Albion consider Tchoyi for striker role

Albion could turn Cameroon international Somen Tchoyi into a full-time striker next season.

Albion could turn Cameroon international Somen Tchoyi into a full-time striker next season.

The Baggies are considering converting the 28-year-old into a centre-forward, after his hat-trick inspired a comeback from 3-0 down to 3-3 on the final day of last season at Newcastle.

Assistant boss Michael Appleton revealed: “He has played there a couple of times for Cameroon. When they have played three up front he has started in wide areas but come into central areas.

“He has looked a threat when we have seen him do that on international duty, so it has been on our minds a little bit and we might have found a tool we can use for next season.

“Newcastle was incredible and it was great for him. In the first-half he threatened a little bit in wide areas but, as soon as we put him into central areas, he caused havoc and could have had another couple of goals.”

The Baggies are looking to add to their attacking options to take the pressure of Peter Odemwingie, who was last season’s leading scorer with 15 goals.

But they are not actively pursuing a deal for Sweden international Ola Toivonen, who was linked with the Hawthorns today in reports in his homeland.

Albion have watched the 24-year-old, who was a target for Roy Hodgson during his time at Liverpool, but a concrete move appears to be unlikely with PSV Eindhoven reportedly slapping a price of more than £10million on him.

Meanwhile, Turkish club Bursaspor were today deciding whether to step up their interest in Albion goalkeeper Scott Carson.

They have already held talks with the Baggies about the 25-year-old, but have yet to lodge a bid and are considering alternatives.

These include West Ham’s Robert Green, Glasgow Rangers’ Allan McGregor and Brazilian keeper Diego Costa Silva of Vitoria Setubal in Portugal.

Carson has just a year remaining on his contract and has not been offered an extension.

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Comments for: "Albion consider Tchoyi for striker role"

We only need one half!

Mouthwatering prospect, Bring it on!


Interesting regarding the clubs stance on Scott Carson`s non forthcoming contract extention.

Apologies if this sparks another Carson debate,but just to play devil`s advocate, i wonder if the club are bowing to the pressure of the many fans, whom are quite voiciferous in their critisizm of Scott.

I have yet to see, emenating from the transfer rumour sources a viable and plausible candidate who would do a better job.

I think we have to be careful what we wish for.

For me PIG is unequivically NOT the answer.

Smeth' Danny

Good news. Reckon he'll be a real asset up front. However,we really will need to bring in another non African forward given next years African Nations Cup. COME ON YOU BAGGIES!!!!!!

Smeth' Danny

Regards Kuszcak i originally thought it'd be great to have him back. However,having seen his end of season display at Blackburn,he was a COMPLETE shambles. May improve with more game time,but that could also be said of Carson. I know he's been around a while,but still young in goalkeeping terms. No point replacing like for like. Just hope that if Carson fulfills his potential its with us. I know he makes some howlers,but he's better than given credit for,plus some of the linked replacements. BOING BOING.



If the report is true regarding PO`s position with the Nigerian hierarchy, then his absence for the African Nations Cup, could be a moot point.

Jesse Pennington

4 Agree re Kuszak. Also disappointed at this comments re West Brom.

We only need one half!

Chances are, had Kuszcak played in Man Utd's last game, and turned in the same level of performance he did against Blackburn, Wolves would now be in the Championship and Blackpool would still be in the Prem!


The E&S seem desperate to create a Carson debate. I'll start- MAX, YOU'RE WRONG!!! How's that?

Jesse Pennington

What were Kuszczak's comments? How are you enjoying your retirement?

Wbaforever/Smeth Danny

Both good, fair-minded posts.

We only need one half!

Talking of Blackpool, Vaughan's just turned new contract because he wants Prem football, could he be asset in our defence (at reasonable price?)

CantelloRocket 78

When we signed Tchoyi,I seem to remember reading then that he normally plays wide,but had been used up front as well,so the idea of trying him there is not a new one.

The fact that he's tall,can use his head and both feet,and holds the ball up well,should mean it's worth trying out,especially as I've seen a similarity in his play to Kanu,who was classed as a striker.

The only thing I'd say is that I believe we still need an experienced target man added to the squad,because Tchoyi may have scored a hat-trick at Newcastle,but he's never been a prolific scorer in his past career,and it could be difficult for him to form a 'strike partnership' with someone,due to the fact that he can be very unpredictable in his movements.

