Tony Pulis ponders Albion future

Albion boss Tony Pulis is contemplating his future at the club amid growing criticism among the fans.

His stock with Albion supporters sunk to an all-time low on Saturday as the Baggies were dumped out of the FA Cup by Championship side Reading.

Accepting the criticism, the head coach plans to meet chairman Jeremy Peace in the summer to talk about his future at The Hawthorns.

Pulis told the BBC: “Let’s get through the season, let’s sit down and see where we go from there. The most important thing is to try and keep the club up in the Premier League.

"I’ll sit down with Jeremy (Peace, owner) and we’ll take it from there.”

Chris Brunt was hit in the face by a coin thrown by one of his own fans after the final whistle, leaving a cut an inch below his left eye.

Straight after the game he was also contemplating his future at the club, saying in the heat of the moment: "I don't know, I still have a year left on my contract.

"I will take stock over the weekend and have a think about it and see what comes of it."

But the Express & Star understands that the former club captain with more than 300 appearances for the club is not thinking of leaving the Baggies.

‘Disgusted’ and ‘ashamed’ by the incident, Brunt said: "I don’t really see how that was any different to whacking someone in the street.

“He was probably lucky the police were there otherwise he might have got collared by me if I had known who he was.”

"My wife and kids were going to come to the game but I am glad they didn’t because if my kids had witnessed that, I would have been gutted.”

Thames Valley Police are treating the incident as assault and are working with Albion and Reading to find the culprit.

The club condemned the coin throw in an official statement, adding: “The incident should not be allowed to blacken the good name of West Bromwich Albion and its loyal supporters.”

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Comments for: "Tony Pulis ponders Albion future"


TP - Social media? The issue on Saturday was cheap tickets and idiot fans jumping on the band wagon, Who don't go to games, the amount of fans I witnessed before kick off smashed off their faces at 2.30pm was only going to end in one way - Throw in 90 minutes of "DROSS" football again, 10 pints of stella a negative atmosphere towards Pulis and this kind of stupid behaviour happens. I don't for one minute accept what happened to Brunty - Its embarrassing and papers over the result/performance.

The bottom line is the lack of football we play - A mid table championship side tore us a new ar$ehole 2nd half, They looked fitter and 2 yards quicker than us. Lets be honest Peterborough where the better side over 2 legs, Apart from Newcastle at home this season - When have we looked threatening and dictated the play? TP needs to be shipped out in the summer and a new manager with new players and new ideas is the way forward.

Ill drive him and his white trainers to Newport tomorrow!

We Only Need One Half!

I think you'll find the bottom line is alcohol shaun, to claim its not is just to legitimise any twonk for doing anything because there a bit cheesed off. Ban it from all grounds now I say.

Jack the Hat


You can't blame Pulis, he warned us that the players weren't interested in the Cup and they have shown that with poor performances throughout this tournament. He said what a hard time he was having to motivate them and if you watched the match you have to agree.

You can't get blood out of a stone.

It wouldn't surprise me if we took three points off Crystal Palace on Saturday.



Not the same players who fought for each other and won at Everton your bang on if player's are not interested would not matter who has our manager is.

Jack the Hat


The Premiership is the real deal for the players as that is where the money is, mate.



Who else do you blame for the animosity in the crowd? Amongst fans week in week out, Either it be home/away on this forum/Twitter the list is endless! 75% of people hate Pulis and I'm one of them! The bloke is clueless and is crippling this football club.

If I watched the game I was there pal... We have been shambolic pretty much all season, most sides out pass us, out battle us, look a yard quicker, fitter, and offer more of threat! We are garbage, I'm just thankful that Villa, Sunderland and a few others below us are just has bad or we would be relegated this season.

The cup would have been a welcome distraction, But like you say the Cup run has been horrendous 1 win in 5, 3 draws and a pen shoot out to get through to round 5!

TP motivates the players, He picks the side, Its his job to get the players up for the game, If he cant do that then he needs to go!

We Only Need One Half!

75% hate him Shaun? Really? What's your source?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Credit where it's due WONOH, we've had others saying every West Brom fan wants him out so 75% is a step forward, that's a 25% swing.

We Only Need One Half!

Lol, thank you Peter Mandelson!

We Only Need One Half!

There you go Shaun, I'm not claiming its 100% scientific, but apparently there are at least 7 clubs who's fans are even more disgruntled than some of ours! can you imagine?

Baggie Ben

Palace away, Newcastle away and now Reading away - 3 of the worst displays I've seen by a Baggies team for a long long time!

Pulis is the Manager so he has to take responsibility. If he can't motivate the players that says to me that they don't believe in him and if they don't believe in him now they never will.

Sorry, seems like a decent bloke but too much negativity is around him now and still week after week we see the same dross! He has to go.

Jack the Hat


The club do a favour by dropping the price to £10 per head and it backfires by attracting the boozy low life fans that normally can't afford to attend. I agree with One Half regards booze at games maybe it is time for breathalyzer testing and ejecting all the positive ones.



That was my point, The away end was full of idiots and kids, And lets be honest 2 tickets per season ticket holder isn't the way forward.

Stoney Lane

As Bully observes in a later thread, where are the quotes backing up this headline and angle? But we do need to look at ourselves. The vitriol heaped against Alan Irvine had him in tears in the dressing room after the Stoke defeat just over a year ago. Our coaching team, which had served us well and loyally, were also hounded out. Ditto, pretty well every manager we've had since Gary Megson - apart from Roy and Tony Mowbray who went of their own accord. Supporters who pay their money are entitled to demand a new manager or head coach, if they feel strongly enough. But we seem to do it with so much inbred nastiness, sourness and viciousness. I can not think of anyone who would be good enough to survive the braying mob at The Hawthorns.

We Only Need One Half!

Is that right about Irvine Stoney? I had not heard that before, blimey. Feel a bit sick now.

Jack the Hat

One Half,

I heard Irvine was 'Moved to tears' as it was put, mate.

