West Brom fans blast Alan Irvine appointment

West Brom fans have reacted with anger to the appointment of Alan Irvine as their new head coach.

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Alan Irvine

The Scot got the nod ahead of hot favourite Tim Sherwood as Pepe Mel’s successor at Albion.

However, the appointment was met with anger and surprise by Baggies fans. In an Express & Star poll, 84% of voters have said he is not the right man for the job.

And this afternoon fans were posting pictures on Twitter of a banner at the gates of The Hawthorns calling for chairman Jeremy Peace to leave.

Irvine, aged 55, impressed the Hawthorns hierarchy in a round of second interviews on Friday and has been preferred to Sherwood, who had looked set to get the nod from chairman Jeremy Peace.

Irvine, whose previous managerial experience came at Preston North End and Sheffield Wednesday, has landed the Hawthorns hotseat five years after missing out narrowly to Roberto Di Matteo in a previous race for the job.

He has signed a one-year rolling contract.

Poll: Is Alan Irvine the right man for West Brom?

The Baggies are in the final stages of negotiating Irvine’s release from Everton, where he has been working as the club’s academy manager.

He will be joined at The Hawthorns by Rob Kelly as joint assistant head coach and the pair will work alongside another assistant, Keith Downing, and goalkeeping coach Dean Kiely.

Technical director Terry Burton said: "I'm delighted we have been able to secure the services of Alan and Rob.

"With the support of Keith and Dean, we firmly believe we have put in place the right coaching team to move the club forward.

"From the outset, we decided to pursue candidates who are renowned for their coaching ability and Alan was very much at the forefront of our thoughts because of his achievements in the Premier League and the high regard he is held within the game.

"In the end it came down to two outstanding candidates for the role.

“But, following a detailed recruitment process, we decided Alan and the team around him are best suited to tackle the challenges we face in the Barclays Premier League.

“He has a vast knowledge from grassroots up thanks to the roles he has performed during his decades in the game and knows what it takes through good and testing times.”

Sherwood emerged as the preferred candidate after the first round of interviews and the Baggies opened preliminary contract talks with the former Tottenham boss, during which wages for his coaches, Les Ferdinand and Chris Ramsey, emerged as a potential stumbling block.

But the Baggies board simultaneously met with both men for second interviews and it was Irvine who proved the most impressive.

His appointment will bring to an end a month-long search for Mel’s replacement.

Glasgow-born Irvine’s playing career included spells at Queens Park in Scotland, Everton, Crystal Palace, Dundee United and Blackburn Rovers.

He launched his coaching career at Everton and served as David Moyes’ assistant before becoming Preston boss in November 2007, keeping North End safe from relegation before leading them into the Championship play-offs in his first full season.

He was sacked in December 2009 after a poor run of results but was appointed Wednesday boss less than a month later.

He stayed for just over a year before returning for a second spell at Goodison Park in July 2011, this time heading up the club’s academy.

Irvine has been endorsed strongly by new technical director Terry Burton and, despite the prospect of a luke warm reaction from supporters, the Baggies believe Irvine’s widely-acknowledged expertise on the training ground can reinvigorate a squad still yearning for former boss Roy Hodgson.

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Comments for: "West Brom fans blast Alan Irvine appointment"




What an absolute joke I am so glad that I never renewed my season ticket I will put my 700.00 on Albion to go down when is jp going to learn


Ive been ripped off with my season ticket and ive brought two in my family. Is there a watchdog for season tickets when the greedy tight bald headed chairman of WBA is taking away all our hard earned money to line his own pockets by buying cheap material with no hope of staying in the premiership. So much for the earlybird offer, ive been conned left right and centre.

CantelloRocket 78


I think we've all been conned if they gave you an 'earlybird' offer, we stopped doing that last year-

maybe you didn't do enough research, eh??


Put them on ebay some one who don,t know what gos on at WBA will buy them.


pricey, YOU don't know what goes on, that's for sure.


I just hope he's a better manager than he was a racing driver!


yep OMG you lot are in trouble, appointing a coach / old old manager who is past it.


I wish him all the best, I would be gutted though, not a big name manager really is he? hasn't managed in awhile, is he in touch? with managing a prem team or sorry soon to be championship team? he had a good preston side back in the champ but they never got promoted did they in the end?

very happy with are head coach, kenny and what hes doing at the wolves, we are on the up and sooner or later, we'll be back in the prem. hoping we get you lot in the cup next season that would be great.

We Only Need One Half!

I know where your coming from wolfo, and going on his previous record he would be far suited to your team, seeing he has actually managed to reach The Championship play off's in his first season, something your current manager has never managed in all his years. Fingers crossed for you that you can get a manager like him one day.

Keep your chin up.



We Only Need One Half!

Karl, newsflash, we are still laughing at people like you and will be when we finish above you again this season.

Its a foregone conclusion after all.

Jack the Hat


I have news for you, we are still laughing at you. Our eleven points catch up and your classic Double Drop will ensure we do so for years to come. Wimabigclubweam still splits our sides. Thanks for all the laughs as your club is our source of laughter no matter how down we feel after a loss, we will always know where to turn to when we want cheering up, many thanks once again and enjoy yourself under our foot for another season.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Jack the Hat


Good job our trouble is a Premiership one and not a Double Drop one.

Gorra loff ay ya?.


JP K'ford

Peace acting like some sleazy little politician sneaking out the bad news hours before England kick off, not to mention the season ticket deadline. Complete shambles!

Club is a laughing stock nationwide.


Didn't see this one coming, thought Sherwood was all set to be announced as the new Baggies boss. I agree with you on the timing though, very sneaky & under the radar. I can't help looking at some of the managers you let go, Di Matteo, Steve Clarke, they seemed good bets to stick with, although if Di Matteo was let go because of Roy Hodgson's availability that's understandable. Still, you've got Irvine now & I guess the first couple of months should tell us if it's been a shrewed move or an own goal!

On the bright side, you could have ended up with Dean Saunders.......

Jack the Hat


On the bright-side I can tell you a club who DID end up with Saunders,

Gorra loff ay ya.





Well done JP, thats 3 less season tickets this year, well done a decision that fills me with inspiration.........not, looks like out prem status will soon becoming to an end,

BOING BOING chumpionship here we come


You are very fortunate, you won't go down because the 3 that got promoted will go straight back down.

So you will stay 4th from bottom but just think of the money Jeremy has saved you.....

Irvine will be sacked before Christmas.....


I am seventy years old been going to the Hawthorns for sixty five year.

No more, this appointment is a joke.

Why does Downing have to keep being a part of any appointment, he nearly coached us to relegation last season.

Jeremy should have paid the asking price and Tim Sherwood should have got the job.

Bye Bye Baggies.


It has now been confirmed on sky sports.

I sincerely hope this is not the cheapest option Mr Peace.

Good luck to Alan Irvine and welcome.


Two months for this decision too!

Captain Mardon International

I'm still trying to figure out the logic behind this appointment. It's really baffling me.

In my job as a manager I am partly responsible for recruitment at my company. We have gone down the route of younger (unproven) quantities, I can honestly say a sucsess ratio of 30% would be generous. Experience really is paramount.


CMI, the cheap option by the looks of it !! And it wouldn't surprise me if Sherwood wanted KD and DK out....

Irvine needs to work quick and bring in some players.. Good luck next season!



Of Course its the cheapest option he's employed two people rather than the three Sherwood wanted.

Welcome to the hawthorns Alan Irvine don't take your coat off now do the decent thing and clear off so we can get a real manager in.


astle bridge

Icant believe it alan who? we must be a laughing stock in the football world im not a happy baggie why cant we get our man why must we always have this soap o[era jp start paying the money u tight fisted man


Surprising choice, good luck Alan Irvine,


Does he speak English ??


Shocking cheap choice !


loyal baggie

Terrible decision! When is JP ever going to learn?! I struggle to see the reasons behind this...

Fingers crossed for the new season



I'd cross more than your fingers.



What an absolute joke .we re a laughing stock.


Yes your right we are and although we have JP to thank for us being a stable club with no money worries time but time again he does this with our managers when we think we are getting one we finish up with someone totally different. When you look back for me he has only ever made two good appointments. Mowbray was the right man for the right job at the right time and Hodgson for obvious reasons.

This Irvine man is a Muppet coaching the kids at Everton and turned his back on us once before when he thought Preston were a bigger better club than us.

Who are we going to attract now we are 10 players down and no chance what so ever of Alan who attracting anyone decent and be guaranteed the transfer requests will start to come in from our bigger players to.



Wolf in peace...

You know, the secrecy and clandestine nature of back room goings ons at football clubs can be as varied as anything complex and intricate.

Should this "possible" appointment actually pan out and get formalized, then I do not see it as anything but a shrewd bit of business on the Albion's part.

I think Irvine can cut it at the Premiership level, and hopefully persuade key players to stay and recommit to the new Hawthorns project; his attraction value might take some extra time, but it will not hinder WBA from progress, should they refocus on the task at hand, because the existing players, in my humble opinion, have at least mid-table capabilities in their locker, maybe more if they get boosted by a couple of key signings.

So, no matter the Sherwood negotiations "possibly" becoming protracted and breaking down, if Irvine was a sleeper candidate who gets the nod, I feel he is capable and can likely do a decent job.

Happy summer, one and all.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Seattle and thanks for being big enough to put up an honest post. I don't know how this appointment will go but I'm glad it's done and dusted.

Stourbridge Wolf

Another Wolf in peace here, just echoing the thoughts of Seattle but i know if i was a Baggies fan i'd feel somewhat diasppointed as i think Sherwood would have been a better option.The obvious stumbling block there being the wages for his backroom staff. Now Irvine has to prove that it was a shrewd move and that will only be done by winning matches. Still, i suppose it could have been worse- you could have appointed Dean Saunders or even Stale Bacon!

Jack the Hat

I know of a club who did appoint Dean Saunders, Stale Bacon, Mad Mick and Clipboard Connor and look who they have got at this time.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Stourbridge Wolf

Jack, your knowledge of previous Wolves managers is very impressive. However, i think if your lot had appointed Kenny Jackett instead of Alan Who? then there would have been a lot less wife beating, cat kicking, windows put through, and even less general unrest amongst the Sandwell Townies. Kenny Jackett by the way is our manager and he has brought some stability back to the club having just won League 1 ( yes League 1 i know ) with a record points haul of 103, and yes Jack we have gorra loff, and in fact we are still loffing and enjoying the moment. We were all loffing out loud again when we heard of your lot apponting Alan Who . Gorra loff ay we! UTW


Feel free to laugh at us a joke appointment see you lot soon.

Jackett the Hat

Been there , got the T-shirt.....if you think it can't get any worse ......trust me, it can.

The only cure is some good footy friends and alcohol, that way you get a great day and the result is immaterial.

Managers come and managers go, get in the pub and make it flow.

Must say though, Hodgson--Irvine, absolutely no comparison.

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

You are kidding me, you have got five T-shirts at least,

Gorra loff ay ya?.



Sour, still pretending I see.


I feel bad for Baggie fans. They are experiencing the same short arms/deep pockets syndrome as Wolves .. But there is a difference here, which is a bit more insidious: the Baggies owner has an issue not just with control, but also with wanting everyone to know who is the boss. He simply can't deal with another ego in the room. Where that comes from, who knows, but it's a problem for West Brom because by default it forces every decision a manager has to make to be first, about the owner, then secondly about e team. And anyone who has been involved in a situation that is about 'cult of personality' will know how it becomes virtually impossible to fire on all cylinders because everyone is constantly looking behind their backs.

There is really only one way to become a big club, which is to sign big players and manage them with a big manager. All of whom are bound to have big egos, which will require an ownership that accepts it may therefore appear they are not in charge. Which for someone like Jeremy Peace is not acceptable.

Hopefully, for the sake of Baggie fans, news that JP is trying to increase his stake in the Club is because of a desire to package it more attractively for sale .. Because that is the only way West Brom will have a true shot at the big time, and escape the purgatory of mediocrity.



I don't think you are far off with some of your rueful and constructive opinions here. Sometimes its easier to see the picture more clearly when you aren't in the middle and involved. Well said.

boy from the REAL black country

Exciting times! ;-)


Welcome Alan and all the best, I am sure you will surprise many people.

Did anyone seriously want Sherwood, certainly not me!


Did we want a clown that got Wednesday relegated?


SOURbaggiewulf Hooowwlll !

Matt M

Well you're in the vast majority who would've taken this clown over Sherwood!

Jack the Hat


Well said mate, there would have been problems galore ahead with a Head Coach who tries to dictate the wages for his support staff. Jeremy has done the right thing in showing him where to get off. We now have a very good coaching team.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.




So if you had been Sherwood you would have said to his 2 coaches ''Sorry lads I'm alright Jack ( ha ha no not you ) I'm looking after No.1. It's actually called loyalty to your staff.

Having 2 assistant coaches just will not work, it just gives Downing another opportunity to undermine another guy that is so much more qualified than he is.