Use him by all means,but it may be mainly as a tactical option,not as automatic first choice.

CantelloRocket 78

8 Warren

I can see what you mean regarding Carson.

The last story we could debate on here was about choice of 'keepers,so there's no point in mentioning Scott on the Tchoyi headline,because all that's happened is that a Turkish club are considering which 'keeper they prefer to go for from a choice of around half a dozen they like the look of!

Will no one leave the poor guy alone?

Hall Green Baggie

I'd like to see Tchoyi up front, if only to play a proper winger out wide who supports his full back :)

As for Carson, there are no better keepers - *in our price range*. A condition that the knockers seem to forget!

We only need one half!

Any one else seen this

pulling off angles that Pythagoras (didnt he play for Olympiakos?) would be dumb founded by!

Loving the song too!

Wall Heath Baggie


Why on earth you are trying to drag me into this ??? but for the record i am 100% correct as always .

Robin Brittain

I think after his display at Newcastle we have to consider him as a striker. When he moves central he has more room to turn than when he plays tight to the touchline. Because he can turn either way he has more options and he is a powerful header of the ball. Although Newcastle apart his goalscoring record was nothing special he did not start that many games. We may already have another ace in the pack.

Sebastian Melmoth

No3 wbaforever

It's unequivocally NOT unequivically. If you're going to attempt to use long words at least spell them correctly.


Well he has scored more goals than some of the so called strikers we've had in the past, so why no give him a go !



I'm only messing around mate. As for being 100% right, probably the best way to be. As the late, great Brian Blough used to say:

'If I ever disagreed with any of my players, we'd go away, sit down and talk about it for 20 minutes then decide I was right'. Brilliant.

Wall Heath Baggie


We do not do spelling tests on this site , we all know what he meant and that is sufficient. So shut it , really stupid name you have got as well.


19 wall heath

with a name like sebastian it probably took him until he was 15 to learn to spell his name, so maybe he's got a bit of a complex about spelling? just a thought...

Peace in the Valley

9) We only need one half.

David Vaughan is a midfield player. Why would Albion want a 5 foot nothing defender ?

"Chris Hughton never played for Villa,you muppet"

No....but Houghton did which is what you posted. Eric Houghton went on to manage the Villa which a lot of your well informed fellow posters will confirm.

Oh dear...never mind, eh ?

We only need one half!

19 & 20, dont get sucked in, I think it may be Lone upto his old tricks, had me on the Villa site the other day with Lobo Salvitore, hook line and sinker, if it is genuine, shame on him!

Smeth' Danny


I've seen that link and a couple more on Tchyoi,commenting previously on some truly scandalous goals. Tell you what though,if we do end up with another keeper,i don't want any of the ones he scored against.LOL. Music on the link was a nostalgic throw back to mornings listening to the radio when getting ready for school by the way.

P.S everybody,let's try not to fall out over spelling mistakes and punctuation. By the way Sebastian,it was number 2!?!


Seb.....May i call you that ?

I do have a small issue with temporary and intermittent dyslexia.

When i was younger, a wise man once told me that in every walk of life you will come across smug supercillious holeaeser (there i go again) And he was right.

PS Max Cheers.

We only need one half!

21) Yes but Houghton is not in the frame as Jols number two, Hughton is, which is what I stated, you knew exactly what I meant, and every one else with a modicum of intelligence knew exactly what I meant, why didn't you???? you tried to be clever and you failed, back to you. I refer you to the reply given by Wall Heath Baggie at No 19.

p.s. now Swansea have been promoted will the valleys be supporting a local(ish) club now Wolves aren't the closet prem team?

kev in mallorca


Ever thought of getting a job as a Diplomat?


kev in mallorca


Just remembered, Sebastian's a Dingle!


CantelloRocket 78

16 Sebastian(Oscar)-

I hope you're happy now,because you actually had a pop at Smeth' Danny on no.3,which is most unfair,dear boy.

I only point this out because it makes you look like a prize pilchard-

but I guess you already knew that before you came on here.

Wall Heath Baggie


See WBAFOREVER'S reply at 24 and i think my reply to Tarquin , sorry Sebastian was more than justified.

Love and Peace me old mucker.

Lone wolf

22, Mon, aint me pal, not my styile. (although Rebecca is due out anytime soon )

And it was Lobo soilitaro if you please, a quick goog*e and it will make perfect sence.

And why im on,16 Sebastian motermouth, wba4eva is top draw and my mate, one word from him an ill have ya. An im well ard i am.

