Albion sign Portugal's Silvestre Varela

West Brom have signed FC Porto winger Silvestre Varela on a season-long loan.

Republic of Ireland's Stephen Ward (17) passes the ball as Portugal's Silvestre Varela defends

The 29-year-old Portugal international passed a medical this afternoon and has become the Baggies’ 10th summer signing.

Varela has 26 full caps for his country and played at this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, scoring in their 2-2 draw with the USA.

The 5ft 11in tall wideman has played more than 100 times for Porto after starting his career with Sporting Lisbon.

He spent a season on loan at Recreativo in Spain but has spent the rest of his career in Portugal.

He is primarily a right winger but can also operate on the left and boasts 30 goals in 115 starts in the Portuguese top flight.

Head coach Alan Irvine said: “Silvestre is a vastly-experienced player, both with Porto and his national team, and I’m delighted we’ve managed to secure his services.

“He’s got pace and power, gets his fair share of goals and is also a creator of chances for others.

“He’s a fantastic addition to our squad.”

In 2010/11 Varela scored 10 goals in 26 league appearances under then-manager Andre Villas Boas to help secure the first of three successive titles and he boasts Champions League experience as well as a Europa League winner’s medal.

To see a video showing Varela's skills and previous goals, see our previous story here.

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Comments for: "Albion sign Portugal's Silvestre Varela"

Danish Baggie

I tell you what. The future is bright. Love it :-)

CantelloRocket 78


I tell you what - if anyone missed the World Cup Finals this Summer, they can catch most of the players appearing at The Hawthorns this Autumn.......;-)

Jack the Hat

Danish, Cantello,

I'll tell you what, you are both right.


Adam H

Agreed Mr Danish.

1 more now and we are done.

youngand hungry

what a pity you never go to see them , same a jack the hat and a few others on here .

The Real Bully Hoo.


Back of the net.

Welcome to the Shrine Sylvestre.


Sounds good .never known us to sign so many players.


We can soon get back to our song " pride of the midlands we know what we are "


Tamworth baggies

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

Pleased to hear we have signed a wide player with his great experience should at last give us the forward service although be it on loan, when all these new players Gell together their is no reason why we should not finish at least halfway up the table. The good thing is at least this season I believe we could be looking forward to exciting times so come on you "Baggie fans" we must get behind the team and wish them all the best.

Jack the Hat

30 goals in 115 top flight matches is immense for a wide-man. Another super world cup payer added to our squad. Just waiting for the back-biters to say sorry to Jeremy Peace and Alan Irvine, ready when you are.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Danish Baggie


There's been a few sort of saying sorry, but still a lot missing.

" we are only gonna sign a few worthless players on deadline day " " we are the laughing stock " " Thanks for nothing J P, and bye bye "

I could go on and on.

Still a long way to go, but surely we are better off than last season.

Web Storm Baloni


Alan Irvine is a genius- pure and simple...

So thats why we played Porto in the pre-season...

Silvestre Varela welcome to the Baggies...

dybl, gl...

CantelloRocket 78


yer bang on the money, mate-

Varela wasn't on the pitch, or even on the bench when we played Porto the other week-

as he came out the dressing room, he was craftily directed away to JP's office.........:-)

Web Storm Baloni


Classic, mate...

youngand hungry

why , so he could see the players that they left behind ?



welcome sir.......welcome

does anyone know if he's signed in time to play Tuesday??? or will it be too soon??


Jack the Hat


Maybe the cup match is too soon for Silvestre Varela's paperwork to be cleared because it is bank holiday and staff anywhere are thin on the ground mate. All our newbies should play in the cup if fit to push them on towards top fitness / sharp mode.

Water under the bridge is what we require now.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Andy.

I'd have though Tuesday would be ideal to give Sess a bit of time on the pitch.


Yep.......with the instruction to run them ragged!!


Good evening Andy,

Not sure if he will be available to play on Tuesday Andy but what a signing! Somebody pinch me I think I'm dreaming, is that a full team of 11 new players now?

Thanks JP you have done us proud!

All the best mate.

Regards, JA.