Jack the Hat


Yes mate, that is the name of the game and it isn't Sherwood's job to negotiate any ones wages as that job belongs to their agents to contend with. Sherwood has shot himself in the foot but never mind he will learn. All the best.



Look at the options that were out there for us though :-






.....and the list goes on

Now I know some did not want to come or did not fit the bill for the Albion model but to finish up with Alan Irvine what a joke. Dick Advocat was ideal for me vastly experienced and similar to Hodgson in his methods.


Sherpavan D4 double winners

May I be the first one to say "Irvine out".......


No mate I second it IRVINE OUT

Hit him on the tail

Irvine and Peace out!


Irvine OUT

Kev in Mallorca

SherpavanD4 double winners, StourBaggie,Hit him on the tail, Cannockbaggie OUT OUT OUT OUT


Make sense u Mong before making comments on a passionate baggies fan that goes all season week in week out ,this is a bad decision telle other wise kev the Mong

Kev in Mallorca

People make not like the appointment and they have the right too say so, if I don't like that opinion I also have the right too say so.

In my opinion slagging the manager doesn't help, all it does is put unwanted and unhelpful pressure on all concerned, which in turn is not helpful in WBA retaining our place in the Premiership.

Also it has already been reported in the press that the fans reaction too this appointment is very unpopular so making signing players more difficult.

I can understand fans disappointment but it would be more helpful for all concerned if fans said nothing and waited to see how it develops.





I wish people would refrain from using language of abuse to make pathetic comments. What kind of low life uses the "M" word? If Cannock is a baggie, then I'm ashamed to have people like this in our ranks; but I'm far from convinced owing to a flood of place named baggie posts on here sounding remarkably alike ...

CantelloRocket 78


'cannock' claims to be a Baggie, but he's admitted in the past to going on social network sites, and laughing at so-called 'fans' throwing disgusting personal abuse at the Albion Chairman - he probably joins in himself-

people could report abuse for his absolutely vile insult at Kev - and those born with handicaps - but by leaving it on, others can see what a dispicable low-life moron he really is.


WAKE UP euro, seems the baggie fans are finally starting to smell the coffee.

Jack the Hat


I agree with that mate, they have enough to contend with without rat type getting their teeth into their plight. I know who I would rather be seen out with because their hearts are so good.


Matt M

*not in the vast majority!


Sherpa Stinking, Sour, Tail and Kinnock, you lot will be shouting for Kenny's head by Christmas. No money for players, £30 million in debt, Bob the Builder has already bought 'one of them car thingies' that tells you where to go and he's set it for LIDDYPOL.

Buying Moulinex for £10 is looking like a Fire Sale more each day.


Sherwood whats the budget .peace budget what budget.bshuv your season ticket up your a##e

Kev in Mallorca

Thank ???k fu'that BYE!!!


According to sky sports appointment now official.

Typical JP decision build all our hopes up that we are going to be getting an manager that will get us all optimistic then as usual just at the last minute decides to take the cheap option.

Feeling totally underwhelmed at the moment and peaced off appreciate we have to give irvine a chance but just when I was hoping he had seen the light after the last seasons dismal performance at the moment can't help but feel that JP has let us down again.

All I can hope now is that the money will be spent on the team


Just noticed on this updated report that the club are currently negotiating Alan irvines release from Everton.

Suggest it might be an idea if jp looks at the poll result and thinks again .

As we all know though it would never happen as JP doesn't give a toss what we fans think.

Having slept on this overnight feel even more so that this really is the wrong appointment, when you look at all the managers available we overlook the lot to take the cheap option

funny old world

Absolute joke, Peace out.


We will be biggest joke in midlands


I believe that with the appointment of Irvine, along with Rob Kelly (ex Wolves) and Downing (ex Wolves) we will achieve our objective.........


Underwhelmed but also relieved we don't appear now to have gone with Sherwood, Ferdinand and Ramsey who were certainly no guarantee of success. Irvine, alongside Moyes, had a reputation of bringing players through the Everton academy and, with retrospect JP was always going to go with a cheaper, less high maintenance Head Coach. His experience of heading up the Everton academy would tie in with Albion's hopes for its own youth system, think that whoever was interested in getting the Albion Head Coach role would have had to fawn about this to ingratiate themselves. Irvine's got about the same experience, although less high profile, than Steve Clarke as an assistant and this seems to be the template that JP looks to appoint. Completely surprised and largely underwhelmed. Only time will tell if AI will be given a genuine chance?

cosy baggie

gone down hill since ashworth left.


What where did this come from

Kev in Mallorca

Ar should goo an see a doctor, yo typed it

We are relegated next season I've just put 50.00 pound on us going down


Sherwoods ambition didnt match peaces frugal instinct.

Kev in Mallorca

Av yo got turret's?

John B

Yet another disaster at our beloved club. JP has got it wrong again and there is only one way we are going now and thats down. It seems Downing is running this club and i dont think tim wanted him as assistant. Irvine has done nothing and is second choice

Kev in Mallorca

It must've bin interesting sitting in on those meetings.


Well, well. What a totally uninspiring appointment from Mr Peace. Cheap option doesn't even come close to this!!!

The cynic in me says JP waited to get the 16000 season tickets sold and then come up with another cheap appointment with absolutely no track record of managing in the Prem. No additional staff to appoint as KD and DK are already here and therefore more money for JP to take out next season to pay for his purchase of the additional shares (I suppose £1.5m a year for presiding over last seasons shambles means that he can pay himself a bit more now).

Of all of the options out there he comes up with Alan Irvine. Still, he will get his wish of mid table Championship by appointing a Manager who has only ever managed at that level.


Absolute joke.

after all the hype about Tim Sherwood, they go for the cheaper option. totally agree with your comments WBA59.

TS was the right man for the job.

I was going to buy a season ticket but not any more.

Bad choice. totally gutted.

Yorkshire baggies

Bring Steve Clark back !!! This appointment is a massive step back if it goes ahead. Sounds to me Tim must be to expensive with his team he wants to come. JP Has done great things for the club but lately he must be Moxey in disguise, And we all know what happened there. COME ON ALBION GIVE US SOMETHING TO LOOK FORWARD TOO. PLUS WHO WILL IRVINE ATTRACT FOOTBALL WISE.


Might be able to atract Lukaku back.


funny old world

I believe the asking price is around £22million

Jack the Hat

funny old world,

Can't you see sarcasm even when it smacks you in your gob?.



I fear this is the cheap option no ambition,Championship next season.

Thanks Jeremy if this is the appointment then you have made my mind up, my money stays firmly in my pocket.

Kev in Mallorca

Good, it'll mek room for a real fan.


JP obviously had three key areas to consider while appointing Irvine, and our new head coach ticked all three boxes..........he's cheap,cheap and cheap.

Wonder how many current players will be as underwhelmed as I am and be looking to leave?

It has so many similarities to the SC appointment, just hope it's not yet another managerial gamble that doesn't pay off.


Another low-cost, steady Eddie appointment by Jeremy Peace and his glove puppets. Steve Clarke all over again. Total lack of ambition by the board



Onwards and upwards.


Not sure what to say, Sheffield Wednesday, Preston North End.

Definitely the cheaper option but best not to waste any of the 70 million.


Thats us doomed to the Championship then, what a joke this appointment is.


Got to say am completely suprised by this, it is sure to recieve very mixed responses from everyone felt sure it would be Tim Sherwood. Obvious his side kicks wages were the stumbling block.



Dont expect him to av much of a budget cos he wont.

Kev in Mallorca

As long as he drops income tax by 5p in the £ I think it will be a well received budget.

Jack the Hat


Nor will we have problems with F.F.P.D.



Here we go again, oh well teach us to think we may get a decent name for a change who would attract decent players, cheap option, no experience, whos going to want to come to us now, bad move in my opinion. Oh well could be worse could be a spanish supporter.


Very unexpected. This name never mentioned anywhere as race competitor.

Further questions on signings etc. and good luck.

Yurich in Russia.


WTF absolutely unbelieve this is a disaster

I have nothing more to say


I had to google this guy,no idea what he had done !I was relieved to find out he had been at Preston North End and Sheffield Wednesday,and then on to the dizzy heights of Everton youth academy.

I can just imagine the quality of players this will attract to the club?

I'll let Do lally have his say now,suddenly got very bored.

Come On England

The Administrator

Joke, complete lack of ambition. Boring , steady and completing uninspiring. I can imagine mulumbu and Olson thinking ... WHO.. We are off now for sure. Minds made up


Peace just wants total control of our club the fans club not his I know we don't want to end up like a Leeds/blues and many more but for god sake why


Are you serious albion, that is a joke he has never managed in the prem. what was wrong with paying ferdinand that litte extra that he asked for? Now we got a preston n.e reject. What a joke we are, championship here we come.

Kev in Mallorca

Yo cor leave it at that come on spill the beans how much was that "little extra"?


Can't really say how much because i honestly don't know but it wasn't really going be considerably huge amount more was it.

Kev in Mallorca

ar dow know but yo seem too that's why om askin'


I don't seem to know what was offered, but i'm assuming it's not going to be more than sherwood was offered. It's not like we can't afford it like.

Kev in Mallorca

Sorry Zee, o'thought yo did from what ya said in ya fust post, sorry.


PI don't think many Wolves fans were much inspired by Mr Jackett' s appointment and look what he achieved. Give Irvine a chance.

Kev in Mallorca

Good God man! whatever are yo thinking? what they guna moan at then?


astle bridge

Its taken 5 weeks tbo come up with this appointment. I must say JP seems only to have his own interests at heart not the club only us poor deluded fans seem to care . Not bothered anymore i'm sick of these anti climax's that permeate our club .UP THE SADDLERS mein gotte

Kev in Mallorca

Tarrah a bit,can I av yowa name?

Jack the Hat

astle bridge,

Your first post was more supportive; you will be able to change your no de Guerre to " Saddle Sore ", Cheerio.


Yorkshire baggies

This appointment is that good JP Gave him 1 year contract. confidence in him, what a complete let down. I Just see the old 90s years coming back again the way we going on. 1 STEP FORWARD 20000000 STEPS BACKWARD.






So, the bargain basement choice wins the day...again. What a bloody joke!

Farmer Ted

Oh dear! Sherwood was such a good choice and they'd got him booked in at the Travel Lodge in Handsworth ready for pre-season training. Was he too expensive or over qualified? Still mustn't be too down hearted you were almost the biggest team in Birmingham until the Villa won a match and spoiled it ...... so eventually somebody was bound to take the job.

And then along comes the "impressive"Alan Irvine!

Ideal, the Baggie board are saying, (sorry JP is saying). He has vast Championship experience with Preston North End. It all augers well for 2015/16, and don't forget he can always phone Moyes for advice.

It won't pull JP's purse strings too tight either, so Jack-the-Dim won't have to lecture you all on FFP or whatever he's calling it today.

Happy days indeed.

Jack the Hat

Mangel Wurzel,

Our biggest heartbreak was you lot beating us to the Double Drop.

Gorra loff ay ya?.


South Wales Baggie

Afternoon all, I would like to offer the alternative view to the majority, and yes I expect to be flamed!

Albion having decided to go with a head coach need someone to lead the coaching team. AI has massive coaching experience, and the Everton academy system is well known for excellence. Welcome to the club Alan (and Rob), I hope you surprise a few people. I am also quite happy to see someone who might well be in the 'Roy' mould at the club.

Kev in Mallorca

In the words of Brian's mother "now ssip off " coming on here talking sense.



Joker you are are big time

Kev in Mallorca

I try my best!


here we go again can some one tell me what Sherwood has done nothing so lets give Irvine a chance he won the same as Sherwood and costs half the price lol well cycril what you make of this


rings, I didn't overreact for a start. And the uproar from Wulf supporters pretending to be Baggies was exactly what I expected.

To REAL Baggies I would say, keep calm, Irvine is a qualified coach with loads of Prem experience alongside Moyes. There is an excellent backroom staff and a fine scouting system in place. The Academy is producing good youngsters and WE DON'T OWE £30 million in a new environment as do Wolves. The Trolls on here may well choke on their insults very soon !


We are going back to where Peace thinks we belong. Get on now. Peace has been a lucky chairman up thus far ,not this time, it's over

Laughing stock


Well how totally underwhelming . Who is he? I was really quite excited about Tim Sherwood, but here we go again, football on the cheap. No doubt we'll be the most profitable midlands club again next season. Really really disappointing. Not impressed.


I heard the news while driving and my language was as blue as my car. WBA are a joke and I will not set foot in the Hawthorns again until Peace, Downing, Kiely and everyone else connected with this decision to appoint a farce that is Alan Irvine and his first name is really James, says it all, all do one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sell the club Peace as you are a joke!!!!

Kev in Mallorca

What's ya seat no, I know somebody who wants too change?


