Big Debate - Can Aston Villa avoid relegation?

Are you confident Villa can avoid relegation and do you think they will win another game this season?

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Aston Villa v West Ham United - Villa Park
Paul Lambert

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Comments for: "Big Debate - Can Aston Villa avoid relegation?"

John 64

Yes if the three idiots resign ,PL! ,RL',PF,

How in gods name can a chairman remain silent at this garbage.

Doug ellis ,must be in utter shock at this pantomine.

If lamerts not sacked by monday then they deserve relegation

Many fans are utterly fed up with it all


Totally talentless ,all the worst matches I've seen this season have involved Villa. Don't they practice anything other than h oofball? Playing like this we would get demoted from the Championship too - they are all a disgrace to the shirt!