Hi mate,

I guess Tuesday is going to be more interesting now....and a bigger crowd maybe as the amount of new signings to be unveiled and get a home debut.....when JP said he / the club would not make the same mistakes as last season.....and that the club would reconnect with the fans I was pleased but also a little sceptical (PR etc).....but boy he's going about it the right way....and as I was also underwhelmed about AI's appointment.....looks like I may have got that one wrong as well......

and the really nice thing is we are doing all the signings....changes to the club infrastructure using only the money we massive loans against future earnings....nothing to jeopardise the clubs future....

the evolution might have gathered pace but it's still being done in the right way for me.....


Jack the Hat

My ' Blinking L ' key has let me down again, meant player.


youngand hungry

its probably fell down your armchair jack .

gorra loff ay ya

Captain Mardon International

That's excellent news for us, and comes at the right time too. We have Brown on the pitch now so a tricky winger will make the chances that we have lacked so far this season. Hopefully he will get a few too.

Well done JP and TB.

Albion til I die!

Medway Baggie

Welcome Silvestre, our tenth signing. Look forward to seeing you play.

As an aside I see the "mighty Sunderland" (trolls wording) held Man Utd to a draw.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

The Real Bully Hoo.

Don't worry Medway, they'll come on here telling you that United are rubbish. Irony isn't in their dictionary.


Looks like the jigsaw puzzle is almost complete. Excellent signing. Can't wait to see who we sign next to complete our business for the summer.


Jack the Hat

Hope all the Dog-Heads are eating their hearts out at all this talent Albion have signed, 10 fact. I'm trying not to snigger but it is very hard. Does anyone know if there is a new addition to there bomb squad yet? being as Wardy has left it for the Premiership. They are twenty years behind our club at least but thaimabiggaclubthunwe ay um?.

Gorra loff ay ya.



Welcome to the Baggie's Silvestre. A great addition to what is forming into a good squad of players.

All the best in your time here.

COYB Boing Boing.


Wow, on the face of it this looks like a fantastic bit of business on behalf of the club. A really exciting signing and just what we need.


Brilliant news another decent signing " even though a loan " we must give credit to JP as he appears to be keeping his word following his June statement. Well done to the recruitment team again for sterling work.

I am so looking forward to getting the full team fit and working together because we are a very different side and unit than last year, we will have pace and height at the front, width and attacking defenders with a solid midfield. If we look at this time last year lost opening game to a soft penalty and a decent away draw against the toffees we have had a better start with a new unit and although not won yet not lost either, I believe the first league win is not far away and with players getting fit and returning from injury I feel we will be a side to be reckoned with.


Tamworth baggies

glassboy baggy

Looks like West Ham , Hull and Stoke have realised they can't compete with the pride of the midlands . Welcome Silvestre give em hell . Boing Boing.

Web Storm Baloni

Georgio Samaras and now Sylvestre Varela...

Along with Brown Ideye, and Saido Berahino...

Its like Christmas already...

dybl, gl...


I am getting too excited nearly offered the Mrs an early night !! got to get a grip, well done to the recruitment team again.


Tamworth baggies


The creative spark that we need and someone that can supply Ideye. Great goal ratio for a winger and hopefully another signing to come. Things are looking up.


Welcome Silvestre Varela Boing Boing!!!

Well we have had a BOSTIN transfer window this year if everyone plays to their potential we will be much stronger this year, I feel really happy for Irvine after the reception he got when he took over as HC and I'm really looking forward to the season under his stewardship.

I'd also like to thank JP for sticking to his word hopefully we can all now move onward and upward WKWWA


The Real Bully Hoo.

Well said Droitwich on thanking JP. A few others should be apologising to him but I won't hold my breath.


TRBH me neither, but I tell you somthing I can't wait for Tuesday Night now Boing Boing!!!

CantelloRocket 78


I remember when it was announced that Alan Irvine was to be our new Head Coach - a couple of guys posted on here ' we've got NO CHANCE of attracting anybody decent with him in charge..... '-

I can't remember off-hand who they were, but I doubt if they'll now come forward to remind us......LOL!!



Please see my post of 8.34pm

"Another positive signing !

I could have been hasty in my judgement of the club's attitude and management structure"


It was the same dingles with few reinforcements.

Alan who, ? no body will sign,


JP is selling the club.


Billy Jones was the best right back ever


Rats leaving a sinking ship.


Our rivals .

