. Some of us didn't and took a right pasting for saying so. None of that explains the real slump in form though. Primarily I blame the FA for unsettling two managers and then their staff, which then unsettles the teams. Is it a coincidence that Tottenham have taken but TWO points from five matches? I think not.

As one poster points out, maybe Roy is looking at the FA Academy. My worry isn't that. Maybe DAN is looking at the FA Academy.

Now that is a worry.

Shirley Baggie

Let's not get too carried away with this. We lost away at Everton, did we really expect to win? Don't get me wrong, the manner of the defeat was very disappointing but we shouldn't go overboard. The last 3 games have been poor performances but if you take them individualy, wigan - we did well at the end of the day to get away with a point when in any other season we would have capitulated and got nothing, newcastle - frankly they were just too good for us (as they just were for liverpool) and everton - although we got what we deserved it was a huge stroke of luck for them to open the scoring which then changes the game.

We have 3 winnable home games left in blackburn, qpr and villa. If we can somehow get 6 or 7 points from them that would be another decent season for us.

Keep the faith and lets have a good atmosphere against Blackburn!

kev in mallorca

I've just a brilliant idea that'll make everybody happy and be good for the health of some I can't believe I didn't think about it before.

All the above who think we are parc, those who are bored of our football and in the main only come on here to moan, if any of the afore mentioned have a season ticket or just attend regularly why don't you stop going to watch the Albion if it affects you in such a negative way?

You could relax on a Saturday afternoon,throw away your blood pressure tablets and make the wife happy by ticking a few things off your guna list and you would make at lot of people who frequent these pages over the moon, so everybody wins,Brilliant ay?


kev in mallorca


And that is one of the main causes of all this negative hysteria,unrealistic expectations after our tremendous recovery last season!

To all those who had their heads in the clouds,

lets just finish our second season still in the Premiership then sort out Roy's and certain player's contracts, make some additions to the playing staff and start another adventure next season and maybe by then Robin Brittain will have forgiven me?


mike baggies fan(coseley)

Poor performance as said by many fans, we need to all pull together as a team, arguing will not help, Our strikers need to put some effort in and we need to score goals, and our defense needs to be tighter.We didn't stand much chance against Everton as we was out played and deserved to loose.Come on Roy you need to sort this out for the last few matches as we need to put acouple of wins together starting at home against Blackburn,the fans deserve this to round off our season you know you can do it for the fans so come on you !!!Baggies!!!.lets climb that table.

Able semen

We arnt safe yet. We just need to shut up shop and see this season out.

Five clubs are much worse off than us, so all we need to do is make sure we dont lose too often for the remainder.

with only 8 games to go we should be able to do this.

odemwingie and foster are both winners, so when it dosn't go according to plan, let them let off a little steam with each other. no harm done in the long run. hopefully.

we r albion.


Getting anxious now.

The teams who are beneath us and who we still have to play, will be scrapping and fighting to win against us. With our home form as it has been, our players need to start scrapping and fighting to get at least one win or we are in real trouble!!

Why oh why did Roy say we were safe.

How does that motivate players??

J♣ck the Hat.



If any of ours wants to be a professional moaner, my advice is go on the dark side and read their match posts. There are plenty examples on that site for one to get a high degree in the aforesaid profession.



kev in mallorca

I've been reprimanded by a friend for defacing the board so














Gabby's Elbow

Haven't posted for ages, as all of the usual suspects have normally said what I'm thinking before I get on here.....

However, we are in real danger of getting involved in some end of season drama....the manager telling us all we're safe, has put the players on thier "deckchairs" way too early!

With everyone else winning, and Roy playing the strangest formations going, who would bet against a bottom 3, consisting of the dingles (lost cause now), Villa (dropping like a knackered lift) and us??

BTW, St Peter is a joke - one or two great games, intertwined with some real sh1te....when hes not on fire, he really is a passenger and id rather see Long and Marco play every week!

1954 baggie

Good to see some commonsense spoken on latest posts a look at form of the last three teams

weve played then it's not suprising, think Long should replace Osase with MAF as target man agree Brunt hasn't picked up from recent injury so on the bench please we have plenty of chances of points coming up.

