Robbie Keane could be Aston Villa loan target

Robbie Keane today emerged as a potential loan target for Villa after manager Paul Lambert was coy when asked about the chance of a return in January.

Robbie Keane

The ex-Wolves striker spent a successful two-month stint at the claret and blues last season where he scored three goals in seven appearances, including two in a 3-2 in over his former club at Molineux.

Lambert’s policy has been to recruit young players, mainly from outside of the Premier League, but he would not rule out a move for an experienced player like the LA Galaxy striker.

“I’ve not seen that story so I don’t know. I don’t know the situation there at all,” said Lambert, on reports which linked the Ireland international with a second loan spell at Villa.

“When January gets closer I’ll start to think about things. Robbie Keane is a brilliant player and has been over the years.

“Is it something I would go for? I am not sure because the team is the most important thing for me. If they fit in and have the desire to do it, and want to do it, and fit in with the group then I will look at it.

“Signing an experienced player is not something I’ll turn away from. If they have got the right attitude to go and do it, and they fit into the group, then I’d look at that.”

Lambert also admitted his side’s victory over Manchester City in September in the League Cup will count for very little when they face the Premier League champions at the Etihad Stadium.

“It will give them a bit of belief but it is a completely different game. It will be different personnel that will play,” said Lambert.

“I know how hard it is going to be but we are playing well enough to cause them trouble. The club is flooded with star players.

“We've been up there before and won and the confidence is high. That's a good thing. The lads are confident they can go up there and do well.”

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Comments for: "Robbie Keane could be Aston Villa loan target"


I know a team that is in need of a few goals. Have some money to spend and have recently lost there big name striker. Wolves

knocker knowles

Robbie Keane is just a Money Grabber i will NEVER forgive him for scoring two goals against us last season while on loan. He will play for anyone who wishes to line his pockets.

Up the Wolves !

michael price

get in the keane scoring 2 past the dingles lol up the villa

Killarney Wolf

Knocker Knowles.

Get real that's what Robbie Keane was paid well to do,

Concentrate on what our beloved Wolves should be doing,

We could have been great with Keane last season.


And we are still signing rubbish.

Get Cassidy back from Tranmere. Give the Lad A Chance,

Killarney Wolf

Knocker Knowles

That's what Money Grabber Keane was paid to do.

Still hell of a lot better than the rubbish we have.

We could have done with Keane last season

Barman, 2 Pints of Guinness PLease.