Wrong that is Villa

They will not eat humble pie, in denial, as it unfolds right before there eyes. Lol,

The only thing they can come up with is , 50 years ago, who cares. We are EPL. Boing boing

Captain Mardon International

I was one of the many who was against Alan Irvine being appointed head coach. I also said we would struggle to sign players of high calibre. I admit I am wrong on the second point.

It's all down to Alan Irvine now and I really hope he can make things happen for us.

CantelloRocket 78


don't worry mate, I know you personally, you're as honest as the day's long, you don't need to take Sunday confession - but the biggest critics are usually nowhere to be seen when the time arrives to eat their words-

Alan Irvine still has to prove to the football world that he's got the ability to shape this squad - it's looking promising, yet only time will tell - but The Chairman's taken massive stick, including vile abuse on social network sites, so it's about time the guy was given a little praise for his efforts - there's not many who can bring in a whole team's worth of quality players whilst still balancing the books, and keeping the club solid-

after all, credit where credit's due.....

youngand hungry

mardy don't worry , your not being called before the committee , well done , you have owned up , thing is though you not still won a game , so you may well have been right , bet the committee don't admit they was wrong when hes sacked .


Thing is, YAH, WBA have played TWO games and drawn two. I understand it's hard for you to remember that - teams like yourself in the lower leagues do play more after all. Enjoy those massive victories against a struggling Fulham and a fluke-own goal winner.

How did you do in the cup again?

We Only Need One Half!

Or SPT, you could say we are unbeaten this season.

Just saying like.

CantelloRocket 78


well we sure ain't lost to Rotherham or Northampton so

youngand hungry

thing is banana`s in pyjamas you have played 2 teams that will be fighting relegation with you and you cant beat them ,


Don't say that Bully, we will be called blinkered happy clappers, rosetinted specs, comittee etc, all because we had bit of belief. So far Ai has attracted some excellent signings. Just get this team to gel. Boing boing


Am I reading this correctly? This isn't too shabby is it now? I hope he is as good for us as he has been for Porto and Portugal. Pacy winger who can score goals, If he can deliver a decent cross as well he is the perfect signing for us. I wonder if due to his age Porto might be willing to sell him on at the end of the season? If he does well I hope so. You're right Danish, if the team adds up to the sum of it's parts this season, the future is bright.

Boing Boing


And above man ure,also 2nd top scorer in the EPL.

gene o pittsburgh

One thing I clearly remember about this guy was even before he scored late equalizer against USA,put in a shift when other Portuguese players were hanging their heads, can't wait for his arrival at The Albion


Put a shift in ??? do you "clearly remember" he only came on as sub with about 20 mins left.

Baggies, don't you just love 'em.

CantelloRocket 78

Benny of Benidorm,

you obviously do love the Baggies, as you're camped out on our site day and night-

while you're here, you'll have to enlighten us on this emotion known as 'envy', as you appear to be quite an authority on the subject.......

The Real Bully Hoo.


This is the bloke that said to Capey (who had posted once on their site.)

"You been round at Jack's again Crapey, sniffing the mercury ?

Seriously mate you need to get some help owd son."

What a pluke.


Bully , rocket

I only posted to ask why dungerRHYSwwfc. Had foraged over here spouted some negative drivel, then went on there site and said that Wolves were doomed, and then went really quite, when our signings started coming in. Buxtonian went into meltdown. All I was going to ask Bux and DungaRHYS was, after Buxy had got moxy to slap all the dingles in the face, his words, I was only asking would their fans consider having the Bhatti Bros or Sammy Chung, back, cos its gonna go downhill from here for them. Quite innocent really. But it didn't go down to well? Boing boing. Lol

Whitmore reans Baggie

Eljerko your right !!!! What's not to love? Anyway I'm off to get a bottle of milk from asda and have a laugh out load at Morgans folly COYB


Oh dear, eldivvy this is the Albion page?


Agree with all the posts here , I am really impressed with the squad we have assembled.Was worried at start of transfer window but JP has surpassed my expectations . If they gel , we should have a great season .Come on AI , now to earn your corn and get the best out of this impressive squad.