Sorry about making your stomach upset worse, mate.



The day started badly and got worse.

1. We arrived at Reading in the pouring rain, only to be kept out of the ground for 20 minutes, needless to say we got soaked.

2. One of the most inept performances of the season saw us get knocked out of the cup by a mediocre championship side. (BTW have you seen the draw for the next round? It could have been a lot worse)

3. The absolute shocking incident with the coin. I will never ever go away to watch the Baggies again. Yes it was a poor performance, yes Brunty by his own admission didnt play particularly well. Throwing coins at anyone, let alone your own players is not frustration, it's thuggery.

The person responsible can be called a "fan" as he got a ticket and got into the ground, and if this is what my fellow Baggies fans do, and how they behave. its not for me.

It also makes me question as to whether I will get a season ticket or not next season as well. I will always support the Baggies (as I have done for 50 years in April), will I go and watch another debacle like this both on and off the pitch remains to be seen.

Extremely disgruntled Dave


Both Chris Brut and Tony Pulis have been booed by fans and so its hardly surprising that this incident would make them both question their desire to remain at Albion - as I am sure many other players will be doing.

To all those on here who have long campaigned against both (and others) I'm sure you will be made up about this - you may even be quietly justifying the incident as a "protest" - it wouldn't have happened if we played better etc....

As well as the manager and players I also know this incident is making many fans (me included)question whether they want to be associated with football now - so I guess that's another job done as the "happy clappers" will be sickened by what is happening at the club.

Finally I see the E&S have offered £500 for info on the culprit - a sort of grubby version of crimestoppers.

I would suggest that if you continually write stories designed to stir up unrest and even hatred toward people on a daily basis you can hardly be shocked when some brain dead imbecile finally reacts like this.

Can I have my £500 please?

We Only Need One Half!

It would be a shame if supportive fans like you gave up Happy, a damned shame, because obviously people like us are the one's the Club, Brunt and T.P. need at times like this to see the job through, not your boo boys and the (I've paid my money) idiots who try and stir them up.

Stay Happy.

Saint Max of Wall Heath


Lord knows we agree on nothing but to turn your back on the Game and Club you obviously love because of a few scumbags is beyond sad .


Never turn my back on the club Max - I will always support them - I just wonder if I would ever take my nipper these days. And yes, it is sad.

Jack the Hat


Our away support has been brilliant all season except this match where the ticket prices have been greatly reduced.

Food for thought mate.

As the saying goes bump up the prices to keep out the riffraff.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Is this a fact E&S or wishful thinking on your part?

We Only Need One Half!

There you go Do, the E&D are offering a £500 reward for information, seeing as you as good as stated on the other thread you know who it is, go for it Jonah, you can put it to those therapy session you so desperately need. By the way, was this you?-

'Another Baggies fan who witnessed the incident but asked not to be named, contacted the Express & Star to say the coin-thrower was wrestled to the ground by other supporters.'

Because we all know how you like to be anonymous :-)

p.s. just a thought E&D, but if we are to believe this coin thrower was wrestled to the ground (because we all know just how reliable anonymous sources can be, dont we Do, you could do far worse than look at the M.O.T.D. highlights, where frames from 1327 to 1332 clearly show Brunt approaching the area he believes the coin came from, and a big bald guy, around his mid forties is shown to be being punched, slapped and generally dragged around abit by other Albion supporters, do think that might just be the perpertrator? I mean I'm no Johnny on the Spot or incident magnet like Jonah Do, but, what are the chances?

Good grief Watson!


Pulis you go and take the rest of your cronies with you, all the trouble on Saturday is down to you and oh boy have you upset some fans with your inept and utter boring style of football and can't see a decent player if it smacked you in the face,

Me personally I wished you had never set foot in our once great club.


Saint Max of Wall Heath

All the trouble is down to Pulis ????????????????????????????????????????? .



As much as I dislike what that Pulis is doing at the Baggies, he cannot be blamed for what went on off the pitch.

Everyone was frustrated at the performance, tactics, team selection, substitutions... yada yada yada and quite rightly so, yes this is down to him.

But, even when extremely frustrated, I would not in a month of pigs pudding hurl a coin at anyone never mind a member of my own team. Its purely down to knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Disgruntled Dave

Osborne's Gloves

You are a total disgrace, I wasn't going to post again, but with what you wrote, makes me feel sick.

West Brom can do without retards like you, you are beyond help.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

I am deeply saddened by the whole thing and ashamed to be associated with the Club .

Captain Mardon International

It's a stupid incident in modern day news. I'm sure far worse happened in the 70's and 80's when you old boys went, and still continued to go.

It's simple, the guy needs to be found and banned for life. Then move on. Chris Brunt I admire him for speaking up about it. He would give him a slap too if he were to show his face.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Old boys how very dare you !!!!!.

Bromham Baggie

In the wilds of Bedfordshire where the locals still have what seems like a West Country/ Walter Gabriel type accent an old boy is actually a reckless young man. I don't think CM meant it that way, though.


Mindless and now we will have the FA on to us again

Saint Max of Wall Heath

You reap what you sew mate .

lone throstle

Sew. Does that mean we will be stitched up!


Saint Max of Wall Heath

Doh give up the day job .



You walked into that one Max.

CantelloRocket 78

To be honest, what happened with Brunty was disgraceful, but the media are now grabbing the story and massively expanding on it, story after story, one after the other, then asking us to vote whether Brunty should stay or go in 'polls'???!!!

I find the modern obsession with sensational media stories, rumours, misquotes, distorting issues, trying to whip up anger and unrest, etc. disturbing and repulsive, I personally find it a massive turn off, and my immediate reaction is to turn away from it, as it leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth.

I've currently got other important things to do, let this be dealt with by the relevant authorities, I personally need some fresh air.

Captain Mardon International

Couldn't agree more mate. It's an incident that can be sorted easily enough.

Jack the Hat

To be honest, I wouldn't want to stay on at our club, too risky. But I would love to get my hands on the low life culprit. Just stay away from the Hawthorns as someone will recognize you .........