Get out now Thorne you've more chance of playing in the prem long term away from our bunch of 3rd rate donkeys

West Drayton Baggie

I feel sick. I felt exactly the same after they sacked Pepe. We've brought in a guy with LESS head coach experience the pepe!!

We need a clean sweep. JP out. Downing and kiely out. Why do we persist with downing when it's become apparent that it was his position that effectively undermined pepe?

What's the point of supporting a team, having ambitions to move forward and become better when the chairman has completely the opposite desires?! Mid-table championship mediocrity here we come.


Tried to find some positivity earlier.

In fact I feel as though I've been covered in poo and flushed down the toilet!!

Pepe Mel had more management experience!!!


Am I hearing right? Has the Enville Ale gone to my head, have I fell, cracked me yed and woke up in another worl? Is this for real? How many games do we give him? JP....do us a favour, sell up and let the club breathe....you are strangling every last gasp of air, and money out of us?

R.I.P our premiership stay


Astounding negativity based on the assumption that you have to be 'famous' to be a good manager -like Moyes at ManUtd, Houlier at Villa Scolari at Chelsea etc etc -who all failed

Had anyone heard of Ron Atkinson when he got the Albion job ? Did Sherwood suddenly become a great coach by getting the job at Spurs when AVB was sacked ? Paying mega bucks to managers does not guarantee success by any means.

Len of Bournville

Just turned on the computer after a few hours travelling etc. Can this really be true? I am sure Irvine would have been a good number two, but head coach in the Premier League? What on earth is JP playing at? Surely WBA is a big enough club to attract someone with solid PL experience. This really feels like a third or fourth choice let down.

Having said all that we must get behind the new man, and hope that he has enough to move us forward, with Terry Burton's backing. But why did this have to take five weeks?


Just trying to cheer myself up and imagined i was a fly on the wall at the Alan Irvine interview:

JP: So Alan, why were you the only one David Moyes didn't take to Manchester United when he left?

AI: Well Chairman, David and I didn't see eye to eye on footballing matters, he wanted to play it and I didn't.

JP: So, when David left and they were looking at getting a new manager, why were you overlooked?

AI: Well Chairman, Bill Kenwright thought that Everton needed a Manager who has a track record in the Premier League and a winner who plays good football even though I told him I would be the cheap option.

JP: Cheap you say, how cheap are we talking??? In fact no, when can you start???


Cheer up The big yuns managerial record i can see why Peace moved heaven and earh to get this man the competition must have horrendous given his achievements at Wednesday and Preston


Sheff Wed 08 Jan, 2010 03 Feb, 2011 59 24 13 22

Preston 20 Nov, 2007 29 Dec, 2009 110 45 25 40


Haha. This has cheered me up!!!


Your chairman wasn't bluffing when he was playing poker with Sherwood. He said there was another candidate. And there was! Maybe Sherwood's bluff was called? Maybe JP's bluff was called? Well, Kenny Jackett's appointment didn't inspire Wolves fans much, but a year down the road it's all different. Maybe you need The Quiet Man approach as we did at Wolves? Maybe this is the only way an egocentric chairman can be handled, as KJ has proved at Wolves? Should think Sherwood will interest Southampton now.


It's a totally different ball game getting out of Div 1 than staying in the Prem sorry but this comment has no bearing on what is going on at the Albion, by Christmas you lot will be calling for his head you heard it here first.

But good luck to you regardless


Its time to start the revolution!

Captain Mardon International

What for the championship


Before the Jp fans come on here saying its a great appointment, I now no Jp is a complete fool and should leave now, wot a joke does anybody no if I can take my season ticket back ?


"The prospect of a luke warm reaction from supporters". This, I think, is something of an understatement. How about one of total disbelief.


Thanks JP for saving my season ticket money I will not renew I will start the protest IRVINE OUT.

Kev in Mallorca

Thanks, that one less to drag the atmosphere down at The Hawthorns, ov got a good feelin' about next season, especially with STOURBAGGIE OUT


Not been as angry about an appointment since Brian Little

Kev in Mallorca

Yo back agen, o'thought yo was gooin? ol get ya coot!


I sit by you in the brummie when you can get back and leave the sushine, im allowed to have my own views on this.Yes I am with the majority on this appointment its a very poor appointment.But if you are happy to have a manager who, s last job was to get wednesday relegated fair play to you.All I can add is you will need a few more beers down the vine before the game

Kev in Mallorca

You used too sit by me by your own admission you won't be next season and I don't see what good it will do by slagging our new manager, as somebody has already said there's no guarantee a big name, or a proven manager for that matter,will be a success.

The best thing we can do is show support for WBAFC and all it's employees, if you can't the least you can do is keep quiet till you have proof that it's all turning to tihs.

I don't know how many employees of the club read these boards if any but it's guna do wonders for their expectations and confidence for the coming season if before the ink is dry the fans are ripping into the new Manager.

We've had enough tihs on the boards of late so lets call a halt, try and look forward to the coming season cause as sure as eggs is eggs slagging and moaning is no good to man

n' beast but if you think your correct in what you are doing you carry on but don't be surprised when we exchange views again.

Now that's cleared up where do you sit in relation to me, yo dow know any phone no's of the young blokes who try a few new songs out do ya? I can never get it together on match days, for obvious reasons, cause I want to try and meet up to get a few songs goin'.


Kev in Mallorca

Sorry forgot, I agree you're allowed an opinion, so am I.

Yowl be mentioning "the Police" next.


The Real Bully Hoo.

I hope he doesn't stand too close to me.

Hit him on the tail

That's 2 less season tickets sold. What a joke. Perry Barr dogs it is for me with 2 new greyhounds. Peace out. SHAMBLES. .....nothing much else to say. Cheap option again. .will we ever learn....

UP THE BAGGIES Can't wait to see who he brings in, Welcome Alan irvine and Rob Kelly, your not my choice but I'll back you 100% until you give me reason not to. Please spend some money and get Lukaku back here that would lift us big time.

JP I've been a very big fan of yours but the last 2 seasons my patience with you is seriously waning please don't let all your hard work go up in smoke and make sure you give him the proper funds to keep us in the Premier because at this present time I'm not optimistic.

Captain Mardon International

Absolute bloody joke! A cheap option which will lead to disaster. Will our torn squad listen to this guy? Nah I don't think so.

So we have changed our heritage of stripes, appointed a 2nd rate unknown quantity, why not change the name of the ground?

JP you utter Moron. (first time I have ill commented about him by the way).

Hit him on the tail

Totally agree mate!! Whoops, whats that I'm choking on....its feathers that I'm spitting!


Well said Cannockbaggie.I've already lost some respect for Terry Burton who's reasons for appointing Irvine are a joke when we all know the real reason Sherwood was overlooked was because he wanted his team to be paid what he felt they were worth.As a Baggie from the northwest can somebody explain to me why Downing is so important to the club.The devotion Peace shows him is akin to a randy Labrador.Ifear Albion will be looking for another Head coach before too long.


Can't find words to express my feelings to this appointment. Is this the best we can do in 5 weeks of looking. Just paid £1039.00 for my seats and wish I had kept it in my pocket. Downing and Kiel have been the common denominators in the last few poor footballing seasons. We got carried away with the high position two years ago but after November 2012we have been poor. Who will be the players we can attract now. Sherwood may not have been the answer but at least we would have been in the media spotlight on a regular basis. I am really disappointed and feel let down.Can't wait to see the spin they put on this at the press conference. Don't for one minute presume Mr. Peace will make an appearance, that will be left to the Muppets!

Len of Bournville

It is all very well the club pointing out that Irvine was almost appointed when Roberto Di Matteo was appointed. They forgot to mention that we had just been relegated to the Championship. Irvine had plenty of Championship management experience, but was passed over for someone managing in League One at MK Dons. So what confidence does this inspire.

I am baffled.


With JP's record we will have to go through all this again around christmas, also if Mr Irvine is that good why have no other Prem clubs been trying to get him as their head coach. What type of CV has he got to manage our side, awful signing.

Oswestry Baggie

Is this a late April Fools????7

An absolute joke, nothing but a failed, second rate No. 1.

What calibre of players are we going to attract now?

A toss up between a Premier League winner, manager and England International assisted by one of the all time Premier League goal scores and England International vs. someone who has not managed a top flight team and has been unable to secure a No. 1 position for three years.

Never mind, lets look on the bright side, we still have the incumbent coaching team in place. Looks like Downing will be caretaker manager again at Christmas.


I have supported the Baggies for the best part of fourty years, my loyalty has been tested on many occasions. This appointment being the most resent.

Patience they say is a virtue but we all have a breaking point. But everyone deserves a chance so i will see what happens i suppose..


Smacks of cheap cheap cheap once again. Alan I wish you all the best but, we know, the heirachy know, the fans know and above all else the players know! You were number 2! Just having it full bore from the Shingle Dingle so hope I'm wrong. Fingers crossed Han xx

Oswestry Baggie


Old Gold Heart

I'm not an anti Baggie Wolves fan but this does seem an odd appointment. fair enough if you were in Div1 like we were. But the prem? Steve Clarke looked to me to be a brilliant appointment. No idea why he got sacked after winning at Old Trafford. I don't want to cause upset but you might just be playing your dear neighbours sooner than you expected....

Honest He Is My Godfather

He's applied/been linked with/failed to get this post a couple of times. What is different now? He's been with the kids since he failed in the championship! We have a playing staff that is good enough for the top division as long as they are motivated & coached correctly. Is Alan Irvine that man? I have my reservations! Why did he not get the job before? Why did he disappear after Wednesday relegation? I am trying to find a positive spin on this appointment..........uninspired!

PS The new kit will be launched next week, maybe he looks good in pin-stripes!?!?


I am probably in the minority but I believe he is a better fit than Sherwood. Sherwood would never have got along with Jeremy Peace and once there were leaks in the press that he was trying to get better deals for his new assistants, Peace was never going have a gun held to his head. Who do supporters think we can attract? lets give him a chance. We have had one bad season but are still in the Premier League. I am sure Villa, Birmingham and Wolves wished they had had the stability we have had over the last few years.


Living in France I spent quite a lot of money travelling to see the "Baggies".

After this - - another monumental cock up by our penny pinching, no ambition chairman - - I will not waste my time or money any more.

If I ran my company the way JP runs our club, I would be out of business within months - - thank the Lord -- - I don't

What a disgrace this decision is to the thousands of loyal baggies supporters who pay good money to support our team, and all we get in return is this "clown"

Oswestry Baggie

Was it not widely documented the board had admitted to previous recruitment mistakes and were looking for an experienced PL No. 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I worked with Keith Downing when I was a YTS at Hereford, he is a nice likeable chap but I can not for the life of me understand why he is still a member of the backroom staff. This decision did not come down to an extra couple of hundred grand in coaches wages, it was more likely that Tim Sherwood did not want an assistant in KD thrust upon him.


Evening all, long time since I posted as not a great deal to comment on other than the usual nonsensical backbiting and bitching which I personally honestly find negative and tiresome.

It never ceases to amaze me the vitriol and rhetoric that comes out when change happens - I think we all need to get a life and get behind the new head coach the coaching staff and the players. The reason why we may be considered a joke is the single simple way everyone jumps on the same boring bandwagon when really what they have to say is a waste of time.

The things to remember are:

A) We are a Premiership team - STILL

B) We had a dreadfulseason last year after over achieving the season before

C) We can start to sign new players any time now

D) We need to support our football team through thick and thin

E) Calling each other names including the backroom people at the club is a negative waste of time

F) We will NEVER put ourselves into ridiculous amounts of debt chasing impossible dreams

G) We have a blueprint for the running of the club and the type of player that fits (occasionally this goes awry when people get above themselves by listening to poutsiders)

So, now those that wanted to have vented their spleen can I suggest that between now and the start of the season if you have nothing positive to say you don't bother on this site becasue vitriol and negativity only play into the hands of tabloids, radio and competitiors so poitive onle eh?

C'mon You Baggies

Kev in Mallorca


Please, please come back soon?



Kev in mallorca the only albion fan happy with the appointment . Wat a surprise.

Kev in Mallorca

Please Super don't put me up on a pedestal? I'm a very shy and retiring bloke, I'm actually blushing as I'm typing.

By the way when did I say I was happy? I think I've given the impression that IMO we shouldn't be slagging our new manager, as there no sense in that, but I've never said I'm happy, I'm just guna give him a chance and see what happens, o'dow see anything wrong in that do yo?

Adeu, agen thanks you've made an old man very 'appy albeit a little embarrassed. xx luv you xx

We Only Need One Half!

Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, after you tell us all off for replying to trolls you go and answer this one, do not recognise euroboundbaggie when you see him?

Kev in Mallorca

Who I reply too has got ???k all too do with you, I think that's the accepted attitude, but at least I replied in ignorance if your assumption is correct and that has nothing too do with recent opinions so stop trying too be a smart rarse.

Jack the Hat


Retract, fairs fair, One Half is only reminding you of your campaign, but it is nice to see you have a change of heart.


We Only Need One Half!

Ohhhh, touchy!