Steve Poole Baggie

Some contrasting opinions to date. I try and leave posting until the day after the game to try and give a level and reasoned opinion. A few weeks ago, and some even after last weeks performance were saying that we were comfortably safe with a quarter of the seeason to go. Perhaps I have been supporting this club for too long to ever be able to relax until the maths tells me that I can. A few games ago we were 14 points clear of the relegation zone. Now we are just 8 and the maths do not tell me to relax just yet. In that time we Bolton have won 3 on the spin, Wigan 2 on the spin and QPR have beaten Liverpool and Arsenal in consecutive home games. In that time we have played away games at top of the table, Man U, a bang in form Everton, faced a must win game v Wigan and a Newcastle team that are chasing a possible top 4 finish. Yes, we have reason to be concerned but I do feel that we need to consider the teams that we have faced. We must re-focus and get positive results in our home games against the likes of Blackburn, QPR and the Vile and our home form is a worry. Worried and concerned, yes I am but I would still rather be sitting on 36 points with that run of games that we have rather than 28 with the games QPR and Wigan still face. For us, it is is in our home hands, but we still must re-focus quickly and get over the line. There is still much work to be done!


Agree with many comments - i don't understand what's in Woys mind with his team selection. One minute we are cooking with gas against wolves, sunderland and chelsea, then it's back to 424, no Fortune, and another attempt to work out how to accomodate ODM and Long.

Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.. I agree that there's been a bit of Tory fuel foot-in-mouth with comments about new contract for Woy and place in Europe. I calculate we'll just stay up with 40 [ I'm a long time pessimist ] with Wigan, Wolves and QPR down but i'm not putting money on it. Like Villa we're getting worse and everyone else is getting better. Forget England and Woy if we go down - Peace will get rid.

One annoying thing - there is an ongoing theme of bashing Peter O. He's our leading scorer, he's almost invariably key to our best performances - at his best he's shown real skill and magic as attested by Haansen, Shearer etc. He's anything but arrogant i would suggest - not a show pony like Kamara for example - but once again Woy seems to be undermining him with post match comments and sticking him into a crap formation with Long and Tchoi. He's a gifted touch player and plays on confidence [ like many goal scorers ] but needs support and to know his role , but is probably as frustrated as I am by Woy's lack of belief in 451, despite evidence to the contrary. We are lucky to have him and should treasure him.

Woy wants us to be Fulham - fair enough in many ways, but I want us to be the West Brom I've loved and railed against most of my 67 years.


Up to now I haven't had a go at Roy, or whoever it is who picks the team! But now I'm having a go! With the current group of players we have got, it's obvious to me that we can't play 4-4-2 All of our best results have come from playing 4-5-1 . SO SORT IT ROY,OR WHOEVER, BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! We aren't safe yet! and as fast as were losing points, the teams below us are picking them up! We have to become consistent, and quick, or we'll be staring at an ever beckoning trap door!

Dubai Baggie

Disgusting performance. Formation and selection not suitable for this clash. Half hearted and no fight, just thank god for Foster AGAIN! Time to roll up the sleeves and get fighting as those below us have.

CantelloRocket 78

Like I said earlier,we were playing an Everton team who have only lost 2 of their last 15 games,and both the bookies and media guys were very confident of a home win.

What's causing panic is the fact that the bottom clubs won,which is something we have no control over,but it's unlikely they'll keep winning all their games,as they still have a tough run-in.

I'm a bit puzzled that people keep saying Roy told everyone we are safe,because 2 or 3 weeks ago he said we need to focus on reaching at least 40 points,and has since said more than once that he won't talk about a new contract until we're completely safe.

I can only recall him once saying we SHOULD be ok,but with a reservation in his words.

There's enough quality,know-how,and experience amongst the Baggies staff to steer us to safety,but negative vibes and blind panic never help,both are destructive.