CantelloRocket 78

26 Kev-

Max DID have a job as a Diplomat-in Iraq,Afghanistan,then Libya.

And look what he did.


Peace in the Valley

25 We only get half right

This ain't no spelling test, this is getting people's names right, especially on another Club's site. Houghton is part of Villa history.

You always seem to have a lot to say, and as I said, most of it is ill informed.

Er, David, let me think.

Perhaps you meant Frankie Vaughan, he was a decent footballer before Green Door.

Doh !


Tchoyi, deserves a run to show his true form as a striker, so much to offer.

Eiji Kowashima in, to challenge the other two for number one spot.

Fletcher in, as a new ball-boy.


Cyril Randle

Two things: 1). No one is allowed to correct spelling on here but me and I only bother when somebody says spiteful things or says 'would of' instead of 'would have'. Don't be a nasty un, Sebastian.

2). Eric Houghton was a Villa left winger back in the 40s with a shot that goalies avoided rather than save. Life was too short to attempt his penalties. You couldn't even decide to dive the wrong way for safety. The trick was to hit the floor, FAST!

3). I'm beginning to think Smeth' Danny might be related and brain washed by me in some way.

That's 3 things, but nobody expects The Spanish Inquisition.

Wall Heath Baggie

CR 78

You forgot Syria, Egypt and Chechnya , shoot first ask questions later , you know it makes sense Rodney .


2 wbaforever - are you really suggesting that JP, DA and RH may not offer Scott a contract extension because of a section (size of which is debatable but I would guess 50:50 a realistic split) of Albion fans don't believe him to be good enough? Could it not be that actually RH and DA don't believe he is good enough themselves and that they believe there is better out there?

IMO - I don't think Scott is the answer - however I've not been convinced of any of the realistic names that have been thrown out there so far and I too don't believe the PIG is the answer.

We only need one half!

32)Seeing as we signed McAuley in defence already, it may be a good idea to have a player like Vaughan, who is capable of playing defensive midfield too, by the way he is 5 foot 7 not 5 foot nothing as you stated (check your facts like you preach others to do perhaps!)

Which other clubs site do you refer to by the way? I did think you were a Wolves fan, but I have looked on Blues, Villa, and Wolves site today, yet you have failed to post on any, who exactly are you purporting to support? If you are just posting on here looking for a argument with me over spurious matters, that's fine I m happy to show you up for the clown you are.

Having read recent comments on here about how we feel about self appointed arbitrators of the internet, who are filled with self importance in the belief it qualify's themselves to be sanctimonious about other posters typo's, spelling, grammar etc, whilst not actually contributing anything original, informative, entertaining or interesting themselves, are you feeling the love?

No?, thought not!

CantelloRocket 78

33 JtH-

Fletcher and Doyle both asked to be ball boys at Wimbledon when they were younger,but got turned down.

It seems they had a problem finding where the net some things don't change.......

(And before any wolves fan bites about the derby,charitable goals to help the poor and needy don't count.......).


I always thought that Tchoyi was bought as a striker, he certainly has physical qualities more akin to a front man than a wide player.

Re the Carson debate,

I think we would be making a big mistake in selling him now, however, if his contract contains the usual

(one years option in our favour) it may make good sense to find him a loan club for twelve months if only to get him out of the firing line of our boo boy fans!


32 actuly yu dont know how far you are off the truth,the legendry high kickin cane throwing Frankie vaughn did turn out for the ALBION aye boing boing

give me the moonlight and leave the girls to Cyril

We only need one half!

30) Ah! just googled that Lobo soilitaro, very clever, hands up, you got me!



No mate, i`m not suggesting that per-se.

I just wondered if they could become influenced by what appears to be a gathering number of dissenting voices.

Of course, it may be viewed by the people who make the call, that Scott is indeed not the answer, but the negative response from our fans at times is palpable, and it must be noticed by even the most single minded and clearest of thinkers.

Lone (30)

I knew it wouldn`t be you me dingle chum.


13. we only need one half! - absolutely love the song. With a few more lines I think that's a real winner for next season.......


All this squabbling amongst you naughty boys on here makes it very difficult for us ladieees to make our fragrent views heard. But i will put me pint down, finish me cig and have a go,

The problem is, nothing is happening on the footie front, no decent signings, Peter O stalling on a deal, Roy on his hols and not overly botherd, and your nemesis club moving forward at a great rate of knots.

