James Morrison in blast at West Brom ambition

Midfield star James Morrison today accused West Brom's hierarchy of failing to build on the club’s Premier League success as he spoke out strongly over transfers.


Midfield star James Morrison today accused West Brom's hierarchy of failing to build on the club’s Premier League success as he spoke out strongly over transfers.

Morrison questioned the club’s ambition after they pulled the plug on their latest transfer – deciding not to sign Hungary winger Szabolcs Huszti.

Albion ruled Huszti was not fit enough to make an impact in their final 16 Premier League games despite agreeing a loan deal with Zenit St Petersburg.

And a frustrated Morrison said: “This club can go places but it doesn’t build.

“We just settle for being in the Premier League and I believe with the group of players we’ve got we can kick on.

“We’ve players here who can easily play top-half football.

“We just need a few reinforcements to the squad because a lot of players are playing a lot of games and a lot of minutes.

“I’ve got ambitions to progress and this club can do it. It just needs a little bit of help.

“The manager is an ambitious guy. He’s been like that all through his career, and the fans deserve it as well.”

Albion’s only signing so far in the January transfer window is £300,000 midfielder Scott Allan, although they still hope to capture Birmingham defender Liam Ridgewell before tomorrow’s deadline and have not ruled out other signings.

Recently-published accounts showed the club committed an extra £11m in wages during the summer transfer window but made a £3m profit on transfer fees.

Morrison, who captained Albion for the first time in Saturday’s 2-1 FA Cup defeat at home to Norwich, insisted he remains committed to the club despite his frustrations.

“I’m committed to this club. If the club want me I’m sure they will offer me something but I’m not thinking about that at all.

“But we’ve got players that can kick on. We finished 11th last season and we could better that because we’ve got good players.”

Albion opted not to sign Huszti because the 28-year-old was lacking match fitness following a two-month winter break in the Russian league.

They remain in talks with Birmingham over a deal for Ridgewell and are also monitoring several other targets as they weigh up reinforcements in the final 24 hours of the transfer window.

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Comments for: "James Morrison in blast at West Brom ambition"


And so say all of us!! Well said James.

Aussie Baggie

Well said James! Congratulations on having the courage to tell it like it is. It is only what Albion fans have been saying for years. Obviously Albion's lack of ambition has been felt by the current squad and may be the cause of lack lustre performances from certain players.


Why can't we attract investors? Possibly one of the best run clubs in English football, and we are in profit! I can't understand it, they would rather invest in Brighton or QPR! We'll never do any good with this skinflint in charge! You can't compete in the premier league with championship money! Somebody please help our long suffering supporters!


Interesting to hear that the players or at least one of them would like more investment.

Would he have spoken out a few months ago when he was on the bench and new players would have put him even further down the pecking order?

Would rather this was said on new years day, it won`t have much impact with just hours left.


Now the players are moaning as well as the fans. Come on JP sort it out with a bit of investment this club will do wonders. Well said James you have come out and said what all us fans are thinking. Right behind you mate

jeff lowe

at last someone with some ball to say say it as it is !!!!!!! thank god for james


Mr Morrison you need to look closer to home your one good game in five ain't good enough.if the club did have ambition you would not get a game.


looks like he's off then...

Peace out

Hodgson out

Get Gordon Brown in, he's Scottish and he knows a bit about money. Oh, he's never played for Albion though has he? that's no good then

I'll have another think about it and get back to you with more great ideas...


This is one area West Brom and Wolves fans can unite on. We both have unambitious transfer window chairmen. We possibly have the two tightest chairmen in the league! I think every supporter for the two clubs would agree it is extremely frustrating!

Bromham Baggie

“We just settle for being in the Premier League and I believe with the group of players we’ve got we can kick on." Does that mean that we might win at home soon?

On a historical note I remember as a young supporter in the early seventies telling my dad that West Brom were going places. He shook his head and said, "No chance, they never spend any money." How right he was. Apart from the brief blip of the Atkinson years we've never splashed the cash.