One of the most positive starts to a season I can remember since the 70's, no arguments on speculating to accumulating this season.... Great selection of players I'm sure are hungry for more than survival in the Premiership.... Be nice to hold mid-table by Xmas then push on as the team gels in to the New Year... I doff my hat to all at WBA involved in bringing these world class players to our humble club.... ATiD


I take it you don't mean the results or performances on the pitch.



You're not liking us signing players r u?, does it hurt

Quinton Baggie

By the positivity on this story I take it he is half decent? I cannot remember such transfer activity. Come on you Baggiessssss


Another positive signing !

I could have been hasty in my judgement of the club's attitude and management structure





Another cracking signing! Well done AI and JP! You have kept your promise and put your money where your mouth is.

I am so happy that we now have a squad capable of keeping us in the Premiership again.

COYB get them all fit and gel them together, I am so excited for our future and can't wait for us to play the Wolves again.

Bring it on it will be another 5-1 AT LEAST!

I am so pleased that I renewed my season ticket when times were hard, because the future now looks bright, yes it's blue and white!

Boing! Boing!!


Hi all now not being one to crow - well not too often BUT I have often said trust the people in charge at our club - they play their cards closely to their chests and get the business done for the good of the club

Now, I also am not one for counting my chickens before they are hatched but if all goes well we should have a good season and at least see some football played

Remember , we know who we are AND we know where we want to be too

I make a prediction now ( unlike me I know) Alan Irvine will prove to be the best purchase by this club this season and for a long while too - you doubters out there - prepare to eat your words AND be sufficiently humble to accept you were wrong - once of course it has been proven you are

C'Mon you Baggie - Onwards and Upwards

Danish Baggie

You could be right about A I. Long way to go, but we looked very organized v S'ton.

louisville baggie

Welcome Silvestre Varela. Hope he's match fit and we don't have to wait for work papers and visa's !

Thank you J.P. You said you would put things right after last year. You have.!

A.I. this is the best squad at the hawthorns since 1978. Now go coach.!

youngand hungry

but you not won a game yet .


We've not lost either

Adam H



Still illiterate? Still only signed two freebies? Still struggling to find £1.5m for our rejects? Still stuck with players on huge wages you can't sell or pay-off? Still facing FFFP punishment if you don't get promoted this season? Still only beaten a side who's lost 4 on the trot and another with a fluke own-goal? Still struggling to come up with reasons why you're still relevant despite being out of the Premier League for 3 seasons? Still jealous of WBA signing established internationals, most of whom played in the World Cup? Still obsessed with WBA?

Thought so. Poor kid.

We Only Need One Half!

Lol @ SPT, blimey, bit harsh werent it mate, lolol.

youngand hungry

here we go with the name calling , are you going to start crying to the mods when I give it you back ?

Bill of Bilston

Ya doe arf sowened daft ynh, bit loike ya still gotta pie n pint stuck in ya gob - trouble with ya digestive system ?

Tipton n Dudley mob 1969-83, the Midlands finest

youngand hungry

and what did the 78 squad win ?

Owdand Stodged

We did finish 3rd in the top flight and get to the FA Cup Semi Final, but alas didn't win anything (except for a lot of respect for having a fantastic attacking team). And as I previously mentioned we didn't win the Sherpa Van Trophy.

youngand hungry

I rest my case ?

Woodman Corner Jake

This Silvestre looks to be the real McCoy (older readers will get it)!

Seriously though, this squad being assembled is arguably the strongest we've had since the heyday of Big Ron.

Perhaps one more fox-in-the-box type striker would just complete things.

youngand hungry

but they are giving him away , for nowt , the alarm bells are ringing , can`t wait for this to go belly up .


The only chance you lot have of attracting a player of this quality is on Championship Manager.

CantelloRocket 78

Mom! Mom!

Tell 'em Mom!!

Them nasty Baggies am bein' not very nice to me Mom - they not like my wulfs mom, them am gettin' all new players, mom - it not fair mom.....

Bawwwwllllll!! bawwwwwlll!!

I want me teddy bear hoo, boo hoo........sniff, sniff......

Adam H

Well said pal lmao

Bill of Bilston

Ar ma mon, ya dae arf mek im loike a roight babee.