There you go, summet to discuss.

And i hope all naughty boys are satisfied now as ive just chipped a nail and the dogs ladderd me tights.

Cyril Randle

Worro Sir Tez. Football withdrawal symptoms setting in on here with a few 'my dad's bigger than yours' stuff abounding. I like that bit, 'give me the moonlight and Cyril the girls'. Huh! after YOU'VE finished with them they're spoilt for anyone else. Gents, I assure you there isn't a romantic line left to try...'heard that one off Sir Terence' is the answer. Luckily for me, Lady Andrea needed a change.

Just been talking to an avid Villa man. Quite worried about who'll take them on. I think Owen Coyle, but that's hard on NOTLOB. Yet he wasn't too bothered about losing Mar'in O'Neill. Hmm. Top 5 regularly then battling the drop. Must have enjoyed the upside down excitement.


Now thats it seems like an age ago since the end of the season, thought I would post on here.

I think Tchoyi could potentially be immense up front, after the Newcastle game u have to give it a try. I would love to see he and Odemwingie bang a load of goals in and get a dozen or so each next year! Could be a great move.

However I happen to agree with post 10 - Cantello, I think we need a proven target man still as we cannot rely on Odemwingie and hope that pushing Tchoyi up front is the answer just based on 1 spectacular hatrick.

Last summer everyone was saying how we needed to do things a little different and bring in players with Premiership experience, or at least players with experience of the top leagues around the world. We did that to a certain extent with the likes of Sharner, Ibanez and were making attempts to bring in names like Jason Roberts, Carew, Beattie although whilst still finding hidden gems in Odemwingie which to be honest I think we all would now prefer to those names previously mentioned. Nevertheless we realized quality not quantity was the way forward and as a reult we finally biten the bullet and paid higher wages for this experience.

We need to do this again and bring in 1 or 2 proven players to build on what we have got, Im not saying its going to be easy but we knew that last year and this time we have the added bonus and attraction of an 11th placed finish to help bring in players. It has to be done if we are to avoid 2nd season syndrome. I dont think our squad needs much improvement but who we do need to make some clever signings and to be honest Mcauley and Jones have not excited me much. But I have faith we will...

1954 baggie

Agree Tchoyi better in a central spot but what

news on Chris Wood ? also have we given up on

Miller ?. Simon Cox should benefit from his

international appearences.

Smeth' Danny

Nice one Cyril,but shush,you'll give the game away dad!?! BOING BOING!!!!!!!!!!!!

CantelloRocket 78

44 Beccy-

It's not often we have a Ladiee visit us,and to be truthful we're still waiting,so in the meantime maybe we can talk to you.

Your timing is very good,because we've just finished talking about the 'Kama Sutra',and it's not a subject you need listen to.

When I say you don't need to hear us talking about it,I really mean that,because I've heard you could have written it yourself,and added a few chapters,based on what you get up to in those Manchester night clubs.

Anyway,on the subject of footie,you say that wolves are moving forward at a great rate of knots,well so was the Titanic before it hit the iceberg.

And it's no coincidence that not only did that great liner eventually go down,but it had strong Irish connections,and the Captain's name was Mick.

So don't be a stranger,visit us anytime,and bring a few friends along in future.

That's if you have any.

Or are you just Lonely?

major burns

we've got a proven goalscorer in simon cox! juct needs his chance upfront rather than midfield. 47 spot on

Cyril Randle

48Danny. How's your Ma ? Is she missing me ?


I see the Carthorse / Carson debate is back on so I thought I would throw my half baked comments in

SC is a liability and we will never have consistency or stability whilst he is in goal

That said ( to quote Harry Enfield ) he is

a "thoroughly nice bloke" and he and Dean Keily were fantastic to my young son when he was knocked over behind the brummie road goal by a Keilly piledriver !!

The Goalie is the one position where experience is everything and the so called England Keepers ie Hart , Green , Foster , Carson etc are all second raters

We need an old pro in goal and if Keilly invests in some Grecian 2000 then he could fool Hodgo into thinking he was Shay Given

If that failed then we could do a lot worse than Thomas Sorensen

Up the albion

kev in mallorca

50 Matt,

Be careful, don't ask too many questions it's no good for your health.


Wall Heath Baggie


I am Sparticus , sorry Max , it's a nickname given to me by Super Kev in Mallorca and it has stuck. Max Wall geddit was a comedian from the old days , i am sure Cyril will enlighten you on the subject.