I'd recommend everyone to channel their energy into attending the next game and putting full vocal support behind the team,because if we want the players to be positive and fully commited,then we should act the same way ourselves.

kev in mallorca


I feel for you or anybody for that matter growing up with some sort of affliction,during your school days you were probably the butt of the other kids jokes and as you got older you thought they would realize their comments are hurtful,but no they are still bankers.

kev in mallorca


Just read on another post that you've taken part time retirement from these sites due to the absence of humour but I think now are recent troubles are behind us and as you were an integral part of the humour I implore you to reconsider your hasty decision.

By the way how you getting on moving heaven and earth for Friday?


The Real Bully Hoo.

Regarding the Baggies I've always been an optimist and like to think a realist as well. I've never said we could get into a European place, in fact I said a few weeks ago that 17th or better would be a successful season allowing for SSS.

We have good weeks and we have bad weeks, a club with our resources doing any better really would be something from Hans Cristian Anderson.

I wish I could afford to pay WONOH to spend a couple of weeks compiling the stats regarding all the PL clubs transfer spend and wages bill plus whatever else is spent IE we've just announced a 2.5 mill spend on the Academy whereas someone pointed out the other day Goodison Park hasn't seen a coat of paint since 1930. Then compare this outlay with the club's income.

Don't panic WONOH I don't expect you to do this but it would be the only way to get through to some what we're up against.

I know some will still say that some of our performances aren't acceptable but I bet fans of every club including Man Ure, City, Chelsea and Arsenal would say exactly the same, not to mention Stoke, Villa, Fulham etc etc who all have squads more expensively assembled than ours.

It would be a miracle if we don't accumulate more than 4 points from our last seven games so I really think relegation is still just a pipe dream for all of you pessimists Max. Never mind there's always next season.

On a lighter note (they seem all too rare lately.)

49 Cyril.

The Dwarfs used to love kissing Snow White goodbye on their way to the mine, until she bought them a stool to stand on.


Some of the posts make it sound like we were stuffed 6-0

Let's face it Newcastle & Everton are not bad sides that's why they're flying high.

We conceded 2 and 1 was a wicked deflection that normaly a solid block or keeper save would have been prevented.

PO needs sorting its a team thing not just when he feels like doing something seen it too much this season.

There had to be changes and I think a few more will soon realise the work and what Mozza does for the team now he's missing.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I have to admit I'm struggling. I'm on a shift that finishes at 9.15 and not surprising on a Friday night there aren't too many coming forward to take it off my hands. I'll keep trying and very much hope to see you all there.

Cyril Randle

67.TRBH. That even made my missus laugh and she snorts at naughty jokes usually. Life has not been a load of fun lately for many reasons

so you have to keep me smiling.

There were 3 sites listing our match and we started with fizz-wizz at No.3 or some such saftness, but as stated, it pixilated a bit so I tried No.1 and that was excellent with English commentary.

Statistics can be made to prove anything so I'll avoid commenting on how good Wigan, Newcastle and Everton have become because that contrasts with how we smashed Wolves, an in form Sunderland and megabucks Chelsea. The difference to my sad, old eyes has to be HOW we are now using the players. We have a good squad although we have lost key players to injury. Uncertainty is the biggest destroyer of team spirit. Blame the FA, blame the tactics, whatever makes your reasoning, but we are not worth watching right now.

Robin Brittain

52 Kev in Mallorca

Rest assured I have forgiven you already.

I am pleased if my contribution last week offered you some amusement but must make the point that it is difficult on some occasions to understand what you are trying to say.

Perhaps whilst the Albion are resolving contractual problems for management and players during the close season you could pay some attention to your grammatical skills which may enable me to understand you better.


The Snow White joke made me think of the Long/Cox partnership for some reason ....

Team selection really gets everyone going doesn't it? Some favour X over Y or get annoyed at criticism of key players, however, in the final analysis, Hodgson picks who he wants for specific games and the formation.

Personally, I think we're better with MAF leading the line and playing 4-5-1 - but this raises questions about the 5 players across the park; do you include Brunt and Long?

The other issue is pace; a couple of people are of the opinion Brunt helps slow our game down, but isn't this hard to judge given the different roles he's given?