Thank you E&S for putting up the £500 award.


Medway Baggie

I wouldn't want Chris to go yet, there are other places to fill, but he may not get another contract when this one runs out. But you never know.

As far as Tony is concerned I am worried that if he stays next season then the team will deteriorate more. I can't really see JP giving him a load of money especially as TP hasn't used the players he's brought in either at all, or in incorrect positions. We surrender the midfield and bypass it with long balls. Reading's manager noticed this and used this knowledge against us.

But if TP does go in the summer who would replace him? My brother and I had this discussion during the Reading match and both agreed that their was no one because, as others have said, the good ones look down on us and others are no better that what we have got. People have mentioned Eddie Howe and that could be interesting, but would he leave Bournemouth especially if they stay up.

I have no idea who could replace TP, but fans have to be aware that whoever it is will have to play defensive sides sometimes, but maybe with more pace and intent. A bit like Leicester plays. Our managers in the past have been able to motivate the players to overachieve. It's a pity that the current team hasn't, mostly, done it this year and that TP's tactics, such as they are, have been sussed by one and all.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Alright Medway

Pulis will walk at the end of the season , he now realises he will NEVER be accepted , rightly or wrongly .

Stay well my friend .

Medway Baggie


I'm sad that it hasn't worked out for him. I knew that last season was going to be ugly and I wrote that off, but I had hoped that this season we would see some of the flair, is that the right word, that his Palace team had showed. Maybe not at the start, but certainly by now. I am not really looking forward to next season with him in charge. Yes I will continue buying my season ticket until I can no longer afford it. It still the club that's in my blood and I will follow it until the end of my days.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo


Tony stop hiding behind this incident. Do us all a favour and resign. This relationship with fans and players as only got bad since you have been at our club.

Why not come out and say why we had one shot on target and couldnt get anywhere near a championship. Your methods are a joke your style is a joke.

Go now

We Only Need One Half!



And your option to replace him with is?

If we get to 40 plus points target achieved but to change now would he crazy.

We Only Need One Half!

Don't confuse him be asking him to offer a solution Stour for gawds sake, that way lies only ramblings and madness.


Dyche or moyes.

Pulis out

Jack the Hat


Pulis can't be blamed if the players didn't want to know mate.


John B

It was one mindless moron who did this, i dont think chris should give his career up at the baggies over one so called fan. He is loved by thousands of fans and is and has been a great servant to our football club


It is a sad indictment if Brunt, a man that has served our club well and loyally decides to leave because of the cowardly and cretinous actions of one (and I use the term loosely) person.

On football terms alone however, Pulis is an entirely different matter. I stated on here several weeks ago that I had no desire to see his demise, I just wanted to see a little more adventure.

I have now changed my view. Pulis has now completely stifled the life of a supporter out of me to the point that a defeat is met with a matter of fact shrug.

The team plays with an inhibition that is almost painful.

I will NEVER concede that we do not have enough talent in the squad to go toe to toe with teams around us in the league and the championship teams we have encountered in the Cup.

I dare say this will be met with resistance by people on here for whom I have the utmost respect.

Bully...........I don't have the answer for who could or should be our manager. I just know that Pulis has distanced me from the first love of my life.

WONOH..........I have now become anti Pulis, but do not consider myself to be a moron.

Cantello.........I genuinely admire your backbone and patience in your staunch support of Pulis. I wish I had the same confidence that it will all come good given time, I just cant see it mate.


Hi Forever. Having supported and defended the manager I do agree that Pulis's time needs to come to an end now and a new direction taken.

I had hoped that if he were given the summer transfer window we might see the sort of players he says he wants to make us more attacking but I do have doubts.

No one can be happy with the style or the ethos of siege football - and I even believe TP wants a better style.

Trouble is its not just TP is it - he has a backroom full of people he has brought in, and a squad of players on contracts.

Unless JP receives an offer for the club that he is happy with can we really afford to pay of TP, GF etc as well as spend the sort of money we need to rejuvenate the club(and replace Berahino).

If I had to name a successor I would like to see Brendan Rogers given a chance here.

A summer of big decisions is ahead.


Alrite Happy mate ?

We are all brilliant hindsight visionaries aren`t we.

I desperately want/wanted Pulis to succeed, and if it is based solely on securing Premier League survival, then one could argue that he has or almost certainly will succeed.

The cost of this has been the alienation of long standing supporters like Jarrod and myself, both of which could not be considered knee jerk types, or nouveau fans who expect everything now.

I have not made any comments about our manager in a flippant dismissive manner. My love for the Baggies has been sucked out of me by the utter attrition of most of our games.

We Only Need One Half!

and I have never said you were Forever, or anyone else for that matter, what I did say is the moron that did the deed is more likely to hold common ground with you (as a now confirmed anti Pulis fan) than me, unless you are suggesting it was a Happy Clapper that did it? I mean, why would they?

You are right about the players, as you know I stated I believed this team had the quality to get a top ten finish, and I stand by that, whether they want to do it is an entirely different matter. I mean if they are getting abused every week, how is that supposed to encourage them exactly? Is this not what I and others have been saying for some months now.

Sorry you're feeling so jaded mucker, you just have to keep ploughing on through.


One Half.

Just to let you know mate, I wouldn`t think for one minute that you would level the "moron" tag at me on a personal basis.

Correct me if I am wrong though, I may have misconstrued the intent, I`m sure I have read on another thread that people that are anti Pulis are morons.

Sadly and with regret, I now find myself being anti Pulis. I do not go around booing and berating at high decibel levels, but quietly, on these boards debating with people I respect. That is how I feel.

We Only Need One Half!

Alrite Forever, I dont recall saying that on another thread mate? I may have said something along the lines of the Anti Pulis lot have got what they want by stirring up the bad feeling that have lead to Saturdays incident, Morons.