Smeth' Danny

Cyril,she's dreaming of your return sir. Counting down the days until you're reunited,unable to match any other man to her needs and delights. Sorry mate,she's just woken up. Never mind!?! BOING BOING!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

49 CR78.

Thanks for getting my morning going with a good laugh.

PS. The last time Beccy was on here I think someone suggested that Tchoyi's Massive Head would have a 'companion to visit the Ladies Powder Room with should they both attend the Cocktail Party.

Coincidentally I think that was also around the last time we heard from TMH on here.

I wonder why.

The Real Bully Hoo.

50 Matt.

Don't worry how many of the anti-Carson uprising claim to be Maxicus.

Crucify the lot of them.

The Real Bully Hoo.

53 Wiley.

Don't agree with you but at least you've injected a bit of humour into what usually ends up as a very dry and boring debate.

CantelloRocket 78

Who IS Max really?

And who is Matt?

And most important Kev,where is Nige?

Some questions in life are so mysterious,they may never be answered.................

Wall Heath Baggie

CR 78

Never mind that , is Warren really Bully Hoo and vice versa ???.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Slightly off topic. I've noticed a very encouraging sign this week of the 'smaller' clubs standing up to the big boys.

First we have Blackburn saying to Man Ure 'hold on, we'll decide how much Phil Jones is worth not you.'

Now we have Blackpool saying to Liverpool 'if you want Charlie Adam you won't be getting him on the cheap.'

Well done to both clubs. For too long there seems to have been an acceptance that is partly fuelled by the media that the 'big clubs' tell the rest of us how much they're going to pay after first unsettling the player through the media.

It seems if a player leaves Albion, Wolves or Fulham etc he is worth up to a max of £6 mill, if he leaves Villa, Everton, Spurs it's up to £15 mill but once the same player plays for Man Ure, Chelsea etc they immediately become a £20-30 mill player. A bit like the way players valuations drop as soon as the club is relegated. They're the same player so how does that work?

The latest example is our 15 goal £4 mill (pause for hollow laugh) player PO. Not down to Arsenal as they have made no approach. This valuation is purely down to our pathetic newspapers. I think JP can take some credit for this sea change by his dealings with other clubs and let's hope others follow Blackburn and Blackpool's example and if the big boys want to throw their weight around make the arrogant b*****s pay through the nose.

CantelloRocket 78

57 TRBH-

Now you come to mention it,one of the first questions TMH asked was 'where is Lonely?',so it makes you think......

I have a different theory.

TMH said she's in the East Stand,along with Cyril and Me.

As we know,Cyril is a 'Ladies Man',so I think he found where she sat,gave her the smooth chat,then took her back to Great Bridge to be his 'little secret',hidden from the world.

It's a matter of great concern-after all,who's gonna have her season ticket?

The Real Bully Hoo.

63 CR78.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

After Cyril's Kama Sutra confessions, does he have a secret harem locked away somewhere in Great Bridge. Could this be the secret of his youthful good looks and boyish charm?

CantelloRocket 78

61 Max-

well Kev is the only one who claims to have seen both Bully and Warren separately in the Vine,but then again,after a few hours in there,Kev's been known to run around with a light bulb on his head and say 'where's me donkey,I've gotta get back home',so his judgement can be questionable.


Wall Heath Baggie


Good point but Jones will go to Man Utd in the end and Adams will leave Blackpool , winning the battle but losing the war ???.

We only need one half!

62) very well put!




Another romantic line or two my dad gave me, when I was younger. He said "Son, never go to bed on an empty stomach. Always take her out for a meal, first".


Wall Heath,

Be grateful, Kev could have dubbed you HEATHCLIFF. Adéu.


CantelloRocket 78

64 TRBH-

You could be right.

In a survey,Great Bridge was the only place in the country where Men greatly outnumber the Women of the town.

But that's probably because no one's checked inside Cyril's place.............

Cyril Randle

You lot will have to catch up on the classics.

Read, or watch the film, "The Picture Of Dorian Grey" by Oscar Wilde. (I have a feeling the film was incorrectly titled as "The Portrait Of Dorian Grey" but no matter). He sells his soul to The Devil, (in my case in the persona of West Bromwich Albion), then his painted picture gets old and horrid but he does not. Simples! Squeak!