Well said perhaps now the players are thinking what the fans have bees saying for years, we have a chairman that keeps the purse closed to often , yes we are a well run club but will do no good if we dont invest in better players to make progress

Forever Albion

Mozza well spoken you are singing from the same hymn sheet as nearly every Albion fan except for those on JP's payroll. We have a nucleus of players that can push for the top half if only JP would have the club at heart rather than his share value, salary & personal gain thoughts. I am not saying bankrupt the club but we could be more ambitious in the transfer market, our wage bill will always be in the lower regions but with Roy at the helm, now is the time to be more constructive, he will not waste our money & he knows the value of a player who can do what Mozza is asking on behalf of the players. Every Manager over the last 10 years has been totally frustrated by lack of ambition at this time of the year.


I think Saturday highlighted a lot of things. Yes reinforcements would help us progress but I also agree with JP when it comes to the "one out one in" policy. We sign a new players and we soon forget about "dead-wood" like Mattock and Tamas. We need to sign players with a view to getting rid of the "dead-wood" It's a difficult balancing act but something imperative to a club of our size. We just don't get the gates to start investing in players with a view to recouping some of the investment in gate receipts. Additional players for me isn't the obvious solution here. Tactically I think we are completely wrong at home. Why play slow from the back when teams sit back. Why play with no proper wingers (a right footer on the right hand side/left footer on the left hand side) We need to be more direct at home like we are away. Yes we want to play as much "champagne" football as possible but to be honest we haven't got the players to do it in such a rigid formation. On the break we can cut through teams but faced with 10 men behind the ball, we struggle as we don't have the "world class" players to pick a "killer" pass.

As for the comment about an investor. Investors will not invest in a club so well run we are as they will not see growth potential. They would rather pay for a partly struggling club on the cheap and build them up into a profitable, salable asset.


We have had 10 years of premiership/parachute money and have got one hell of a solid foudation.We are well clear of the relegation area(at the moment)and have two vital players out with long term injuries.For gods sake at least replace these two and go forward.

Quick point, I see we pulled out of the deal for the Hungarian winger because he has not played for two months and yet I read only last week that JP insists that any potential signings must be watched for at least 6 months,well Dan where have you been for the last 2 months ?

And no I have not got over saturday,still like many on here say the Fulham game is more important,we shall see !!!!


I'm a massive James Morrison and always have been - he needed to step up his performance level this season and certainly has done this. So far player of the season for me.

However, I don't believe it's his place to be coming out in public and making such comments about how/ what the club should be investing on the playing squad.

I appreciate that lots of Albion fans get frustrated at Peace and Albion's prudent approach and see clubs in the top 6 spending multi millions of pounds. We must not forget where the club has come from in the past decade and that we simply do not have the benefactors that lots of others clubs have had/ do have. That’s the reality and it’s not particularly nice. The sensible approach of building foundations for which the clubs ambitions are to continue to grow are in place. As a club we are making progress and very much in the throes of becoming an established premiership club with the facilities and academy to go with it. The gap between the top 6/7 and the rest of the premiership is simply huge (due to Sky TV and their distribution of funds). We finished 11th last season but for Tchoyi's late equaliser we'd have finished 14th. That just shows how close the bottom 13/14 clubs in the premiership are. We are seeing that same pattern again this year.

£11m increase on the wage bill this season - is that not showing commitment and ambition? Keeping hold of Odemwinge, Mulumbu, Dorrans by giving them long term contracts - is that not showing commitment and ambition? £11m increase in wages has to be paid for every season, not just this one. As an Albion fan that has been going since 1984, I witnessed the decline like most and I want to see success just as much as any other Albion fan but it amazes me how many fans (not just Albion) don't see that the splash the cash you but pay later approach doesn't work. Do we really want to end up like Birmingham, Nottingham Forest, Hull, Ipswich, Middlesbrough, Portsmouth, Southampton, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, Sheffield United, Bradford and the list goes on – because if we mismanage our finances this could easily happen.

Unless the finances fall out of the game (which we should be one of the best placed clubs to benefit), we will have to spend hundreds of millions to even compete with the top 6 - that's just not going to happen! Realistically we're not that far off reaching pretty much the maximum we can with current financial resources. Sad and rather depressing to admit it but that is the truth.

One area I do believe as a club we can show more ambition with the finances/ squad we already have is in the domestic Cups. There are chances for good cup runs in this day and age and off the back of that maybe even a European adventure - had we played a stronger team at Ipswich last season, we’d have had a League Cup semi final place. I get that our priority is survival and sadly bar hundreds of millions being invested that will continue to be the case. The Cups are our best/ only chance of silverware.