But if you can point me in the direction of any quote your unsure of I will gladly clarify. I wouldnt like people to misconstrue any of my comments.

CantelloRocket 78


Hi mate,

I've just taken the dog for a walk for that fresh air I craved, but glancing back I spotted your post, so I just feel the need to reply, simply to repeat my view on things, which I've banged on a bit about in the past.

To put it as simply as I can, I've said many times that I don't like the present Premier League, and I've always been a big fan of entertaining, attacking football - my favourite player would often attack with flair from midfield, and I loved watching the great Brazilian team of the 60s and 70s, apart from which, I approach sport in the same way myself - which means the present situation at The Hawthorns is in conflict with what I'd like to see, it produces a personal dilemma !!!

Thing is, despite some probably still labelling me as a 'happy clapper', I actually try to stand back and breath in a lungful of reality - the Baggies have tried to establish themselves in the top flight for several years, and despite me not liking the place, I believe we still need to be there.After several years of unrest and changes of staff, we looked to be heading towards relegation, and Tony Pulis has the reputation of being 'the man' to bring you safety and stability, in which case - for the club's future - I accepted that he could produce what we needed on a relatively short-term basis, half a season to turn us around, then a full season to cement our status, on the basis that this could benefit the club longer term, like a dose of unpleasant medicine to bring about future good health.

I said months ago that unless we injected two or three 'key' players into the attacking side of the squad, that we'd probably face a tough, gruelling season, grinding out results, and I'd just 'grit my teeth' during the campaign, this is the way it's turning out, so I feel the same way as I did months ago, nothing's really changed for me.

I mentioned the other day that both Pulis AND Jeremy Peace might leave in the Summer, and a whole new picture could develop, but for now I'm still gritting those teeth, and trying to mentally will-us over the finishing line, being prepared to swallow that unpleasant medicine in the hope for a healthier future.Pulis does what he does - decisive, stubborn, whatever, he is what he is, and if he changed he wouldn't be him, if you know what I mean!!I just accept that's the reality of the situation, and try to 'tough it out', angry shouts, booing, abuse,I see much of it as counter-productive, negative vibes rarely help, so I just stick to me guns and try to be supportive.I am also what I am, the longer term future of the club is my main concern, and I try to look for a better future - all you can do is believe...


Well Rockett, you have pretty much summed up my feelings! Having said that, it REALLY HURTS to be an albion supporter at the moment. I keep going to the matches and waiting for things to change, keeping in mind what TP did at Crystal Palace, but rarely seeing us win games.

Just a thought, but will players the likes of Evans and Fletcher want to stay with us if TP stays and will we be able to attract players of any skill to play his negative style of Football.

gene o pittsburgh

Wonderful post,I think a lot of us feel the same

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Good Post and in total agreement with every word of it .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Forever.

I'd actually forgot with all that has gone on but I saw an interview with Tony Pulis on Sky on Saturday and he didn't say he was going at the end of the season but his words pretty much suggested that he was seriously considering it.

It had nothing to do with the coin incident or any abuse he's received. The impression I got was that it had everything to do with the situation of money to spend. His words were, 'I'll be speaking to Jeremy Peace at the end of the season and we'll see where we go from there.' I add that I could be wrong but it was as much his demeanor as anything. He did the same at Palace so it wouldn't be a surprise

If I'm right we would very much be in limbo. If JP is still selling the club how many decent managers would come in knowing they may be sacked by a new owner? In fact with our strict spending limits how many established managers would come in anyway?

Like the others you mentioned I'm not a Tony Pulis fan as some suggest, I'm a Baggies fan who believes that at this moment in time he gives our club the best chance of survival and let's face it, that's the game we're in.

We have to eke out points because our strike force is Rondon who is still adapting to English football. Lambert who is past it. Vic who isn't going to play two games in a row and the other one who can't be bothered. With Mozza out for a few more games and Sess not a natural scorer where are these goals going to come from that those advocating a more expansive game demand? That being the case we have the best man to play stubborn football where a goal is to be treasured and protected and may well win the game for us.

Is it the football I want to watch? Of course it b****y well isn't. Unlike some on here though I remember those frustrating days of the 90's when we were struggling to reach the Premier League and we looked more to have more chance of reaching Narnia.

Well we're in the PL now and I don't want us to give it away without a fight because some of our sunny day supporters can't have a bit of patience.

All that and I haven't even mentioned who might replace him. Answer to that, plenty of names and no idea.


'Barbaric' Really?

As for Chris Brunt, he shouldn't be moaning, after all he's on £30,000 per week (+ 50p tip)

Medway Baggie


Not a brilliant post is it. Or are you trying to stir things up with that throwaway 50p jibe.

Can I ask all readers to ignore Mordecai's post.


Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

Poem Master

I just ignored his post. I couldn't even tell you what he said, because I ignored his post and didn't read it.

Bromham Baggie

I'm still proud to be a Baggie. I don't see why the actions of one person should change my mind. The next home game is at a stupid time for me, so I'm weighing up whether to go. To be honest the thought of a dire game and probable return train journey with happy Palace fans is a bit dismal. If I lived within forty minutes of the ground I'd certainly go, but a midnight return is a a bit off putting. I suspect the ground might not be as full as usual from what I've read here. Shame really, but fairly understandable from my point of view. Sod's Law, it'll probably be the best home win of the season if I don't go. Anyway, nothing written in stone yet.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes Bromham, a lad that sits close to me travels from Devon so a game at this time with work next day makes it almost impossible for him. B****y Sky.

love you long time baggies

wbaf I,m in the same frame of mind,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that a defeat is met with a matter of fact shrug. Could not put it better, how bad is that.


long time.

It`s bloody terrible mate, it`s probably better for our blood pressure not to get upset at defeat, but almost to the point of not caring about something that has been a big part of your life ( 50 odd years in my case ) is even worse.