Tipton n Dudley mob 69 - 82, Black Country's finest


The players we're getting for "nowt" are world cup stars.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Glad you put the "nowt" in inverted commas Tom, the plonker wouldn't understand but a loan at the level we're at isn't like borrowing your mate's bike or somebody from a Championship side's reserves like they do. It will cost a lot of money.


Morning Bully,

I still laugh when some people moan about loans / free's etc.....just because a player is free doesn't mean they're poor.....and loan players have that incentive to do well (Sinclair apart maybe)......we'll pay his wages so as you say it still costs money...

but as I've said before....the best pint is always free


Woodman Corner Jake

Yah......jealousy and envy are difficult traits to deal with; I sympathise.

A friend of mine was a theatrical impresario in the eighties and wanted to bring a production of Jesus Christ, Superstar to Wolverhampton....he'd booked the Wulfrun Hall. Sadly he had to pull the plug as he simply couldn't find 3 wise men in the town....let-alone a virgin!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yeah but on the bright side the stable was overflowing with donkeys.


What a difference 72 hours makes all the whingeing when we signed one world cup player. Now we are all elated by signing another. I saw Varela play for Porto last year whilst I was in Portugal, he looked a little bit special so lets hope he brings some of his magic with him.

Who ever thought we would have three world cup stars fighting to get into our team and not one of them guaranteed a place. The Villa fans must be wondering what has happened no money and not many good players, I have hardly seen any Villa shirts in Lichfield which is supposed to be a Villa stronghold. Fickle.

So all you Baggie fans out there onwards and upwards lets get the points to be safe by Christmas.

Boing Boing.


Twelve months ago as the transfer deadline closed I posted a blog saying how underwhelmed I was with the signings and for the first time in his tenure I seriously wondered what JPs intentions were and thought that on this occasion he had let the supporters down and I I feared he had pushed his luck to far.

Fortunately we just about got away with it, initially the appointment of AL did little to restore our faith as he appeared to be the cheap option to most of us, it would appear that he was just part of a jig saw puzzle that was being assembled.

So credit where credit is due JP has appeared to have looked at last season and learned from the lessons, even though we are just starting into a new season it would appear that the structure of the club has been addressed and from this an influx of not only new players has been forthcoming but not only are they new they are players of international pedigree.

It remains to be seen whether it will all work out but there appears to be a unity about the club throughout which was missing last season and if at the end of the season it hasn't worked then for me none of us will be in a position to say that it wasn't for the want of trying.

Welcome to our new signing here's hoping that good times lie ahead ,I think that may will be it now but I wouldn't rule out one more surprise but it may be at the expense of one of our existing players


Andy get over it, yowm still here m8, that name WBA , will be here long after we are gone, underwhelmed, overwhelmed, whatever, always proud to be a baggie, boing boing

The View From Baggy Bottom

Hi AndyL,

you were far from being on your own if you were underwhelmed at the appointment of AI. As a first step towards turning the club around after the near disaster of last season it was, to say the least, perplexing. I was totally deflated by the appointment and I am not normally given to expressing negative thoughts about Albion on these boards, but I couldn't summon up any enthusiasm for it at all.

Having seen him in action I am more relaxed about the appointment now as he is obviously a very capable coach, well respected and a thoughoughly nice and honest bloke. Only time will tell if he can handle the pressure of the dug-out and make the right decisions at the right time to get the results in the pressure cooker atmosphere of a match situation. He seems cool under pressure and he has good support from his deputies and, of course, he has the support of most of the fans. But, we all know how quickly things can change if a couple of results go against us and that's when we'll truly see what he's made of.

He's been given a great opportunity by Albion and a squad that most managers can only dream of, please God he grasps that opportunity with both hands and becomes a Baggies legend. Nobody would be more pleased than me to see him EARN a six year contract.



Just gets better with time. A top squad, come on Albion. Get in. oooooosh!

We Only Need One Half!

Bloody hell another one I will have to hear the announcer pronounce before I get it right!

Mind you, if he's been playing in the Porto squad that came to ours the other week, has to be a good thing, because they totally outclassed us, although to be fair I dont expect the Albion team that played that day to resemble anything like the one that will be playing within a matter of weeks.

Well Tom Ross, that's two, wonder if you will be bang on the money and we get the third one before the window shuts???

p.s. who would have thought two games in Irvine would be doubling Van Gaals points total, and after he did ever so well in those pre season friendlies?

p.p.s. Can I get Stoke in as a early nomination for relegation, please!

