West Brom keeping an eye on Nikica Jelavic

West Bromwich Albion were today on alert for a possible January transfer scramble for Nikica Jelavic after Roy Hodgson made a personal check on the Rangers striker.

Albion head coach Roy Hodgson pictured at Parkhead last night to keep a close eye on Nikica Jelavic

West Bromwich Albion were today on alert for a possible January transfer scramble for Nikica Jelavic after Roy Hodgson made a personal check on the Rangers striker.

Hodgson was at Celtic Park last night to see the Croatia international in action in the Gers’ 1-0 Old Firm derby defeat.

And Rangers boss Ally McCoist hinted the Glasgow club could consider a January sale of their leading scorer, who has been on the Baggies’ transfer radar for more than two years.

But Albion could face stiff competition if Hodgson chooses to pursue an interest, with QPR boss Neil Warnock armed with a transfer war-chest and reportedly willing to allocate a large chunk of his funds on 26-year-old Jelavic. And the Baggies are unlikely to bid close to the £8-9m asking price Rangers are said to want for the former Rapid Vienna hitman.

Albion watched Jelavic closely in the summer of 2010 and considered a move as they constructed a squad for their return to the Premier League.

They opted to sign Peter Odemwingie from Lokomotiv Moscow instead with Jelavic moving from Vienna to Ibrox in a £4m switch but Albion have continued to monitor his progress.

He has hit 33 goals in 50 appearances for Rangers but the defending SPL champions now look set to cash in on him in the January transfer window.

McCoist last night insisted he did not want to lose his leading scorer but his answers during a post-match television interview hinted that the club’s owners might take the decision out of his hands. “What will happen, will happen,” he said. “Nikica is one of our top players and the fact he is our top scorer tells you that. He is pivotal to our team and I wouldn’t want to lose anyone like that.”

McCoist played down reports that QPR had lodged a formal bid but he admitted rumours of an impending offer from Loftus Road had reached Ibrox.

A natural targetman is on Hodgson’s shopping list with both Roman Bednar and Marc-Antoine Fortune having struggled to convince.

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Comments for: "West Brom keeping an eye on Nikica Jelavic"


On the basis of last night's performance I wouldn't go near him with a bargepole.

He would not improve the team one iota.

Boing boing.


Please NO he is a carthorse that spends more time on his backside than on his feet.

Certainly not worth his speculated asking price and would struggle in the Premier League


This is rubbish. What about Shane Long?


We were right not to sign him. Odemwingie is better and even Long now too. Surely at Glasgow Rangers the standard is no better than the championship. The premier league would be a huge step up. I'd only condsider to bring him in on a loan with a view to a 4-5m max bid if he looks up to it in July. Otherwise it's wasting money when we need to enforce our defensive and central mid cover.

I would hope Roy was in Glasgow looking to sell off Bednar or Fortune rather than anything else!

1954 baggie

Suprised Roy was at game we haven't got that sort of money, maybe we could swop Dorrans and MAF that

would put us in with a chance. However think were

ok at present.

Bromham Baggie

Looks more like Roy is keeping an eye on JP.

J♣ck the Hat.

Watched the Glasgow match last night, Hope we can sign Jelavic as he would give height and power also we need another striker. He will have the say where he goes and I believe he would join us owing to our league position and still on the rise. Just think of the player he could be with our coaching expertise.


Wall Heath Baggie

The target last night may well have been Steve Davis ( ex Villa ) available at around 2 million i believe. Maynard at Bristol city would be a better bet than Jelavic. Does anyone really believe Peace will spend 10 million on one player????.


It's beena long time since a player moved from Scotland to England for big money, and only Charlie Adams has been a success over the last decade or so. We could get better striker than Jelavic for less money but need to look at offloading Bednar, MAF and Mattocks first ?

SC Baggie

I part agree with the comments above but bear in mind that was one game and in awful conditions (driving wind and rain) plus he was on his own up front most of the game. I thought he had some nice touches. But is he better that what we have....not on last nights showing and certainly not worth £9m....£5m at most.


1954 baggie why dorrans


Do we not have a big strong centerforward currently plying his trade and scoring goals at the Blues if we wanted that dynamic to the team then bring him back, I think hes ready

J♣ck the Hat.

For all Micks slandering of the referee, the official was deemed right for sending off Milijas. How many times have the Dingles got to be told that jumping in with two feet and studs showing will not be tolerated.


J♣ck the Hat.

Steven Reid and Paul Scharner gain (Yellow card) amnesty. Shows they don't foul persistently. Well done lads.


J♣ck the Hat.

Now Milijas has been banned for three matches and Reid and Scharner have gained amnesty. Get ready for the Dingles outcry " The officials always favour the big clubs".



