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youngand hungry

I been looking on utube to try and find boggies a player , but they all look to fit .


It's 'too' mate not 'to'


I have been looking on you tube to try find a brown shirt but they dont cover lower league teams. No interest.


I hope you have KARL because you are obviously full of it. Also if you wipe it on a pinstripe white shirt it becomes a brown shirt does it not. One is clean the other is covered in shall i go on.




Nothing coming out of Molineux then Mr Nash !!

It doesn't surprise me any though cos Moxey's ate away all the profits

We'm broke and cor afford to bring anybody else in either on loan or even freebies!!

Somebody ask Moxey where all the money has gone !!

Jack the Hat


It takes lots of money to run a football club, so do your best to understand.



Uwe Rosler:“We have managed to bring in a proven goal scorer for under £3m.................despite higher offers from Wolves,Brentford, QPR and Lille,"

Does that mean Wolves bid MORE THAN £3 MILLION and still couldn't attract a French 2nd div striker?

Or did only Brentford, QPR and Lille bid more than £3m and Wolves made their usual derisory offer?

Come on Moxey - tell us why players don't want to come to Wolves. I won't bite your head off if you tell us the truth, honest.


Thanks Tim (Nash) for clearing it up - wages the stumbling block! We've been bitten too many times in the recent past. Greedy søds can stay away.


Youngand hungry where do you live ?


Why are you asking? Do you want a lift to the Molineux from now on?

youngand hungry

Crywolf I think they like me on here more than they let on , its just that they are scared of the committee .

youngand hungry

just outside Watford now .


Now i understand why you leave 20 mins after coaches have left Wolverhampton. They obviously pick you up on the way providing they play in London of course. I dont no what makes me think you are lying all the time youngand hungry. Anyway i spend quite a bit of time in Watford on the Hempstead road. Is that close to you?

youngand hungry

not to far , without giving to much away I am about 15 mins from the garden centre .


I only know of one garden centre in Watford on sandy lane is it near there?

youngand hungry

not sure where you mean I have only moved just outside Watford .

youngand hungry

only just *


We offered 10 million

(Yen, roughly £8)


KJ made it pretty clear why we did not sign the French striker - his wage demand is out of sync with our wage structure. Personally, I agree with the Clubs approach on this issue - it's easy for fans to want to be free and easy with someone else's money but this is a business that needs to be run in a fiscally responsible manner. We still have three or four players that are eating our lunch and need to be disposed of.

The team is doing well at present and yes, like everyone else, I would love to see a quality striker come in but not if it creates a problem in the dressing room. We have been through that crap already and look where we ended up - in League One!!!

Trust in your Coach and the Club for once.

Up the Wolves!!!


I agree. Delort will get some consolation for playing in front of Wigan's two-thirds empty stadium when he opens his wage packet at the end of the month.

Jack the Hat


Good post, Albion had the same changing-room upset with Anelka but we managed to stay in the Premiership, just about. Our new brooms have done a marvelous job, now we wait for everything to click into gear.


Bedford Wolf

My guess is that no-one will come in or out today but that we will then look to the loan market to bring in a striker. Will Keane from Man Utd fits the bill - young, talented, hungry, English. Far too many foreign mercenaries flooding into English football purely for the money with no regard for the Club or their fans. Falcao is a good example going to a non-Champions League like Man U purely for the cash.


Keane's not a bad shout, I like the look of Souleymane Coulibaly from Spurs too.


Scratch that, apparently been sold to Bari!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Cornish.

The shirt with his name on would have cost you a fortune anyway.


But Refs would never have booked him, it would've taken too long to write his name in the book!

Jack the Hat


His name would have taken up a whole wall in the changing-room.



Doyle to Palace

Johnson to ?


Mr. Nash: what about Joe Gormley (Cliftonville) as striker? UTW

The Flying Winger

It was in the headline, Jackett expects a quiet transfer deadline day, so did the fans as it's that same every year, no change.

Jack the Hat

The Fly,

Baggies had a wonderful day as all our dealing have been done so there has been no need to follow proceedings on here.


The View From Baggy Bottom

It's tough when you're on a tight budget and I think Wolves fans are going to have to be a little patient. You can't simply keep throwing money away that you havn't got, it's going to take a long time to recover from where you've been,(financially I mean, I'm not having a dig).

You seem to have a decent first team at the moment and if you can avoid injuries and suspensions you should be o.k.,(or better), this season. The squad as a whole probably lacks a bit of quality in depth but you never know who might step up and show some skills and desire. If Wolves are still near the top come January you might be a more attractive prospect for a good player or two looking for a prospective Premier League club and who are willing to plan for future wage returns rather than insisting on big bucks from the start. If your scouting department is anywhere near as thourough as ours, you will have plenty of targets and a short list of players most wanted by the manager.

We have had to gamble this season by signing eleven new players, which is not an ideal situation, but apart from one major expenditure we have worked to a restricted budget. I think the main reason we are able to find these players is because we are a Premier League club, which is where they want to be. But when we were in the Championship, we had to struggle to find quality players and it took time to build a squad capable of getting into the Prem, and even longer to stay there. I think we should be o.k. this season, but if the worst happens, we will revert to the tried and tested route back.

Nobody seems to have any patience these days. Wolves might get promotion this year, who knows? But it's still better to plan long term.

Good luck you lot. I hope both clubs next meet in the Premier League, in due course. Hopefully, for the sake of both clubs and midlands football, when we do meet next it's because you have been promoted and not because we have been relegated. The West Midlands needs at least three top flight teams to re-establish the region as a hotbed of football, like it used to be. Historically, for me those three teams should be Albion, Villa and Wolves.


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