The Real Bully Hoo.


Couldn't believe that the loathesome g*ts fluked a point yesterday with yet another unbelievable decision. As the commentator said, "I'm 60 yards away and I clearly saw the deflection, there are 4 officials within 30 yards and none of them did." I know it's probably a vanity thing but isn't it time most of our officials went to Specsavers.

CantelloRocket 78


the ball bounced heavily off that Stoke player before going out of play, he then instantly put his head down and walked away, knowing it was Hull's throw-

giving the decision to Stoke lead to their goal, after Hull had battled heroically for over an hour with 10 men to keep a clean sheet-

and these officials are in charge of a high profile game, watched by millions around the world, with a billion pound turn over, yet they show themselves to be bumbling incompetents, just disgraceful.

We Only Need One Half!

Alrite Bully, yeah dont know if the Stokies are doing some sort of Vulcan mind trick on official's, but something is amiss (remember Mulumbu's nailed on penalty that was denied us last season, and I think there were at least 3 other incidents over the season where they picked up points from dodgy decisions?) but they certainly seem to get the rub of the green so to speak, more so than most.

To be honest, I had said to the boy last season I expected them to be contenders for the drop, but as it turned out it was there best Prem season every (so much for the Pulis legend???)

Incidentally, anyone else noted S.C. is one of the favourites to take over from Pulis. I hope he doesn't, from there two games so far, (admittedly only seeing highlights) I think he would be taking on a right basket case.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good evening WONOH.

One that stuck in my mind last season was that they got a penalty against Arsenal of all people when the ball bounced up onto Koscelny's arm and he didn't even see it and had no chance of moving it.

Against us Koscelny bundles Long from under the ball in the area and we get nothing. What are we doing wrong, is it the brown envelope in the ref's dressing room we're forgetting?


so far 11 players out and 10 good looking new players in. if we can only have one more new signing do we want a left sided out and out pacy winger to back up sivestre valera, or do we require another holding midfield player to back up mulumbu.surely the answer is if you are considering selling yakob can we have both please alan and mr peace , i believe these last two signings may mean the difference between finishing eleventh and fifteenth lets push the boat out and give it a go .surely we can then take the two cup competitions a little more seriously than we have the last few seasons boing boing coyb

Baggie 68

Young and Hungry or should it be Young and Angry. Just remind the Baggies fans how many World Cup Players the Massive Championship Wolves have got in their team 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or NONE, waiting for your answer when Mommy has stopped feeding you

C'mon you Baggies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danish Baggie

Any news on Poco and Victor's injuries ?

Danish Baggie

Can anyone enlighten about the song about A I ? Sure I heard something on telly.

Danish Baggie

Furthermore a big well done to the staff, for not letting other Clubs have a sniff at this one.

Danish Baggie

And finaly, just in. Welcome home Big Dave

CantelloRocket 78


Well I'll be darned, never knew Big Dave was Danish - does he live next door, mate......?? Lol ;-)

Danish Baggie

Yep, he's a local lad from Aarhus. Easy to hear from the accent. :-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well said Danish.

He is a genuinely good bloke and can only have a good effect on the youngsters but apart from that, it just seems right that he should be at the Albion doesn't it?


On your aerlier post I also totally agree and there seems to be a deathly silence.

Danish Baggie

Silence or maybe " I could have been hasty in my judgement " sort of eating humble pie. But hey, better that nothing I guess.

I wasent impressed with the appointment of A I, but stayed positive. Still am.


Morning mate,

welcome home indeed mate.....just read his article on the club website.....his goal against palace, obviously, will always make us smile...but his performance away...Watford??....when he was basically a one man back 4 / wall / line was immense.....he's a great role model for the academy kids and those out on loan....

if this us our last signing of the window.....mate it's raining but somehow sunny...

hope you are well


Danish Baggie

Morning Andy.

All well in Denmark thanks.


What a headache Alan Irvine will have very soon with the squad our backroom team have been building. A few weeks ago fans were posting that we were running out of time to get new players in, AND when are we going actually spend some money to improve the squad ? I think those doubters have their answer now,( oh ye of little faith ), and we may not have finished our recruitment yet.

