Aston Villa's Brad Guzan would like to finish in MLS

Aston Villa goalkeeper Brad Guzan today revealed he would like to finish his playing days in Major League Soccer with hometown club Chicago Fire.

Soccer - International Friendly - England v USA - Wembley Stadium

The American international has established himself as Paul Lambert’s first-choice keeper this season after he re-signed for the claret and blues having initially been released.

Guzan has plenty of years left in the Premier League but admitted he would like to return home for a stint in the United States towards the end of his career.

He said: "Would I like to return to MLS one day? Yes, definitely. I was only a kid when I first went into MLS and it was still growing. To see now from watching the highlights on the internet and TV just how far it has come.

“From speaking to people back home and watching the highlights, I think MLS has made tremendous strides in the five years or so since I left.

“It’s come on leaps and bounds. That’s a testament to not only the players there but also the foreign players and the owners.

"Financially, the structure has been changed a bit, which means more players have joined the league.

“I think everything being done there is with an open mind to help the sport grow which is great to see.

"Hopefully, I will get the opportunity, when I’m finished playing in Europe, to go back and play in it.

“Especially being from Chicago, which has a team. I’d love to go back and play for the Chicago Fire in front of friends and family. That would be pretty neat.”

Guzan also admitted Villa’s squad have not been overly worried about their struggles near the foot of the table, given that there are 12 games left to play.

Villa are just a point above the Premier League drop zone ahead of games against Arsenal and Manchester City following their recent win over West Ham.

He said: “There’s a lot of football to be played and to be worrying at the beginning of February is crazy.

"It’s not a position we want to be in, but I think using the word ‘worried’ is false because there is a lot of football to be played.

“I know the quality we have in the dressing room, so we weren’t worried. We want to put together performances that we are proud of as individuals and as a team.

"Normally, when you put those together you can get those results.”


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Comments for: "Aston Villa's Brad Guzan would like to finish in MLS"


this is not what a fight is all about,all i have seen the last few weeks,

is not a team sticking together,its more like a team jumping a sinking ship?

benteke wants to go, some have already gone is there a patten here?

you got a manager and a chairman with one goal


all ya cups and sucsess you had in the 80,90,s will count for nothing

and i dont think this means anything to ya chairman or the manager.

if it did they would not gut the team like they have,

boys doing a mens job sorry but its true

WBA stick to your own boring club

Where has it ever quoted Benteke saying anything like this? he said he dreamed of playing for arsenal as a youngster and the papers had a field day with it mis-quoting him. While i do think he will probably move on if were relegated you cant just assume just because some paper on a slow day posts anything, its fact.

VIlla best accolades to date are in the past, what has your club got to show for its self?

The cutting of the team is due to the vast amounts put into the club trying to push the big 4, villa hasn't got the funds to sustain that fight and got them self a lot of over heads. Its simple business you run a company above its means and you run the risk of putting it in danger.

If villa can keep them self stable for a few season I'm sure you'l see a team with much about them. While i cant see any escape for your team. The fact that there's next to no interest in many of your players speaks levels