On Saturday I want us to get into Blackburn's faces and press them high up the pitch. The laboured approach only serves to unnerve players and supporters alike.

Wall Heath Baggie


I am really sorry but i will be unable to attend Friday Night due to unforseen health problems in the family. I will possibly be struggling to attend the game Saturday.

Have a great birthday and i hope to see you soon .

All the best


kev in mallorca


I'm glad that I'm forgiven and while admitting that English wasn't my favourite subject at school which was partly due to the size of Jenny Gladstones breasts and me thinking why should I learn it when I can already speak it, I'll keep my reply short and quit while I'm ahead.

Maybe we could meet for a pint before a match sometime?


kev in mallorca


But what am I going to do with all them dangerous sandwich's I've ordered?

Hope everything turns out OK.



I can see that some of you want the rest of us to calm down. We do appear to be close to the finishing line and it would also take a fantastic run for at least three clubs to catch us. Yes, we were playing some pretty good sides in Newcastle and Everton and no we don't have any right to win those games but we should be performing better this close to the end of the season. As fans we are well within our right to say that the performances were under par and that we are worried that we might get dragged into the scrap at the bottom. Non of us expect to be in a relegation battle at the death and I don't think anyone seriously believes that that is going to happen, but we do need to beat Blackburn or we may need results from places we have no right to get points from. Do you want to leave it to games like Liverpool or Man City or Arsenal?

Boing Boing

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think the team selection will always be a bone of contention as we all tend to view it with the benefit of hindsight.

There were a lot of people saying Tchoyi should get a chance but not many of them coming on to defend him after Saturday's game.

I've seen PO criticised for being back defending and also criticised for not working hard enough. I think that like Tchoyi working back doesn't come natural to him but when they play they have to because we can't afford the luxury of anyone not doing it. But it still doesn't mean they'll be any good at it. I'm not saying this to defend either of them just stating facts.

I agree that we need a settled team but Roy also has to make decisions on who is worth keeping for next season, difficult if they don't get a game. He also has to keep the squad happy and I think that has more to do with trying PO and SL than wanting to play 442. People understandably want a bigger better squad but keeping them happy then becomes even harder.

As for RH saying that we were safe, does anybody honestly think that the players switched off after hearing that? Players get a bonus for winning a game and I think I heard that they also get a bonus for where we finish in the table. Surely that affects a player's attitude more than anything the Manager says.


Agree with comments about Pete, drop him and give him a reality check! that will work well for Foster who we obviously need to sign.

14th position is rosey for now but for how long will it be?

The Real Bully Hoo.

76 BIM.

"Do you want to leave it to games like Man City or Liverpool or Arsenal."

Yes that was our mad harebrained scheme all along.

No of course I didn't want to lose on Saturday, neither did Norwich fans or Wolves fans. But understanding that we can't win or play well in every game doesn't mean that I don't want to. It just means that football isn't like that, it would soon get boring if it was. We're West Brom not Barcelona, we have Chris Brunt and Mulumbu not Iniesta and Xavi but we also have Chris Brunt and Mulumbu not Jamie O'Hara and Karl Henry.

kev in mallorca


Yes everyone has the right to their opinion but don't you think that they go over the top without taking into consideration all the facts.

The reason why we "The Half Full Brigade" get so frustrated is the majority of those who jump on the team after a defeat disappear into the woodwork when we win, it seems they are not happy unless it's bad news.


CantelloRocket 78

77 Bully,

The way I see it,when we're winning,most people just relax and let things roll long,but if the results take a downturn,there's suddenly fingers pointing at a hundred and one reasons why it's happening,everyone becomes an expert.

I've said before that football's not an exact science,otherwise by now someone would be getting it right every time,and we know that just doesn't happen.

We smash Sunderland,then they lead moneybags Man.City until the last minute,Liverpool have an expensive squad who are now losing game after game,bottom clubs looking down and out then start beating quality opposition-

It just doesn't make sense.

Personally,I see Roy trying different systems,switching personnel when a change is needed,and driving players hard in training,but the performances still vary.

We have a decent squad,but have to build the quality up slowly,and have very few 'class' players,so sometimes our bunch hit the height of their potential,sometimes the opposition are just superior,and we lose confidence.

