Irvine left frustrated by ‘careless’ Albion display

Alan Irvine insisted he shared Albion fans’ frustration after they narrowly avoided Capital One Cup humiliation to the Football League’s bottom club.

SOCCER : Capital One Cup - West Bromwich Albion v Oxford United

But the Baggies boss admitted his side had been “careless and ragged” as they reached round three by the skin of their teeth with victory over Oxford on penalties.

Jason Davidson sealed a 7-6 penalty shoot-out win against Oxford United to spare the Baggies’ blushes after they had squandered a lead against the League Two outfit.

But they were still booed by home fans at full-time and after extra-time after a lacklustre display almost saw them dumped out of the competition in embarrassing fashion.

Irvine said: “No-one will have been more frustrated than me standing on the sidelines watching that.

“I am relieved that we got through the tie but I was very disappointed with lots of aspects of our performance and with lots of the decisions we made.”

The Baggies were booed off after 90 and 120 minutes after a dreadful second-half display gave Oxford the chance to knock them out on penalties.

But Australia international Davidson netted the winning spot-kick on his full debut after Boaz Myhill had saved the 17th penalty of an epic shoot-out from Jake Wright to give the home side the advantage. Earlier James Morrison and Brown Ideye had seen poor penalties saved by Max Crocombe in the Oxford goal while Myhill had kept out an effort from Michael Collins and Tom Newey had slotted wide for the Us.

Soccer - Capital One Cup - Second Round - West Bromwich Albion v Oxford United - The Hawthorns

Albion had dominated the first half and led through a bizarre 29th-minute own-goal from Jonny Mullins.

But they were awful after the interval and had survived several near misses before Danny Hylton struck.

Irvine said: “In the second half I felt we were comfortable but then we lost our shape and discipline and started making some really poor decisions and suddenly we turned what was looking like a comfortable game into one that was extremely uncomfortable.

“Oxford capitalised when we got careless and ragged.”

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Comments for: "Irvine left frustrated by ‘careless’ Albion display"

5 to the Albion

Well you may be frustrated Alan, but we saw what we were warned about with you, ultra defensive, you reap what you sow, invite a team on to you, expect to concede, hope you learned a lesson, but somehow, I doubt it!


Last night after returning home I criticised Baird and Berahino for their attitude and performance. As a supporter I want to get behind my team and the individuals who wear that bland kit, but it's necessary to vent one's feelings when you see people letting the side down from time to time. I singled those two out mainly because I thought at different stages in the game their attitude stank.

Berahino is still young and inexperienced which means I need to cut him some slack; he said he has learnt lessons from last season, however, these weren't evident last night. He gave me the impression that he thought Oxford would be a roll over in the same fashion as Newport had been; he'd have his name in lights once more. His body language portrayed a player going through the motions rather than putting the work in - people can knock Morrison, but you can't fault his commitment and effort. Being in different leagues doesn't add up to being disrespectful to your opponents; Berahino, I felt, played with a degree of contempt and this was reflected in his performance. Hard work makes good players, not flash moves.

Baird is at the opposite end of the spectrum and edging towards retirement. He's been a professional for many years, but again, you wouldn't have known that from his display. At times he too appeared to be simply going through the motions and showed a high degree of negativity. What angered me was the way he took a 'leadership role' around the 80th minute and criticised a piece of 'positive' play, moments later Albion were on the back foot and Oxford eventually scored. Can I blame Baird for that; I believe so. It was a poor 2nd half, however, I would argue Albion were going up a gear up to the point Baird changed the style again into a negative-defensive mode.

The Real Bully Hoo.


I must admit I can't see your point about Baird, like I said on the match thread he seemed neat and tidy in what he did but he isn't a midfielder. Not saying you're wrong just that I couldn't see it but I'll keep more of an eye on him next time.

I agree about Saido. Much as I dislike Suarez as a person, if I was Alan Irvine I'd take Saido and show him a DVD of Liverpool last season and say to him, 'that's what a quality striker does.' If you're not willing to put that effort in EVERY game you'll always be a bit part player. Suarez is so much like Maradonna, another player with immense ability but still worked his socks off every game.


I think you are being harsh on Berahino who in my view worked hard and was more consistent throughout the game than our £10M man who had less and less impact as the game wore on. (while I'm not knocking Bobby) As for Baird he is not a midfielder for me. Yes a good defender. He (and Yacub) slowed play down far too much especially in the second half. Although I thought Yacub had a good game breaking things up and winning the ball. How punters think they can read the minds of players and acuse them of going through the motions, is beyond me. Baird has never been a player to merely "go through the motions" he has always come across as a dedicated professional to me. So I still think you are being harsh. IMO.

youngand hungry

seems your 10 million world cup superstar isn`t pulling his weight , I see trouble ahead .


We all know what you see is just a figment of your imagination.


I don't have the ability to read minds, although it would be a real asset in the job I do, however I do need to understand body language and have a limited degree of lip reading skills. I 'heard' what Baird said and that was partly the basis of my criticism.

I would also suggest the manner in which players pass, tackle and move on the pitch does indicate at different times whether or not someone is going through the motions. I've watch football for 50 years at all levels, so I've seen a lot of 'game time' - which, I hope, has provided me with 'some' knowledge of the sport and those who play it.

I accept Baird isn't use to that role, but I nevertheless stand by my remarks.

glassboy baggy

OK , a wins a win . the twin towers are getting nearer and good luck to Michael Appleton and Oxford but as I mentioned last night, why didn't he play Gamboa from the start . he won't get match fit the time he spent on the pitch . Boing Boing.

Captain Mardon International

I still can't get over that stupid kit my beloved Albion are wearing.

youngand hungry

yes mardy it does look worse on tele .