Strange that we were told that Huszti was a target when they already knew he was close season unfit and no use to us for months!!

Didn't really think Jezzer would break recent form and sign anyone in January.

Odemwingie may be sold but anyone in??

I will be pleased to be proved wrong if we sign a player who can go straight into the first team!

Still over the moon that we are in the Premiership.

There was a time, not too long ago, that I thought I would not see it in my lifetime!!


Oh God this is gonna be a long day.

James Morrison, if we've players who are good enough to finish in the top half, then go and prove it on the pitch.

It's all well and good saying 'we need to kick on' and all the blind cynics saying "yeah well said James", but probably those saying it and James Morrison have never read a set of accounts in their life.

"Kick on"

Let's hear somebody explain how we kick on. With what money? We can probably afford to throw out another £5-10m on transfer fees, is that kicking on?

Should we spend like the last government, Leeds or Pompey and hope for the best?

Should we match QPR's offer of £60k per week on wages? Should we try and match Stoke, Wigan and Fulham for spending, all who would be out of business if it wasn't for their wealthy owners??

Before you all call me names and accuse me of being JP. I'd like us to be up there as much as all of you.

But please, someone with a modicum of intelligence, please set out how we 'kick on' in terms of who we buy and with whose money given we are around breaking even as things stand.......



That's one of the best posts I've ever read.



Well said.

Mozza bad timing, not the time to be saying such things. We are what we are, and yes we all get frustrated when awaiting transfer news, but best keep these things to yourself.



Simply put,the sad truth is that debt is cheaper than equity, so we are in a less attractive position compared to teams who have incredulous debt and are ran poorly. See it, like this, you have more chance of getting credit, if you already have debts, if you owe nothing and never have, you have a next to nothing chance of getting it. Stupid I know, but that's life I guess!

Well said Jimbo! He isn't upset, just frustrated. As we may all grow to be.


We dont need to sign anyone long term this window. Just 2 or 3 players to cover the injuries on loan would suffice


beevower (the massive james morrison!)

as warren has already said, really well thought-out comment, reflecting the views of any Albion fan possessing an ounce of common sense. it even eclipses some of my own posts for balanced, thoughtful reasoning

hats off to ya


This from our most overhyped player!! He's only in the team because of injuries this season to other players and in particular at the moment to Scharner, Brunt and Gera, otherwise he would be 6th or 7th choice (Mulumbu, Thomas and possibly Dorrans would all be before him also).

I'm sure that Jimmy would quite happily give the money back and stick around when we overspend and go way of Pompey, etc. Remember, he only stayed with the club before because he was out injured for 12 months with his heel. Didn't hear him complaining then while he was still picking up his money.

Needs to get real and realise what type of club we are, guaranteed premier league football every season is a god send after the yo yo years. We won't be pushing for Champions League.

Only thing I would criticise (and agree with beevower on) is I'd like us to show a little more anbition in the cups in terms of trying to win some silverware. Other than that, I'm personally happy with how the club is run, at least I know I'll have a team to watch in the coming years. Not some newly formed club out of the ashes of administration and closure!!


20, boing boing

we're all frustrated as well mate, but we don't come on here shouting our gobs off and telling everybody what's what do we?

hmmmm, sorry, didn't quite think that one through properly did i?

Wall Heath Baggie


Good job Lech Walensa did not keep things to himself or Poland would still be under military rule.


Oh oh dear seems James is putting the rose tinted brigade in there place who will be the next player to speak out i wonder ...

J♣ck the Hat.

Jeremy Peace has made money available to strengthen the squad in this window also Bednar moving to Blackpool is off our wages bill. We are in need of an experienced wide man also a left sided defender with the season hotting up. If players come in we will hold on to our better players as they will see progress, otherwise they will want to move to more ambitious clubs. So what is keeping us from the obvious?. Brunt out, Thomas has an ankle knock, who are now our two experienced wide men?. Never mind Hodgson out, more important, will he want to stay beyond this season if we don't re-enforce this squad.



so thats olson and morrison that will be gone next season



I have noticed over the years that you seem to be very account minded.Are you an Albion shareholder ?

