Walsall loanee admits West Brom career is over

Sam Mantom today admitted he needs to quit West Brom for the sake of his career – and refused to rule out a longer stay at Walsall.

WFC 6 SL 01

The midfielder, on loan at the Saddlers, feels he must leave The Hawthorns to progress after struggling to break into the first team.

His loan expires on Saturday, after tomorrow’s clash with Portsmouth, and the 20-year-old conceded his Baggies career may be over.

Mantom said: “My contract is up at the end of the season, they’ve got an option but I need to get some games now. It seems like I’m getting no chance there so I’m going to have to find my future elsewhere - unless there’s a severe turnaround in fortune.

“For myself and my family I need to try to find another club who will give me the chance. I needed to get out of there as early as I could this season because I wasn’t getting any sniffs. I need to get league games, I’m 20 and it’s a big part of my career in the next two years.”

His deal is up, along with Chesterfield loanee Craig Westcarr, after the weekend but Mantom, who scored three goals in 13 games on loan at Walsall last season, insisted he will consider staying.

He said: “I’ve got until Saturdaybut I don’t know what the gaffer wants, he’ll have to speak to my agent and West Brom. Given the chance I’d probably stay. It’s a good club, well run, and there’s a good set of lads. We’re playing some good stuff and I don’t see any reason why I’d turn it down.

“Coming back was pretty easy. I knew most of the lads who were here, I just had to get to know the lads who came in in the summer. I knew all the staff and what the gaffer wants. It’s been a smooth process.”

Mantom’s 30-yard rocket in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat at Leyton Orient was his first of the season and he is now eyeing a scoring run, if he stays beyond the weekend.

He added: “I was disappointed I hadn’t got a few goals before. I got three last season and I’ve always got a goal in me and hopefully I can keep getting the opportunities.”


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Comments for: "Walsall loanee admits West Brom career is over"

We Only Need One Half!

Is it me, or is anyone else getting the feeling we are having our very own "Night of the Long Knives?" The window has only just opened, yet we seem to be clearing more players out now than in the summer, and, all youngsters, is there a radical plan being implemented that hasn't become apparent yet?

p.s. couldn't resist this headline from front page E&S-

"Rubbish to win prizes as Wolverhampton raffle plan unveiled"

make up your own text!


Maybe, just maybe, the club are gearing up for a push into the top 7? The sales of Wood and (potentially) Dorrans clears some wages and may help fund buys which will further the squad. We all questioned the release of Tchoyi, Shorey, Scharner, Andrews and the like in the summer yet we have undoubtedly replaced them its far better alternatives. I trust the club to do the same again.

As for Mantom, I believe there are already better young midfielders on the club's books and he is right to want a move - his chance simply won't come now. We have Allen and Thorne as two examples of players who are more likely to make the step up. Shipping out the aforementioned players will allow us to bring in better players and move on again as we did in the summer.

CantelloRocket 78


I hadn't really thought about it before, but this is the first opportunity SC's had to make changes since he began his first season as head coach, I'm sure he's joined in discussions with JP and DA regarding the future shape of the squad, so maybe he's decided some of the lads just haven't got that level of ability required as we move forward?

In which case, they've surely also discussed possible transfer targets-

and as you previously mentioned I could possibly perform as well as Rosenberg, my agent's contacted the Baggies to open talks on a long term contract.

After assessing my ability and fitness, I figure I could sit on the bench until at least the end of march..........

(p.s.- good to see you, your son and 'other half' after the game, I hope the Bishop with a flashing nose and two sets of teeth didn't upset them too much?)

We Only Need One Half!

CR, yeah that was the son who gave his ticket for last season's Villa derby game to Warren, because given the choice of sitting on a sun drenched beach on Cape Verde, and sipping cuba libre's and smoking Havana's with a beautiful young lady on his arm for a week, rather than spend time with his Dad, watching a 0-0 snooze draw with the wind whistling up your jacksy, then coming out and sitting in traffic for an hour to go 1 mile because some ones bumper sticker had fell off, I mean can you imagine? where did I go wrong? I tried my best to bring him up right and be sensible but........ oh hang on a mo!

We Only Need One Half!

CR, talking of taking Rosenburg's place, I never got over being dropped by Sven for the 2006 World Cup in favour of Walcott, after all I could have done what he did in that tournament!

CantelloRocket 78


so could've Ulrika-ka-ka-ka!!!

Brunt`s left peg

Maybe with all the billions coming into the premier league next season and the academy not really bearing fruit, we are going down the route of trying to buy success, not nice i know, but if it works i for one will not complain, thats if Jeremy spends any of it of course?

We Only Need One Half!

Interesting thought Left Peg, but, unless J.P. has been kidnapped by the Body-snatchers and given a personality transplant, of all the Premier League Clubs, I think we would be at the bottom of the list to try and "buy" success.

and that suits me fine.