Captain Mardon International

Thanks for confirming that billy liar. At least you are being honest about watching football on T.V


eys, ydrma ti does kloo rsewo on tele, lol lol lol,

youngand hungry

mardy I only seen tonight that bottom club Oxford only had 10 men most of the game , you kept that quite mate .


The player was sent off during second period of extra time. How this equates to most of game i do not know. Please enlighten me.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I don't remember Appy being that tiny when he played for us. It looks like Alan Irvine is giving a Subbuteo man a telling off.


Frustrated is a rather mild word compared to some that were being used last night.

That was a terrible show from them so poor in the second half I can only defend them by saying that the team are work in progress.

Things can only get better, was the words of the song and boy it sure needs to.

COYB please no more of that.

hilltop baggie

looks like jp gave irving the job knowing he would fail so he can give keith downing the job with out much fuss from us fans but its kd that needs to go so we can have a united dressing room


I think to be fair there are players who are bedding in but these days u dont get time to do so. Its result driven and alan is gonna find that only too redily.

Jack the Hat

Plenty to work at before the next cup match comes around so there should be much improvement. The careless bit has to be kicked out and not allowed to fester. Now it is up to those guys to put their individual games right so plenty of work today boys, best foot forward and off you go, at the double there.



No comment.


youngand hungry

still think dawson is worth 12 million jack ?

wba forever

Worth much much more than roger and costs less every week


Jack, some very strong statements from Mr Irvine..

"we lost our shape and discipline" "really poor decisions" "careless and ragged.”

Not what you would have hoped for against the bottom team in the whole league especially (as you predicted) with such a strong side out.

Lets hope he can put it right for the Baggies fans before the trip to Swansea..

Must be disappointing to hear that your team were booed off twice!


Jack the Hat


Sounds as though their were a few coaches from The NETTO GHETTO guesting last night and practicing booing for when their £1m star player makes his debut. I was sorry to see Northampton knocked out as the last round they beat a mossive club who their fans say are going to win the Premiership title next season as their team is already better than Man City and Chelsea.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Jack, I was sorry to see Northampton go out as well, they played well against us.. Bit like Oxford against the Baggies..

Fortunately we don't boo our young up and coming stars of the future...

Premiership title? Nah, no chance.. Building well for the future with a Manager who is executing his plans well? Absolutely...

So far so good.


youngand hungry

he don't look a happy chappie at all , the clock is ticking .


No losses, 11 new players to bed-in, decent performances in the league and a happy dressing room. Why will he be gone oh wise little illiterate?


Irvine sacked by october bounce bounce


My my, you morons are out in force today aren't you? When do the school holidays end again? Surely you must be busy buying your uniform and pencil cases?

Oh I forgot, your lot aren't really into the whole 'schooling' scene are you? Too busy shouting how big yo am.

Captain Mardon International

Who have Wolves got in the next round?


I dunno but i know Oxford were hoping for them in this round.


Doubtful Mcvitie, our kids beat em at their place in a pre season friendly..


Of course i forgot they were the important matches. Did not Man utd win all their friendlies. I am sure the fans will be appeased despite losing to M K Dons


Captain.. We're concentrating on the league :o)


wba forever

Should have done more of that for the last 3 years


We did last season, and won it!


That's what man ure said

Loyal one



Still awaiting The Greenman's comments ;)


It Dow matter about the cup pal at least it's enjoyable watching football at the molineux once again. We'll keep polishing them trophies that Sandwell town will never catch up with... Never mind mucker at least with them extra fingers you can count how many games you lose this season. UTW

CantelloRocket 78

Smell the Coffee-

frankly, I'm envious of yer recent successes - what's it cost now in the museum - 7 quid to see the kit-kat foil minnows league trophy, and two wooden spoons......??

( p.s.- nice to know you're now enjoying seeing yer club play in the chumpionship, everyone eventually does find their level......:-)

Jack the Hat


You will have a new trophy at the end of the season to go with your Double Drop one and Connors Clipboard. F.F.P.Dep't will deliver it.

Gorra loff ay ya?.



Jack we aint going to be done by the FFP rules, the parachute payment has sorted that one out, wrong as usual.

Lucky result, Oxford deserved to go through, maybe you wont be so lucky come saturday agaisnt a bigger team, big bobby aint scored a competetive goal yet oh dear.


DungeRhys, and Tenko, deserve aint got nothing to do with it, woof, woof,

CantelloRocket 78


they only enter Cup competitions to make the number up, mate-

what makes me smile is they keep getting knocked out in the first round by minnows, then come over here to loff at us!!

A bit like Mr.Bean trying to show Johnny Depp how to be :-)


Watch yourself Rocket, he gives back, you know? Start to tremble, Start snarling and biting at ya, HIS NAME, has any body sat down with it, and explained how illiterate it is? embarrassing , but funny

Kev the Rev in LA


Hee Hee Hee, stop it yowm killin' me.


I wrote this on Albion's Facebook page:

Why is it Irvine's fault that players like Baird and Berahino were awful? The interview shows he knows where the problems are; the acid test is whether he has the ability to put things right. We've been here before; let's take the win and move on.

Here's a response:

Because he coaches them, because he picks the team, because he chooses the tactics, because he chooses who to sub, of course he is to blame FFS

I wonder if the kind of logic displayed here applied to wider society and in particular those with management responsibilities ... what would 'reality' look like?

CantelloRocket 78


Just off the top of me 'ead, I recall Brian Little being criticised for being too nice to the players, and Gary Megson getting stick for being too nasty-

I also have a book by American author Jack Canfield, gathering knowledge and advice from many of the World's most successful people, then passing it on to us-

Chapter one's titled 'you must take full responsibility for your own actions!'....

any players wish to comment....???