Big Pete

What happened to common sense here? ONE idiot, criminal even, does something ALL of us despise and the most over the top reaction across all the media kicks off. It was no reflection on the fans - what reflects on us is that the ones around this man grabbed him ( so how did he get away, by the way?), the rest of us agree it is entirely unacceptable behaviour. But they will get him, he will go to court and he won't be watching us again. Remember, it was our fans before kick off who were clapping the passing of Reading's all time greatest goal scorer before even the Reading fans started. I sat among Reading fans because one of them treated me and is an old friend. Those sitting around me knew this but no-one criticised me or even took the mick when we lost. I used to live in Scotland and watch Rangers - the abuse and the violence were far worse in those days. So let's calm down, leave it to the law and hope that we can get something from Palace.


Pete. Well said my friend. Unfortunately it's the sensationalism that the media is looking for. As far as they are concerned they have succeeded.........Baggies fans are at each others throats. Confusing the whole issue and causing rank animosity between fans of the same club (happened on the Dark Side....and still is !!).

That is the prime reason for me not posting for so long........the bile and animosity that was passing between fans of the same club and between clubs (instead of the good banter that used to go on). But it is those idiots that are causing this.

Maybe the club were wrong to make tickets so cheap.......but isn't that a good thing ? It helps the players knowing they have good support at a game and it also helps those less well off supporters to see their team. As has been mentioned previously by one or two 'level headed' supporters the prime mover is alcohol. Now I like many of you love a few pints. But if this is causing the problem would you rather get tanked up before a game or see and support your side sober ? Now I will admit openly that I have not been to a game for a fair while............lack of funds now I'm retired....... but I would happily see the pubs and clubs and shops and supermarkets be told they cannot serve alcohol before kickoff. I know for a fact this happens in Wolverhampton if its a local derby (or a game that has the potential for trouble). If it stops senseless acts of violence let it be !!

Won't prattle on because I'm a Dingle and I'll be ignored anyway !! But if just one of you agrees.......I'm isn't lost !! Please.......all you Baggies fans........lick your wounds after the defeat. Go on about TP (I'm used to that on the Dark Side with any incumbent manager !!)........but do not associate the club manager or team with any senseless act of violence !


Nice to see you back on here mate - and speaking words of wisdom as usual.

I must admit my knee has jerked over the incidents of the weekend - and it the general style of play over he last few months.

I found the coin incident sickening and for the first time I can remember I was embarrassed to be an Albion fan. To do that to a player with over300 games for us (or any player of course) is the worst thing I have seen from our "fans".

I know its an isolated incident done by a moron - but it only adds to the fuel you read on here every day and even hear on match days. It has all become a bit depressing.

You comment about licking our wounds sounds like good and very appropriate advise.

I shall do that for a few days and see how I feel.

Thanks again mate and don't be a stranger.


Happy....nice to be in touch again my friend.

Never ever be ashamed to support your club.......maybe be ashamed of some individuals....subtle difference !! Unfortunately I fear for football........the media dollar has taken over. It almost makes you think......ok Man U's , Man C's, Liverpools, Chelsea's....etc.......f. off.......let's try and bring football back to the masses. Okay, I hear thousands saying but what do we do without the money ? We managed before. How many of us can remember going to a game (and it didn't matter really who you supported) and enjoying it for what it was....a game. No worries about the match being on telly. You supported a team you went regardless of the bloody weather and regardless of how your team was doing. Like I said earlier the media machine........and I include the clubs in this to an extent (shirt sales etc etc........40 years ago did we have replica shirt sales ?). I know clubs need to survive and I'm not saying they shouldn't cash in on their saleability but the extreme riches that are around at the moment are clouding their thoughts. It's time footie came back to the fans !!! Sorry....rant over !!


"The Dark Side" ??? What a to**er, get your self a tesco bag and be done with it.

Many if not all of us agree totally with the sentiment and condem what happened to Brunty, but how many Baggies would refer to themselves as from the 'Dark Side' if this was reversed? None.

If you want to suck up, carry on I'm sure you'll be welcomed but do it without slagging off your own club over here. Baggy fans are not happy with their lot on the whole but they don't come onto the 'Light Side' and dis their own do they.




I had a replica wolves shirt 40 yrs ago, didn't you ???

In fact I actually had a replica Albion shirt as a young boy (50 yrs ago) I remember my grandad walking all the way to Great Bridge from Dudley Port to buy it along with a pair of Georgie Best (lace up the side) boots for my Christmas pressie.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Don't tell us you used to support Man Ure as well. How many clubs is that now? Perhaps you'll settle on one in the end.

We Only Need One Half!

Ironic thing is El Div people like you cant see you are typical of this societies diseases that produce Morons like the one on Saturday.

Allow me to elaborate. We had a bet 18(?) months ago, the forefit of which was the loser never went on the others site again, yet here you are, did you seek my permission? no, and some might say you shouldnt have too, its a free country, which is true, but what ever happenend to a mans word actually being worth something? Because yours isnt, and that's not how a man, in any sense of the word should act, is it?

Then we have the likes of Do Lally, who after months of stirring up animosity tries to distance himself when a hate filled idiot reacts, where do people who stoke the bile and anger ultimately think it will end? not only that, he seems to believe its perfectly acceptable to libel someone several times with impunity, and then, when they are proved to be 100% wrong not even have the good grace to admit they were wrong and apologies. Again, not a man in the sense In know it.

Then we have posters (I'm not going to name him because he is fairly new to the site and may not understand how it works yet, but he knows who he is) who hands out taunts and accuses people of hiding behind their keyboards but when you offer to discuss it face to face, like men, they disappear. Again, not a man in the sense I know it.

England's Glory?, not with 'men' like these around there isn't. Depressing.

Filtonwolf are precisely the reason why I stopped posting. I actually support the same side as you matey !! You are a prime example of what is wrong with football can't accept that someone may have a different view on things compared to your bigoted point of view. I'm not slagging off my club...........a club I have supported for over 50 years. If you want to see people slagging off my club just read the Wolves site. I used the term Dark Side tongue in cheek.........maybe to get a smile ? But it's obviously way above your head. Don't you ever dare to tell me about how I should or shouldn't support my club !! I am not sucking up to anyone.........just chewing the fat with people that might understand what I'm saying about the state of football.


