Darren Bent hits out over ‘horrible’ Villa exile

Darren Bent today hit back at his Villa treatment and took a swipe at the club for freezing him out.

Darren Bent
Darren Bent

The claret and blues £24m record signing is upset over being “alienated” at the club after joining Fulham on loan.

Bent completed his season-long move last week and was on the bench for the Cottagers’ 1-0 win at Sunderland on Saturday.

He was exiled by manager Paul Lambert and was joined by Stephen Ireland, Alan Hutton and Barry Bannan in training away from the squad this summer.

“It was horrible,” said Bent. “It wasn’t so much the injuries, although they certainly didn’t help, it was just the uncertainty. There were times I was in the squad and times I wasn’t and there was just no explanation why.

“I understand that not every player can be every manager’s cup of tea, but to be alienated like that, to be kicked out of the first-team dressing-room, when I’ve played a long time, when I’m an international, just felt a bit disappointing.

“It was really difficult at Villa because we weren’t allowed to play in any matches, a few of us were kind of alienated to train with the kids. It has been difficult. There were times when I was thinking: ‘Do I really deserve this?’ It’s all well and good not being part of the squad, but to be treated like we have is bad.”

The 29-year-old was also wanted by Crystal Palace and was close to joining the Eagles before Fulham made their move.

Newcastle were also linked but never got as far as agreeing a deal with Villa despite director of football Joe Kinnear’s claims of talking terms with Bent’s camp.

And the England hitman is relieved to end his troubles in Birmingham in favour of a switch to west London.

He said: “It’s been a long, long summer. There’s been a lot of speculation about where I was going to go and where I was going to play my football, but it was Fulham who did the most work in getting me to the club and that’s why I’m their player.”

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Comments for: "Darren Bent hits out over ‘horrible’ Villa exile"


A real shame feeling left out, hope the £40k per week helped you get through this awful ordeal

An away win against Arsenal at the weekend Lambert must be kicking himself he went down the route of creating a young hungry side.



He is on £65,000 a week, fortunately, Fulham are now paying his wages and not Villa.

For that kind of money, I'd train with the kids and clean the toilets too.

paul villa

Crying and whining all the way to the bank !


Thought Bent had a good goal scoring record at Villa until last season but his average isn't far off a goal every two games.

If Bent believes he put in effort worthy of holding down his place then I think he needs to take a long hard look at himself. First season and a half he was very good, kept us up in the first half season, but his attitude changed and i wonder if he engineered his move away to some extent.

To be fair he joined a Villa Team with Young and Downing providing plenty of chances, but that team drifted away as did Villa's top six status. I trust Lambert on this one, we look potent again.

Good Luck to Benty, but I think he needs to look at his own actions as well as those of the club for where it went wrong at Villa.


Typical arrogant villa fans. Normally you slate a player for being on to much money, then you have a player like bent who just wants to play football and you slate hkm cause he should just be happy with what is earning? is been treated wrongly at villa, which ever way you look at it. if is done something wrong like roger Johnson did at wolves , turn up drunk to training etc you could understand but that wasn't the case. Same old villa tho lets hope when a player gets to good and a bigger club wants them the player doesn't treat the villa and lambert the same way they have treated bent ay. Or should I say lets hope they do.


Is there an English translation available?

paul villa

I'm sorry to have to point out that you haven't a clue in respect of Darren's issues .

It's only safe to talk about what you actually know , and if in doubt :- " Be quiet" , Please.