Funny Old Game

3 games. 3 draws. I see a pattern developing.


Foggy - don't give 'em encouragement - 38 points would see them safe (probably).

Always remember - it's not the despair that gets you, it's the hope.


I would hope that the players from last night's game are sat in a room to watch the game and see all the errors/ bad play that Alan Irvine commented on in his after match interview. Before the match he had said that we were taking the game seriously, and giving Oxford the utmost respect. This obviously didn't get through to some of the players, and Alan Irvine has to sort that out. In football you respect the opposition at all times, especially in cup games against much lower teams, because the opposition will always raise their game, and if you don't recognise that it will bring the sort of problems we had last night.



Isn't it sad that people are still answering the lame brained posts from the neighbours ( not including you Stokewolf64 ).

Most fans have made a big effort to just ignore them all, but there are still the odd one or two who just can't resist. It's like an itch that they have to scratch. I'm not trying to tell people who to reply to, just registering my annoyance.


Kev the Rev in LA


Yo wona be careful thea mar mate, they'll be sendin' yo too Coventry next. At least the replies save us time in not having too read 'em cause thame the so old replies over and over and over and over agen.



Doe belive ya Kev, I reckon you read um, you should come to our pages un see what yowa beloved JTH posts on a regular basis. Tit for tat, wow ever beat it.


DungaRhyss, are they on fire?


So I'm "sad" in your eyes for responding to a comment and this annoys you? Forgive me for not caring about your annoyance.

We have all ignored the absolute drivel spouted on here over the years on both sides of the divide - that doesn't mean we can't reply if we want to. If I want to reply when I see fit, I'll do so. Didn't realise we needed your permission your lordship.


Ignore him he's just a Cartel wannabe, but they won't let him be in their little gang.

Got to admire him though he does keep trying.


Wrong site Eldivvy,



Tell me where in my post have I said you can't reply. If you bother to read it correctly my words were '' I'm not trying to tell people who to reply to''. Nowhere have I said you can't reply to anybody, but yes I do think you are ''sad'' in encouraging the drivel that we are still getting. I will continue, as is my right, to comment on what I wish to comment on, and you, as is your right will do the same. That is the idea of these forums, but please try to read the posts properly before you reply.



If you're under the illusion that responses perpetuate the drivel spouted on these boards then my you are deluded!

I respond to some comments as I wish, be they 'banter' or whatnot. I also used to post on these boards quite regularly prior to this season with commitments keeping me away.

Now, to bracket everyone as "sad" for replying and blame them for the visitors to the sure is both short-sighted and foolish on your half. We've had this problem since these boards began and we always will - it comes with the territory.

If you think ignorance is the way forward so be it; others can respond if they wish - quite why that 'annoys' you is beyond me. You're more or less saying people can do as they so wish but some actions will annoy you - why not keep such a grievance to yourself? Or is it that you want to make yourself more known on here?

youngand hungry

stripey I think you have hit the nail on the head with your last sentence .

must admit though he does talk like a committee member .

Max Wall Heath Baggie

The other day yow wus tellin folks they should post on the Wolves site if they could not be positive about the Albion and now this , when did you join the ' Cartel ' and when was you voted Chairman ? .

Feel free to reply when and if your annoyance subsides .



You're another one who doesn't bother to read posts properly. Please go back and read it again and then tell me where I have said people CANNOT reply to the idiots drivel, or any other posts on here.

As for joining any ''cartel'' I much prefer to speak for myself, just as you do.


Max Wall Heath Baggie


I notice that you skirted round your post of the other day , where you stated that people that give a negative view on the Albion should post on the Wolves site , did you or did you not post this ? .


Would those be the lame brained posts that suggest us wolves fans are sitting at home sobbing because of 'the team of International world cup stars you've signed, that we can only dream of' ?? No wonder you get jibes raining down on you.


do you have homes, I thought u was in the outback, and then head into town for a forage in the Netto bins, get your pillow , you now the drill by now. Oh by the way who do you think we will get in the cup next round?

glassboy baggy

Knowing Albion's luck well be drawn against a cracking team in the 3rd round . Somebody like AFC Bournemouth , they beat another cracking team last night .Northampton , and who did they beat in the first round ................

Oh yes NOBODY !..Boing Boing.

Kev the Rev in LA

At time of posting, 16 post from Baggies, 6 of them talkin' too Dingles.


Whats a dingle Kevin? And while your replying, whats a tesco carrier bag?

We Only Need One Half!

Is it me?

If ever there was an example of just how bias and partisan this 'news' (I use the term very loosely) paper is becoming, you just have to read the last two reports. Not saying Albion were immune from criticism last night, they weren't, but just look at the varying styles of reporting. Our two reports, both highlight the team we 'actually' beat were lower League within the opening lines.

Now contrast and compare with this-

No mention of them being lower league (not even when they mentioned Morecambe!) and I particularly like the way they try and big up Northampton in to something they aint, the choicest line being "there were signs they will do well in League Two" (they have since gone on in their next four games to draw with York and Shrewsbury, and been hammered by Portsmouth and Bournemouth)

No wonder some of the more deluded fans from the other side keep posting on here, thinking they are on a par.

Is it really me?

The Real Bully Hoo.


I just replied with a like for like post to kenco above. Guess what, mine's been removed while his was left on. I suppose this will be censored as well.


The problems that surfaced last night have been with us for a few seasons now.

It will take Mr Irvine some time to eradicate them as he is finding out. We would not have had so many head coaches in recent years if all was well.

