Walsall in need of a lucky break - Sam Mantom

Sam Mantom today claimed all Walsall need to end their current slide is some luck and better referees.

Sam Mantom of Walsall
Sam Mantom of Walsall

The Saddlers have not won for nine games and are almost out of play-off contention. They came within minutes of ending the run on Rotherham on Saturday but were denied by Nicky Adams’ late equaliser, which deflected off Saddlers defender Paul Downing.

Midfielder Mantom said:

“The general consensus in the dressing room is we just need that little bit of luck. I think every team goes up and down with luck all season but in the last few games I don’t think we have had a stroke of luck at all.”

Saddlers also believe they have not had the rub of the green from officials. Mantom missed three games through suspension after being sent off at Preston, while on Saturday Ben Purkiss was dismissed for two bookable offences.

“The sending-offs are killing us,” added Mantom. “Hopefully we can get some good refs soon.”

The winless run has drawn comparison with last season, in which the Saddlers went 16 games without a victory at one stage.

Mantom joined from Albion midway through that run and insists luck is all they need to end the current slump.

“I joined last year when we were nine games without a win and we are at that stage now,” he said.

“Nobody can really put their finger on why it’s happened and I think the gaffer is still puzzled.

“It’s just that little bit of luck. If their shot on Saturday hits the bar and goes over we get three points. We just have to stick together. Even the players who are not in the squad and on the bench, we have to pull together.

“We are a good team. We go into every game wanting to win, sometimes you don’t get the results and it can affect confidence and the way you want to play.

“We have nine games left and hopefully we can win a majority of them and see if other teams slip up.”

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Comments for: "Walsall in need of a lucky break - Sam Mantom"


There is no doubt luck plays a part during a season, we rode our luck at home to Notts County earlier this season and scraped a draw, we were lucky away to Colchester with a late equaliser. I do not accept our current plight is down to refs bad luck or any misunderstanding from the dug out. For me and I suspect many fans our current situation is down to lack of finishing upfront and inconsistency. It may be simplistic of me but if we score more goals we will win more games and if we win more games we will be higher up the league.

Blocko Saddler

I'm a fan of Smith and the vast majority of the squad. However, I feel all this talk of bad luck and bad refereees is symptomatic of the refusal to face up to hard truths that appears to be running through the squad/management team. We aren't creative enough, we lack pace in attack and our goalscoring abilities have been apparent all season.

They're not massive problems, and I'm sure Smith can and will solves them. Trouble is, until we face up to the real problems, and stop blaming all and sundry, then we can't even begin to solve them.

'but in the last few games I don’t think we have had a stroke of luck at all.'

guess he wasnt watching the crewe game where they scored for us without us hitting a shot on target? So far refs, luck and fans have been blamed by various players and management, its time to look closer to home lads the reason we arent winning is the players. Not enough shots on target, not enough goals without these we have no chance of winning.

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