Get rid of the forementioned deadwood of Bednar, MAF, Mattock and dare I say it J.T, whose a waste of time with us we need hard woprkers not powder puffs. He's a liabillity and doesn't give our full backs the cover they need and certainly won't help out Jones' inexperience when things tough and the fact he's been soley responsable for 6 goals this year from giving away pens and feekicks speaks volumes.

Dorrans and Tchoyi do a far better job than J.T.

As for the forwards we should seriously invest some good money in Jordan Rhodes as he looks like he could make the step up easily, like long has, and don't forget we have Woods we can use as a target man without wasting 9 million on that Rangers clown


Just think if we signed Jelavic we'd have in one player all the qualities of Bednar, Fortune and any other over-rated SPL player rolled into one! No thanks, not interested!

I'm not going on a single performance, I've seen him score goals for Rangers but he's a liability as well as a goal scorers - he'd come unstuck in the Prem the way he plays! An expensive mistake if Albion are draft enough to sign him!


Got to be carefull here as i was one of the anti Long brigade and how wrong i was.

But i really dont see this one and i must agree with Lucan i think Chris Wood is playing great for Blues (as is Myhill by the way) and surely he must be ready for a crack at the premiership


It is clear that Jack the Hat did not see the incident as it was a one footed tackle.It is rough justice as the studio ex footballers all said it was never a red card. We are used to poor decisions with Mark Halsey and A Taylor who made errors in the Newcastle and Stoke City games.


Get Wood back? Are you serious?

Most Blues fans say he has little apparent skill other than he seems to get in the right position a lot. Yes that's a good skill to have but not in the Premiership where you also need to have good ball skills and work hard. Wood doesn't do so well in these aspects. Blues fans say he has no control whatsoever.

Wood won't make it at the Albion. We should be talking to Blues and trying to use him to bring the Foster price down.

Manchester wolf

Jack the hat you're a joker , let's wait and see shall we . Birminghams 3rd club will always be the poor relations .

Once upon a time there was a tavern .

J♣ck the Hat.



Where did I say I'd seen the tackle?. All I'm saying he must have at some stage warranted a red card, as proven. Sorry if I misled you.



QPR have offered 7 million according to reports that rules us out.


18 i saw the incident and ive got to agree with JTH it was a 2 footed challange and theres no room for it in our game you mite get away with it in the championship next season.

The Real Bully Hoo.

18 Mike.

I think you've been unlucky with those two refs because in my opinion they are probably the best of a very bad lot. I thought the Milijas sending was wrong but as soon as the referees in red shirts had made up their minds he had to go. I also think the Pulis factor saved Woodgate and much as I hate all the whinging from certain managers I wish Roy would join in.

On Jelavic I think it's a difficult one. How can you judge SPL players when Kevin Kyle has been plying his trade there until injury. Burnley mentions Shane Long but I think the Championship is head and shoulders above the SPL as a cometitive league. It's probably acedemic anyway as QPR with their sugar daddy will be able to outbid us and good luck to them, 'a fool and his money etc.'

J♣ck the Hat.



Of course I'm a joker, Just as you are a humourless backbiter. Here's to looking down at you, SWIG.


The Real Bully Hoo.


I'd really rather trust Roy Hodgson and his staff to judge Wood's merits than 'most Blues fans' but please feel free to listen to whoever you want to for football knowledge.


I don't know how you write that noise Vic and Bob make when they hold out handbags but if I did I'd do it to you. Read your post and see how petty and juvenile it makes you sound.

PS. Once upon a time there were loads of taverns but they're all Tesco's or Balti Houses now. Shame.


20 John,

A lot of great strikers were 'Johnny on the spots' especially Gary Lineker and he did ok,didn't he !?!?

I'm not saying Woods is anywhwere near that level but surely he's got to be worth ago andd give him the chance to learn off King Roy before we waste £9 million on a no mark who were just going use to bounce the ball off into the direction of Long or Odey ?

Wood has always looked solid when he's come on and does well in big games and he certainly wouldn't be the only prem player with a bad touch.

He's a kid lets back him and the team a bit more.

Come on you Baggies.


I would have to disagree that the championship is better than the SPL.Alot of players have moved down south and done exceptionally well over recent seasons plus if you look at the goals that jelavic has scored for rangers you might think twice. Big target man quick feet, free kicks and a couple of overhaed kicks to name a few. comon u baggies

We only need one half!

21) Typical wulfie, believes that money is the answer to everything, open your eyes man, the table dont lie (as the Wulfies kept pointing out for a fortnight in August!) On another point, theres only two teams in Staffordshire (Port Vale aside) and you cant even manage to be the best one of those!

Lone (from the other thread now closed) good to see some one keeping the Two Ronnies joke book going!

And now for something completley different, any one else clocked Fair League table? we are currently in 6th, given that four in front are Man U, Man City, Arsenal, and Spurs who will probably qualify for Europe by other routes, that only leaves Swansea to catch to make the Europa? worth a thought?