The Voice of Reason

Cheap and nasty appointment. Pepe Mel should've stayed if this was the best Peace had to offer.

Quinton Baggie

Got to say I am shocked...not even on my radar...i am in Sweden this weekend and found a fellow Baggie who is swedish and suppoted us since 1968, respect to him...i am to embarrased to find him and tell him the great news...the reason he supported Albion was the famous Blue and White stripes..now we have a new head coach who is not proven in the PL and now next season wearing a pin striped shirt...dont think Dolally could make that up...in fact wear is Dolally?

I'd bet at the unveiling TB, RG or JP if he turns up will say he was always our first choice...if so why all the messing about...lets hope England can make me smile tonight.


Kev in Mallorca

YIPPEEEE! New coach in, now lets start planning for next season.

Now that's settled at least all he moanin' guna stop and we can show the club we're right behind em.



Wow this certainly got a load of new names on here giving feedback. I'm disappointed but I'll bear in mind that out of a dozen candidates Sherwood was the only name in the media. That doesn't mean there aren't other suitable coaches who are ready to make a name for themselves. I'd also not want us to make a decision based upon the salary demands of junior coaches. Let's get behind the new men and best of luck to them.


Stitched up yet again by Jeremy Cheap we all renew season tickets thinking he has learnt his lesson, andbang he gives us a Steve clarke mark two, but without the Roy Hodgson roll over impact, Jeramy , another fine mess youve got us into

West Drayton Baggie

What were the odds on Irvine?? I reckon Mr. Peace is doing some insider trading and making more money for his over-inflated salary. One of the highest paid Chairmen in the Premiership and wouldn't extend Ferdinand/Ramsey contracts?!

To the people saying they wouldn't have Sherwood I ask 'WHY NOT?!' He'd have lit a fire underneath the players and brought in younger players from the academy as well as maybe attracting players from Spurs' youth as well. He'd have drilled some discipline into our squad - something desperately lacking. And what does a 12 month contract offer in the way of support? NOTHING! Irvine is on a hiding to nothing when the chairman won't back him with a proper contract.

JP called Clarke's bluff by spending £12mil on Sess and Anichebe but won't push the boat out even slightly when it comes to a head coach - either in wages or backing him to buy players. Bet we get the same lack of cup run and lack of enthusiasm as last season.

Quinton Baggie

WDB - I think we would have all bet our house on Sherwood being head coach...I think JP owns Ladbrooks, Corals, Betfair, Bet365, Betwin and all the other gambing organisations and then he bets on Alan Irvine...bloody hell you wouldnt want to play him at poker would you.

Anyway yow gorra loff aye ya

Wheres Cyril? i'd like to hear what you have to say lol

Kev in Mallorca


I can honestly say I didn't think it would be Sherwood and could you really see them three coming up too little old West Brom from the smoke?



So they just didn't know lol

JP has given everyone the run around again

Surprising choice true,he hasn't any Premier experience yet but he'll soon have as much as Sherwood when he starts

Like all that work and play for the club I'll give him my support

Welcome AI hope you settle in and prove your doubters wrong

Too late to want SC back now,to all those that wanted him out,get over it you wanted change

This is real world not fantasy manager


Baggies odds on for relegation, downing and kiely again, no idea who is making these poor choices, Tim Sherwood only wanted what the Baggies fans wanted a fresh start , clean slate, new ideas, but Jeramy has thought twice , and it was gonna cost him too much to replace the 13 players we have parted company with since start of last season, on the CHEAP again jeramy, thanks a lot


You're not odds on. The Oddschecker website has you at 3/1 and below you are Burnley, QPR, Leicester, Hull and Crystal Palace.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi oldrocker.

Some will never let the facts get in the way of good old blind bigotry.

The View From Baggy Bottom

I have to say, speaking entirely for myself, I am struggling for, if not totally lost for words. I am, always have been and always will be a Baggies supporter. I will look for the positives and pray that someone at the club knows what they are doing and that Alan Irvine proves to be an inspired appointment. I will give the guy a chance along with my support and try to believe that he can perform to a standard which is far above his record of achievment to date. I will try to believe that the powers within the club truly see Alan Irvine as the long term answer to our head coach role. But, a one year rolling contract doesn't fill me with confidence. I will try to believe that our playing staff will be inspired by this choice and that potential targets over the coming months will be breaking down our doors to come and learn from such a worldwide renown coach.

Its going to be a long summer.

I'm sorry I can't be more enthusiastic just at the moment Kev, guys, it might take me a day or two to get my head around what has happened in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps we will make a couple of decent signings in the coming weeks and the old boyency will return.

I do, and will keep the faith.

Boing Boing,


Kev in Mallorca


D'want somebody too come to put their arm round ya and sit with ya a while?


The View From Baggy Bottom


the only company I wanted last night was my good mate Al Kahol. Anybody else trying to come within 50 yds. would not have been safe.

Al told me to 'chill man', and after a couple of hours in his company things didn't really seem a whole lot better but at least I didn't care any more.

This morning, Al is just a hazy memory and his arm around my shoulder is now a forge hammer in my head, pounding out the reallity of the situation which made me give him a call in the first place.

I have re-read my post in the cold light of day and, to be honest, I wouldn't change a word. I will give the bloke a chance and I will always support Albion to the day I die, whatever happens.

I can't however pretend that I am pleased with this appointment or the manner in which it came about,(and no, I wasn't at the meetings nor am I privy to the decision making process). I can't even imagine what Alan Irvine could have said at an interview which could propel him from nowhere into the head coach job at a premier league club. Sorry Kev, but that's how I see it so not saying so would be dishonest and saying it doesn't make me disloyal.

It's not that we didn't get TS that bothers me, I always said that appointing him would surprise me given the obvious clash of personallities, but at least it showed some ambition and daring and seemed to fulfill the promise of lessons learnt.

Nobody will be more pleased than me if Alan Irvine does reasonably well, let alone brilliantly and I will hold my hands up and admit that my misgivings were unfounded and I will apologise for my lack of enthusiasm for this appointment. I have never wanted to be proved wrong about something so much in my life, so come on Alan, show us what you can do. Be the appointment that turned us around and got us heading back up the table again. PLEASE!!

Now, where's my mate Al got to.

Boing Boing!!


CantelloRocket 78


I'm sure there's others that feel the same way as you, mate - I was in Brum earlier when someone broke the news to me, and despite Irvine's name being featuring in some Bookies odds - albeit lower down -in recent weeks, it obviously took me completely by surprise.

Well, the majority have instantly written him off, so I guess in that respect the guy's got nothing to lose - any success would now be seen as a bonus?? - but he's part of a team that's been created to focused mainly on coaching the squad, and he's worked with David Moyes at both Preston and Everton, so all we can do now is wait to see what he can produce - people are judged on their performance within the job, not on signing an initial contract, so let's see what happens....

The View From Baggy Bottom


Good morning friend.

My reply to Kev pretty much sums up my feelings really. I am not alone amongst genuine Albion fans who are left feeling underwhelmed and somewhat dismayed by this appointment.

Many of the extremely negative posters on here can be ignored, but not all can be dismissed as trolls, wulfies having a poke or disloyal moaners.

Many of our fellow 'glass half full' posters are obviously unhappy. I truly hope that events over the coming weeks and months will show that I and others should have had more faith.



You lot got it all wrong,he,s that cheap & short contract,easy to sack when England fail to qualify Roy gets the sack & we get our manager back,

Ronnie Allen

It sums up our Club's ambition. Nil. He has got the job because he wanted a salary with one zero less than Sherwood and after JP said what budget was available. What message does this send out to players in the transfer window?

Hard to believe this after the last appointment.


More fool u mate I'm Def o not hanging around I'm going to have a nice holiday rather than filling peaces pockets


Where's jack part ?

Cheshire Baggie

Still in shock!! I will always support the Baggies, but this is pushing my loyalty. I hope that JP & TB have got this right, but I seriously doubt it. What kind of signal does this appointment give to the current squad and to any players we have been linked with to join us. I was on the fence with Sherwood, but I would have been encouraged by the different approach and it would have been a roller coaster.

This was the cheap option, JP is losing any support he has from the supporters, the handling of the Astle situation and now this. Not forgetting the new kit!!

Boing Boing.



Well that was a shock; I thought my hearing was up the spout when I heard the news on the radio....Alan Irvine...Who?

It looks like we have decided to do the opposite to last year and ditch the marque signing; I think Alan will lack the kudos to attract the players we need to sign.

As soon as I heard that Sherwood was digging his heels in over the money for his assistants I knew the deal was in trouble; has anyone ever dictated to Mr Peace what he needs to do and come out on top???

Alan Irvine, welcome to the Baggies; I hope and trust that we'll all look back and see your appointment as a truly inspired Peace of business.

Here's hoping!


must say im surprised as anyone, as a manager his record is rubbish, how ever, as a coach I don't know much, so as always with a new coach ill say give him 10 games


jeremy this appointment is a joke, the sooner you sell all your shares in wba and get out of the club for good the better for all concerned. i hear mr irvines claim to fame is just about saving sheffield wednesday from relegation from the championship to league 1 a few seasons ago.if he his such a good candidate why did you not give him the position in january rather than your last appointment mr mel. good riddance mr peace the sooner you sell our club the better .you may be a good business man i cannot deny that ,but your football knowledge is nil . for goodness sake go now for the good of west bromwich albion f.c. boing boing


Got to say I wanted TS but as people above have said there would've been no guarantees!!!

Let's just back our man, back our team and judge them after 10 or so games.....

Only time will tell guys, so our job as fans is to be positive and optimistic!!!


ps let's trust Terry Burton's judgement too!!


Hit him on the tail

Obviously we shop at Shoe Zone and not Clarkes.

Woodman Corner Jake

I've been following the odds for the Premier next season. Up until this evening, the Baggies were around 7th-8th favourite to be relegated ( I.e. we would finish in 12th or 13th spot).

After the appointment of "'who he'"we are second favourite behind odds-on Burnley for the drop. Stellar teams like Leicester, Hull, QPR and Sunderland are longer odds. Unbelievable! Our friends at Vile Park must be confident that at least one team will finish below them next season. ( I.e us).

As 'who he's' fellow Jock, Private Fraser, used to say..." We're doomed, we're doomed"


I think the best thing people, is take your season tickets back, that would leave JP with no doubt that he has gone too far, remember the customer is always right! And it's the customers right to return goods ie season tickets

The Real Bully Hoo.


I'm a supporter not a customer so I'll be hanging on to mine and turning up for matches and getting behind the players and the manager as I always do.

There are a lot on here saying they'll send their tickets back or won't buy one. TBH they won't be greatly missed.

Oldbury baggie

Bad to worse championship here we come

Oswestry Baggie

We have all shown loyalty and parted with our hard earned money and renewed season tickets. What we can do to voice our protest of this appointment is to boycott the club shop, in particular the new strip..................

For Geoff and his family, for every former player who has been cast aside......DO NOT BUY A SINGE ONE OF THOSE HORRID NEW SHIRTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bath Baggie

TWAS THE WINTER OF DISCONTENT so the saying goes, looks like a summer and winter of discontent as far I am concerned. The forthcoming season will be my 60th year of supporting WBA but I maybe walking down the Wednesbury Road to watch Walsall (five ex WBA players) playing under a manager who has had more success than Alan Irvine by keeping Walsall in the top half of the table last season, ( by the way I see we have two goalkeeping coaches now).

I have supported JP for the manner in which he has made the club solvent but after the last two / three seasons of meagre resources in transfer fees and obtaining management on the cheap, it was necessary to expend this term to ensure our Premiership status. We had a chance with Sherwood but with a man who has no experience in the Premiership, little money to spend on quality players and possibly key players wanting a transfer where do we go.

Loan players are not the answer, second rate Everton players (Anchibee) are not the answer and it is doubtful whether the players know who Irvine is. Will possible transfer targets know who he is!!!!

So Mr JP buy your 8% extra shares, then you can float the club by calling an EOM, make a few millions by selling and let someone else buy in and hoefully I may return walking back down the Wednesbury. Come back Alan Ashman at least we won a trophy.

Moscow Albion

No surprise. Sherwood was never going to get the job - too outspoken, entourage too big, too expensive,

Don't really see what category Mr Irvine belongs in - he's certainly not 'up and coming', nor is he 'young and hungry', and he's definitely not 'seasoned premiership manager'. He's got a lot of experience but doesn't seem to have achieved much. Maybe he's a late developer.

Bootneck wolf

Normally I would pop across armed with one/two crass comments for you lot,however I know how you feel. I felt similar with the appointments of stoller & Dean.



Bootneck,fel free my friend,some light hearted banter would probably cheer us up at the minute


☆BW★. How brill is that. TWO mossive stars me.