In my opinion Irvine has made a decent start to a difficult job and needs time to address the problems. It's not helped by having so many new players which need to be integrated into the team as and when when they become match fit.

The sooner he can include Lescott in the team the better. He will make a big difference.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good points and a sensible post Robin.

Kev the Rev in LA

In the past I have been mistakenly associated with an imaginary committee, but while not agreeing to this misconception I would like too address a point of order.

Above there is a post from a disgruntled fan protesting his right too reply to any post he wishes while accusing another of attempting to forbid said replies.

May I respectfully point out to the much respected disgruntled fan that no one has said fans CAN NOT reply to whom they wish, it is just that others wished they wouldn't as the replies are both tedious and extremely repetitive.

In closing may I also point out to the much respected disgruntled fan that just as much as it is his right to reply to who ever, it is the right of others too register their dismay.


youngand hungry

kev I think whilst you was away the committee ousted you as president , I actually thought you made a very good chairman , hey kev , who needs enemies with members like that .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Can I be the first to register my dismay at the dismay of other fans being caused by the dismay of the first party at the dismay of the offending party once removed. Sorry Kev.

Max Wall Heath Baggie

Much respected poster to whom you refer stated the other day that ' Negative ' posters should post on the Wolves site . I will not be doing this because i follow the Albion and i reserve the right to be critical of my own team when i feel it is needed ( which is most of the time these days ) , i also feel it is my duty to keep the ' Happy Clappers ' in order before they pronounce we will win the Champions League on the strength of signing Samaras and Varela.

I have solved your substitution problem on the Oxford match thread and if you have any other queries please feel free to ask .

Stay safe .

Kev the Rev in LA


So Stripey has double standards telling fans what too do?

I have read your solution on the Oxford thread but I'm afraid the pink flags had to be discarded as it led to congestion outside the bushes at the Vine with single men loitering waving said flags and dressed as the Village People.



Well first off I said no such thing at all - in fact I've not posted on here for a while save a comment here and there due to other commitments.

Kev, Wall Heath, find where I made such a claim and I'll hold my hands up. People can post whatever they want wherever they want - they should just be willing to receive a reply.

I actually had time for you both but these comments make you look incredibly childish.

Kev the Rev in LA


Mate if you follow the conversation closely you'll see that Max is mistakenly talking about GREENMON and my first sentence was humourously telling him he had got it wrong,

I was agreeing with your right too reply but also with GREENMON right to ask you not too.

I think you know by now my thoughts on replying too Dingles and unless every single poster decides not too I'm afraid we will never get too that point, so I'm afraid you will just have too put up with me and other suggesting you stop.

I hope this clarifies the misunderstanding and you return too holding me in the same esteem as I do you, as for Max he's just a one off ay he? He's a big teddy bear really.



Kev, apology accepted - missed the comment further up. Now that's the end of it.


Genuine question here: when and where did I purportedly say such a thing?

It's one thing to disagree with other fans' views, it's another to manufacture a view for them.

If you aren't referring to myself then I apologise, if you are I suggest you find evidence of the remark you're alluding to.


Does that mean THEGREENMAN can have your place then Kev?

He does deserve it tbh, he's been trying so very hard lately.


PSSSST, PPPssst, Eldivvy, over here, I wont tell anybody if you wont, that you've strayed on here again, by mistake, you being a turncoat and all that. This is not the Wolves site, Now if your quick, take your pillow and leg it, James, before anybody sees ya, good luck. HEY LOOK everbody its ELdivvy , scurrying of with his pillow lol lol lol

The Real Bully Hoo.

Love it Capey.

It'll be like the scene in The Great Escape.

He'll go back over and Buxtonian will casually say, 'Boing Boing,' and Eldervo will say, 'Baggies Baggies, oh bollo....'


Hi guys, Been too busy to blog in the last few days and I'm not on here to gloat over last night's debacle, I'm only on today to reply to some late posts on Monday that I hadn't seen, so Bully, WONOH and Capehill, this is for you guys, just to set the record straight.

No probs Bully. My first post on Monday was not intended to be a "wind up", but a light hearted catch up on the events that I had missed during the month I was away. The wind ups evolved in reply to the responses it evoked. I didn't realise that you guys on this site were such sensitive souls that you took such offence. The Baggies I know personally certainly aren't. We enjoy giving each other as good as we get.

WONOH I'm not bothered about the two very different directions our clubs are taking. You should be though.

If you take the basis for your argument as being this seasons League Stats and Divisions you will finish higher than us even if you come bottom of yours and we finish top of ours. In reality though, who would be the happier? and also in reality, there is very little difference between the clubs in the bottom 6 of the Prem and the top 6 of the Championship,... except money.

You have got further than us in the League Cup - just. No more need be said does it?

Capehill, What's the EPL?

Also, what is your definition of "Bomb Squad". Google gives me several definitions which do not appear to be appropriate to your team, such as "A squad or force of police officers or others trained to disarm bombs and other explosive devices" or " A group of High School Guys that believe they are cool ....etc",; or, "a derogatory term for an unpopular clique of people typically males who exhibit loud and unscrupulous behaviour in the presence of others" or "a team in a sport with all good players making it unfair to play against"

Definitely doesn't apply to your team does it.

On the other hand, if you mean the way that it has sometimes been used by the "E & S" to describe our Group 3 then your entire squad from last season could fit that category, and your entire squad from this season looks as though it may too.

Take your pick.

We Only Need One Half!

Alrite Tellit, allow me to rebuttal-

"you will finish higher than us even if you come bottom of yours and we finish top of ours."

Precisely, rank has it privileges, we have earn't our rank and privileges over the previous seasons, you have not.

