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For once I think 'Arry has a point. Too rich too quickly, play for the club, pick the money up. why rock the boat ? We have, via mass immigration, diluted the English spirit. One question to make my point: If a big country declared war on us today, how many would fight, how many would flee to their country of birth ? Answers on 2d stamp please.


Think it's a bit racist of you. The fact is a lot did fight for us in world war 2 Without living in England.

As for England the players are built up to believe they are unstopable. Harry you're correct 2 average sides beat us, the problem is too much respect shown for 2 Good players need i say who, who cost us.

As for Englands next strip it should be all white with green pound signs all over it.


"The QPR boss described the Italy and Uruguay teams who had knocked England out of the World Cup as "average" and claimed England had more talent at their disposal than any other team in Group D. "

"England will fly home after playing Costa Rica in their final group game on Tuesday."

Oh the irony.