Paul Lambert will fight on at Villa after FA Cup KO

Paul Lambert today called on his players to put their bodies on the line after they suffered their second cup humiliation in the space of three days against Millwall.


The claret and blues were eliminated from the Capital One Cup by League Two Bradford City during the week and Millwall repeated the trick in an FA Cup fourth-round tie as they won 2-1 at The Den last night.

Villa were once again undone by balls into the penalty area from wide positions as Danny Shittu headed in from a corner to equalise Darren Bent’s opener before John Marquis nodded in the winner from a cross.

“You’ve got to learn from that and be prepared to get hurt in the penalty box,” said Lambert.

“We’re not prepared to be hurt for a bog-standard corner that’s come into the penalty box. That’s the disappointing thing.

“But you take your medicine, pick yourself up and go again. There's no way you can lie down.

“The blows keep coming but as I said there are two ways you deal with it. You accept it or you come out fighting. I’ll keep fighting because I am brought up that way.”

Lambert dismissed the idea that it is becoming harder for him to motivate the Villa players since their season started to unravel.

He added: “They’ve always been pretty upbeat and are not a group who go down quickly. I’ve not experienced any other way with them. I’ve not had that problem of lifting their spirits.

“We had a lot of the ball and we were not hiding. So, from that aspect, I was quite pleased. I was also a bit worried about how they would react from the other night but they went and took the ball and gave it a go. But you can’t defend set-pieces like that.”

Meanwhile Millwall boss Kenny Jackett criticised home fans that caused play to be delayed during the second half when bottles were thrown on to the pitch.

“We can't condone people throwing bottles on to the pitch. That doesn't help us," he said

“There's a line between supporting your club and creating a passionate atmosphere but we don't want to step over that line.”

Villa will find out the extent of the injury which saw Fabian Delph limp off the pitch five minutes half-time when he is assessed by the club’s medical staff later today.

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Comments for: "Paul Lambert will fight on at Villa after FA Cup KO"


Disgrace, humiliation and excuses....Lambert at fault for bringing in young players to a squad in need of experienced heads. Lerner at fault for bottling it five years ago by not financing O'Neill's push for CL football The American cut his losses in the NFL with Cleveland who's fans were glad to see the back of him (Im originally from Dudley, but live in the US now). He is showing the same lack of vision with villa, trying to placate fans with the signing of Bent, who will probably be gone after relegation for not even half that of which they paid for him. The rot set in after MON left and the decline has been as swift and progressive as we climbed the table under him.

from one disillusioned villa fan.

Tony F

Talking about whats got to be done is no good to anyone lift the team, get them every day if needed to defend crosses and motivate them all.

Tell Learner to pull both is finger and cheque book from up his **** and sort something in the next five days.

My God I'm a 60 year old, with one leg after two amputations, ex-football player who did so until I 46, semi pro up until 36 and I'd have picked up the two unchallenged headers that kiiled us off !!!!


I don't think the term is fight on, we have no fight in us! Hopefully he means we will start to fight.

I am still behind the Manager, but his declaration that Villa bossed the game is deluded. The game seemed to be heading for a draw, but in no way did Villa ever look like winning.

He needs to get Weimman and Benteke playing together, they actually link up, maybe get Dunne back and play Clark in the midfield defensive role alongside Delph and start winning headers.

Win v Newcastle and we have a chance, lose and get no squad additions and we are down, without even trying to stay up.

Pathetic really ... what bright future?