"there is very little difference between the clubs in the bottom 6 of the Prem and the top 6 of the Championship"

Have you seen how Leicester, Burnley and QPR are fairing thus far? Also, last season, we had the top scorer from the Championship the season before, unfortunately he didn't cut it, there is a chasm.

"who would be the happier?"

This is a doozy, and one I have asked wulfies several times (including yourself) and never got a answer, when you lose to a team like Rotherham, are you really happier you won the League before most people were born? because that always seems to be your fullback stance.

Are you really happier? I doubt it very much, you may fool yourself briefly, but you wouldn't fool anyone else.


Hi WONOH. No probs. Its not even a close choice. I would rather lose to a hundred Rotherhams to have won the League just once, let alone 3 times, if that was the choice I had to make, even if it was "before most people were born". How many clubs have won the league since it was founded? It's the top honour at National Level. Surely, you wouldn't give back the trophy you won in the same era just to guarantee you beat Swansea on Saturday would you?

Daft question isn't it?

I can assure you I'm really happy now compared to 2 seasons ago because it's a different ball game this time around.

Even 2 seasons ago didn't compare with the Bhatti era.

I am not proud of the Bhatti era, but I am proud of SURVIVING the Bhatti era.

If your club had survived what we went through then, with literally minutes to spare before folding, before Doog stepped in, you would understand why we are happier now, and what I mean about adversity making us stronger. Nothing that has happened in recent times compares to that - not even a double dip relegation.

Of course, I want my team to win every match they play but that's not possible, especially it seems, when we play your lads, but it's sport, so I want my team to at least strive to be successful, even if they don't succeed. As long as they compete I am happy. We did against Rotherham. We outplayed them but they won. Happens sometimes.

I was, however, mortified at losing to Northampton this season and Morecambe last. I wanted a cup run . I wanted a trip to Wembley. Believe me, it's possible with the squad we have his season when you look at Sheff Utd's achievement last season in the FA cup . A Wembley Semi would do for me.

I would even take a Wolves Baggie semi or better still a Wolves Baggie Final, even if that does give you the edge on recent results.

As long as it was a bostin game.

Can I come round and use your Haribo? Lol

We Only Need One Half!

Tellit, I'm hearing what your saying about not mind about the possibility of losing Saturday after Saturday because you won the League several decades ago, but, I have to tell you, I honestly cant and dont believe it.

Moreover, you seem to need to convince other people that its true, hence your reappearance on these pages to reinforce your point, why? you dont see me and other like minded Baggies going over trying to convince you we are the better club on your pages, we know we are the better club, whether you chose to believe it is entirely up to you, I and others honestly dont care whether you do or not.

If you want a haribo your welcome to come along and watch Premiership football with me any time, I'm sure you will find me a affable chap, most people seem too. You wont be the first one of your pages I have attended a Albion game with, Lone Wolf was a delightful fellow (although I did think he'd be taller!).


Sorry WONOH but you are contradicting yourself. You say you wanted me to answer your question because in your words you had "asked Wulfies several times ( including myself) and never got an answer." So I've hardly been trying to convince you about anything have I. This is the first (and last time) I've given you the answer. Only you can believe what you want to believe.

I appreciate the invitation though, and one day I might take you up on it, but it won't be anytime soon. Thanks for that though, Mate.

If it makes you feel any better, your club is now the only one left of the West Midlands clubs in the league cup, so at least you can claim the bragging rights this season in this competition.

Hull City at the Hawthorns in the next round. good Luck.

t now I've given you the answer

We Only Need One Half!

Tellit, no, I dont believe I am contradicting myself at all, I am saying the answer you have given is just not credible (in other words, not an answer at all) you are wanting us/me to believe you (and the others who bring it up) are willing to spend your hard earned, week in, week out, even if you were in the Conference, and you would still walk out the ground contented because (and I am going to go out on a limb here age wise) you won the League before you were even born?

Seeing it written down in black and white basically what you are stating, can you not see how ludicrous it sounds? and why I and others just cannot believe you/them?

I am confused though, why exactly do come on these pages? is it to praise our team? no, is it to congratulate us on being the better of our two teams? no, so what is it? What exactly are you trying to say when you come on here? because for the life of me, if it isn’t to try and kid us on you believe you are as good as us at present, or, has some of your more deluded compatriots who come over here seem to believe, even better, I am failing to see what you are attempting to say with your posts on these pages???

p.s. when you want to come to our ground, I will get your ticket, gratis, (genuine offer)


Oh WONOH, final post on this issue as I only have a few minutes in my lunch hour and I'm out tonight so won't be able to respond again.

You would be less confused if you concentrated upon what I had actually written instead of your distortion and consequent misinterpretation of what I had written.

Where did "not mind about the possibility of losing Saturday after Saturday" come from? Not me.

Of course I would mind. Losing hurts, but it's temporary, because you always hope that you will win next time. The hurt is gone by the next game.

As far as I'm concerned every Saturday is not about winning and losing. It's only about winning. (Joke)

Whilst It's highly unlikely that a team would lose every game, it virtually happened to us in the Bhatti era and I've made my views clear about that already.

But the fact that we were losing week after week and plummeted to the 4th Div didn't stop me being a fan. I wasn't contented, but the club was still the love of my life ( except for my dear missus), joke, even if the team in those days wasn't.

Let me throw your question back at you. If it happened to you and your team went down to the Conference would you stop supporting them?

I hope the answer to that is no.

But if it is yes, you should have had a word with the Oxford supporters last night and asked them why they continued to follow their team in the Conference and continued to spend their hard earned cash.

If everyone thought like you there would be no supporters in the Conference.

