Video: Wolves players take the ice bucket challenge

It's the craze that's sent a chill through the internet, and now Wolves players have had their turn playing it cool with the ice bucket challenge.

2014-08-21 17_44_59-(99) Danny Batth
Carl Ikeme and Danny Batth take the plunge

Carl Ikeme, Danny Batth and Richard Stearman are all caught on camera getting a chilly reception, moments after nominating fellow players

It is a phenomenon that is sweeping the planet, taking in some of the world’s biggest celebrities along the way.

David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears and last weekend’s V-Festival headliner Justin Timberlake are among those who have been filmed undergoing the ordeal, in return for a donation to charity.

This afternoon, Danny Batth shared his hilarious video on Facebook and tweeted that it would raise money for the ALS Association. The video may take a second to load.



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Comments for: "Video: Wolves players take the ice bucket challenge"



Hope that all of these well paid individuals have made a donation that reflects their financial good fortune.

I'd hate to think that anyone was doing this as some shallow way to gain some Z-list publicity.

Silver Wolf

Imagine the shock to the system. Have there been any fatalities from this crazy craze, yet?