If you are,you are well aware that you can ask any question you like about the accounts ONLY at the next AGM being held very soon at 9.30am at the LONDON office.

Need any further comment be made ?

Stoney Lane

Great point, number 4. If we went deep in to debt and bought top-class players on huge salaries, half the present squad would not be in the line-up. Be careful for what you wish for, James.

No 12, a genuine fan, I know. But "ambition" is a two-way stretch.

How much would you be willing to pay for your season ticket? £1,000? Or even £2,000, so you can help pay the wages of these top players? How ambitious are you for the club? Why must it always be someone else?

Excellent post, Warren, 17. We are competing in an unfair market place, with sugar-daddies at certain clubs and many others in ridiculous debt.

All our money - season ticket sales, commercial sales, sponsors money, TV rights - ends up, eventually, in the pockets of footballers, it it was left only to agents. We, as a business, have to pay for infrastructure: training facilities, the Academy, maintenance, staff salaries. We spent money exclusively on players and their wages before, to the extent of selling our training ground in Spring Lane, disbanding our scouting system and letting The Hawthorns become third rate. That, too, was "ambition."

How many clubs are owned by former footballers, apart from Wigan? Not one. They always have difficulty in putting their money where their mouth is.

New Broseley Baggie

JP has said cash is available,but it needs spending correctly.No point wasting it on a player who will sit on the bench or in the reserves when the likes of brunt/scharner etc are all fit.

I do have 1 gripe though,this hutsle has been injured for quite a long time,it was no scret.So why waste so much time on chasing him at this time when ,surely,it would of been better spent looking at other possibilites.Where is Menseguez?He looked pretty useful when we had him on loan.

Instead of Ridgewell,and ive nothing against him personally,lets get Burke.Far superior player.

Cyril Randle

I am totally with Beevower and Warren. Sherlock too come to that, partly because of his caustic wit.

If I had just one wish, it would be for the folks who want us to 'splash the cash' to prove their financial nous by exhibiting their own bank balance. Just to prove how well qualified they are to comment. There are 120 ex footballers in jail. Drugs, stealing, you name it, they've done it. Tha last person I would take finacial advice from would be a footballer.

We have a sound club, properly run, an academy, a scouting system that RARELY makes mistakes, we are solvent but with small gates and a medium sized capacity. We are very slightly punching above our weight.

Every Saturday I set out for home games knowing the Hawthorns is there. Yes, it could be better, but it's there! Long may that continue.


i see trouble ahead dddddddddd ...

Cyril Randle

You lot! Getting this serious. My lovely lady with the legs is back ON THIS PAGE. Pack it in. Get your priorities right.....Cor !

baggie ed

23. WBA1879. What makes you believe that we are guaranteed a place in the premiership?.

With our home form the way it is our survival is in real jeopardy.

A couple of new additions to the team would have freshened things up a little, I just hope that we aren't bemoaning the lack of transfer activity come the end of the season.


Well it's hardly a blast is it!!!!

E&S hyping a nothing story again. Morrison has just stated then facts in a polite and eloquent way. Not what I would call a blast.



I'm not a shareholder but I work in finance which is probably why I rattle on about it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't absolve JP from any critcism. He haggles over small amounts when there's probably more benefit in buying early, he's blatantly trying to avoid shareholders with this meeting and I suspect eventually he wants to make a good profit from the buyer of his shares.

However we're talking about utilisation of resources. I can't begin to detail it as Beevower has, but ultimately if we're roughly breaking even as things are, how are we meant to 'kick on' without accumulating debt and for what prize? 12th?

Love him or hate him, there is barely a club in the country that has achieved the comparative success we have in the last decade by being self-sufficient.

There's a hell of a lot worse out there.

Does anybody remember Birmingham City fans talking about taking 'the next step' about 18 months ago? I'd be careful what you wish for.


Baggie ed - I wasn't saying that we are guaranteed a place in the premier league. My point was that I'd be happy for that after what we have endured the past ten years and longer than that for those of us who remember the eighties and nineties. I'm more than happy if we can become a mid table club, with a good cup run every few seasons and stay in a financially stable position.

Been an Albion fan for far too long now to assume anything.