So in a nutshell, winning and losing games is temporary - winning the league is permanent, and no one can take away that achievement. The great years are what we remember, (that's all supporters not just Wolves ) and surviving the bad times is what make the good times so good.

We could still lose every game never having won a championship so to get the hypothetical choice of winning one or losing to a Rotherham, which I think was how your first question was framed, is a no brainer for me.

I can't see what problem you have with that, but I can only tell it as it is for me, and you must tell it as it is for you.

And we shall happily agree to differ.

What is this nonsense about which team is the better team? I'm not interested in which of our 2 teams is the better team at the moment or in the past. It changes season to season and it's always a subjective opinion for which all of our respective fans could make a case.

I'm only interested in my Club being the best in the country bar none. It doesn't have the best team, we are not the biggest, we haven't won the most trophies, but we are the best - BECAUSE It's MY CLUB.

Surely, your club is the best for you because it's YOUR CLUB.

Why do you want approval from Wolves supporters? I don't want approval from yours for mine. If my Baggie mates suddenly started praising Wolves, I would no longer trust them.

Finally, I'm on both sites for many reasons - First and foremost, because I love Football and I love my Black Country roots and both clubs are a rich and integral part of that and MY history.

I find your contributors, and some on the Wolves site, especially the ones I've previously named, to be interesting and knowledgeable and I like to debate football.

I also like the humour, I try to add my own at times, not always successful, and yes I enjoy some banter and "wind-ups".

All part of local rivalry, which in my view should be embraced not spurned.

I don't mean the childish slagging or "sledging" as the Aussie cricketers might call it, but on here you can respond or ignore as you see fit, so what's the prob.

All part of life's rich pattern my friend.

Thanks again for your offer. Not sure that if or when the game came around I would even be in the country, but if I was, I would go to the game, but in the Wolves end of course.

Have a good weekend.

The Real Bully Hoo.

The thing is Tellit, your whole point seems to be based on the premise that we WILL be relegated and you WILL be promoted. I know that you lot get promoted after the first three games of every season but you need to understand it's where you are at the end that counts.

You need to ask the E&S what Bomb Squad is as they seem to have coined it. Also we've got rid of ours, something you seem unable to manage.


If you think we're sensitive souls take a look at your own side and the reaction Jack or McVitie get when they post on there. This is despite the fact that you lot aren't subjected to nearly every other post being an attack from morons which is something that happens on here (I'm not including you in that.)

CantelloRocket 78


I wasn't really aware who 'Tellit' was until last week, but I'm now beginning to compose a little picture-

how about a slightly elderly citizen, who likes to approach rival fans in the guise of a wise old sage, who also likes to 'wax lyrical', and at times smile gently, with a philosophical, 'knowing' statement, intended to silence the less enlightened, less intellectually gifted receiver of his wisdom.....??

Fortunately, some have the ability to read between the lines - spotting those thinly concealed, yet familiar jibes and criticisms we know only too well, and revealing a desire to tell us 'Wolves am more mossive than yow' in a slightly subtle way.

In a nutshell, I'm beginning to smell a degree of pretentious bull.........;-)

Very astute CR.

Agree with Bully too but must dash.


Tellitasitaint, EPL- English Premier League, bomb squad was used on your side as a article by The E&S, also in the Sun Newspaper, it means a bunch of overpaid, champagne Charlie's, who have taken u for a ride, and are now playing in "THe Bomb Squad", that nobody but nobody, wants to buy or loan, They are sucking you dry with their massive contracts, check it out , group 3, Lol. Mind you would you hire em for security work. Our squad, the entire squad, also kept us in the EPL, and didn't do the double drop like your "Bomb Squad did", I look forward to see, who we get in the next round of the cup, and a whole season of world class football. Nobody sid it was going to be easy, last night, it was a proper English cup tie, underdogs did well, but we came through.


PS the history lessons, no need, we know what our history is, and before you say it, forever in our Shadder- rack, its today that counts. boing boing


Good Reply Capehill. Thought you meant the Barclays Premier League.

Good Luck Saturday. Taff's hate the Swans ( only a figure of speech) in my case.

See my replies to WONOH. You now have sole bragging rights in the West Midlands in the League Cup. You have even out lived Man U.

From here you could even go on and win it !!

The Lord is indeed your Shepherd ( tribute to CR).

Give my regards to Cyril. What has happened to him?

Danish Baggie

Think about it. How does this board look like today ? Half of the posts are about or from the dark side. This, at a time where we are superior in all departments to Wo1ve5.

Imagine one day in a not to distant future ( and you realy need to use your imagination now ) the tables had turned.

Just wonder what it will look like on here then ?

Boing Boing

CantelloRocket 78



I guess you wouldn't remember it-

when the Baggies returned to the top flight, Wolves had been there for one whole season before us, and that Summer they absolutely flooded this site - some days there were more Wulfs on here than Baggies fans!! - givin' it the big, arrogant, loud-mouthed 'weem heading for the top half of the prem, where us mossive club belong, and yow Boggies am gooin' straight back down....FACT!!!'-

well it was us who climbed up the table, and they dropped to the bottom, after which they skulked away, muttering and cursing-

whenever I even attempted to post on the Wolves site in those days, whatever the subject, they'd attack like a pack of wild animals, snapping at every word - although most of the time, they had free-reign on here, but we could hardly get any of our posts on their site - surprise, surprise!!

So yes, I believe some of 'em are waiting, like snarling, wounded wild creatures, for the ' tables to turn ', so they can flood the site again with that hot-aired arrogance-

I've seen it happen before, so I'd be very naive to think it wouldn't happen again....let's just hope the good always triumphs over the evil, eh.......?? - The Lord is our Shepherd, after all......;-)



posted on the match thread about my frustrations about last night.....and at least this article highlights that AI is as least a disappointed as we all were last night..