Tuesday night is an ideal opportunity to give some of the newcomers a chance to show what they can do. Varela might not have been signed in time, but the likes of Davidson and hopefully Gamboa/ Samaras can make their home debuts, and maybe a couple of our younger players as well. I'm certain AI has it all in hand, and I would like to congratulate him on the professional way he has begun his Baggies career. Keep up the good work and prove the doubters wrong.


The View From Baggy Bottom

Wow, has it really only been twelve weeks since last season finished in total chaos?

Who'd have thought that in just a few short weeks we could have totally transformed our squad from a divided, in fighting, shambolic, disheartened rabble, into a lean, mean fighting machine squad of genuine quality full of International stars.

It's not just that these players are internationals from around the world that impresses me, it's the fact that they seem to be exactly the types of players that suit Albion and the ethos of the club. I don't see any prima donna's here, just hard working, professionals with talent and the right attitude. I am very, very impressed.

As regards perhaps one more signing. A few days ago I mentioned that I would like to see one top class wide man with pace come in, who was capable of switching wings to change the anlge of attack, rather than two wingers. It looks like I have got my wish with the signing of Varela. With the other players we have signed so far I think we have plenty of wide options now, when you take into account the pace of our new full backs / wing backs. Personally, I think our defencive and attacking options are plentiful now, so if we could get just one more player in, I would like to see another midfield meastro capable of linking play and the vision to split a defence with a telling pass.

Another quality signing in midfield would be my choice, but to be honest, if we didn't sign another player in this window, I would still be more than happy with the business done to date.



CantelloRocket 78


good morning, my friend-

yes, the Baggies have targeted one more key figure to complete the set up-

word has it that, after your description of our squad as a lean, mean machine, we're about to sign up George ;-)

Have a good Bank Holiday, mate.


Hi mate,

we'd sign Foreman.......staffs town would sign Formby!!!.....

although they'd never be able to sing about it turning out nice again.......and I could tell them were to stick their Blackpool rock!!!!

I'll get my coat

The Real Bully Hoo.

If he signed for them though Andy, he'd have to ditch his 'turned out nice again,' catch phrase.

CantelloRocket 78

One thing that may have been overlooked about Varela-

he can 'officially' play on the right or left wing, yes, but it seems he's almost 6 foot tall, so some of his best goals have been scored with headers and powerful shots directly in front of goal, meaning he can also fit in as a striker during games - useful flexibility whenever the wing-backs are bombing forward, or on set pieces.......


1. Tim Sherwood turns down Crystal Palace, who does this bloke think he is????

2. Welcome home Big Dave.

3. Is young and hungry just a description of anybody from wolverhampton under 30?.

Max Wall Heath Baggie

I see the Happy clappers are out in force. I have never read so much rubbish in my life.

Irvine is a genius is he ? time will tell as it will

with all these new players.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Max.

I'm one of your happy clappers and I've never song AI's praises, I've just said we should at least give him a chance. That's all I'm still saying, unfortunately the ones who gave him a hard time from the start may be proved wrong Would it have hurt them so much to cut him and the chairman a bit of slack.

The View From Baggy Bottom


I'm guessing I'm another of your happy clappers because I've expressed my satisfaction at the efforts of the club to improve the playing staff. I assume you are reserving your judgment, which is fair enough, it's just a pity that it comes across as you hoping that they all fail so that you can say,"I told you so".

As for AI, only one poster has said, (tongue in cheek I think), that he is a genius. If you have read all of the posts on this thread I think you'll find that most people who refer to AI at all, do so in terms of hope rather than certainty. Most of us wish him well because if he succeeds, so do the team we support. You will also find a post from AndyL and a reply from me,(a happy clapper), expressing our initial reservations about the appointment and also the hope that he can prove us wrong in our original perceptions.

I don't mind you sneering at me or anyone who has something positive to say. There are many different types of people in the world and I know which type I would rather be. You wollow in your negativity if you like. Enjoy.

Oh happy Iday.....Oh happy Iday, When Bobby scored, he wiped our tears away, oh happy Iday, clap clap clap


We Only Need One Half!

Alrite me brethren, ditto what Bully said.

All we are saying is, is give Al a chance!

Danish Baggie

One poster used that .word, genius Max. One poster.