PS: They chose a bloke named Hurd Hatfield for the lead in the film. Never 'Hurd' of before or since. Why not David Niven?

That piece of casting was as bad as Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson in 'Guys and Dolls'.

If you've seen that film, what say you to

Dean Martin?

CantelloRocket 78

62 TRBH-

on a similar subject,it seems that villa wanted Wigan's Manager,now the press/media claim they want the guys at Everton or Bolton-

so is it speculation,or are villa so arrogant that they feel they can take another existing prem. Manager if they decide to?

After all,there's much talk of them going for Moyes,but Everton are a big club,and seem to be in a more highly rated prem. position than the vile.

I remember once,when I joked to my villa neighbour about one of their previous Managers leaving to join a bigger club,he looked shocked,and shouted-

'there's NO bigger club than villa!!'

It took me five minutes to get up off the floor,I was helpless with laughter.

Cyril Randle

Rebecca and Tchoyi's Massive Bonce. This is no place for ladies. Pop down to Great Bridge on the tram from Carter's Green and ask for me. Any lady there will take you from thereon in. Oops, sorry, they've replaced the trams with the 74 bus. Modernisation? Pah!

Cyril Randle

My 3 year old great-grandson has the right approach. His Dad is Villa, so Jacob is dressed in a Villa kit at times. If he sees another kid in Villa kit, he rushes up, grins cheekily and goes, 'Baggies, Baggies, Boing Boing', doing exaggerated arm actions.

I see his Mom, my granddaughter in there somewhere. All this without prompting I should add.

We only need one half!

70) My, it is slow today! I always felt Martin was a far superior actor to Sinatra (and singer for that matter), but always had to play second fiddle to him (probably due to the Rat Pack hierarchy) yet in many scenes they shared together Martin would easily act him of the screen, only Sinatra role I ever liked him in was The Man with the Golden Arm.

kev in mallorca


Be careful, remember what we discussed in our very first session, don't talk freely to strangers, you know it can play havoc with your sub-concious, we don't want your alter-ego "The Cheeky Chappie" coming back do we?

Love and peace.

Cantello, Trbhoo.

Funny you should mention Great Bridge, Cyril and donkeys in the same breath, I've heard that there is a bloke lurking around Tipton named Cyril, he's known locally by the nick name of Donkey Dick [I think his middle name is Richard].


We only need one half!

Back to footballing matters for a minute, following on from me saying I would like to see Earnshaw back a few weeks ago (for which I ostracized by the way), and that I could see him becoming the new SuperKev sub, turns out in this mornings news that prior to McLeish's departure, Blues were on the verge of signing Earnie, umm, seeing has they have just released Kevin Phillips, I wonder if they were thinking the same has me?


my chat up line

hey darlin i wish west brom had 2 up front like you aue boing boing

Farmer Ted

51 Major Burns

Couldn't agree more, old chap

Give the boy Cox a chance to prove himself, don't you know. Could be a revelation.

Pity he won't have Stephen Hunt there to set up his goals.

77 It won't work Sir Terry.

Try "the last time I saw a pair as good as that were Dougan and Richards"

The Real Bully Hoo.

WONOH and Cyril.

I agree, as an actor Sinatra was a great singer. He had the same affect on me as Sly Stallone, as soon as I saw his name in a film I wouldn't watch it.

Dean Martin always reminded me a bit of Cary Grant in that on screen he had great likeability.

Cyril's example of Brando is typical of Hollywood getting it wrong. Never mind if an actor is totally unsuitable, if they're flavour of the month then shoehorn them into the role.

CantelloRocket 78

77 Sir Tel-

That's a classic.

I once tried 'hello Luv,our goalie's always getting stick because he can't keep hold of things.

So how does that feel? Have I got a better grip than him?'

I never tried it again,'cos she hit me over the head with a Babycham bottle.

The Real Bully Hoo.

77 Sir Terry.

You really are the suave debonaire star of this site, Leslie Howard? or even perhaps aging juvenile lead Binkie Huckerback.

What chance would the ladies have if you and Cyril went out on the pull together?

We only need one half!

79) and the threat of a horses head in your bed if Frank didn't get the role probably helped!

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've just been perusing the dark side and an exchange between two older Wulfies got me thinking.

Father Ted mentioned a game when Spurs beat them that effectively heralded the end of their golden era and the beginning of Spurs glory years.

Cuddly Dudley followed up mentioning how ironic it was that back then Chelsea were regarded as two easy games a season.