Addendum.........I don't care if Baggies fans don't refer to themselves as from the Dark Side if they go on the Wolves site..........I like to think I'm different to the rest of the know........think for myself.........have my own ideas.........oh wait..........that is something completely alien to you isn't it ? Sorry.........must remember next time !!



I've posted once since our bet to offer support as you well know and apologised in advance if it wasn't welcome.

This was solely aimed at a fellow wolves fan who imo was lambasting his own club to 'rival' (as far as banter goes) fans. There was no dig aimed at baggy fans. The term dingle or tesco is used all the time by both sets of fans including your good self.

Many of your guys post on the wolves pages both in support and mickey taking expecting to get some back if they give it, but they NEVER come on and slag WBA off.

Sorry if I've offended you mate, this wasn;t about WBA it was about WW.

Hopefully Filton will post over on the light side and see what reaction he get's over there.

Filtonwolf've never lambasted your own club ?!! Really ? Honestly and truly ? How was I slagging off Wolves anyway when I was discussing an incident that happened at a Baggies game and likening the after effects with what has happened with the Wolves........even you can't deny what I said is true ? Not a case of having a go at either side......just bemoaning the way football and football fans are going !


Right Chaps

I am innocent - I didn't throw that coin and neither did any of you. I am NOT GUILTY by association by being a Baggies fan in the generalisation of matters. That person who threw that coin was a mindless moron and whether he was worse the wear for alcoholic beverage or not is neither here nor there. I would want him caught and punished and that be an end to it and we all move on. This incident has taken a great deal of attention of what was a "Woking - like F A Cup disaster ".That's my last comment on this matter.

Analyzing the season - 90% of the matches we have been second best, lacked any attacking creativity, been poor with ball retention and distribution, less possession than our opponents, have no pace can't string more than 2 passes together going forward and been poor,poor, poor and lacked any entertainment value. Most of us have simply had enough, but Albion is in our blood and we vent our frustration on these boards.

Tony Pulis saved us from relegation last season and pray to God he repeats this achievement this year. But on the Monday following the final match of the season he has to sit down with JP and they mus mutually agree to go their separate ways. Then JP needs to sell the club because this repetitive, but consistent way of only being able to attract a certain level of coach/manage cos of the restrictions and the crass recruitment policy etc. etc.

Now I am fully aware of the Clubs who have had Rich owners and gone plummeting down the leagues, but sometimes in life you have to break the status quo and take that risk and gamble. For me that time has arrived and I hope for West Bromwich Albion's sake that time has arrived.

Toodle Pipski

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Good post mate .


Thank you kind Sir Max :)

Toodle Pipski

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good post Simmo and in it you touch on the cleft stock we're going to be in. It inevitably takes time to sell a club and then for the new owner to source and appoint a new manager. Time is something we don't have, especially if a new manager is going to overhaul the playing staff.

I have to admit that I'm extremely worried about us even if we stay up. Too much uncertainty.


Hello Bully Mate

I think the whole thing is frightening.

I still believe that JP has every intention of selling the Club and walking away with a nice lump sum. The attraction of the real big buck from the Sky money next season could be the catalyst to interest would be suitors. JP has done a great job, but nothing lasts forever and neither will he.

As I have said time has come for to do something and the sale of the club and get a progressive manager and real investment is the risk that we should be prepared to take. Let's face it, we have all been through bad times before and anything just has to be better than this awful dross we are being served every match.

Toodle Pipski


In my opinion we do have a squad capable of better football and to be in a position of finishing around the half way mark in the PL, all we need to do is have a much more adventurous game plan, where we pose problems for the opposition, especially at home, not, always having to play backs to the wall football. I'm not sure Tony Pulis can play any other way, can he handle better quality players, maybe not. For me a new manager is the best outcome but not until the summer, David Moyes is free at the moment, did well at Everton. Tony Pulis appears a genuine guy who loves his game, but his game is not West Broms way, in 45 years of following Albion it never has been.

Jack the Hat

Mark, So right, I have mentioned before that Albion have the flare to win more matches than we are, this restrictive, ball bashing is against what most players want to do. There needs to be more movement forward, rapid passing, speedy reactions. whipped in shots and freedom of movement. Pulis doesn't teach this in his regimented training sessions and most players are getting browned off with life at Albion.

Nigel Pearson put Leicester on the right road and I wouldn't mind some of that please.



Barbaric and criminal is what pulis says is that the performance or the coin thrower, convenient for Pulis this happened coz he can dodge questions on the woeful performance the atmosphere was toxic anyway saturday fans fighting between themselves before, during the game and its all the frustration of his tactics i mean since peterboro away whats happened to Gamboa oh now its reported he might review his position at the end of the season be a shame if he leaves not!!!!!!! By the way Albion fans dont keep thinking we gonna get Eddie Howe no chance he lives in sandbanks works for a club thats ambitious with a chairman that wants to take the club forward !!!!


How interesting that at a time when we have fans walking out of grounds because of ticket prices, there are those on here blaming the cheap tickets available for this game as attracting the 'low life'. Of course some would argue that by lowering the prices you are attracting the future generation, those who can't usually attend at normal match day prices because it is too expensive, but let's face it the coin throwing incident, disgusting as it is, has given many of you a peg on which to hang your comments of discontent. As someone from across the 'great divide' , yes I am a Wolves supporter, I am used to disenchantment and rubbish being served up. I have thrown a lot of money away supporting my team over the years but I have never thrown it at them. Pulis will keep you up. You knew what you were getting when you took him on board. Get rid of him at your peril. If you are going to get rid of anyone it has to be Berahino

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's a good post Wolfnut and those are always welcome. I think a lot of the posts are as you say from people with their own agenda. As for saying it was the cheap ticket price, I think that's people trying to make sense of what happened because whatever else you can say about our fans, this was totally out of character.