I personally see it as a 'relationship',like a marriage,so you stick with the club you love in good times and bad,trying to understand the problems,and being supportive,not sitting back demanding they entertain you,and blasting them to high heaven if they don't reach your 'personal' expectations.

As Kev said the other week,if you feel the need to moan every week,and say how miserable you are watching the club,then no one forces you to go,just do something else!

Otherwise,if you still refuse to walk way,at least let others enjoy their experience without whinging and spreading doom and gloom all the time.

It really doesn't help or improve things.

Cyril Randle

There is a fine line between 'doom and gloom' and telling it as it is. I teased sherlock a bit with my 'fairy story' approach in reply to his 'don't come on here unless you say only good things'. From many of his posts I know he didn't really mean that. (He'll now say he did).

I watched Saturday closely with my nephew who has been going since he was about 6, about 50 years ago. We are hardened to defeat and winning doesn't make us think we could beat Barca. However, we thought the fundamental stuff was being done badly. Someone earlier mentioned the hesitancy we show with basic things when we are not playing well. It's been there for the last 4 matches and a 1 point haul shows it. I cannot look upon that as good and I will reserve the right to say so.

We have the capability to give any team a good game. It's wake up time or we may have plenty to moan about!


82. Cyril

Totally agree.

Can someone now analyse why our home form has been so bad this season.

I can't get my head around it!


82, cyril

i wondered where Lone Wolf had got to. There he is! Right at the end of your first paragraph with his silly bloody brackets!

seriously though, after yesterday i've vowed not to even LOOK on here again in the aftermath of a defeat. Just gets me back up it does. You, Cyril, are not the worst offender by some margin, so i'm sorry if it seems i've singled you out in any way. Anyroad, i know you're big enough to take it and to give it back in equal measure, so certainly no hard feelings on my part and i hope you'll continue to tease me because i like it.

The ones that really cheese me off are the ones who Cantello and Kev mention, i.e. the ones who only EVER weigh in with a comment after a poor performance. They use such words as 'disgusted' to sum up their feelings about a football match. Not sure where they've been to in their lives but it takes rather more than a rubbish football match to disgust me. These are the particular Sherlock-worriers who i wish would just go away and find something else to disgust themselves with, like an out-of-date yogurt or summat...



Roy Hodgson on the Official Website:

"I do think we're relatively safe from the relegation zone now," he explained to the WBA website.

"I'm not giving it too much thought with nine matches left to play.

CantelloRocket 78

As I mentioned in my previous post,if results are not 'as hoped for',a variety of people put it down to a variety of reasons,and I'm sure many believe that their explanation is the correct one.

Ultimately,it's personal opinion,and history shows that some who were certain they knew best were later proved to be wrong.

As an angler,I've known someone be judged by others to be using the 'wrong' technique,yet they still ended up catching more fish than the other guys.

So maybe none of us can be absolutely certain that we've identified 'the truth' of a situation.

But at least,there's one thing we can have complete control over-

and that's our personal attitude on the issue.

And I find that steering my mind towards the positive and constructive tends to feel a whole lot better than dwelling on the opposite.

But maybe I'm missing out on something over there.......?


44 B90 i dident see any evidence of fans fighting each other and i only saw 1 fan arguing with Brunt as for players fighting with each other i only saw 1 culprit ...

Cyril Randle

84.sherlock. I can take it but I also can dish it out, without any hard feelings if there is no personal animosity involved.

We have watched Wolves, with quite a good squad of players, lose team spirit, togetherness, leadership and their crowd, simply by bad management and direction. Their good supporters have a right to expect better.

For whatever reasons, we could end up in a similar mess. I don't pretend to have any answers, just thoughts, but if we continue in our present vein, we could still join them.

I think the FA firstly should be made to answer for gross incompetence in not appointing an England manager, thus upsetting Tottenham and ourselves with the speculation this has generated. Our own manager has been guilty of 'playing the field', rather as if we don't count if something better comes along, this has troubled players quite visibly and the results are in front of us.