Both good points which made me reflect that back then things changed partly because of a clubs size and financial clout but much more important was how it was run as a FOOTBALL club. This allowed clubs like Burnley and Ipswich to challenge for the old Div 1 title at the time and if Man Ure or Arsenal were badly run they would struggle.

The inception of the PL was brought in by backroom deals between the big three at the time Man Ure, Liverpool and Arsenal and Sky TV. The other clubs in the top division at the time could see the advantage to them and went along with it even though they must have realised that clubs like Villa and Forest would never get a look in at the Champions League again as the big three would have this stitched up. Also I don't think the big three evisaged what would happen with Chelsea and Man City pushing their noses out of joint.

Anyway what I've gone all around the houses to say is. Until Paul Thompson and JP our club was run in an amateurish way with little ambition and very small minded forward planning. If JP had been Chairman back then does anyone think we would have been left behind in the way we were. The way that has made the climb back such a long and gruelling process?

The Real Bully Hoo.

PS. Just to prove that things haven't changed all that much over there, I give you the ever dependable.


30) I live in a stronghold Blues area and they had Gardner in and he said that he would give them another year. They then called him in and said that he will be sold – Wolves, Everton and Villa are looking at him!

There is no demise at Wolves. Things are looking good. Going for the right players, flush with money, settled management team and new stand on it’s way. The rest of the Midlands are very envious, I detect!'

I'm not sure if the last part is delivered 'tongue in cheek' but sadly I suspect not.


Christ, my missus lives in Great Bridge....

Never me whether me and TRBH, Rebecca and Lone or Wall Heath and his alter-ego Max have ever been seen in the same place....

Has anybody seen Cyril and my missus in the same place?

Wall Heath Baggie


I guess you have come over here because you cannot get the better of Pete Nuts , frankly if you have failed their you stand no chance over here.

So toddle on back to your own pages old boy, cheerio

Cyril Randle

Sir Terence, I bow to your brilliance! Now do you lot see what I mean? Go out on the pull with Tez? I'd have to be mad. I wouldn't get a look in. I could always take Sinatra as an actor quite happily, but never have I watched a Stallone film, nor will I. My point was that Brando played Sky Masterson and couldn't sing, (acting also a bit yeuky too for me), whereas Dino could act, had great magnetism and an excellent crooning voice.

There has been talk that all clubs will be forced to balance their books and rich owners will be restricted to ground improvements and staff salaries. Will they have the guts? I doubt it. The FA would have to show some backbone so we can forget that.

CantelloRocket 78

84 TRBH-

I have a correction to make.

Last week I said that 'laughingwolf' lived in his own make believe world inside a large bubble.

What I forgot to add was that he's decided to take in 'brummierobwolves' as a lodger.

Even if wolves had gone down,the two would have said-

'we're just stepping back before the great charge forward-we're gonna win the Championship with a record number of points,then blast through everybody in the prem.Even Man.U. will be shaking in their boots'

BrummieRob thinks we're all jealous.

In truth,we're too busy laughing at him to even think about anything else.

Cyril Randle

Warren, we don't exchange names dear boy. Spoils the atmosphere, especially if the meal that Jack mentioned was fish and chips.

CantelloRocket 78

85 Warren-

I've met Cyril and your Missus,and can confirm they are two different people.

One is beautiful and very desirable,the other is your Missus.

(Only joking,tell her you're a very lucky guy to have both her AND to be a Baggie's fan-heaven!!).

We only need one half!

84) I have a confession to make, me and brummierobwolves on a Villa thread yesterday were actually getting along quite cordially.

Help me!

Wall Heath Baggie

91 W0NOH

Look mate, i know it must be a difficult time for you not being able to do your stats and mirror results etc but why are you on a Villa thread and why are you canoodling with Dogheads ??? when your time could be much better spent answering the burning questions of the day .

The most important being is Warren really Bully hoo and does his girlfriend know and if not can Cyril be trusted to tell her ???

We only need one half!

92) you got me tagged Dr Freud, I'm missing my stats!

In my defence I would like to point out after two or three exchanges, I did ask him who he was and what had he done with the real


We only need one half!

Well I was hoping Peacing on the Valley was going to come on and mildly entertain me, but it looks like I m plum out of luck today!

Toodle pip!

The Real Bully Hoo.

I posted something along these lines earlier but it fell foul of the blue pencil brigade so if this sees the light of day depends on whether it was deliberate or accidental.