Hi Bully. I don't necessarily think it was the cheap tickets that caused the problem, as Chelsea had the same happen yesterday, and their tickets are not cheap. It was drink fuelled idiots that caused the trouble. Any bad things that happen at our clubs and we always feel guilty, although it was not of our doing. We are proud of our clubs and want other fans to see us in the same light. I think most west midland fans will be glad to see the end of this season. All the best.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes She, it was a combination of a bit of possible cup glory, plenty of tickets, too much drink and the real reason which is, we now have a low life strata in our society with no fear of the punishment they will receive because our soft society has decided we mustn't be harsh on these naughty little boys. The fact that a good innocent man might lose an eye or even worse in some cases doesn't worry these do-gooders as long as their conscience is salved.

Jack the Hat


Dead right mate and the telling factor was the £10 ticket, maybe Nut would like to put forward his telling factor as he should have a book-full where he comes from.

We all know if their is an upper there has to be a downer and visa versa.



Wolfnut........excellent post my friend


Thank you Filton and RBH. When all has been written about this unsavoury incident we will still turn up. Why? Because we are supporters who keep turning up no matter who the Manager or Owner is. I saw coins being thrown yesterday at the Chelsea game - hardly got a mention did it?As fans who pay our money we are entitled to express an opinion in the same way as we can do with any goods we purchase - but we have one BIG choice don't we? We can stay away - but we don't, so the clubs, and the one I support is a prime example, don't give a toss. For you, in the Prem, your dissenting views on what you are seeing will count for nothing as I expect you will stay up and next year the big bucks come rolling in, and Peace knows that. The club will have more revenue than ever and I read that even teams like Man City could afford to open the doors and let everyone in for nothing, and they will still have money left over. You have a very pragmatic Manager, one who is noted for keeping and consolidating a team in the Prem. His style is well known. It's taken Hughes to get Stoke to 'kick on' - but without Pulis would he ever have gone there because where would Stoke have been? My guess is that TP may walk away if the dissent grows too strong. My teams problems emanate from Morgan and Moxey - do they care? Of course they don't, they take us for granted because they know we will go. Sad isn't it that the game is being snatched away from us

lone throstle

I have seen Pulis as a necessary evil to keep us in the league and steady the ship. The biggest problem I have with him has been his recruitment of players. With the exception of Evans, the rest has been pretty woeful. We still rely on the core players who have been at the club for a while. As Cantello has pointed out, does the man who matters, Jeremy Peace, trust Pulis to spend the his money. I know I wouldn't, so I do not see Pulis here next season. If Peace sells up, I think the new owners won't want TP either.

The only name I can think of for a new manager would be Craig Shakespeare. I think he was in charge when we went 3-0 up against West Ham, then drew 3-3 at the end with Roy watching in the stands. Since then he has been pretty successful at Leicester, and may still hold an affiliation for our club.


Jack the Hat


Nigel Pearson went to Leicester after being our interim boss for a three game winning run. He is a no nonsense guy and anyone who didn't want to play ball would soon find they had no balls to play with if you get my gist.

He did a good job for Leicester and set them up for what they are today.

Bring him in.



lone .... it was Michael Appleton who was in charge for that match ..... we were wiping the floor with the Hammers and he forced into a substition and got the whole thing totally wrong .... we were so lucky to end up drawing :)

Toodle Pipski

lone throstle

Oops! Thanks for that. I still think he would be a good shout, as Nigel Pearson seems to have gone mental and Shakespeare is still with Leicester, and still being successful. Raneira (spelling?) has not changed the backroom staff for a reason. So it could be down to Shakespeare!


The Real Bully Hoo.

When this article came up this morning it stated in the headline that Tony Pulis and Chris Brunt were both considering their futures. What's changed since then E&S? Another stirring headline with no substance. The story this morning also suggested that both were considering leaving over the coin incident. That has now been changed as well. In fact the article is now fairly truthful. Have the E&S employed a proper journalist?

Medway Baggie


The poll has also changed from should Chris Brunt go to should Tony Pulis go.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo


Unfortunately problem isn't the Pulis style of play, he is working under strict instructions laid out by our Chairman Mr. Peace.

Stay in the Premiership at all costs, I am selling the club and must have the club in the Premiership for next season, we will have an additional £80m media money on top of the circa £70m currently, giving us circa £150m next year.

I want £200m for my club and without Premiership football will not obtain what I is as basic as that my fellow posters.......TP has had no say in the matter......wake up and smell the coffee guys.

The Real Bully Hoo.

What an idiot our chairman is, fancy saying we must stay in the PL.

Let's cast it all to the wind and go all out attack. It's not as if we're a club that needs that £150 mill next season is it?

Sorry, I don't like coffee.


Let's get rid of Pulis get relegated and we can look forward to next season's derby games in the championship.Everybody agree with that.

CantelloRocket 78


good idea, mate.

I still remember the excitement and elation amongst fans that we'd actually reached the Premier League, playing Man.Utd first game was something younger fans simply couldn't believe, an absolute dream come true.

Still, just as many lottery jackpot winners often lose that initial excitement, and eventually get bored, or moan that there's still other people with more money than them, then football fans always seem to want more than they currently have, satisfaction is indeed rarely guaranteed.

Oh well, it'll be nice to play back in the Championship, we won't need to worry about being 'fashionable', and the millions won't be missed, plus after TP goes, we can look for an experienced Championship Manager instead.I expect Kenny Jackett may soon be looking for employment..........


The time for any blood-letting (not actual !!) should be at the end of the season - any criticism of Pulis or the players (justified or not) is not going to change anything and certainly not for the better.

In the meantime can I suggest that when Brunty runs out on Saturday and his name is read out we all give him the biggest round of applause/cheer possible. The thing is that if he had not gone over to thank the supporters and give his shirt away to a young fan the incident would not have happened and he was brave enough to do this after a dismal team performance.

We Only Need One Half!

