Big boys line up with bids for Aston Villa's Christian Benteke

Christian Benteke was today completely focused on Aston Villa’s bid to avoid relegation from the Premier League as rumours swirled about his future at the club.

Christian Benteke
Christian Benteke

The 22-year-old striker was strongly linked with a move to Tottenham over the weekend, with Arsenal, Chelsea and a number of European clubs having also monitored his performances this season since his £7m switch from Genk.

It is understood by the Express & Star that Benteke will leave Villa if they are relegated at the end of the campaign, and there is a strong possibility he may go irrespective of whether they survive.

Despite the obvious distraction over his future Kismet Eris, Benteke’s agent, insisted the Belgium international remained fully committed to Villa’s bid to beat the drop over the next few months.

“Right now his focus is on Villa – and helping them stay in the Premier League. He wants to repay Paul Lambert for the faith that has been shown in him,” said Eris.

“He has scored a lot of goals this season and wants to give 100 per cent between now and the end of the season. It is normal that, if you go to a club and do well, then other clubs will show an interest. Christian has shown that he can play in England. So why not take the step up to the next level if the opportunity is there?

“At the end of the season interested clubs will talk to Villa – but it has to be right for Villa, the buying club and Christian. If all three parties are agreeable, then something could happen.

“But Villa will now ask a big price for Christian, much more than they paid for him, because Paul Lambert was the one who gave him his chance.”

“There will be clubs asking about Christian next summer because he’s proved he can do it in England. None of the big clubs wanted to take a chance on Christian when he was still unknown.

“I have been with Christian for 10 years now. I know what his ambitions are – he wants to do well in England.”

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Comments for: "Big boys line up with bids for Aston Villa's Christian Benteke "


looks like anouther big pay day for his agent


The facts are if someone makes a big bid for him at the end of the season Villa will sell him if we are down or not. Even if Benteke begged Villa to stay he will be sold. That's the long and short of it, Villa are a small club with a proud history and a great stadium i'm afraid to say!!!!


Take the money VIlla and buy some quality defenders and some midfielders who can supply Bent. Remember him? He's the one who saved you from relegation the past couple of seasons who also moonlights as a striker for England!!!


Jinksy - Agreed with everything you said until the silly 'small club' comment! If you had said 'selling club', I would have agreed 100%. Just because we have sold the likes of Barry, Milner, Young, Downing etc, it doesn't make us a small club. Are Arsenal a small or selling club? What about Everton? Or Spurs who are about to bring in £50 million for Bale on top of £30 million for Modric? Villa are a big club with a great history! We just happen to have a Chairman who has 'small' ambitions. Villa have proved too big for Randy Lerner, pretty much the same as the Cleveland Browns!


Psycho - I'm a 26 year season ticket holder with blue veins , claret blood. I say we are a small club throught gritted teath but when you sell all your best players, replace them with Championship and 1st div players and can't invest at a time when if you don't invest you are most likely going down...You are a small club. Big clubs don't sell thier best players to whoever knocks the door down to take them. Big clubs do not pay their players 2 bob a week & big clubs don't lose over 2 legs in a Semi Final to a 4th div club. Like i said we have a big Stadium & like you said we have 'small ambitions' i'd say we have no ambition.