Video: Steve Bull discusses Joleon Lescott's move to West Brom

Wolves legend Steve Bull today insisted Joleon Lescott will be a “world class” signing for Albion.

Lescott shocked Wolves fans when he agreed to cross the Black Country divide and sign for the Baggies last week on a two-year deal.

It’s a journey Bully made himself but in the other direction in 1986 when he left The Hawthorns to become a hero at Molineux.

And the 48-year-old former striker believes centre-back Lescott, 31, who left Wolves for spells with Everton and Manchester City eight years ago, can do the same.

“He’s a tremendous signing for West Brom – I think Joleon is world class,” said Bull.

“He did tremendously well for Manchester City without getting the chances he thought he was going to get.

“But when he stepped in he did well and I think he will do a brilliant job for Albion.”

Bully also believes Lescott should be welcomed back to Molineux if he returns as an Albion player.

“If he ever comes back to Wolves, he should be cheered as much as possible because he hasn’t done anything wrong and he played very well for Wolves,” he said.

“Going to West Brom is another thing because everyone in Wolverhampton will want to boo him!

“I’m just hoping he’s not there when we next play them!

“But I think the hatred has gone out of the window – it’s just good banter.

“Fair play to Joleon, he must have thought long and hard about where he was going to go and as a footballer, you just want to play.

“And if they were the only club that made him an offer then he’s a local lad and he got the chance to come back to the area.”

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Comments for: "Video: Steve Bull discusses Joleon Lescott's move to West Brom"


No matter who left Wolves for Albion, I would never boo them. Especially not Joleon after the tremendous service he gave us, man of the match almost every week, after all its his job and he as got to go to where he thinks its best for him and he's from the area, very good signing for the Albion the fans will love him. COMEON WOLVES.

chris h

Mardy like you I would never boo them, and especially not Joleon. I am pig sick that he plays for them and not us anymore but it was great that we did have some decent seasons from him with many fine performances. I especially remember his towering performance at the Cardiff play off final, and him swinging on the cross bar at the end. He was probably carrying on playing with his knee injury at the time, risking his career at a very early stage. I remember the first time I saw him was in a youth cup game at the Baseball Ground. It was so obvious he was something special. In his early days I remember a couple of times I counted some criticsm of one of his rare mistakes from fellow Wolves' fans by saying to them ' can't you see one day he will play for England'. So it was great to see he did make the England team. I went to Wembley when England beat the then World Champions, Spain and Jo gave a wonderful performance against the very best. As Tim Nash said on twitter, Lescott was the best left sided defender I have seen play for the Wolves.


Mr bull please stick to what you know best scoring goals in the lower leagues

Talkin premier league here

Something you wouldn't know anythin about


Bitter and twisted... Is it nice in your world??

One day you will post something that resembles something sensible!!!


Jack the Hat


I agree and for the life of me I can't comprehend why Joleon wasn't called up for world cup duty. He certainly is a marque signing for us BAGGIES. I don't remember you being hated by us BAGGIES and the banter with your good self is always fun.

So kep aert thossroad wo ya, espeshully ef et is yower tat cart approwchen un all th best mo mon.


We're playing the baggies next season...

Is that scoring goals in the lower leagues 52 one season and 50 the next and scoring goals at international level for England WBA??

Stick to what you know about WBA bouncing up and down on a terrace singing a non sensical song and breeding with your sister!!



Fair comment on Lescott being a good signing for the Baggies and him being an ex wolves player. But that was eight years ago he's played for two other clubs since then its not like he signed for the Baggies straight from wolves. There has been a lot of water under the bridge so to speek.


chris h

Colin, Jo was a big player for us. Certainly when I left Cardiff on that wonderful sunny May evening, when we had regained our place in the top tier for the first time in 19 years, I dreamed Joleon would be the cornerstone of an new era for our club. I am sure many other Wolves' fans felt the same. It was not to be, as Joni Mitchell says in one of her finest songs,' it was only dreams and false alarms'.


chris, no dispute you have got some fond memories of the guy, i hope he can give us some the time he spend at the Baggies.



Trust me Colinbaggie, Joleon is still a class player at centre back, the only reason he never went to Brazil was because Pelegrini excuse me if I spelt that wrong, he was not playing him enough. He reads the game so well and the games he as played for Man City and Everton he never had a bad one, he also gets a fair share of goals from set pieces. COME ON WOLVES.