Wolves Speedway team fall at home

Wolves speedway ace Tai Woffinden and his team-mates found themselves in deep trouble at Monmore Green last night.

Wolves speedway ace Tai Woffinden and his team-mates found themselves in deep trouble at Monmore Green last night.

A track surface with lots of shale proved trickier for the home side than the visiting Coventry Bees, who won the Midlands derby 47-42.

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Wolves were left dazzled and dirty as they slipped to a fourth Elite League home defeat.

A very deep Monmore surface seemed to cause the home side more problems than the visitors, Wolves suffering from a string of falls.

And, of all things in this soggiest of summrs, bright sunshine halted the meeting before the rerun of heat seven as riders were being dazzled as they entered the third turn.

The tumbles and the delay helped break the momentum built up over the first few races by the Parrys International Wolves.

Despite their early eight-point advantage, the home side were reeled in by a Coventry outfit packed with track specialists.

The usual suspects, Chris Harris and Scott Nicholls, had by their standards relatively quiet meetings.

But Kenni Larsen, one of the few bright spots in the Bees’ 2012 campaign, contributed 10 points and Adam Roynon – who might well rattle a few cages on this track in next Monday’s British championship final – had a famous victory over Tai Woffinden in his paid eight.

Wolves’ resistance was undermined by falls, though Freddie Lindgren had three victories and flu victim Woffinden battled away gamely. Ty Proctor was customarily robust – Roynon will be massaging the odd bruise today after being dumped into the safety fence in the opening corner of heat eight – and produced the ride of the night in race six. But it was not enough, and Wolves lost the match with a heat to run.

As team boss Peter Adams observed afterwards: “Coventry always have a team full of people who can get round this track.

“I’d rather race them at Brandon than here any day.”


F Lindgren 3-1-2-3-3 12, T Proctor 2*-3-3-0-0 8+1, R Miskowiak 3-X-2-2 7, R Wells 2*-1-1*-1 5+2, T Woffinden 3-2-2-X 7, M Kus 2-X-0-0 2, J Thorssell 1*-0-X-0 1+1


C Harris 1-3-1-2-1* 8+1, A Roynon R-2*-1*-3 6+2, E Kennett 0-X-1-3 4, K Larsen 1-3-3-3 10, S Nicholls 1*-2-3-1*-2 9+2, A Summers 3-0-0-1 4, C Heeps 0-2-2-2* 6+1

Heat details

1: Lindgren (55.11), Proctor, Harris, Roynon (ret) 5-1

2: Summers (57.02), Kus, Thorssell, Heeps 8-4

3: Miskowiak (56.80), Wells, Larsen, Kennett 13-5

4: Woffinden (56.82), Heeps, Nicholls, Thorssell (fell, rem) .16-8

5: Harris (56.60), Roynon, Wells, Miskowiak (rerun).. 17-13

6: Proctor (56.66), Nicholls, Lindgren, Summers 21-15

7: Larsen (57.19), Woffinden, Kennett (fell, disq), Kus (fell, disq) (rerun twice) 23-18

8: Proctor (56.67), Heeps, Roynon, Thorssell (rerun twice) 26-21

9: Nicholls (56.59), Miskowiak, Wells, Summers 29-24

10: Larsen (56.69), Lindgren, Kennett, Proctor 31-28

11: Roynon (56.99), Woffinden, Harris, Kus (fell, rem) 33-32

12: Kennett (57.15), Miskowiak, Summers, Thorssell.. 35-36

13: Lindgren (56.50), Harris, Nicholls, Woffinden (rerun) 38-39

14: Larsen (57.11), Heeps, Wells, Kus 39-44

15: Lindgren (56.43), Nicholls, Harris, Proctor 42-47

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Comments for: "Wolves Speedway team fall at home"

George Thomas

So what does the management think of yet another home loss?

Not so long ago they were shouting from the rooftops that they were proud of their 3 year unbeaten home record but now it lies in tatters!

Perhaps, finally the management will do their homework more thoroughly when sitting down this Autumn when considering next seasons 1-7 and put together a team who will not only make defeats an almost impossibility at home but will also win matches away - and that means no more than 1 newcomer without UK experience.

Too many years have passed whereby Wolves have become someone elses stepping stones to success instead of being successful themselves. Has the management become tired of putting together a successful trophy challenging team?

Many of the fans have been asking the same question for some time and with each match that ends, the answer appears to be one of, Yes!

Time to move aside Mr. CVS and let a younger, enthusiastic man take the reins and return Wolves to where they should be - challenging for honours!