All of the Saturday match action - LIVE bring you the news from our teams around the region and across the country.

It's league action for all of our teams in the region today barring Aston Villa, who host Hull City in the Premier League tomorrow.

West Brom will hope it's third time lucky for their first top-flight win of the season, as they go to Swansea after recording two draws. Steve Madeley will tell you if that happens.

Wolves are at home to Blackburn Rovers in the Championship, a fixture that has produced some drama in the higher league before! Tim Nash will see if it does again.

Walsall are also searching for their first victory, as they play away at Scunthorpe United in League One. Matt Maher is at this one.

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Minute-by-minute from Wolves, West Brom and Walsall

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Comments for: "All of the Saturday match action - LIVE"

Danish Baggie

Brunt is having a nightmare of a game :-(

Jack the Hat

No comment on the first half.


Yorkshire baggies

Come On Albion, Why Why Why Are We Starting With Brunt. Said it before been a good servant but not good enough Anymore when we have the likes of sess on the bench.

I Never wanted Irvine but willing to give him a chance, Lets hope he can see that lots of other Albion fans can see and pick the correct team or I can see the 9 10 Jack coming.


So do people still think this is the best squad we have had in the Prem era? So bad today it's untrue. A totally embarrassing display. I defy anyone to find any positives in this one

You and me both. he could not manage a piss up at a brewery

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think I'd rather be in my trench with Eldervo watching my back.

Can I find anything positive in this display No of course not.

Am I going to write of the squad after a couple of games? No of course not.

We've had 11 new players to bed in.

We've had players with injuries and coming back from operations.

We've had new players coming back late from holidays because they played in the World Cup.

We've had players coming in late because of work permits and because they've only just signed.

We have a new manager trying to get new ideas over while all this is going on.

We're playing away to a Swansea side that has only had to bed in a few new players and are full of confidence after winning their first two games.

Am I surprised therefore that we don't look like a well oiled machine? No, only an idiot would be.

I fully expect the gloating Wolves fans on here, they've taken a lot of stick and are predictably handing a bit back. I'd expect a bit more understanding of the situation from our own fans.

Oh and yes I do think this will be the best squad we've had in the Prem era once they're all fit and have settled into new surroundings and have got used to the other players. Perhaps you will when your knee stops jerking.

Jack the Hat

Thank heaven for the international break.


Bedford Wolf

Great win for Wolves - again - and up to 3rd. Meanwhile the Boggies get pecked to death by the Swans. Look over your shoulder - we are coming to get you! Forever in our shadow.

The Real Bully Hoo.

It is impossible to be in the shadow of something that is consistently beneath you.


Voggie logic. They think that shadows and light are affected by gravity.

Yes we are below you. We are 3rd and you are 17th.

we shall see next season though. Enjoy your two points from tgree games and ungly football that does nothing. Enjoy your african world class player that is in his mid twenties and still on under 75 senior goals.

we are below you though. Same as BFC and WFC. Position means nothing. Lance armstron won a lot. So have a lot of asses. Integrity, spirit and how a team composes itself is a sign of class. You lot are just like west brommich dolites that have won the lotto.

I notice whilst your bunch of money-grabbing idiots were getting shown how real teams play your idiots were quiet.

wolves aren't big. We live in the past and we were a league one club 12 months ago. We know what we are. We have shown we can ride the storm.

Maybe you lot need to focus on the storm that is this season.

Nobody expects us to finish high. Nobody expects you to stay up. Lets see who bucks expectation in 9 months


lovely stuff from wolves, epic win again joint 2nd in league :) keep it up boys

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