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What a complete disappointment to the season, feels like relegation such is the lack of anything in second half of season. Where do you start to point the finger at what is wrong? Start at the top I suppose.......we need more than a goal scorer now, need a new team built around the few decent players we have. Sorry to say, but money needs to be spent. Speculate to accumulate or so the saying goes. Well done to rest of local teams for at least accomplishing something for the Midlands.



The boss and the player need a good kick up the ***

Deno, hang your head in shame, I think you own us an apology.... and don't blame anyone else the buck stop at you!!!


Another season i think for Smith and a change beckons??


Flat is the word that springs to mind. At times some nice link up play but goodness me Dean you will seriously need to sort out the goals drought. Our home form is dire too and might I suggest next season it may be better if the players do their talking ON the pitch. Having had my moan I can't wait for the new season when I can once more see the saddlers home and away. I wish all my fellow fans a happy few months and finally to the two morons that ran on with the flag, don't come back you pair of prize pratts.


smith you have to go I can see relegation next season if you dont


Yet another season of rubbish football, no strikers Smith has brought in have performed and yet he let George Barrowman go. Smith clearly has a lack of man management skills. All our loan players need to go and Westcarr and to give Sawyers a new contract is ridiculous. Our players are good doing there talking on the pages of the Express and Star, when are they going to do their talking on the pitch.Time for change Jeff and Gamble has to take a share of the blame. We need Alan Buckley and Chris Marsh, and let`s get some discipline back! More of the same and League 2 beckon`s.

Sandy Sadler

I was starting to think, that the last game would produce GOALS. Dean had said it would, and owed the home fans a good game to go into the summer with. Bored, lackluster, not much action. Another poor home performance.

What was on show yesterday, worries me for next season. No pace, no real cutting edge football, slow paced attacks.

The money we had last season, over a Million, what has it been invested in?

I feel the only fans turning up next season, will be Season ticket holders, only. No paying fans will come to see we, in the current climate.

To the morons, who started fighting, after the 2 idiots ran on to the pitch, Thanks. You upset my grandson, he wanted to leave and not come back.

May you rot in hell.


Oh well another season came to a close. Another disappointing home performance mainly due to lack of goals and points. However the antics of a couple of idiots who bumbled onto the pitch with a flag while we were on the attack just about put the tin lid on it. The consequences of their actions could be potentially damaging to the club financially. Idiots. We should've finished higher in the league no question - we know why we didn't though and that's down to lack of cutting edge in the final third.

It's easy to jump on the managers back but for me Deano has done a great job for us since day one, no question. I just wish the board would back him with a bit of money because it would make such a big difference. We still have some very good players and a good style of play about us. Beg steal or borrow plus hopefully a realistic bit of cash and sexy football will return next season.