I agree new faces are required (especially with out current injuries), but don't agree with spending money for the sake of it. They have to be the right players. People need to realise we are not going to go and buy £15M-£20M players on £60k+ per week. We just do not have the financial infrastructure at the club to do that.

For what we do spend (and lets face it, there has been drastic increases in player wages), we are not going to do much better. Truth is, this is out lot, we need to accept it and enjoy it. It's better than where we have come from.


Stoney Lane

Good post mate.


Nice one James. I've never seen that before -a player disenchanted with a lack of ambition ahead of the fans.

WBA fans on the whole are too quiet / pessimistic / frightened to speak out. That is why we get a raw deal from JP.

And it explains a poor home record. The fans just don't get behind the team.

IMO James Morrison is worthy of playing in a top 7 team, along with Mulumbu, Long, Olsson etc. We have some poor players that need to be shipped out and replaced with quality.

Steve Poole Baggie

Beevover - matey, that is one of the best posts I have read. Unfortunately, it is a little too close to the truth for some of our 'fans' to understand.

You are bang on - 10 years ago we were in the lower part of the Championship. Now we are not far off being an established Premier league side - but that is not good enough for some. People criticise JP for not investing and progressing the club. Take Saturday, Jara, Tamas and Mattock were seen as decent first teamers a few years ago - now the likes of Shorey, Olsson and McAuley make them look like second raters so how can that not be progress??

The problem is that some of our fans forget where we have come from - the Twerton Park debacle. Things can never get that bad and with JP in control, they never will. It's about time some realised how far we have come in the last ten years. Unfortunatley, only some of you posters will understand this.

A couple of new faces would not go amiss as long as they are better than what we have otherwise they become long term deadwood. JM says the current squad of players are good enough. James, it's over to you lot to prove it.


Warren 17 and 37 - totally agree with both your posts. Sadly we seem to be in the minority though!

Stoney 30 - excellent post



On the accounts,JP has paid himself just under a miilion in salary and apparently according to some shareholders spends one day a week there where the running of the club is left to Mark Jenkins. I sit in the Halfords Lane stand and JP sits right above me and I cannot honestly remember the last time I saw him at a match.

The worry is that he has no need to sell up if he can continue the way he is which would suit me if we could take cup competitions seriously.17th in the premier and full commitment in the cups(which I will repeat is what our club is based on and famous for)and you would get no arguements from me but all this from our manager saying if saturday was a league game the 7 players I left out would have played dont wash with me paticularly as we are not in deep relegation trouble.


Agreed. We have seen what the likes of Ipswich, Middlesborough, Coventry, Leeds, Southampton, Birmingham, Charlton, Sheff Wed, Notts Forest etc have done when trying to "kick on". It IS frustrating but we simply can't match MOST of the Prem club's wages offers. We have spent well EXCEPT when we've slashed out (Barnett, Moore and Valero cost us £11.5M). We've got rid of most of the dead wood now and, injuries permitting, have a squad that should be able to finish in the top half of the table. The way thing are financially now, this is the best we can hope for.

Forever Albion

30 - had season ticket for donkeys years & a few shares. No-one is saying we should get into debt but those who know a little bit about the politics at WBA will know that we only hear what JP wants us to know & believe. Of course we could buy another Long, that would not bankrupt us. He can find nearly £1m to cover his wages, pension etc. I stress Roy knows the game ask anyone in it, he would not waste money, he knows the budgets and paramiters he has to work to, so support him otherwise we have another short term appointment and we end up possibly back in the mire. At some stage you have to look to the likes of Stoke and establish yourself in this league otherwise you are cheating those who support the club and those employed in whatever capacity. Do we want to be a Prem side or a Championship side, I for one enjoy seeing the Mozzas, Brunts, Olsons etc but if we go down they go! So yes perhaps the time is right just to support & buy or loan those Roy wants.

smethwick baggie

Wall Heath. Re your comment on a previous thread. I never did look much like my old man. Did your dad perhaps ever work as a milkman in the Smethwick area! We never seemed to be short of an extra gold top in them days. I always wondered how me late dear old ma got them!


Wall Heath Baggie

That gave me a chuckle, not quite comparing eggs with eggs are we??!!

Talking of eggs, does everyone on here know that the transfer windows closes tomorrow night, not last night??