Baggie in Jersey

Not sure what is happening here but... Wood, good player but probably too slow for the prem. Dorrans, generally unhappy with rotation and probably homesick. Mantom, throwing his toys out the pram to see if WBA will give him a chance at first team action. The one thing I am sure of is that if these players were that close to first team action (Dorrans apart, as he is a given) then the manager, nor the owner, would let them go. They should look to the shining light that is Thorne who has waited patiently for his opportunity and taken it with both hands. However, good luck to all who move on and thanks for your efforts. Onwards and upwards.

'The Class of 68'

Let us not forget .....

..... Steve Clarke arrived on the back of a decent season under the direction of R Hodgson, he was'nt going to make any rash changes playing staff wise.

I say fair play to S Clarke for what was a smooth transition.

Hopefully we will see comings and goings, this will determine whether S Clarke can cut it as a Premier League Manager.

Myself, i am a little blinkered with regard to some players, so for me Dorrans, Thorne and Dawson should be ''made wanted'' squad players.

Be sure, S Clarke knows what players are on the way out.

Keeping The Faith ..... COYB

Laurus Nobilis

'Auld baldy cashing in his chips?

karl robinson

What you baggies fans don't see is Mantom has done well twice for Walsall now and hasn't been given that chance to show what he can do for the Baggies. While you do have good players already there, at least benching him and bringing him on around the close of matches could be good. However i hope a deal is sorted so we can get him in the transfer window and keep him at Walsall, especially after Flo Cuvelier has been injured for us and heads back to Stoke soon.


No offence but i don't think playing well for walsall in league 2 is going to change the mind of a prem manager who probably already has the rundown on the player anyway................lets hope it means we have pokers in the fire...COYB


Sorry league 1

Robbie Saddler

seanalbion20 - Walsall play in League 1 actually! But don't worry you're pretty typical of most so called 'big' club supporters...absolutely no idea of what goes on outside the premiership!!! As for Sam Mantom, from a purely selfish point of view I hope WBA do let him go because he can certainly do a job for WFC before moving on to bigger and better things.

karl robinson

you know much then dont you walsall are in league one

Jack ♣ Hat.

ALBION playing staff are on shake-down, obviously some will fall through. Whoever leaves all the best for the future and I hope they look back at our club as being good for their education.



I am sure Walsall will want to keep Mantom but we have a board who are not keen on giving long contracts and paying any transfer fees. Staying at Walsall will give Sam Mantom a great springboard back into a higher level because he will surely hold his own in league 1 and almost certainly in the Championship as well.

Brummie roader Ryan

I had a feeling Mantom would end up going I just hope we replace Dorrans and Mantom with a proven midfielder.

We have been linked with a teenager from Plymouth to replace Dorrans I hope not because penny pinching is not going to work forever especially in the top half of the premier league, money needs to be spent like I said getting freebees and won't work every time.

Boing boing


It may be time for us to take stock of our squad of players. Who should we sell? Who should we keep? What ever happens you will never be able to please everyone. Big decisions need to be made about GRADUALLY building/strengthening the squad for the future. Steve Clarke says that he is happy with what he has got at the moment. I beg to differ, I for one would like us to freshen up the team with one or two quality players who have experience of playing in the Premiership. I am sure that JP, DA and SC have plans to bring in a couple of players who would improve the team, but at the end of the day it will come down to the size of the transfer fee and the wages that these players will demand. We know that we do not usually do much business in January, what ever happens it is quality that counts when you are competing in the Premiership.



Mantom hasn't shone in his second spell with us, far from it. He isn't good enough to make the grade and Albion and for me, given the opportunity, he should jump at the chance to sign for Walsall. The lad needs games and miles on the clock. In a few years he might make a decent Championship player.

black country supporters club

what are we doing baggies, our getting rid of our best youth players for ten years without a chance to prove, ok thorne getting a go but its about management decisions,av watched mantom come through the academy and he is definately going to be a big prem player, clarke and keen have been here five minutes and our best kids are going, what does that say for ashworths,appletons, downings,hodgsons commentsabout him the last five years, they dont know what they doing or are they all disagreeing with clarkes and keens opinion, it does not make sense.we nurture them through for years then bring in forieners instead of supporting our own.distraught if mantom goes,

We Only Need One Half!

I am inclined to agree with you, but the anonymous comment below has merit too, I am confused!!!!!

we have to put our trust in steve clarke. he s monitored the squad and is weeding out the deadwood. let s hope he s given the cash to replace them with quality.steve s done well so far-now on to the next level.


I've watched Mantom in both loan spells at Walsall and while i'd like us to make his move permanent (as he's done ok for us), he's no where near ready for the Premier League.

To be honest, he's not even our best midfielder yet so at his age, he'll never make it at the Baggies.

black country supporters club

decent comments about mantom,but you probably want mantom for nothing knowing hes goin to go for big money in the future,hes still at a learning level but he does that bit of class play which is above walsalls division,he and chambers look fab in the middle for walsall even though the big boot spoils the game and its hard in the midfield,the kid is twenty and i have watched this kid desroy man u,everton ,chelsea at reserve level, hes probably done 15 games at walsall in 2 spells, 4 goals,momatches, and picked your game up, baggies have a top kid and if we let him go to walsall i for one we still watch him down the road, if not at bags of course,sort him out clarke because there nothing behind him and thorne coming through

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