I'll judge him in due time, and untill then just say our signings looks very good, ( far better that what went the other way ) and we look much more orginised than a few month back.

Call me a happy clapper if you like. Thats more fun than being misserable and negative Max. Boing Boing :-)


I was one of the doom and gloom merchants a couple of months ago . and I must admit I am surprised at how few there now appears to have been. but that aside credit where credits due from jp to ai and all the backroom staff, everyone has done a sterling job. varela is a real top class player and like everyone is saying he can score as well. bobby looked good on sat and I,m sure once he gets his first the flood gates will open. anyway confession time is over so I,m off to put the 1-5 game on . could do with a laugh. boing boing


I can't help but be very impressed with the recruitment we have done. A big well done to JP, TP and AI. Mr Peace said he'd put things right and I have to take my hat off to him. Once this team has gelled we'll have a good season. No reason why we can't get a top half finish. COYB!!!!!


This is a good signing on paper. Unfortunately, football isn't played on paper. I hope that he does well, just like that I hoped that Scott Sinclair would do well last season.


There's just no pleasing some folk is there.? For god's sake why don't all the whiners and doubters start posting on the Wulfies site, you might find a lot in common with them. The only difference is that their chairman won't try to improve their club, ours does and has done all through this summer break, and is still doing so, right up to the end of the transfer window.

It's about time that all of last season's shortcomings were forgotten, we are in a new season and still in the Prem. We are on a brand new journey with new men in charge of the team, and indeed a much changed team into the bargain. Instead of moaning and groaning that we haven't gone out and bought players costing us several millions, sit back and give the players we have signed a chance to prove themselves. We have signed quite a few players who played in the World Cup but still people aren't satisfied with that. And so the negativity goes on. When will the doubters be satisfied ? If we were top of the league they would moan that we weren't enough points in front. Get a grip you moaners, give the club a chance to show what it can do, and be more positive, it might just make you better people.


CantelloRocket 78


some years ago, Villa were lying 2nd in the top flight, yet I heard one of their fans on the Tom Ross radio show, moaning and whinging on the phone.

Tom - a known Blues fan - was quickly losing his temper, and blurted out 'what's wrong with you, man?? My club are near bottom, yours are almost top, whaddya moaning about???'-

He replied - ' yeah Tom, but the football's boring, and we need a new left-back, and our midfield's not wha.....'-

Tom finally snapped, just about stopped himself calling the guy something not very family-friendly, and cut him off.

It may have been a fan from another club, but believe me, the Baggies have more than their fair share of the same kind of negative Nobby's.

But I won't bother to interfere, because I believe the one thing they enjoy is the thought of impending disaster.......


We are currently 1 point down against last year's corresponding fixtures. I will attempt to carry this on for the season, replacing Norwich with Leicester, Cardiff with Burnley and Fulham with QPR. I hope that we get "in credit" soon and have a successful season.

We Only Need One Half!

Alrite Mboy, thats fair enough, but when S.C. got the results he did at start of last season, you still maintained it was relegation form, using a similar system I said it wasn't, and it wasn't though, was it?

p.s. Although your system has merit, remember variables like Di Canio's Sunderland to Poyet's version, they are two massively different teams (although it could be argued so are Koeman's and Pochettino's Southampton, pays your money and takes your chances)


I trust what you say, WONOH, but even if it wasn't relegation form at that time under SC, it was certainly poor and unacceptable - good job there were 3 worse teams than us last season!!

It was funny that when Sky interviewed SC on Sunday, they put up a graphic showing what we achieved in the 24 games after he left us. They conveniently "forgot" to show the one of what we achieved in the 38 games before!!

As for my system, it's already been used in the media to "prove" that Van Gaal is doing worse than Moyes as Man U won the corresponding matches last season!!

We Only Need One Half!

Hi again, oh it was a poor run, I would be a fool to try and deny it wasn't, I just dont believe it was a disastrous run, and when someone has achieved good things, like he had the previous season, I believe they earn a little bit of slack, a bit more faith, as they have shown they have the capability. For example, what would S.C. have done if he had been backed like Al has? we will never know, other than to wait and see what he does at a similar funded club.

Interesting about the Sky thing, I hadn't seen that.


Not a bad scoring record for a wide man either.