Steve Jenkins makes a new point

Millionaire Walsall fan Steve Jenkins today urged the borough’s councillors to follow the example of Rotherham by buying the Banks’s Stadium.

Millionaire Walsall fan Steve Jenkins today urged the borough’s councillors to follow the example of Rotherham by buying the Banks’s Stadium.

In a letter to fans’ websites, the record producer is as determined as ever to see Walsall Council step in to buy the freehold.

Jenkins has led the calls for the council to purchase the land, which has been put up for sale by the Saddlers’ current landlords, Suffolk Life, for a fee believed to be around £5million.

But council leader Mike Bird has rejected the calls, although Labour group leader Tim Oliver and top Liberal Democrat Ian Shires have called for talks between the council, the club and selling agents DTZ.

Jenkins’ latest letter said: “I read with interest today Rotherham United have been loaned £5million from the Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council towards building a new stadium.

“The football club are working to raise the further £12.3million needed to complete the job.

"Councillor Roger Stone stated, ‘the new community stadium is key to the regeneration of Rotherham Town Centre, we have always supported the club and wish to have Rotherham United back playing at home.’

“This is what we have always believed. The town’s football club is its flagship. More and more councils are forming partnerships with their football clubs.

“Walsall’s stadium should remain secure and owned by the town of Walsall.

"I can assure you that I am as determined as I was five weeks ago.”

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Comments for: "Steve Jenkins makes a new point"


Steve Jenkins is now getting on my nerves why doesn't he buy the ground and club instead of boasting about how much money he has got.

Steve Jenkins says the council will buy the club or should take note of what Rotherham Borough Council have done.

Our council is trying to save money na d not intrested in buying WALSALL FOOTBALL CLUB.


Phil Burton

Steve, you forgot to mention your work with Britney Spears.


It says Rotherham council lent them £5million towards a new stadium. Did walsall council not give walsall fc the old sewage works site for nowt? In other words the council has ALREADY been generous to the football club.


Shouldn't the complaints of the above people be aimed at E&S for repeatedly mentioning Britney Spears?


If Rotherham have the capability of raising 12.3 million despite not having a home of their own then they clearly are probably worth spporting to the tune of £5million. Especially when clearly this will bring real benefits to the town that are presently not there.

Walsall FC are in control of their own density and yet the thought of them raising £500,000 to help their own future is laughable let alone £5,000,000.

I too, am tiring of this man's protestations. He doesn't live here, the facts and proposals are at best questionable and the benefits uncertain. And will anyone here engage in a decent debate on it? Of course not.

But let's blast the council for behaving in the same way.


Why doesn't Steve go halves with Britney Spears and they both buy the ground?

Charlie Cooper

Steve is clearly trying to get something moving, the fact that the issue is being discussed on here shows that he is having some success.

Mike Bird is clearly rattled (which is a good thing in its own right) and both the Labour Group and the LibDums(who together now make up more than half the council)are both broadly supportive.

Steve has met with representatives of all 3 supporters groups - which to me is more proactive and productive than having an online 'debate' with a pseudonym Jimbo.

(However I'd be more than happy to discuss how a football club can possibly be in control of its own density.)

Finally has it occurred to anyone that if Steve Jenkins had been in a position to buy the freehold outright by himself, he'd have done it a long time ago?

If the campaign Steve's fronting is the next best thing and the alternative is rotting away in the hands of Bonser, I'll take the Music Man every time.


Spot on Charlie Cooper.

This idea may not be the most ideal but it's miles better than anymore years of the club withering on the vine as Bonser runs us into the ground.

I'm not sure if the council buying the land is feasible or not but until the council get off their collective backsides and engage in meaningful discussion we will neve rknow either way.

If the council refuse to even hold discussions then it will be a disgrace.

Oh an by the way Mike Bird, you are 1 councillor out of 60, you are NOT the dictator of the borough. If the majority of the council want discussions it is your obligation to allow them. Remember, there is always the ballot box at the next elections!

Phil Burton

Charlie, maybe Steve Jenkins doesn't want to spend £5-7m of his own money on the ground because he can see the moral indignity of being the benificiary of rent being paid, by a club he purports to be a fan of, and by a club that paid to build the stadium in the first place.

The reason he's so in favour of the council owning the land is because nobody could then complain about the club paying rent, because somehow having the council owning the land is the best deal for the club (although Steves arguments for this are flimsy at best), totally ignoring the fact that the club should never have become a tenant anyway.

Mike Andrews55

I would put my trust over GB than the music man everytime.

At least he has worked and funded the club albeat at a rate that people don't seem to like.

eg Glaziers or GB


Why not borrow the five million and spend it on a giant ice rink / stadium in the town cetnre.

This could provide a sporting venue for the kdis fo the borough, reduces anti-social behavious and obesity. provides a family based activity. Be the base for a professional sports team that would gain support from across the west midlands rather than competing for support. Could be used as a live music / conference venue. Could host international competition raising the profile of the borough far more than its football club ever would. Attract people to the town centre helping local businesses. Would create jobs. Would create finance for hte council.

More council tax payers would vote for that i think.


T&D - most of the things you suggest, if the council had ownership of the land I'm sure they'd be able to use the bescot for. And on top of that they'd make about 200k pure profit straight off on the rent over the top of loan repayments every year. Plus a venue like that would cost a lot more than 5 million to build after purchasing land etc etc

Jim Allen

But they wouldn't would they Paul? Because the council are only buying the freehold. The club owns the lease and would be the ones in control of the stadium. So in fact not one of the items T&D lists would the council be able to use Bescot for.

As for the profit? What profit? The figures quoted (I note it has dropped since last week) means that none of the capital is being repaid. I don't know about prudential loans, but commercial loans are more like a car loan rather than a mortgage and the terms are much lower.

Given the way the govvernment is paying back money to international financiers I don't thik it will be easily fortchoming on a 100 year term. I might be wrong but as Jimbo (no relation!) points out no one answers any points put on here.

Surely the suporters groups Charlie mentions should be posting on here answering the questions if Jenkins isn't going to. Who are they anyway? Are they more democcratic than the council they are criticising?

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