Aston Villa outcast Alan Hutton in blast at Paul Lambert

Alan Hutton today spoke up for the Villa outcasts and hit out at manager Paul Lambert’s methods of dealing with unwanted players.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Burton Albion v Aston Villa XI - Pirelli Stadium

Hutton is in line to play for Scotland against Belgium tonight but is without a future in club football.

He’s not wanted by Lambert for first-team duty but Villa blocked another loan deal abroad this week, leaving Hutton pinning his hopes on a Championship switch next week.

Hutton revealed a group of outcasts were forced to train together. He was delighted at Scotland team-mate Barry Bannan’s move to Crystal Palace on deadline day.

He said: “There were lots of us; Darren Bent, Stephen Ireland – I am talking international players – and Charles N’Zogbia, who have just been put to the side. For me it is not what should be done. We are not kids.

“I was buzzing for Barry that he got out because he is a great player and doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. Unfortunately for myself it didn’t come off and I am angry about it.”

Hutton enjoyed a successful loan spell with Real Mallorca last term and expected to be allowed to return to La Liga on Monday after three offers from Spain.

But Villa refused to sanction another loan move.

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Comments for: "Aston Villa outcast Alan Hutton in blast at Paul Lambert"


How about, if you want to leave and play football regularly, you approach the villa and ask for your contract to be cancelled freeing you up to find another club where you would still pick up decent wages due to the fact no transfer fee involved....or is it to easy to sit on your £40k a week and moan....

paul villa

Seems like biting the hand that feeds you .

With that attitude who'd want him ?


To the above, I don't rate him as a player but contracts work both ways, so if they don't want him they have to sell, loan him or pay him to just train with the kids, why should he walk away from £40k a week... would you?

paul villa

For that money I'd keep my mouth tightly shut !!!


Villa are paying him to train with the kids and they aren't the ones moaning about it. Hutton is moaning and what Phippo is saying is that Hutton can do somthing about it but he won't because he knows that no-one else is going to pay him 40k a week.

Mallorca put a package together that villa accepted earlyer in the window but he was demanding to much in wages, now he's stuck at villa. It's his own greed that means he us still at villa and why should villa have a player that could be disruptive and could end up going to a prem rival in there 1st team training learning there tactics that could be later used against them.


Wasnt it reported that he rejected a move to Real Mallorca on loan as they couldn't agree personal terms?


if u dont like it mate try working harder for team then u might have chance in team why moan it silly also talk to club ask to cancel contract

Villa fan

Problem with football - the contract is very hard to break. In NFL when players sign a contract they have a guaranteed sum and it is much easier for American football team to release players. Football need to do the same and stop this silly transfer fees.


@DB sorry to say mate but i agree with paul and phippo, hes moaning about the way hes been treated but in realaity hes getting a massive wage for doing nuffin!!! The villa are hes employers and has long as they are still doing there part by paying him everyweek they can do what they want.....and lets face it hes a liabilty on the pitch anyway i say he shud put up or shut up #inlambertwetrust


When he did play his tackle,s were disgusting at best ,loan deal failed over "his personal terms"so don't keep bleating about, hurt felt ,over not playing,drop wage demands ,ask villa to scrap contract"bet they bite yer hand off"or shut up winging and keep taking the scandalous money your on.

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