Like WONOH I'm guilty of going on the Villa site but only to vote on their new manager in. I failed to get McLaren in last week but with your help we might get Big Eck in.

Over to you.

Farmer Ted

86 WHB

Blimey.... I'm off !

Only came on to your site for a bit of gentle banter with football friends. Didn't realise I would run into the turn of wit and the sharp, but sometimes savage, sarcasm that is Wall Street Baggie. OMG Can't handle that.

Wall Heath Baggie


See ya .

CantelloRocket 78

96 farmer ted-

you should be used to it,because from what I've witnessed,it's always like that on the wolves site.



Mangel Wurzel,

Just before you go. I'm glad we don't have Hunt to put in poor quality assists. Cox nearly busted a leg, getting at Hunts poor cross, on the last occasion. Thanks but no thanks, too risky.


Farmer Ted

98) Cantello Rocket

See what I mean ? 97) "See ya". I mean, how do I come back from that ? Repartee so quick and cutting. Severe check mate.

Then up comes 99) Jacko with the funniest line this side of Christendom. Bet they're rolling about in Great Bridge and Dudley Port, slapping their thighs.

Does he write one liners for Sarah Palin ?

The Real Bully Hoo.

100 Father Ted.

What's Michael Palin's wife got to do with it?

98 CR78.

Turn of wit and sarcasm on the Wolves site, are you sure?

Mostly abuse from what I've seen although there are occasional glimpses of brilliant humour, some of it is even intentional.



Mangel Wurzel,

Guessed you hadn't seen that match. Italy played O.K. as well.


Farmer Ted

101 Real Bully Hoo

I don't know... I'll aska !

CantelloRocket 78

101 TRBH-

For the 'turn of wit',I meant from visiting Baggies over there.

As for writing lines for Sarah Palin,how about 'this 'ere parrot's dead....' for starters?


60 - CR78

Who IS Max really?

Yes really!

Is it that hard to believe that I didn't read between the lines and know that Wall Heath Baggie is Max?

Now I come to think of it the names do sound similar!!!

Oh and hello, I am Matt!

The Real Bully Hoo.

105 Matt.

I don't think anyone realised you were new, so welcome.

Now there are regulars on here Bomber, Cyril, Cantello, Forever, Warren, Sir Terry, Hilltop it's never a good idea trying to list them as you always miss people off so I'll add an etc and leave it at that.

All of the above get behind the team and generally offer their support. Max Wall Heath Baggie however is our real cheerleader. He takes it to a whole new level. His enthusiasm is unstinting. He loves the underdog. If a player is having a hard time he will always offer that extra bit of support they need to pull them through. Woe betude any negative posters that come on here as they'll feel the sharp edge of his tongue.

Oh sorry, I've just woken up from a dream. Never mind.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Just realised I missed WONOH and Jack and Beevower and Danno and Kev who is in Mallorca so he shouldn't be surprised really lucky b****r etc etc etc.

CantelloRocket 78

105 Matt-

As you're a newcomer,I think there was a misunderstanding about my post at no.60.

I sometimes tend to have a strange and/or surreal sense of humour,and that post was really directed towards others,in particular Wall Heath and Mallorca Kev.,who are used to me by now.

I had no intention of criticising or poking fun at you,it was just one of several silly posts I've made on this thread.

So I just want to say welcome aboard,it's good to have you here,and you can ignore me in the future if you wish to.

CantelloRocket 78

106 TRBH-

what were you saying about 'turn of wit and sarcasm?'.

You forgot to mention that these days,Max has got a new trick.

It may not please the RSPCA,but whenever he sees a wolf,he instantly bites his head off.


Cyril Randle

Matt, don't let that be the finish. Things would get very dull. Welcome aboard the good ship Captain Bagwash.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I forgot to mention that Cyril is also known as Cyril Miller as 'there'll never be another missus.' Sorry if you're too young for that to mean anything but as you can see at post 110 Cyril is trying to bring the Music Hall back to this site.



As long as we agree to a chippy each in Great Bridge, I don't want the locals talking. Frydays or Black Country?



Maybe it's me being too sensitve for my own good.

Thanks to all for clearing up the confusion.

I don't get to post too often having young children but I have a look when I can.

It's always interesting and informative reading what proper Albion supporters think.

The Real Bully Hoo.

109 CR78.

At least it let's me off the hook for a bit.