Walsall FC's Andy Butler wants fans to turn up the volume for Wolves derby

Captain Andy Butler today urged Walsall’s fans to turn the Banks’s Stadium into a cauldron of noise for tomorrow’s derby with Wolves.

Walsall's Andy Butler
Andy Butler has joined Sheffield United

The Saddlers should be able to count on big support from what will be their first sell-out crowd in almost a decade.

The club launched the Turn it Red campaign last month in a bid to get home supporters wearing rednd Butler said: “Everyone is looking forward to it. They are trying to get all the fans wearing red and if we can make it a red stadium that would be brilliant. Make as much noise as possible.”

, we know they will make a bit of noise so if we can drown them out it really does help the players no end.

“They have spent a bit of money and they are scoring goals. It’s up to us to keep them out. I’m looking forward to it and I know a lot of the lads are. I can’t wait for 3pm on Saturday.”

Wolves are looking for a club record equalling eighth straight win and currently sit top of League One. But far from being intimidated by their rivals’ rampant form, Butler believes a meeting with Kenny Jackett’s side could be just what the Saddlers need to get their own season back on track.

They host another traditional rival in Crewe on Tuesday and the skipper is targeting both games as chances to get back on track.

“What better games to look forward to then a full crowd at our place and then Crewe?” he said.

“We’ve got two games where people are going to be buzzing. If you can’t get yourself up for a local derby against Wolves then you are never going to get up for anything.

“Those are the game we have to go to now and try to get something.

“We still have as much chance at the play-offs as anyone else.”

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Comments for: "Walsall FC's Andy Butler wants fans to turn up the volume for Wolves derby"

Sir Billy Quiet

Bring on the noise, the louder the better. A good atmosphere will lift our players, the Wolves fans will still out sing the Saddlers................

Blocko Saddler

All Saddlers should sing Abide With Me. Afterall, the Wolves fans (and certain "impartial" BBC presenters) keep telling us it's our cup final!


Franksy was bound to get a mention somewhere.


I think we may well be turning the Banks's "Black n Gold"

And Nouha Dicko will be "turning" you inside out Mr Butler..


Northern Wolf

Banks's. Isn't that a Wolverhampton Brewery?


Shame the Walsall pubs ain't letting us in to sample some !!!



We have bouncers checking for Six Fingers just in case you try :D


Better keep my hands in my pockets then!!!!!



I'd love a victory tomorrow but have been saying all week that I'd take a draw. The wheels have come off for us now and we can all see it, regardless of the positive-sounding comments coming out of the club. The same comments we're hearing week after week.

What we most needed was to bring in an experienced striker in January but what we got was a bean-pole kid who never seems to be in full control of his legs.

Sandy Sadler

Just wait till after 5, tomorrow. When the 3 points are in the bag. This will give we, a fresh start to make the play offs.


The teams have met twice this season and wolves have failed to beat walsall once in 90 or 120 mins. Even if we lose what do wolves have to boast about? The record from open play will stand at win 1 draw 1 lose 1, on our shoestring budget compared to wolves splash the cash i know which set of supporters should be the most embarrased.

Uts, pride of the midlands since 1888


Simple, we'll be going up, and you'll be staying down..

Next question??



Simple, Your a 'Big' club, were a 'small' club,

You shouldn't be here in the first place,

So were just laughing at you all way,

Next statement??





Glad we've given you something to smile about.



Sir Billy Quiet

Gates of 20000 plus allow us to 'splash the cash' but if you care to check our spending you will see we have raised more through sales then we have spent.


As a lifelong walsall fan I am not bothered in the slightest about any other club than my own. I hope it's a great game and may the best team on the day win. One thing I would say though is instead of our players keep harping on about morale pride or anything else for that matter I would suggest you stop doing your talking in the press and instead start doing it on the damm pitch.


Love how wolves fans just can't handle the fact their playing on the same level as us^^^^^ a (little) club.

Pahaha only thing they can do is try and point it out, they don't realise we love that fact were smaller,

Bigger win for us :D UTS!

Blocko Saddler

Getting promoted on the back of still getting Premier League parachute payments - you should already be up with that level of income.

The fact that your all getting excited about winning division 3 is good enough for me :-)


Absolutely agree Blockhead, but the league won't let us go up till the end of the season..

Good job we've been able to save the parachute money for next season, and play the kids this one..

Not excited, just a necessity.. Couldn't stand another season playing you muppets!! :o)



I'm looking forward to seeing what £20,000-a-week players are like.

Oh O'Hara isn't playing is he?

Here's a tip for you - £20,000 a week in the Premiership doesn't buy anything.

Remember this next time you want to do things on the cheap.


Let's hope it's a good game and that the two sets of fans behave in a good way. Obviously I want a win for the Saddlers but a home victory would hardly be likely to hold up Wolves' title bid for too long and it seems inevitable that they'll be in the Championship next season. No doubt the Molineux faithful would be happy with promotion achieved by any means but there's now a very good chance they'll be at the very top when it most matters. Success for us would be a decent finishing position - play-offs if possible but top eight wouldn't be bad - plus a double over that lot from up the road, and that sums up the realistic ambitions of the two clubs. Wolves were always likely to go straight back up while the best the Saddlers could hope for was a shot at a first Wembley appearance.

When you sign up to support a small club you do so knowing that successes will more than likely be few and far between. It's just that sometimes that can wear a bit thin and you'd dearly love to realistically hope for a little more.

'twas ever thus.