That's a good lad, chest out shoulders back. (As he put his paws on your shoulders from behind, uuuuuugh) You sure got a perty mouth there boy , yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa, filmed by the river bank of the Penk, as the baggies barge goes by and Vinnie Jones is filming, Worlds queerist Klampett gangs, lmao lol ,lol boing boing, no boots king of the klampetts, why do you do it, come here, it makes me laff.

Blue & white forever

Well it has all been said, shocked, staggered, unbelievable. Going to be hard to attract a Sponsor with this appointment on a white shirt! Amazing that we have another ex Wolves lad as a coach, though to be fair Rob has an excellent reputation in the game. This has taken 5 weeks, could have taken 5 minutes, we would have been better appointing Derek Mac it would have lifted the fans. What a week, this & the Shares is showing Jeremy's true metal. Where are all the "Trust in Jeremy" lovers tonight?


Underwhelmed is the understatement. Could WBA really not attract anyone better than a failed manager from League One??? Having a coaching background is fine, and maybe he would be a candidate for the Academy, but this is the Premier League. Managing egos, making tactical decisions during games, attracting quality players to the club, keeping quality players at the club...It's great having someone used to working with the youth, but he needs to have the capability of bringing in players who can keep us in the Prem, never mind having any ambitions for Europe etc.

He's going to have to hit the ground running, as people's patience is not going to last long. The tragedy is , by the time he will have to be sacked, it will be too late, as won't have attracted the quality players we will need. I don't blame Irvine for taking the job as he has no real reputation to lose. He will however have ex-Premier League coach on his CV, which should help him get another job. For WBA though, I fear the worst.


WHO ????? Single figure points tally , relegation and a very very long time out of the top flight. At best.

It all gets worse , I think it's been on the slide since we sacked Don Howe in '74,


We like sacking our bosses, lets get big Ron back lol


Looks like another foul up from Peace & Co. Lots of distraught Baggie fans. Hehe


Whichever way you dress it up this is an underwhelming appointment. Surely we could have done better? After such a poor season, the club was crying out for a bit of inspiration from JP to give everyone a lift. What puzzles me is this. If Irvine was passed over for the gig 5 years ago, then why is he good enough for it now? Oh dear. I bet Tim Sherwood scared the life out of the Albion hierachy when he started talking money. I've always been a JP supporter, but after this I wish someone would buy him out. Very disappointed.

Mike Baggies Fan (Coseley)

This is a bad appointment what new players are we going to attract with this appointment and its going to be difficult to hang on to the ones we got .Westbrom wanted a premier head coach that has already had many years experience and this is a cheaper option. What on earth went wrong with Tim Sherwood and coaches West Brom didn't come up with the money I suppose as usuall I am afraid we are in for a difficult season and I would not be surprized if our club gets relegated. This is not a fans choice as you survey suggest Can you honestly see A/E lasting the twelve months ?????


Championship here we come ....

Disenchanted of Willenhall

A one year rolling contract would appear to epitomise the management's confidence in Irvine. Wouldn't he accept a week to week contract?


You non believers, don't you realise that without Jeremy Peace we wouldn't have a club and that we would be clinging to our football league status.

Come on CYRIL, JACK THE HAT & CANTELLO ROCKET 78, YOU JEREMY WORSHIPPERS - JUST JUSTIFY THIS APPOINTMENT to the more balanced season ticket holder and supporter.

After 5 weeks of waiting we are greeted with this news.

If we had a game tomorrow we couldn't put a team out and this guy is supposed to attract players.

As a season ticket holder for 38 years and a regular since 1966/67, I am entitled to my say and I will state now on the 16/06/2014 that we will be RELEGATED in the next football season.

Our chairman is more concerned in gaining more shares from the very people who this club pleaded with in the 90s to buy shares and 10 year season tickets to keep the club going.


This appointment is the final proof that the chairman has no ambition on the football field for this club or its supporters and that he will continue taking the 6th highest salary for a chairman /owner in the premier league for his own means.


CantelloRocket 78


if you really have watched Albion for nearly 50 years, that makes you a 'Senior' person, in which case it's time you grew up -

for you to shout my name in capital letters, and accuse me of being a 'JP worshipper' is beyond pathetic.

I've said on here MORE than once that no one's beyond criticism, and if Jeremy or anyone else gets something wrong, then that person must take the responsibility for what happens-

in this case, if Alan Irvine fails, then it will be seen as a bad choice, but if the 'new' set-up, with Terry Burton included, does well next season, then it'll be seen as an inspired move -

we'll have to see what happens WHEN it happens.

I've said on here - again more than once - that I doubt if I'd want to be a personal friend of JP, because he comes over as being a bit 'cold', and I said to 'Simmo' last week here that I'd be happy with any changes at top-level if it improved things, but Jeremy effectively owns the club, and no one could answer my question of who would replace him, and if their 'chosen' person would guarantee us success-

you keep claiming you're 'very fair' when handing out criticism - if that's the case, then you can start by admitting you're 'out of order' by claiming I 'worship' our Chairman?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Streetly.

I understand there's a lot of emotion coming out on here and I admit to being disappointed when I saw that Alan Irvine had got the job.

Unlike a lot of others I wasn't convinced that Tim Sherwood had this Kryptonite guarantee of success either, although had he got the job 99% on here would be celebrating now.

Like Rocket I'm a JP supporter not a worshipper which suggests BLIND loyalty. The blindess here seems to be one way from the people that refuse to recognise just how far JP has brought us against all the odds.

I'm no financial genius but if as you say JP is intent on taking over the club and whether you mean he will sell it or keep it... Why the hell would he be intent on running it into the ground as you also suggest.

If we drop out of the PL the value of his asset would drop like a rock whether he keeps it or sells it. Whatever else JP is a sharp businessman and to me this would make no sense at all, unless you know of some tax scam like in the Mel Brooks film The Producers. Come to think of it, that backfired when it became a success. Perhaps it's what JP has been trying to do all along and he has kept us up by mistake.

Despite going in for a bit of jocularity, that's a serious question. Why the hell would JP do this to save a few pennies. He's a businessman and he needs us to remain in the PL although unlike some on here he accepts that we've overachieved in recent times and maintaining that success would be little short of a miracle.


Hi Bully,

First of all it is obvious that JP intends to take over the club if he wishes to buy up to 75% of the shares, it will be easier for him to push major decisions through and someone who wishes to buy will have full running of the club.

When the Fair Play rules were voted on by Premier League Owners, JP surprisingly voted against it and it again obvious now because no potential wealthy buyer can come in and splash the cash and spend millions/billions as clubs can only spend within their turnover.

I didn't suggest that he wants to run the club into the ground, far from it. what I did say was that he has not the slightest ambition on the playing side( as long as we stay in the Premier he classes that as success.

You have said yourself over the years in our talks on here that lets have a few years in the Premier and start taking the cups seriously.

That hasn't happened and I do know people associated to the club and from what I am told it isn't going to happen.

Tax scams? JP will know everything and I do suggest it would be above board being the kind of businessman he is. I do know in the past that a lot of our money was invested in Jersey/Guernsey and in agricultural farming as well as us owning much of the Halfords Lane Industrial Estate.

But come on Bully, this is an awful appointment and at first look can you see this guy attracting players to a club who are entering their 5th successive season in the Premier.

We need 10 players(and how was this allowed to happen) 10 players before the middle of August.

We have as supporters been very patient since 2002 when JP took over and he has done an excellent job with the financial affairs but the last 12 months with his massive PR own goals(Astle family) new strip and this appointment, he could meet his own downfall and get the club relegated.

Jack the Hat


Bit slow off the mark aren't you, go through the posts again only the time put your rosy tints on. You will be buying a new Orange Crush shirt next, so disgruntled you are.




You are just one of the sheep in the flock.

Not once did I hear you criticise the board over the Astle family saga, you blamed the brand that is Adidas for changing our strip and now you find nothing wrong in appointing an academy coach and a failed championship manager as our new coach.

Please take your rosy tints off and see all aint well at the club I have travelled all over the country to see play.

Please stop your pathetic obsession with anything to do with Wolves, we have enough problems of our own


Streetly, I've told you before you are no more a Baggie than Bob The Builder and he ain't even a Wulfie !



I really do believe now from other posts that you must be chairman of the so called committee because you are at it again calling me a non baggie just because I express my opinions of which I have very strong feelings about.

Just because you don't agree with them how the hell can you say I don't support Albion.

Another obsessed with Wolves infiltration on this site.


Quote: "He will be joined at The Hawthorns by Rob Kelly as joint assistant head coach and the pair will work alongside another assistant, Keith Downing, and goalkeeping coach Dean Kiely".

There should be one manager with an assistant to bounce ideas off (like Clough and Taylor). Now here we have at the baggies one head of blame, and three assistants who will never be able to agree on tactics etc this is a recipe for disaster.

The board are buying cheap or on loan players and expecting a manager to conjure up a style of play that will win most games. I cannot think of any examples of a club becoming successful by doing this.

I hope I am wrong but I think it's going to be a long hard season.

We Only Need One Half!

Well, like everyone else I am totally surprised by this appointment, but then again, I haven't seen any of the past ones coming either, hands up who did? "Dear Norris McWhirter, is that the fastest head count ever?"

Can I just say congratulations to the E&D for having your finger on the pulse at Albion, yet again you have shown you know about as much about our club has any bloke propping up a bar in West Bromwich, or even Wolverhampton town centre for that matter, tonight, well done, call yourself a newspaper? have you never heard of the Trades Description Act?

Can I also congratulate all the new posters we seem to have attracted to this article, I'm just surprised we have not seen you before when times were better, its a real mystery to me how we seem to get so many new names on certain posts, I cant for the life of me think why, honest!

Anyway, no I am over the initial surprise, can we all calm down and compare and contrast J.P.s appointments with another local club-

RDM, task, promotion, achieved.

Roy Hodgson, task, consolidate, achieved.

Steve Clarke, task, consolidate, achieved.

Pepe Mel, task, avoid relegation and consolidate, achieved.

So why are people instantly thinking J.P. has got it "wrong" "again"???? you are basing a record of ultimately getting it right, going back 5 years, on what exactly? who are you exactly to question a record like that?

and to the Wulfies offering us advice on appointments, thanks, but we will pass if its all the same to you, over roughly the same period you've appointed

Terry Connor, task, avoid relegation, fail.

Stale Solbacken, task, promotion, epic fail, no promotion and relegated.

Dean Saunders, task, avoid relegation, fail.

Kenny Jackett, task, two promotions, ?

So you see, your not really in a position to advise us about appointments, without making yourself look ridiculous, are you? especially after telling us when it looked likely to be Sherwood that a Championship manager appointment would be so much better anyway!

I had previously stated I couldn't see the J.P.-Sherwood relationship working, and I had a sneaking suspicion if he had have come we would have been looking for another manager come Christmas, so I'm not totally devastated by this.

Would I have chosen someone else? obviously, because I know nothing of Irvine, given the choice I wanted Laudrup or RDM, but then I wanted Hughton when Clarke came, and has it transpires I would have been wrong and J.P. would have been right, again, because Hughton would not have gotten us a 8th place finish in the Prem.

Finally can I just add, to all these ones who are saying J.P. is doing his best to see us fail and end up back in The Championship, why would he??? there were people only the other day (possibly even some of the same posters) who were saying all he is interested in is selling the club to make a profit, umm? try selling an established Premier League outfit, or a mid table Championship side, which is going to be the easiest to make a profit from, umm, let me think!!! these people have never (or ever will) run a business with that kind of acumen, will they.

p.s. Anybody who has said they are not renewing, if you are in the SME, gives us your seat numbers will you, I will be happy to take them off your hands, looking for two, one of which need to be a aisle seat, cheers.

funny old world

The new posters have always been around, they've just been kept off these boards by the likes of you, Kev, Jack etc who stifle any debate that doesn't agree with yours.

A pint and a pie.

I think Kev is JP.

We Only Need One Half!

F.O.W. what a ridiculous statement, they were free to post at any time, me, Jack, Kev etc are not mods who can decide which posts show on the boards or not, you've just made yourself look very silly with that comment.

Jackett the Hat

Anything slightly negative and you immediately jump on the nearest journo. Just like the Anelka thing when you were wrong but couldn't face it......do you actually purchase an Express and Star....you know, pay for one?

You say fans make unsubstantiated accusations then do the exact same thing yourself, if someone questions you though, there's always 'grey area' exploitation, or the favourite 'move the goalposts' card to play.

As for advise from Wulfies, you wouldn't take advise from Mourinho, what's that old saying again......nobody likes a know-all.

We Only Need One Half!

Jackett, how was I wrong about Anelka exactly? you talking out your hose pipe again arent you? as for Mourinho, course I would listen to him, he's won the Champions League, and various domestic Leagues, how does that compare with people like you trying to give advice lol.


Fat clowan , where have yow bin , r bindippin.


You want an aisle seat? Is that so you can slope off before full time when we're losing and not disturb the real fans! The way things are going the only people there will be you, Cantello and Jack

We Only Need One Half!

No, its because I am disabled and suffer cramps in my legs, so need to stretch them sometimes, but thanks for asking.