I'm still not going to knock individual players - especially this early in the season - but it certainly sounds like that they have been told in no uncertain terms that a large part of last night's performance was well below say the least!!!!

And as more some of our neighbours "crowing" over last night's performance.....we have still got 2 rounds further than them......are in a higher league (and have been for a while now).......

We all know that we need to improve on last night and that half a squad is bedding down / gelling into'll take a little time...even though time in the top flight is always in short supply......just to be clear though that's top flight......not second tier....looking up....still.....cricked necks and all that....

just saying



Andy, it was a one off game that we found hard, look at Man Utd, 5/6 top class players, West Ham, found it hard, the days of the underdog aint gone m8, they do come good, ask the dings. Ok on paper it was 6-0, but Appy was their manager, he didn't come to lay down, at his former club,he instilled it into players, as for our players, yep its a lesson learned, that no game is a easy game. I hope it helps towards getting some of them up to match fitness. So I look forward to the draw for next round, we got through, but ask the neighbours, we can have bad games, but not always get away with it, but we did boing boing

Danish Baggie

Useless trivia realy, but Rosenberg have scored and Malmö are leading 2-0 at h t. That result will take them to The Champions League. Good on him I guess :-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good spot Danish.

That's the same Rosenberg that you , me and one or two others said was a decent footballer but were shouted down by the massive football brains on here.

Danish Baggie

Well, he acatualy scored a 3rd. And what a goal that was.

Why did he not do that when at WBA ?

CantelloRocket 78


watching Rosenberg at the Baggies, I genuinely saw quality in the player, but I also saw that unexplainable 'something' present-

he scored 4 goals last pre-season, and dispatched a perfect penalty in the Cup against Arsenal, but 'unseen forces' seemed to plague him in the league - he could've sent a 30 yard 'rocket' towards the top corner of the net, then a sudden strong gust of wind would've taken it off course-

it simply wasn't meant to be, but don't ask me why.......


Irvine was appointed manager of Sheffield Wednesday on 8 January 2010.[7] Wednesday got off to a good start under Irvine, winning games against Barnsley, Blackpool and Peterborough United. Irvine was named Championship Manager of the month for January 2010. This form was not sustained, however, as on the last day of the season Wednesday faced a Hillsborough relegation showdown against Crystal Palace who had suffered a 10 point deduction, needing a home win to avoid relegation.

CantelloRocket 78


no idea why you wanna quote part of Alan Irvine's CV, but if you need some help-

did you know?-

Al took over at Preston when they were stuck in a relegation fight, and with very little money to spend, he pulled them to safety?

The following season, still with no money to spend, he guided them to the play-offs?

When Preston sacked him, everyone was stunned, Club Captain Callum Davidson said he was the best Manager he'd ever played for, and Preston fans held protests about his dismissal?

While he was at Sheff. Wed., the club were in turmoil, taken to court twice, then taken over by Milan Mandaric?

When the Chairman sacked him mid-season, Wednesday were in mid-table, he was replaced by Gary Megson, who finished the season in a LOWER place than Al had left them in??

After that, he moved to Everton......

If you need any more, just ask.


"....needing a home win to avoid relegation......."

c'mon lesta, don't leave me in suspense - what happened next?

CantelloRocket 78


what happened next? - wolves suddenly came crashing through the trapdoor, landed below the other clubs, they were all saved, and lived happily ever after........;-)


Christ, I can't be doing with all this sniping and backbiting - half of it not even to with the report(s). Logged on to share some thoughts but I doubt they'll be read amongst all the insults.. Banter is banter but this site is like being in a school playground. I'll come back in a few weeks and chat to the last ones standing.



I've not been able too get online for a few days and after watching the match on Saturday, yesterday was the first time I could log on.

I looked at the match report first looking forward to reading others thoughts on the match, I gid up in the end it was mostly talking too Dingles.

They're still gooin' on about who's is the better club on here, UNBELIEVABLE and incredibly boring, in one exchange somebody asked "who's the Wolves got in the next round then?" I think I remember saying that when o'was ten.


Kev the Rev in LA


O'forgot, then when somebody asked then to stop cause it bores many on here they get upperty saying it their right while dismissing the complainer's right too say he dow like it.


Kev the Rev in LA


Nearly gorrit right, sorry mate.


youngand hungry

but it is there right kev , is it not .

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Surrey.

I can see where you're coming from because I was just thinking the same thing.

First of all there are the intruders.

We all have and are entitled to our views on how we should deal with these.

I have no problem with people replying to genuine Wolves fans albeit some of them (Jackett, Eldervo etc) are mischief making but we all have a choice to react or ignore.

I never reply to youngandhungry because to me he's a different kettle of fish. I have suggested that he should be ignored but have left it as a suggestion because telling grown ups what they can and can't do is presumptious and counter productive however it is phrased.

But at the end of the day, all of these posts have a name at the top and it's only a minor problem to read the name and scroll down to the next post if we don't want to read them or the replies to them.

The really noticeable thing on this thread is the Civil War that seems to be breaking out between fellow Baggies, this happens over on the Wolves site with regularity and is what the troll, helped by certain of the other intruders has been trying to incite on here for some time.

This is what we don't need. 99% of our own posters come on first and foremost to talk football whether it be past or present (not necessarily always Albion related) or to have a laugh. At the risk of being ridiculed, it breaks my heart to see Baggies at each other throats, remember our song "We Know What We Are." What we are as fans are knowledgeable, friendly and tolerant. When we stop being these things, I don't want to be what we are.