Egg on faces if we do pull off a couple of deals.

I have no problem with what Mozza has said, its just poor timing and something i dont want to hear coming from someone who was wearing our armband only Saturday.

Wall Heath Baggie


No mate , although my Grandad did come from Smethwick originally , hence my Baggies allegiance. If my dad had ever played away my Mother would have killed him ,she's not a lady to be messed with now at the grand old age of 80.

keep posting mate because you seem to be the only one on here i can agree with.


I'm bored with the same old debate - WBA is run by a white middle class businessman surrounded by a pack of yes men - what's new?

Peace keeps a steady ship, no one rocks it, year on year improvement. He says he's open to new investment, but none is forthcoming.

Those who point to Backburn et al, are justified, but I believe there's no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Ambition doesn't mean getting into debt, flogging the club to dodgy businessmen overseas - it means making Albion look like a worthwhile adventure and the grey, conservative Jeremy Peace isn't capable of doing this.


On a different note surely the club are not going to be happy with Jimmys comments?

Or does anyone believe they have come from Jimmys mouth but Roys head??


Had Huszti been bought on 1st of January he would have only not played for a month and would be ready to play now. Early bird and worms etc.

As for the money side of things as ive said before if FIFA have thought this through correctly in the summer we will become one of the major players in the premier league under the fair play rules. As long as we don't get relagated obviously

B90 baggie

We don't want to start living beyond our means, but we do need to be competitive with teams around us. I see Bolton were today linked with Zaha from Palace. We are desperate for a winger and missing out on him to a team like Bolton would be a big missed opportunity. The famous saying is 'fixing the roof while the sun shines'. If Peace had done that in our second Premier League season under Robson(Ehiogu and Hasselbaink in January were wanted in January when we were outside the bottom 3) we may already be an established club in the league. Don't make the same mistake again.

john r

it baffles me to hear how people can critisise jeremy peace.season by season hes slowly edging this club to become an established premiereship team.you also have to take into consideration the managers he has employed, who have also done a good job.not once has he employed a manager who has taken us backwards.point is,id rather take half a step forward each season,than one step forward and two steps back.and morrison,you just keep doing your job on the field,and leave the finances to the people who run this club sensibly.

willenhall wanderer

45 Forever

Roy wouldnt waste the money ask Liverpool they are still paying £125,000 a week on two players wages who dont even play for them anymore not good enough to play by a country mile Liverpools words not mine

still have 2 yrs left on their contracts out on loan abroad


I remember when Carson Yeung brought Blues from the porn kings - my bluenose mate was banging on about the £40 million war chest they were promised and was telling me how Dorrans was first on their shopping list..... I tell you now he would sell his granny to be in our position.....and who would have thought being owned by Gold & Sullivan would be remembered as the time when they had decent owners !!!

JP will never appease those fans who think clubs should be run as playthings for billionaires - but one day we may be looking back on these as "the good old days".


this has gone on in my lifetime as a baggie harks back to when we sold robson and zondervan ,cunninham went to madrid, that team was a great team but we lost the core because the club held the stance it holds now, if we had built on that 70s side and got in the next level then i beleve to this day we could have had the success of forrest villa, god we could have been where man u is now ,this is why we never attract good managers those we do leave because the club don't match the managers ambition, if roy hodgeson was younger i doubt he would have took the job p likes yes men who like him knows as much about football as you can write on a peanut packet....albion are and always will be scared of ambition and what could be with decent backing, if we had a chair man and a board that matched the passion n loyalty us the fans have shown over the years then we would have as many cups as man u have ,.....jan last year i lost my dad who would bleed blue n white, and he used to say to me ,son the baggies will never do any good because they never spend the bloody money they don't deserve the fans and loyalty they get and his words are true i used to say dad how do you know and he said because i have followed then since 1947 and its always been the same ,i don't blame any player with a valid point speaking out aint no prize for what if ,if only or we should of ok the way money is you can see why clubs don't wanna repeat leeds ,but this is where the fa need to step up, get rid of the corruption and the back handers sack these over priced agents and cut the greed of some players ....loosin my dad i now have sadly fell out of love for the club ,see like many fans I've seen good n bad times seen great players crap players, seen the baggies win the league, go to wembely i always beleved id see all this in my life time ,even see them back in the old div 1 that was and now the prem, this is why things come around again, as i have seen this in the 70s and its happened again in the 00s this says nothin never changes may be one day my beloved club will sadly my dad won't see it but nor will i as the day my dad died i gave up my ticket,and now I'm no longer an holder i feel my comments on here no longer be here as I'm no longer up there so thanks and i do hope albion will be in top flight for the next 10 yrs and get a board that wants to win something or try to buy splashing some money..bye


Right here goes head above the parapet!!!