Your first sentence is what some of us more sensible/realistic posters have been saying all season b54. Unfortunately, with todays 'I want it, and I want it now' mentality its largely fell on deaf ears.

I have heard the Club will have a picture on the programme and screens on Saturday of Chris with the legend "Loyalty' underneath.


At last some posts that make sense thanks guys


The events of Saturday seem to have really stirred up emotions and as a result led to some insightful soul searching by fans (and some at the club as well). There have been some excellent posts here, all passionate, many reasoning with quite differing points of view and a number just plain angry. All have been as one in condemning the incident with Brunty, who in his post match and his other responses has been settled, answered questions with reason and calmness, and admitted his disappointment in the performance on the day.

If I had a pound (make that 10) for every time I have felt let down, frustrated and left fuming by a performance by the Albion, I would be a rich man; equally if I had 10 for every time I have shouted with elation, jumped out of my seat and felt really good about being an Albion fan, I would be equally as rich. Its the nature of football generally to have ups and downs, good managers and bad, star players and those that never really perform for one reason or another; I get upset at things and then reality comes home from a short break and I, like most on this forum, get back behind the team and will be looking forward to the next Saturday and the hope of 3 points and a good performance.

I like TP, he is a realist and works with what he has, but like many on here I have been critical of late towards the lack of flair in midfield and cutting edge in the forward line. Having said that, we are not easy to beat, nor are we devoid of goals (present run aside); we are mid table-ish and although not pushing the top 6, nor likely to this season, we can still look forward to premiership footy next season and with two seasons now under the current managers belt perhaps, with some new talent onboard, we can push on to better things. I don't see changing the manager or staff on a frequent basis good for our club and its growth in this league. TP can I think, make us a stable side, comfortable in the division; whether he can do more than this then who knows (I ceratinly don't see him in the same situation as Irvine or Clarke). After all, even in this season, there are some pretty big names who have come or are about to come down to earth with a bump because they have been unable to cut it, even with all the resources a big club can bring to bear.

So before I ramble on too much, I will be there on Saturday, I will cheer the team and especially when Brunts name is read out and I will be an Albion fan forever no matter what! Onwards and upwards!!!


All I can really say is how sad this whole situation makes me, and how what used to be lively banter on message boards and social media has now turned downright nasty. And it's spilling over into some horrible behaviour on match days. We all have different opinions on where the problems lie, but we resort to calling people morons if they like Pulis or don't like him, think Chris Brunt is wonderful or terrible, hark back to the good old days or the bad old days, support JP or slate him, or want admission prices to be higher or lower.

The sad thing is we all want the same outcome - nice football, decent results, a stable future for the club - and all we can do is rip each other's throats out because we all think we've got the answer.

In fact however bad the performances and the results are, the biggest tragedy is seeing the Baggies fans' solidarity and unity dismantling itself. Sad, sad, sad.

The Real Bully Hoo.





Should he stay or should he go?

I don't believe everything is Pulis' fault, but I have been pulling my hair out with the tactics he adopts against the lesser teams. Just as I have admired the results he's got from better teams.

In Pulis' defence, we do have an ageing squad, little in the way of pace & players brought in under previous inadequate scouting setups. Let's face it, a massive factor for terrible signings has been losing Ashworth. So other than the players he's actually brought in himself, he's stuck with what he's been given to work with. I suspect one of the reasons Peace wants out, is because he knows how much it will cost to replace our older players, with players good enough for Premier football. I believe Pulis would still stick to defensive first football with his own players, but be able to effectively counter with speed (unlike now). Not dissimilar to Hodgeson's style.

Where I do get angry with Pulis, is that (OK it was only one game) we proved against Chelsea we can play good football. However, it appears he won't allow the players to do so. Yes there are plenty of areas our team needs strengthening, but I don't think we are as bad as we are actually playing. If that makes sense?

IF... the club is sold in the summer & it is still a Premier club, would new owners & a completely new management team be too much of a risk?

Behind The Goal

TP IMO you need to sit down and besides contemplating your future at WB I would suggest you get together with your coaching staff plus fitness and stamina gurus and discuss the serious problems with the tactics employed, we all know who have played the game do so under the managers instructions, the players are not fit the team has no pace or commitment no desire the players body language suggests that the majority just do not want to be on the pitch, there are serious undercurrents within the whole management set up TP keep WB in the Prem and walk away WBA is not for you your style and tactics are a recipe for fans unrest and the club deserves better, as for a new manager I have said in an earlier thread that job falls to the WBA board who pay people extortionate amounts of money to find a new manager its not for the fans on here to answer that one.

CantelloRocket 78



Bromham Baggie

Look out for that bitcoin!

CantelloRocket 78



The Real Bully Hoo.


Bromham Baggie

A bitcoin is a currency used in virtual reality, honestly, some people sell real life objects for bit coins. As CR78 was actually only shouting in the VR world he might have been in danger of a virtual moron hurling a nonexistent coin at him. Hopefully this post will be posted too late for anyone to actually read it. I apologise for my rather tasteless joke., and this explanation.


well everbody seems on board that come this summer we should have a new bottle washer ! The thing I find the most disturbing is the fact we sit so deep in every game , We never seem to get out of our own half , And yet that's the first thing you learn as a kid , push up push up !!

I think the squad isn't great especialy with age creeping up , but like for like compatable with many around us . Its just very poor organization . And I believe we are in real trouble right now . Resuts can go bad quick and moral is low . We can only hope we scrape by playing defensive drab football . I was also wondering if we could throw ten goals out there that were not set pieces for a goal of the season ?


Pulis go to wolves there used to crap football !!!!


Why mention Wolves ? this is nothing to do with Wolves, I didn't see any posts or not many having a laugh at your expense regarding the coin incident from any other fans, because they don't condone it either.


we don't need Pulis as we already have his sibling managing us. Kenny has gone from a respected manager to one who doesn't appear to know what he is doing. Such a shame as when he arrived he put our club back on the straight and narrow.