I know that all I've said here can in some way be turned back on me for things I've said in the past. One of the sayings I've used is 'let he who is without sin etc' and I'm not trying to be a hypocrite or holier than thou, I'm as guilty as the next and moreso than many.

I hope others comment whether they agree with what I've said or disagree, I've said before, I'm a big lad and if you want to tell me I'm a plonker (other abusive words are available but may not get past the mods) feel free, it's a website for debate and I won't cry about it or think less of you

This is directed at every Baggie that posts on here including those I've crossed swords with Dolally, Mboy etc. I value all of your contributions, even when we're diametrically opposed.

Sorry to have gone on Max, although I'm sure you've exercised your right to scroll past long ago.

Max Wall Heath Baggie

Alright Mate ,

I actually read all your posts and i take on board your comments about ' Civil Wars ' , i will do my best to pack it in but sometimes certain comments set my teeth on edge .

As ever all the best .


The Real Bully Hoo

Sound advice there. People have different styles of writing and there's a "cultural element" as well which may or may not push people's buttons, but it's really hard not to react to those who engage in 'personal attacks' rather than enter into a battle of ideas.

I agree with you that it is best skip the posts that are written by the usual suspects e.g. those that add nothing to anything.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Thanks Max and Bob.

This site means a lot to me, as Max said in another post the loss of Cyril was a major disaster and we all want him back.

I miss any of the regulars when they disappear and like I said, although I rarely agree with Mboy and Dolally I value their contributions and I welcome any new posters.



I admit to my part in the ''Civil War'' and I'm not proud of it, but sometimes things have to be said. I much prefer to talk about football matters, but there are times when certain posts just get to me, especially constantly negative ones. Contrary to accusations laid against me, I have never tried to TELL anyone on this site what or when they can post.

I've moved on from Y and H posts, I just scroll past the drivel to the next sensible post now ( It's the only way as far as I can see).

In future when provoked I will bite by tongue for as long as I can stand the pain, and resist the temptation

to retaliate. As you so rightly say we shouldn't be at each others throats, we should be getting behind our wonderful club and enjoying another season of Premiership football.

Excellent post by the way.


The Real Bully Hoo.


My post wasn't aimed at any particular individuals. Like I said I've often got drawn in myself and regretted it after. It was jut that Surrey's post rung a bell.

There are enough people on the outside P'ing into the West Brom tent without those of us in it P'ing on each other.

Kev the Rev in LA


I love it when you talk dirty!

I'm probably one of, shall we say more forthright, posters that take exception too posts of a certain nature and believe me I do try too ignore them in the interest of harmony, although I can see that some would think that hard too believe but in future I shall endeavor too change my ways.

From my point of view there are two types of posts that push my buttons that are inane, repetitive and childish replies too Dingles together with constant attacks on certain players and coaching staff.

As it's been said many times that it is everyone's right too reply as they see fit and while I agree with that,

I think it's only fair that from my side of the fence if in the interest of harmony I'm agreeing too be more tolerant, the fans from the other side should at least try too cut out the "mar dad's bigger" comments and cut down on the recruitment for The Liam Club, if not It's guna a little one sided don't ya think.

I'm not saying stop replying too Dingles and stop commenting on how players perform but think, is it really necessary too slag a player after two games into the season when in his first match he played well, before putting it in print?

Anyway I solemnly swear too try harder, not solemnly not too swear, just try harder.


Kev the Rev in LA


Not 2 bad on mistakes there, ony missed a "be" out and probably added a few 2 many o's.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Thanks Kev.. I don't need to tell you how hard I find it to do what I'm putting forward here Like I say I hate to see people who's posts I don't always agree with but fully respect, tearing each other to pieces.

It would be great to get back to talking football and having a laugh. Let's get the war time spirit back as Cyril would say, we're in this together.

Hope all is as well as can be with you and your family mate.

The Real Bully Hoo.



You've got the wrong bloke, I never pick people up on spelling (unless there' a joke in it) I think it's The Real Netherton Baggie you're thinking of. He's my tribute act and sits next to me at games, hi TRNB if you're out there.

Kev the Rev in LA


No It wasn't directed at you, it was for general consumption as there has been a few comments, including, I must add, a very good friend of mine, who of late has shown more of her domineering side, ar'dunno may be she always had dreams of becoming a headmistress with a cane.

I know when it comes 2 (that's betta) English I'm a bit thick but It seems like I'm slightly dyslectic, anyway it dow marra everybody know I'm an uncouth individual, ay that wright Mboy?


The Real Bully Hoo.


Don't run yourself down mate, that's our job.

Danish Baggie

SurreyBaggie & Bully.

Thanks for putting words on my thoughts.



There is no need to tear strips of each other, just take the p**, out of the little bully, as he says "I give Back, (What kind of threat is that, "I give back", now that is a warning from a 8 year old , how ever this creature is a retired pensioner) lol, he is proper illiterate, look at his name, it cant string sentence together, makes a jibe and legs it, attacks people that bite, but not ones that basically tell him to rack off, for eg, Rocket gets him to biting point in like 1 second, he wont reply to me , because he knows what he did to Cyrill, and that he knows , that I know he is a James, and is a complete Walter Mitty. a most horrible little man, but funny, as I just laff at him, in pity with his best mate Eldivvy, lol. A total embarrassment to Proper Wolves fans they have stated so. It is Nick.Hare 1, remember him, always trying to be pally pally, but soon got fed up, when people shunned him, returned as Egg-bound, made him self look a silly billy, pretending to be a Baggie, got found out, and now is a Wolves fan, or is he, I don't know what is agenda is, but his name is illiterate, proper thick. Take it for what it is, a clown , lol.