Randy Lerner breaks silence over Paul Lambert

Aston Villa chairman Randy Lerner today broke his silence and backed under-fire boss Paul Lambert.


The Villa Park chief gave a rare statement - his last official press conference was in May 2010 - as the pressure grew on Lambert ahead of tomorrow's Premier League clash with Newcastle.

The chairman said: “In the time that I’ve come to know Paul what is clear above all else is his strength of character and belief in his approach to football. Fortunes can shift quickly in this game and a sense that one has it right can become grave doubt in a matter of a few games.

"The Villa board knew that with Paul we would begin to address the club’s multi-year lack of competitive stability by reshaping the squad with seven new signings in the summer.

"It has been rewarding at times this season although certainly frustrating as well, particularly recently. During January Paul and the board have discussed a variety of players although nothing has yet materialised, which I know also can be frustrating as fresh players always give at least a sense of progress and optimism.

"Finally, and on a very personal note, I would reiterate that Paul has achieved success at many levels of professional football and I believe, given support, he will continue to do so for us.”

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Comments for: "Randy Lerner breaks silence over Paul Lambert"

villopian tube

"Finally, and on a very personal note, I would reiterate that Paul has achieved success at many levels of professional football..."

So it's not just life in the Championship that's being prepared for, but the many levels below that as well?


Think he means in his playing days ... Champions League winner ...


Pathetic! What an absolute joke our board and manager are.

I have ripped up my season ticket and binnde it, and will not be returning to VP until this joke of a manager is OUT of here and managing a pub team where he belongs!!

Lambart OUT !

Learner OUT

Baggies Rule

Hmmm, may not be the best but I bet they can both spell their names!


ripped up a plastic season ticket card eh? i won't be following suit, i support the team through thick and thin. glad to see you go! probably see you again next time we're relatively successful then...




We're going into the League One pod!

David Dad

Vote of confidence by the chairman Won't be long now then...........

Deeply depresed

We'll he would say that wouldn't he.

Cynically I can not help wondering if the plan is to get relegated so that the high wage earners would leave the club to regain premiership football. Difficult to believe the Club is in good hands with the current owner chief executive and manager. Hope I am wrong.


We new it was going to take time getting rid of the dead wood and moving on everyone wanted pl and at times the football has been good so if it means going down and building to come back so be it hope we hang on and the young lads will learn from this season a change of manager will not help it takes time to build a good squad I back pl to bring back the good times vtid

D Brotherton

The telling part in Mr Lerners statement is that "Given Support" Lambert will continue to acheive success etc. Does that mean that Our chairman will give Paul the support (financial) that he so clearly needs? I dont beleive that we can just keep sacking managers all of the time. Paul Lambert managed Norwich through two successive promotions and established them as a premier league side after just one season in the league. You dont become a bad manager overnight but the constraints in which you work may make it very difficult to succeed. im talking about wages policies and transfer funds etc. I beleive that the the Chairman and Cheif executive need to re think their policies and get behind what I beleive to be a very good manager.


Everyone don't forget that we did actually beat Bradford at home by 2 goals to 1. Although we may not have progressed to the final of the competition, we still beat a very strong, in form Bradfor side that have overcome Arsenal and Wigan before us. I think I speak for us all when I say we aren't as good as Wigan or Arsenal.

chris wright

Belive in god go. To church has he delivered your ask naaaa like the villa need to pray for luck as they really are off on a downer learner ..........

Western Isles Scot Wolf

In other words, Paul Lambert will be sacked shortly. And Wolves will join them in League 1 next season. It's all down to lack of financial backing for the guys at the helm from the bean counters. Football is now becoming a pathetic shadow of its illustrious past thanks to the ridiculous money that is either involved or, i some cases, not involved. So sad!!

paul villa

Talk is cheap .

No one believes Learner .

So buy three good Premier League players and prove everyone wrong .


Lambert is moral less human and you will soon be playing us.

League one beckons. Muahahahha

Chirk shrew

Villa and wolves,the only place you will be going is down.it will be like the seventies and eighties before long.you couldn't beat shrewsbury then and you certainly wouldn't do it now especially wolves,they've got a management team of Wrexham castoffs--- say no more!!


you guys make me sick, PL will turn this around, so try getting behind the lads instead of bitching.

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