Still feel smug?

We Only Need One Half!

Well, its 3.20am and I'm sitting here watching Ivory Coast v Japan, and there is still no E&D report on the England game to comment on, is this the fantastic coverage of the World Cup you promised us E&D, still, at least it gave you another excuse to wheel Steve Bull out, eh?

Aussie Baggie

All those weeks of interviews and we come up with Alan Irvine??? Have the Albion hierarchy learn't nothing over the past seasons? It's Steve Clarke all over again! Not even JP can be very confident of Irvine's ability because he has only offered him a one year rolling contract!! I cannot see Irvine attracting any worthwhile new talent to the Hawthorns either. A complete letdown and another disaster waiting to happen!!

Jack the Hat

Some of our fans need a reality check so here it is:

Albion have now split the management job into two parts which is a modern trend. Part one is the office duties and part two is the coaching duties to keep it simple. Albion advertised for a good coach to fill in following the Pepe Mel departure. Now a good coach for Albion doesn't do the office work by negotiating other staff wages as that is not his job and that is where Sherwood fell flat on his face. Lets not forget that Richard Garlick is the other half with Terry Burton coming in to add his football knowledge to the mix. So what is the outcome?, we get what we want, a Head Coach and his assistant on a rolling contract, SORTED. Now go and enjoy the £50 you had knocked off your season tickets then you will be ready for Premiership football for a fifth season on the trot, I know some football supporters not far from our club that would give their eye teeth for what you hold in the the palm of your hand in the form of a little card that allows you to watch Premiership football being played by YOUR favourite team for a further season, enjoy you lucky people.

All the best.


P.S. Now to rebuild our Squad.


He will work great for sandwell town


Jeremy. Well done for listening to me. Sherwood would have been a disaster, and a costly one at that with the wages he was demanding for his staff.

Irvine may be no better, but I think he will have more commitment to The Project than a big time Charlie like Sherwood ever would.

I was surprised by the appointment but also intrigued. I think there is a back room now of people who know the club (KD and DK), people who know the Prem (TB) and people with coaching experience (AI). No big characters and potentially a team that could gel and get the squad as a cohesive unit.

Worth a punt I think in the absence of any other stand out candidate.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Excellent post Buxton. Like you say there's no certainty it will come off but that would have gone for most of the candidates. The thing is the doom mongers have the advantage of hindsight and will know that their preferred man would have been a resounding success.


Having commented yesterday and slept on it, I really can't feel any more positive about this appointment this morning. Like all fans I wish him luck, however I can't help but be completely underwhelmed. This is Steve Clarke the sequel. In an end of season interview JP stated the buck stopped with him and he'd learned his lesson, but here we go again going for the budget option. Of all the names that were mentioned albeit speculatively I don't recall Alan's name being one of them. What a joke.

Jack the Hat


Two things to remember here mate, 1/ Terry Burton is now in place, 2/ The Albion list was never made public.

Alan is a competent coach and not brought in as a stand in for Jeremy Peace. Do you believe Our club have let us down over the bigger picture of the last ten years?.

We all know that Jeremy plays with the hard ball so tell me why he should have paid more than he needed to for Sherwood's back up boys, just on Sherwood's say so?.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Danish Baggie

If you have seen my previos posts, you will know I'm always trying to be positive. I'll have to admit i'm struggeling at the moment. What could be good abouit this one ? Not sure there is something, but I'll try anyhow.

Most obviusly is, that expectations is as far Down as they possible could be, and we can realy only surprise now.

We still have Downing and Keily whome some wanted to have the job, and know the Club and the set up.

Olsson, Mulumbu, Foster etc. might, and thats a big might choose to stay as the think they can runn the show now, wich wouldent be the case with Sherwood.

Thats about as positive as I can get, and I suppose we will just have to wait and se how it pans out.

Lets hope and pray............

Hit him on the tail

Can't sleep.. Rooney and Gerrards inept performance last night and our choice of manager! Next will be the new kit and lack of funds to buy players. Hope I am wrong but " Going down my Lord " comes to mind....


First may I congratulate Alan Irvine and wish him the very best in his new job.

Secondly I will get back on my soap box and bemoan the decision making of our Chairman, whilst he wishes to pursue his personnel goal of ownership of our club with increasing his share ownership, he once again shows his non football knowledge but highlights his expertise within accountancy, his chosen profession.

The club is going backwards and after the disaster of last season we were told to expect improvement and that lessons had been learnt by our beloved Chairman and Board.

It is not Alan Irvines problem, as he has taken a job offered with both hands and we should encourage and support and wait and reserve judgment, however we are quite simply becoming a laughing stock of the Premier League and our ineptitude at showing quality leadership, decision making and ambition will again drive us to the relegation battle we could avoid.

I for one have argued against our Chairman since 2003, and at times my fellow posters have not agreed with me but from reading the above posts, it is clear that many are completely disillusioned with the way our club is run.

Jack the Hat


Tell me, why would Peace want to own a club that is going backward by his own hand. Only I myself can make no sense of it at all. Why are we becoming a laughing stock?, learned that off the Dog Heads have we?. So you are saying our five years on the run in the Premiership are in your eyes a disaster and you don't like Peace no matter what. I can't comprehend why you are still a Baggy unless you love self flagellation. You like many others are shooting from the hip even before our new squad is formed, some support that.

Gripe over.


The Real Bully Hoo.


JP had admitted he has no expertise in football matters (BTW what is yours?) That's why he employed Terry Burton who has spent his life in football.

It's also strange that when it was going to be Tim Sherwood it was apparently TB's choice and everything was wonderful, now that Alan Irvine has come in it seems it was JP's decision. Cake and eating it comes to mind.


Look guys, I'm like the majority here,I'm totally astounded by this appointment, but, at the end of the day the deal is done and no amount of negative comments is going to change the fact that JP has made his mind up and Irvine is leading 'OUR' team next season, so, let's give him a fair chance and judge him after 10 games or so. We can sit here and shout till we are blue in the face but the fact is Irvine is our head coach so let's get behind the club we love. Time will tell if JP has gone for the cheap option. Come on you Baggies


Its Fathers Day - my son rang me and gave me this news and I am in shock and had the stuffing kicked out of me. I know I shouldn't be with what JP and the Board do in their selection, but I am totally SHOCKED and NOW COMPLETELY DISILLUSIONED. Another kick in the Bow Locks!

I believe they have got it totally wrong AGAIN. On paper not has qualified or as worthy as Steve Clarke. Not as qualified or experienced as Pepe ....aren't we going backwards at a rate of knots here. 12 months rolling contract doesn't instill faith or confidence either and nor should it. IMO we will be looking for a new Head Coach before the 12 months is up. What it does say about our football club is that we can't attract any Head Coaches / Managers of real credibility or merit. JPs own assessment of being an over achieving mid table championship club emanates from him and taints us or he won't let anybody see beyond his restricted views. I bet he will put on his best salesman's patter of Albion being an established Premier Club when he comes to sell, but he will certainly need to look to buy the shares he needs to reach that 75% figure very quickly cos its all going down hill from here. And perhaps its now time for JP to move on. At this moment in time I would take the risk with any other owners.

As a die hard Baggies fan I want to wish Alan Irvine all the very best - and prove us all wrong.

Jack the Hat


Don't class me in with the " Us all ", mate, as I believe the Board have brought in a good Head Coach and the squad hasn't been built yet.



I am thinking of taking up fishing or knitting .... got to better than following football with Albion and England. I am really beginning to lose interest.

CantelloRocket 78


Morning mate.

Realistically, I think we were all a bit stunned when hearing the news of our new 'appointment', but now I guess we'll just have to see how it all pans out, the Baggies seem to have a knack of generating emotion within us, one way or another.

As for taking up fishing, after being a serious match angler for 30 years, you'd be surprised at how skilfull, complex - and yes, exciting - it can be at times, maybe when I'm back from holiday I'll tell you all about it - by then you may prefer me boring you to those talking football........:-)


Morning CR

As you can sense I am a tad disappointed at the moment. Its because I care.

The Angling might be a bit TOO exciting for me then.... perhaps the knitting option will be more sedate ...knit one, pearl one ...drop one ....... rocking backwards and forwards in a darkened room.

Hope you are enjoying your holiday ..... I could do with one myself now after this appointment LOL

CantelloRocket 78


I haven't gone away yet mate, but I received text-news of the 'appointment' in Brum City Centre yesterday teatime, after stressfully fighting through crowds for hours, standing in a car park cream-crackered, and getting calls from the local health authorities about the welfare of me Brother, who's currently being helped through his illness - I didn't know who to contact first from the different messages I was getting, me head was starting to melt-

I really can't wait to get away!!



And that my friend puts all this into perspective. Your brother's illness is your concern priority and this following on so soon from your Mom. God bless Mate, keep it all together.

Jack the Hat


Sorry about the sad news of your mom and hope all goes well with your brother mate. You have more to worry about than mere football.

________________ J♣H.

Jack the Hat


You would make a killing knitting fishnet tights, even enough to buy an Albion season ticket.

Gorra loff ay ya?.



Taken best part of an hour to get through the CRAPPY posts on here. My reaction,

most of the above are TROLL posts in several guises and non-de-plumes.

Kev, you alone seem to have spotted this.

IGNORE the negative ones, (most of them are negative). One thing is sure, 16,000

season tickets is a good base of TRUE supporters who follow Albion through thick and thin. They renewed without having a clue who would be Chief Coach. You may be sure they will support the team.

SO, STUFF THE TROLLS, go back on your own site and worry about how good Kenny will be with a few cheapo signings.

COME ON YOU BAGGIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PS: Hope you had a nice holiday Bully.


Hi Cyril

I think you are being a little harsh on your overall condemnation of Baggies fans reaction. Yes, its in the blood and when all is said and done we will still be supporting WBA as always. However, we are not robots and programmed to accept everything as being fine and dandy. It isn't, and I for one have had my fill of this constant garbage being thrust upon us by people who are privileged custodians of our club.


My WHOLE point simmo is that the majority of posts and reactions are NOT from Baggies.. Go over them carefully.

Of course some are from our supporters, especially as their minds, as mine, had adjusted to Sherwood being the man and they are shocked as we all are when an unseen outsider comes past on the rails to win. The majority though ARE Trolls.


There are and always will be some bogus posters, but the genuine feeling from the majority of Baggies posters is of shock, disappointment and utter disbelief.



With the utmost respect I have to agree with simmo on this.

This appointment could define our club for years to come,if it works out,great but if it goes pear shaped who in their right mind would want to manage WBA and who would like to play for us.

The posts on here by trolls or baggies are shared by a lot of fans,the utter disbelief of whats happened over the last 12 months or so is shocking,and as for the coming season ???


We Only Need One Half!

Cyril, I have to agree, I can understand some people being disappointed, because they buy into "Hollywood" names rather than a unknown. Fact remains, who ever J.P. has appointed in the past to do a task they have completed it, so I fail to see why they doubt him now.

I have not seen one post yet that has proffered a theory why they think they are right and J.P. is wrong. Its the easiest thing in the World to say something is wrong, its quite a different matter proving it.



I admire your glass is always half full mentality, BUT on this occasion its not half full, its not even a glass ...its a screwed up paper cup with the dregs of a cuppa at the bottom. This is by far the worst appointment that we have made since the like of Brian Little and Brian Talbot and look how dark those days were. Its a complete SHAMBLES.



I don't think his track record is very inspiring,thats a reason.

As with Steve Clarke and Pepe Mel we wish him well for obvious reasons

We Only Need One Half!

Stemic and Simmo, I think we need to see what he can do before we criticise, thats all, Stemic, I can understand you mentioning his track record, but RDM came from lower league, job done, Roy had been sacked, job done, S,C, had never managed at all, job done, Pepe had never managed in the Prem, job done, do you see where I'm coming from? whenever he has considered a manager is no longer working out, they are replaced, the new one given a target and so far its been achieved, you've got to show some faith in a chairman that makes appointments like that, I am not saying they are 'perfect' how many appointments ever are? but they always get the job done they were tasked with. Lets be fair, Spurs never achieved their target with Sherwood last season, neither did Man Utd with Moyes.

We will see.

Jack the Hat


I would say most of us know the new nom de Guerres are Dog Heads in the main mate. Was Alan an outsider on on the proper list drawn up by Albion, E&D and Turf Accountants are/were void. There is many a disgruntled fan who thought they knew and put a lump on their guesswork, that is why I don't bet as I am a poor loser.


The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Cyril.

I don't know if you saw the post I put up yesterday before the whole thread disappeared. I had a great holiday thanks.

I put up a quite a few posts on this thread and all but one appeared and then mysteriously disappeared, possibly "you know who" hitting the abuse button, although there was no abuse in them. Perhaps they were just too lacking in negativity for the E&S.

Good post Cyril. I notice more than a few are suggesting that JP is running the club into the ground in order to sell it... REALLY!!! Hardly likely to win him Businessman of the Year is it?