Has all of us are slaves to the blue and white cause may i ask a few questions to you all? Due to the fact the powers that be never seem to give us a general insight to what they want the club to achieve on the field.

1. Premier league status 17th spot every season?

2. If so is this not a dangerous way of planning for the future?

3. Going for a domestic trophy if so why field a weakened side last year in league cup when a Semi final was in our grasp?

4. Be a yo yo club and get the money in every year, another dangerous game to play?

I ask these questions because as a fan i really don't know what we want from being a football club anymore. I have been a fan since 1975 and never ever been so frustrated at the way my beloved club are going. Yes we are in the top league in europe but what are we there for then?????

Bangkok Baggie

Went for a walk this morning and saw what i thought must be a massive fire in the West Brom area as there was large billow of smoke circling the skies. Turns out it was just the steam coming out of JP's ears.

If ever a player was saying I've had enough of this please let me leave then i have yet to hear it, and quite frankly who can blame him.


Warren; Beevower, Cyrille and others.

Can't argue.

We all share the frustration but alongside this is the fact of where we are in the football food chain.

I wonder how Crewe fans have felt for the last 20 years with the riches of talent they have sold to keep afloat and due to sound business principles not be allowed to invest in their team too much.

If you gamble to much you can end up losing it all. I'd rather have a West Brom in League 1 than no West Brom at all. Yes,I too saw the dark days of the late 80s and early 90s and let's not kid ourselves; our business model has taken us prudently onwards over the last 10 years or more.

Progress has been made but we are hitting our heads against a glass ceiling here where the next level can only be achieved with substantial multimillion pount investment.

When I fell in love with the baggies the game was on a much more level playing field from team to team than it is today. We can't judge this clubs inability to make the top 6 today in the same way as we did in the 70s and early 80s. It's not the same level of achievement. Most of us can see that.

Be content - keep the faith. And be proud to be a Baggie.

smethwick baggie

48 Wall Heath. Likewise mate. I've noticed the knives are often out for you, but I think you talk sense and like me, I believe you say what you say because you're passionate and because you care.

Forever Albion

54 Have not seen his signings wasted at Fulham & certainly "his" signings for us have not been wasted either. Perhaps Liverpool was always going to be difficult with the politics there and everyone wanting King Kenny as Manager. Not done a bad job for us, mid table safety last year & potential safety this.


It's the same every January we never enter into this buying high to sell low later, and rightly so but when we have long term injuries we should look to invest to at least keep a good squad ballance for thw remaining games, perish the thought of more injuries to. the squad. That said without the additional cup run 2 more games ? 4 tops we have less risk and less income and.hence. yes no investment. You might moan at JP when it.comes to additional investment but he will.only court those who have Passion for the game and the club and are committed to the long term and are themsleves low risk and so until Clapton and Skinner and. Charles now invest he has rather limited options.......I'd rather be slimy than owned by a shake who doesn't care except for his own vanity


This £11m wage bill rise !!

So has our wage bill increased by £211,500 per week then since last season ? yes we signed players but also players left. I would say the likes of Meite, Zuiverloon would have been on much more than McAuley and Jones.

Didn't it say 'fulfilling' wage contracts ? so if Pete or Brunt are sold either this Summer or next for example, what happens to the money left over from the next two years or so of that deal ?

Maybe i'm missing something.


I ment to write skint not slimy predictive txt!! As am aside FIFA the game got me sacked in Jan. I was top of the league but not meeting financial commitments so found this a realistic feature of the game LOL


I want WBA to 'kick on' as much as anyone, but I think JP have got the right approach. The situation right across Europe is tight. There is very little business being done. I think we need an attacking wideman and some more creativity in midfield, but if the right players don't become available, it's no good blaming JP. Some people on here remind me of kids at Christmas in the toyshop. It's almost like any cash signing will do.

