Sports Desk Live - September 4

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Thursday's live sports blog

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Comments for: "Sports Desk Live - September 4"


Hope lambert ,brings this Italian playmaker in,so far

The signs are positive. Still need winger and striker cover

Just say padre pio sent Avfc , he'll come.


Can someone translate?


What needs to be translated it is a straight forward comment. Please dont tell me you have not heard of Padre Pio.

youngand hungry

I love this sports desk , well done E&S .


I cant believe that E and S hasn't reported on how american sports teams and teams all accross europe are using the baggie template. After all they were the first in the world to have a head coach :O

Ahaha. Gotta love 80s spurs... sorry, their shirts confused me... I meant west brum albion.


Graham to sign on loan(Official)

youngand hungry

Well that's great news Branoox .


Am going to Molineux Oct 21st to see Wolves play Middlesboro. Where do you sit or want to meet for a pre match drink. I can go anywhere.

youngand hungry

anywhere ?

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