As I said in one of my disappeared posts. My first reaction to the appointment was disappointment. Exactly the same as when I heard Gary Megson had been appointed.

I hope the fair minded fans give him a chance but unfortunately there will be some praying for him to fail so they can come on and tell us all they were right.

Hope your medical problems are all under control again.

Farmer Ted


You are deluded. just read through the posts again and try and tell me that the vast majority are not from genuine WBA fans.

I've posted because I cannot believe that JP has not learned from Wolves disaster; it is so much a mirror image!

I am not a troll, just a regular Wolves poster who is sick to death of those idiots like Jack the Dim, McVitie, WONOH etc etc who come on to our site with their infantile blathering. It's pay back time and don't think for a minute it won't continue.

The wheel is turning as it surely does.

We Only Need One Half!

Farmer Ted, we would prefer it if racists like yourself stuck to your own boards. We dont want racists on here.

p.s. I dont come on your site so stop using that as reason you idiot.

Farmer Ted

RACIST??? Explain!

Farmer Ted

PS you don't come on our site?

Are you that stupid you don't think your inane posts are still on there for everybody to read?

You're dimmer than Jack!

We Only Need One Half!

You need it explained to you??? ok, you tell me when the last time I was on the Wolves pages, and I will give you your explanation.

Now, stop telling lies.

We Only Need One Half!

Well tell me the last time I was on your pages? simple, than we will count how many times you have been on ours between then and now, easy really.

Your just using it as a p*** poor excuse to come on here stirring trouble and you know it. Do you honestly think people cant see through you!

Farmer Ted

Erm, let's try the opening post on June 6 the at 3.18 regarding the invasion of Wolves pitch.

Are you really that stupid?

I can read from your constant stream of posts you are rather challenged but I would repeat. When have I ever been racist?

Farmer Ted

Then... Discounting these posts ....twice in two years...count them...you probably will.

You are constantly all over these sites.

You are one sad individual!

Good luck with Irvine

We Only Need One Half!

The article on 6th June was in the News section NOT the Wolves pages, so I ask again, when was the last time I was on the Wolves pages, I cant make the question any simpler for you, but just out of interest, how many times have you been on Albion pages since I was last on yours.

Come on, its not to difficult for you is it?

Farmer Ted

The only difficult thing for you seems to be explaining how I am racist. Let's have a answer please!

The rest of your little tantrum has been answered. The only difficult part is finding one's way through your rather strange grammar and punctuation.


Farmer Ted. It depends entirely on WHAT TIME THEPOSTS WERE READ Ted. You obviously have not noticed I read them earlyish this morning, BEFORE all the 'Reply' posts confused the issue. So, er, deluded ? No

Just somewhat more observant and accurate than you !

Stick to plarntin taters, sprouts and cabbages me old dear.

Farmer Ted

Cyril, There must be over 100 posts abhorring the appointment of Irvine BEFORE you posted!

Forget your advise on growing vegetables, there's enough in the Brummie Road End, do you and We Only Need Half a Brain edit these threads to suit your own confused opinion?

I've been accused of being racist and still await some bumbling explanation from your mate.

We Only Need One Half!

On the 11th of June on OUR pages, I asked the origin of Rajiv van La Parra name, you came on OUR pages claiming that simple question was "poor taste bordering on the 'R' word."

You then went on to give your usual blah lectures how you are Mr Wolves and know everything, and he was from Suriname, and I should do research on a Wolves player (exactly why I should is still not apparent) Except he is not from Suriname is he? he was born in Rotterdam, and therefore is Dutch, but thats not good enough for you is it, thats no different to the National Front when they used to tell West Indians and Asians just because they were born here they are not really English. You tried to play the race card, and in the process just showed your ignorance. So you've lied about me coming on to your pages, and now a Albion fan has to correct you by informing you where one of your own players comes 'from'.

Now go play with your sheep.

Farmer Ted

Yes it was YOUR pages, yes it bordered on poor taste. No, I never, ever said I knew everything as "Mr Wolves" ( just another figment of your imagination) and the rest of your jumbled thinking are for other people to judge.

I will not waste further time highlighting the times you have come onto the Wolves site with your bigoted ramblings (like the time you posted eleven times to try and prove you were getting revenge for some like minded Wolves moron) I'll just leave it to other anoraks like you to check it out.

What you have to lie in bed, sleepless about is....how will an Everton Youth team manager guide us into the Champions League?

We Only Need One Half!

Farmer Ted (or should that be Father Ted "should we all be racist now Father?") so what you are saying when you state I am always on your pages is a single article several months ago, when to highlight some trouble making dingles such as yourself, who were coming on our pages and trying to disrupte our boards, is that correct? bit pathetic then to try and use that as an excuse for the amount of times you have been over here lately, dont you think?

You say you are not a troll, only difference I can see is that you dont change your name every 5 minutes, thats it, despite what you may think, you are to all intense and purposes exactly the same, by your own admission " It's pay back time and don't think for a minute it won't continue" so your advise to me then, in your twisted logic, is I now have to go on your pages just to even the score, sorry, but I'm not so childish.

Pay back time for what exactly? us being the better team for several years now, and, I see nothing to say that scenario will change any time soon, I know we started you latest decline with the 1-5 thrashing, but sooner or later you have to let it go, or is it something more deep rooted?

I must admit I did find it amusing when you say you "will not waste further time highlighting the times you have come onto the Wolves site" be honest, its because you cant, but you have obviously checked back to try and find some or how could you possibly know I posted 'exactly' 11 times on one post, or do you love reading my posts that much you keep count? really? lol. I also seem to remember this post from several months ago I explained exactly what I was doing, and apologised to the genuine wulfies for invading their space, so dont try and compare yourself to what I did, you act purely out of jealousy and malice. I have no malice towards Wolves, and I certainly have nothing to be jealous off.

You accuse me of posting "infantile blathering", yet your posts are filled with nothing but your own opinion, conjecture, and superposition, they are strangers to a 'actual' fact, take your first post at 6.49pm Saturday, that everyone ignored, and I suspect is the reason why you just had to come back on yesterday and this time throw a few lies in for good measure. There was not one fact contained therein.

I have no problem with wulfies, I might not agree with them, but there are quite a few who come on who are honest and talk sense. Then there's your kind, bitter dingles who rather than talking facts rely on their own twisted day dream scenarios (such as we will be playing you this season coming, and the season before that come to think of it, remember those ones?) which are just envy fuelled bile aimed at their betters.

And as for lying in bed dreaming, perhaps you should be the one dreaming you had Irvine, at least he knows how to reach The Championship play off's, unlike who you have now.

Think about it.


Farmer Ted. I quote from your post "how will an Everton Youth team manager guide us into the Champions League? "

Who do you mean by 'US' ?

WE are Baggies. YOU are Wulfies.

Ah, I forgot, Trolls have no idea who they are.

The left side of the brain supports Wolves, the right side.....is missing !


This is my third and final comment. For any West Brom shareholders out there, please do not sell your shares to Jeremy Peace. The man should run the local building society and not our football club. Alan's appointment speaks volumes of JP's mindset. A total lack of ambition, and when I use that word I use it carefully. I'm not talking about ridiculous aspirations of playing in Europe but a simple desire to get a manager who will inspire existing players and perhaps more importantly attract new players to replace the 11 we have lost.

Who on earth would want to play for a man who got fired from PNE and Sheffield Wednesday? How about it Mulumbu? Inspired by Alan? What a disgrace, shameful. However, at least the books will balance nicely at the end of the season. Online savings account anyone?

Mad Shaver


New Mouth here

Alright we have who we have lets see what happens.

The most important thing now is who will they sign,who will be willing to come considering appointment and are we again going for cheap hopefuls instead of quality talent.

This will be an interesting period and a proper chance for PPP (penny pinching peace) too show the club have learnt lessons,otherwise another season fighting relegation.

Jack the Hat


Worrow and welcome, there are plenty of damn good players out there who will give their eye teeth to play for a Premiership club who puts their earnings on the table every week mate. I myself have confidence in our new backroom staff,and now we build the squad.



Sherwood has played a hard hand for his lieutenants and in our case, lost. Now if he gets the Southampton post he won't worry. But if he doesn't ????

The Real Bully Hoo.


Interesting that on Talksport this morning a Sunday People journo was condemning the Albion for going for the cheap option and saying the fans would be disappointed. Georgie Bingham god bless her, pointed out that this has now happened to Sherwood a few times and that he needs to beware of pricing himself out of the market.

We may have had a lucky escape.

Maidenhead Baggie

Will need to make a couple of quality signings ASAP to establish credibility but will he get any funds ? His reputation won't attract top names to come. He would have made sense if we had been relegated but doesn't seem the best option to move up premier league.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Our quality signings haven't always come off whereas the bedrock of our success has come from astute but cheaper signings. Olsson and Mulumbu.

This goes back to the 60's when Jeff and co cost next to nothing and Asa Hartford and Bomber came through the youth policy.

In the 70's/80's Ronnie Allen brought in Cyrille and Laurie for next to nothing and Statham and Robson came through the youth, then BFR splashed the cash on David Mills, John Deehan, Peter Barnes etc and we ended up winning nothing and deep in debt.

Is it a coincidence that Alan Irvine is a developer of talent?


May 23rd 2014 10.39am ----- E&S report headline ---- JP says ''I'M RESPONSIBLE FOR WEST BROM'S WRETCHED SEASON ''. Further into the report he says '' THE BUCK STOPS WITH ME '', and ends it with '' THE STRUCTURE WE HAVE GENERALLY WORKS AND WE WON'T RIP IT UP AFTER ONE BAD SEASON''.

Then we spend 3 weeks going through the 50+ applications for the Head Coach position. All last week we are led to believe that Tim Sherwood was odds on to get the job, while at the same time JP announces that he only needs to accumulate another 7% or so shares to reach 75%, thus giving him sole control of the club. We are also urged to renew our season tickets by the deadline date. Anyone who has watched Blackadder will recall the infamous words'' I have a cunning plan '', only this time the words did not come from Baldrick (RG), but from our very own Blackadder (JP). This was the plan as I see it:-

1) Encourage the punters to commit themselves to renew their season tickets as early as possible. Let them know we have appointed TB as new Technical Director-- oops sorry Baldrick ( RG ) you're not doing that job any longer, you're now my chief paper shuffler.

2) We will give the impression we are going a bit more up market in our choice of Head Coach. Let's see--- we will interview Tim Sherwood and spend a week fuelling speculation he is the out and out favourite, while at the same time setting up Plan B. Lets face it everybody knows I hate people who stand up to me, so it won't be much of a surprise when we make it impossible for him to accept the job. No no Baldrick ( RG ), stop licking my boots, I know I am a genius, just keep quiet about the plan.

3) WHAM -- Gotcha all you suckers who thought I had found a personality, and who thought for once I gave a damn about you. You should know by now that I always get what I want, and it has nothing to do with football. Now Baldrick (RG) give me a betting list and a pin and we will soon have our new Head Coach sorted out.

4) And the winner is --- ME. The new coach is Alan Irving actually but he will be gone by Xmas and we can do the same thing all over again. I'm getting rather good at this game. By the way has anyone else sold me their shares yet?

On a serious note I would like to wish Alan Irvine all the very best of luck, because I fear he will need it to overcome all the back stabbers he is joining. I hope his accent isn't too broadly Scottish, otherwise we may have the language excuse all over again.


Hello GM

I had to smile at your post. Is TB the new Melchet??



You're right,I could picture Melchet but just couldn't come up with his name.Too many ales last night and 10am was a bit early for posting.

Keep the faith.



Hi both,

we may need a "Lord Flash Heart" to swing in at times....

as for his accent..at least I'll understand it.....if it's that broad (I don't think it is to be fair)...I could offer my services as a translator......a bit like that bloke who used to translate for the tinker man at Chelsea....

regards both



Hi Andy

And I could be Captain Darling.


Hi Simmo

so at this point all we need is queenie......nursey.........Lt George......(goin seasons 2 and 4)......well that's the rest of the back room staff done then.....

seriously mate.....not sure how it's all going to pan out but at least part 1 of the saga is over now and the club can concentrate on player recruitment....

hope you're well


Honest He Is My Godfather

Player recruitment should've been ongoing behind the scenes anyway. World Cup summer & we have managed to get Craig Gardner! Head Coach doesn't sign players, he coaches the ones assigned to him & his coaching staff. The Albion model that the world drooled over 2 years ago is unravalling at an alarming rate. I felt physically sick with disappointment yesterday when I saw appointment. I still don't get it!? We have spent a fortune on academy to get us to the highest level, we have been in Premiership for 5 years, JP is looking to increase shares with sale on horizon. Football staff seems to be going backwards when it should be moving forward. FRUSTRATED !!!!

We Only Need One Half!

TGM "All last week we are led to believe that Tim Sherwood was odds on to get the job"

Led to believe by who TGM? the club never once hinted he was going to be the next appointment, it was the Press and Bookmakers, and yes I fell for it has much as the next man, I really should have known better. There is a moral to that story some where.