With our current form, both home and away, we could end up with ZERO points from our remaining matches. That might not be good enough to keep us in the Prem and would have the natives very restless indeed.

That's my take on West Bromwich Albion and I'm worried.

inside man

People are being given a chance to show what they are worth in the last few games. Long is our future centre forward and ultimately thats why he was picked ahead of Fortune on Saturday#.

The last 4 performances have been poor, but the 3 before that were very good. If we stay up this season we have been successful in my opnion and it means we can continue to build. I do agree with a lot of people that we really need to win at least 1 game sooner rather than later, just in case the 4 teams directly below us continue to pick up regular points. However, if you've had said to me at this stage of the season we'd have been 8 points clear of relegation I'd have snapped your hands off. No point in getting too downhearted with a loss or too upbeat with a win. Just support the club to the max and renew your season tickets for next year :)

& How about me getting the team spot on again .... stick with me and you'll be in the know ;-)


The thing that worries me now is if we do get dragged into this relagation battle it would be on the back of defeats and a poor run of form. The teams catching us would have a momentum and we could find ourselves struggling to get going again. To many of our lads are already on holiday.

CantelloRocket 78

85 TB,

in the quote you notice Roy said 'I 'think' we're 'relatively' safe'

he didn't say that he 'knows' we are 'definitely' safe yet.

And the reason he said he wasn't thinking about relegation is probably because in the past he's said he doesn't like to focus on the negative side,he prefers to look upward rather than down.

I'm sure everyone at the club knows we still have to guarantee safety before we can think of relaxing.

The Real Bully Hoo.

88 Cyril.

I agree about the FA and their handling of the Chelsea - Spurs semi is yet another example, all they're interested in is TV money and they'll sell all of our souls for it.

They cocked up the National Stadium by insisting on having it in London. It cost more than The Millennium Stadium, The National Stadium in Paris and Croke Park in Dublin put together. How the hell could that happen when they're all very similar in size?????? Gross inefficiency and I'd suggest gross something else but don't want to be sued. Our great game is in the hands of major league idiots.

Surely on your Wolves point, as has been pointed out by a Wolves fan on another thread, their supporters negative attitude and constant sniping has played a major part in the downfall. But it could never happen over here could it?

I say this as I've always found you one of the most sensible voices of reason on here. Lately however you seem much more willing to dwell on every setback. Are you being influenced by the negative influences on here? I know you will put up a spirited defence and try to shoot me down in flames but I'm only posing the question.

89 Inside Man.

Be careful with all of that positivity, the Jap snipers in the bushes will be after you.


i give up. cor beat 'em join 'em.

Hodgson out.

All the other nonsense.

Farewell and Adieu...

Cyril Randle

92.TRBH. I've 'done a big one' on a newer topic as to why I have been a bit negative. A summary, we are a good, well run club with excellent facilities. It is an honour to manage West Bromwich Albion and be a part of it. Anything less than 100% loyalty I will not accept while they work for us. The FA are a gang of freeloaders from a 'select' group that abound in Great Britain. That's why Brian Clough never got the job. Their incompetence has spread outwards and affected us. Anyway, JP has noticed what's going on and has acted. Watch this space.

kev in mallorca


I hope that wasn't a final farewell mate?

Our numbers are dwindling as it is, don't go,don't go please?


CantelloRocket 78

93 Sherlock,

As Kev says,we need people to organise the Titanic lifeboats,because some are trying to pull others under the ocean by their ankles.

And I'm expecting a statement soon saying that 'you happy clappers always stick together'-

Issued by the 'United Society of Unhappy Clappers'.............

J♣ck the Hat.



We needed Fortune and Mulumbu to be rested or they would have been jaded for the rest of the season. Obviously Roy wisely rested them up to be refreshed for the run-in, that is what makes him a No1 Head Coach. The same could be said for others but they were the main two. I feel we shall now kick on.

Listen, stick with your own beliefs they are what really count for you and yours, everyone else's are secondary. All the best mate.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I find it hard to condemn a bloke whose entire life has been dedicated to football for saying he would like to manage his country in what would probably be his last job.

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