As for those who'd like some rich Arab or American in charge,either, just watch the chaos when that individual got bored with his hobby, or worse, we might have an international crook to contend with. Do I need to point to any examples. I'd rather stick with someone who knows the club and the area.



J♣ck the Hat.

Remember Portsmouth?. Beat us at Wembley with players they couldn't afford. Have not paid their players this month and have been served with a winding up order. My heart bleeds for them Ha,Ha,Haa. I count my blessings we have Jeremy Peace and a board that makes sure our keel is even. Wait till the body of "Fair Play Initiatives" kicks in.


J♣ck the Hat.

We could be like the Dingles, loaning out the family jewels.



Bang on James. However, with comments like that (although I agree) will only serve to seal your fate at our place I feel.

But saying that James, look at the "Big Name" stars in our squad that haven't lived up to their hype this season... Brunt, Dorrans (fair play, not much game time but when he has...) Odewinge, 9/10ths of the back 4 and yourself maybe (1 good game in 5 does not count).

We have a half decent squad IF everyone plays to their potential, but it is just not happening.

What I will say though is we have not been able to defend PROPERLY for about 4-5 years now (possibly even longer), but we have done nothing about it. We need 2 (if not more) QUALITY defenders as the previous defenders we have brought in have been nowhere near Prem quality and the ones we have brought through the ranks just aren't cutting it.

So although I agree James, if players like you performed week in, week out like you are paid to do maybe we wouldn't be in so much of a mess in the first place...???

(Tin hat is on and securly fastened)


Ive read a few post on here about Albion not wanting to become a birmingham city is that the same birmingham city who beat the arsenal in a major cup final at wembley had a great run in europe are in the last 16 of the FA cup are in a play off position and will have our goalie if they get promoted got one of the best up and coming managers in the country and doing it with a few of our regects nahhhhhhhhhh we dont want that do we 17th in the prem is success ...


now that man city are out of the champions league the fa cup the carling cup will Mancini quit?i dont think so i mean its not like an italian to abandon a sinking ship is it...


Moggy i got a feeling your going to need that tin hat ...


tin hat?

my commanding officer would have me shot for wasting ammunition



Re: JP's salary, I don't disagree with you. £900k's a lot of money for a part-time chairman. However the players take home £40m a year, Bednar would've probably taken more than JP in the last year.

In the grand scheme of things, JP's salary is a splash in the wide pond of our club's finances and it has little effect on transfer policy.


What you've written may be the most significant point of it all, are Morrison's words coming from a frustration he senses in RH? Let's see what today brings.....


I agree with you both on the FA Cup issue, we had a real chance to progress. However is it fair to put the blame on the door of the board or the club or the manager? Are we not victims of the ridiculously disproportionate distribution of monies within football to the PL?

Happy/Steve Poole/AMS/WBAlex

Agree with all, good posts.


Believe me mate, we all care, we just probably show it all in different ways. As for the knives out, I'll disagree with Wall Heath all day long and still happily have a pint with him. Same applies to yourself, nothing on here is personal, we're all probably very different in person.


The actual wage expense for a year goes into the profit and loss and the liability (i.e. what's potentially left to pay on remainder of contracts) goes in the balance sheet. If we sell a player, that liability disappears and essentially increases our net reserves/decreases overall debt.

As an overall point, Mozza's made a rod for his own back here by suggesting players we have are 'good enough'. The players he's 'never heard of' include Mulumbu, Dorrans, Olsson, Jones, McAuley- those who he says are top-half players. Whatever happens today, this squad of players in Mozza's words should keep us up comfortably, so go and prove it......

CantelloRocket 78

73 Sherlock,

maybe he should be wearing a wooly hat.

It's much better insulation for an empty space........

Cyril Randle

I think a few of the latter posters have been lacing their lemonade with brandy, lots of it.

Or maybe that 'Vodka' you can get at £5 a barrel.


cyril, that counterfeit vodka you're on about is known to cause brain disease. your mate TAN must have done all the original taste-testing for it

CantelloRocket 78

76 Cyril,

by the way,just out of interest,you accused me of something yesterday,and I pointed out that your facts were completely wrong.

I'm just wondering if I've missed the apology somewhere?