You mean ''never trust a football chairman with short arms and deep pockets''.

I admit I was convinced by a report from the Brum Mail

first of all, written by someone I knew personally, that TS was ''odds on'' for the job. He obviously believes in bookies too much.

Will just get on with it and support Alan Irvine and believe that he will come good.


We Only Need One Half!

TGM, no, I mean we are one of the few clubs that refuses to brown nose the media, which is probably why so many lies are told about us in the Press, if they dont know the facts, they just make them up, and people fall for it. Why do you think the Press print so many disproportionate negative stories about us?

Its this same secrecy that has led to us signing players like Mulumbu, Yacob, even Odemwingie for a song then the rest of the League going where did they come from.

Its not necessarily a bad thing.

Jack the Hat


Who said Sherwood was the favourite if not E&D and Turf Accountants, because it wasn't our club mate.


Jack the Hat

I know fairly early in the week the Brum Mail said he was odds on, and then the E&S followed suit. He was also odds on with most bookies at the same time.

History now anyway, time to move on and see who Terry and Alan come up with in the way od players.


Jack the Hat


Exactly mate, never came from our club did it.




Reading through the comments on here it doesnt look like most of the posters are in favour of this appointment.

Cant see it working myself and can see a lower division position ahead.



A lot of posters are not happy with the appointment BUT--- we will still support him because that is what you do when you are a true supporter. Through thick and thin is the phrase I believe.



Thick and thin yes.....

THICK us stupid loyal Baggies Fans for continually being treated like crap

THIN the new blue strip on our kit

And I ain't pleased with either


Robert, I think appointing Kenny Jackett was a good move so cheer up mate. With any luck you may stay up even with NO MONEY and £30 million in debt !

John B

Very clever of JP to announce this just as england play their first match. Did he think there would not be much press coverage as all the papers will be full of england and this appointment will slip under the radar. Our third coach on the trot with not an ounce of premier experience. At least we will make a lot of money next season as the bottom team will get more than the champions got last season


My god so this is our top boss, well i,m not traveling from Plymouth to watch us next season. We all know where we will end up at the end of next season, when is this club ever going to stop thinking of the money and start thinking of the fan,s. We are a joke.

The Real Bully Hoo.

So sorry to hear that, you will be a massive miss.


Bully, I think he might be more used to 'mossive' as in Wolves.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Morning Cyril.

Yeah I know that and my reply was tongue in cheek.

Having said that apparently we're being told that there are no trolls on here and all of these gloating posts are genuine Baggies which I'm so pleased about because I can now look forward to Father Christmas bringing my brand new Concorde down the chimney this Christmas especially as he has Shergar pulling his sleigh.

While Father Ted and Robert are quite amusing as they still come on telling us where we're going wrong from their lofty heights, at least they have the bottle to post as what they are and as such for me they are always welcome on here.

It's the 'genuine' fans like Pricey that get on my nerves thinking they're fooling everybody by telling us they've 'supported' the club for 300 years as they perpetually slag everything off in a gloating manner.


Is any 1 interested in having a walk out on the first game or something we can't let this happen I know we are only fans but we all know this is relegation material the board have already messed last season up why should we stand for it again come on let's at least fight for a decent appointment if I knew this was going to happen I would of rather had dean smith from Walsall your either with me or against me I'm not going back until this irvine bloke is gone leave ur comments !

do lallytap

Oh dear, it really is a lot to absorb isn't it ?

Look, it is what it is and I am undecided, I am disappointed it wasn't a bigger name....bigger name attracts bigger players....I am disappointed in the way it has panned out over the past few days but boy oh boy am I glad they got someone in at last.

One thing for certain is that we need to give this bloke a chance, see what it is like around December time, you never know he might, just might be a success, he might be a revelation or he might just be a complete waste of time, no one knows but give him a CHANCE.

JP sails pretty close to the wind when it comes to his decisions, they either make him or break him and it come pretty close last season and this decision is the biggest one yet in JP's tenure.

Contrary to opinion, I DID give Clarke a chance and I DID say that we would see how good Clarke was when it's his first full season and by the time December came it was blatantly obvious with his formations, his tactics and his substitutions that he AND Downing was just out of their depth.

Then Pepe came along without his backroom staff and Downing at the helm and I really did like Pepe but with Downing there "advising" him on who to pick it all went pear shaped, even though the matches we saw were entertaining, we were entertained.

Now along comes Father Ted, new bloke, new ideas, trying to bring in his ways but most importantly how will the players react, especially after Sherwood was baited about.....We will be in trouble if Mulumbu and Foster decide that the clubs ambition don't match theirs and they part their ways and who can blame them ?

All I am saying is lets give him a chance, suck it and see

The View From Baggy Bottom

O.K., what have you done with Do lallytap, and how much do you want, to keep him.


CantelloRocket 78

I'm ok with Father Ted being appointed, and as always am willing to give the guy a chance to see what he can do, but if his Assistant turns out to be Father Dougal McGuire, then I might be seriously concerned......

Kev in Mallorca


No mate this is really do, I've seen it before.

When you show compassion too the beast and show faith as I did the other day it's amazing what a calming effect it has.

It also helps that today is Sunday which I know do treats as his spiritual day, it's amazing the change in a Tranquilo'd do and I'm glad we were all here too witness such an event,

we'll all remember where we were and what we were doing when we talk of this in the future.


do lallytap

No, yowm wrong Kev....It's all the ale I had last night watching Engerland....Bit fragile this morning so I am going for the quiet life today.

Now....Tomorrow is a different day so watch out !



Living up to your name here old chap! OMG you must have sunk some ale. Have you now become Father Jack to father Ted hence the loyalty LOL

After this appointment there will be a lot of Father Teds methinks. I'll just ask KD for cup of Tea.......go on go on.....


Hi there fella,

I posted below that I feel deflated and I do....I want Irvine to do well as much as the next fan does...he could be the "one" that introduces all the academy kids into the team...they all click...we have a storming side etc. or he goes and finds some absolute gems in the transfer market and they all gel and a storming season ensues etc...I'll support him, the coaches and the players as it's what I / we do but I do feel.....well.....like we may have missed an opportunity with Sherwood and I'd like to know the reasons why to be honest.

I am glad it's all over and I look forward to the next chapter....but I think that some posters are right and that JP and the board could / should come out and tell us why Irvine was the choice and what happened with all the Sherwood negotiations...

it all just seems a little flat




DoLal, will you PLEASE stop talking sense. I'm confused when you do and normally I'd like to throttle you ! Either that or find out which beer mellows your disposition and stay with that one.


I'd like to throw this into the mix;

1) Juan Veron £21m flop

Claudio Yacob free excellent.

2) Francis Jeffers £12m flop

Bob Taylor £400k Legend.

3) Borja Valero £4.7m flop

Youssuf Mulumbu £175k excellent.

4) David Moyes flop

AVB flop

Phil Scolari Chelsea flop

Carlo Ancellotti Chelsea flop.

All above are regarded as highly rated coaches.

I cannot understand some fans belief that only spending millions and also hiring a so called Name coach will bring success. Also, what is our standard for success? Survival, mid table, Europe or champions league? Some keep saying "What will Mulumbu think about it?" Mulumbu will only leave for more money, I've yet to see a player lower his wages to force a move even though they always say it's for football reasons.

I, like every one else was shocked at the appointment of Irvine, but just because he was not very successful with PNE and Sheff Wed doesn't mean he'll fail with us.

Let's at least give him a chance.

Old Gold Heart

That would be the carlo ancellotti that won the double with Chelsea would it....

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's right, the one that got sacked.

We Only Need One Half!

jordao1-0, I think you on a hiding to nothing talking so much sense on here, good effort though.

Sherpavan D4 double winners


I am not a troll and my post is a dig at our "wim a bigger club than yo" neighbours......My first Albion manager was Archie Macaulay in the early sixties , so I have some experience of the calibre of managerial appointments. Alan Ashman inherited a free scoring team from Jimmy Hagan. .... Ron Atkinson inherited a wonderful squad with a method, a system and he also benefited from signings Cunningham & Regis made by previous managers. ..Ron just gave them freedom to express. ..Steve Clarke had a similar situation with Hodgson.........Unfortunately Irvine does not have this benefit and is a fall guy. ....Sherwood I believe would have brought charisma and been more motivational to our current insipid squad. ....I'm sure JP hankers to have Roy Hodgson back in charge and when the London press push Hodgson out....Irvine will make way. ....For Irvine it's just going to be a tortious season waiting for it all to play out. .......


Well, slept on it overnight I cant wait to see the players we can now attract after this wonderful appointment.Any you can think off please put on a postage stamp.


Give me Steve Clarke any day, West Brom are going nowhere next season. Its time this club got there act together get rid of JP hes just looking after himself and looking good becouse we made money over the year WOW....It,s time this club spent some money and got some one with gut,s like Tim Sherwood to take the club up the top, i,m so feed up of the way things keep going here at West Brom we are up and down we don,t keep our bosses and player,s come and go. In the years ive been a Baggie fan and i started in 1962 ive seen a lot go on here, but its all ways the same things ( bosses sack,t ) you can say what you like about me i,m not worried, as a fan i,m not spending any more money on Albion goods.


A very Clever move by JP I think, he knows this won't go down well with the fans especially the ones holding onto their shares in the club and this may be the shove that will convince them to sell up.

12 month rolling contract seems dodgy to me perhaps he has an ulterior motive and is waiting for someone else to become available because we all know he's not afraid to fire someone.

Maybe Hodgson is still in his plans who knows.

What is obvious is that this isn't the supporter's Choice and Irvine will have to hit the ground running and with a minimum of 10 new players to bed into an already failing side this is a mammoth task and I really do feel sorry for him because you really can't blame him for wanting to be the boss of such a great club as WBA.

I sincerely hope he proves our negativity wrong and turns out to be the Head Coach we have all been thriving for so good luck to him because I think he will need it.

Come on Baggies lets get behind him and show why we are classed as some of the best supporters in the Premiership Boing Boing!!!

Disenchanted of Willenhall

In response to Cyril, there have no doubt been numerous "Wolves" postings (mine included), but I tend to think there are a great many true Baggies fans genuinely baffled. You get rid of the likes of Di Matteo who goes on to win the Champions League and Steve Clarke - generally well respected within the football community - to replace them with the likes of Mel and Irvine. Everyone can see it's a dodgy appointment, much like the Connor and Saunders appointments at Wolves. Indeed, the only thing better for a Wolves fan would have been to see Deano get the job. Still, he could always get it at Christmas when Irvine goes.



Now what WE NEED is for JP to come out on TV and in the local media and state the reasons for this appointment - following on after the last time he decided to come clean about the mistakes he had made, the buck stops with him and he has learned lessons etc Just words, JP.... SO come on JP tell US.


JP is only interested in the money he can make from this club, he don,t seem to be interested in the fans. You see how next season go,s with Irvine, he will be sack,t by Christmas when its to late for us.....Time JP got out.


I have slept on it, considered it, been out for a meal with the kids to try and get into a positive about it but no, this is an absolutely appalling appointment that shows a total lack of ambition but even worse, it is Jeremy Peace 'mugging us off'.

I cannot think of another Premier league club who would even give this guy an interview never mind give him the job. If he is of that quality then why did he not get the Everton job when Moyes left? Yes I will support the Albion through thick and thin, like the vast majority on here I always will but listen very carefully Mr Peace, you may be the majority shareholder at 'our' club but you will never own it or feel as passionately about it as we do and taking our loyalty for granted, because that is what you are doing, will be your worst business decision.

Once a Baggie, always a Baggie but once mugged off is one to many.


Ruddy balotelli, done me out of £1.50



I'm normally positive about all things Albion...after some of the seasons we've had you've got no real choice really if you want to keep your sanity...and I will support Irvine as he's the clubs choice...and I have to believe that the people in charge know more about running a football club than I. But I'm a little...deflated about this appointment to be honest as his recent record as a no1 is....poor to say the least. Both at PNE and Sheff Weds he didn't exactly pull up any tree's and, in my opinion, the club did lead us to believe that the next man in charge would be someone who had at least managed in the top flight....so...deflated is the right word....feels very flat today...maybe I bought into the Sherwood media stuff too much but I felt excited by the chance of his appointment and now.....I will acknowledge that the appointment of RDM as also out of left field and that worked (for a while at least)...so JP does have a good track record in appointing coaches to do a job but......I just don't know..

couple this with the shirt fiasco.....and the last season as a whole.......





And another thing...did a whole Sherwood thread disappear yesterday????

We Only Need One Half!

Hi AndyH, yes mate, but like it was pointed out last week by Medway, it filled the column inches for a few days.

What's that saying "fake it till you can make it"


Afternoon mate,

thought I was losing my marbles......a vanishing thread....bit like Rooney's defending last night...invisible....still, thought going forward England were blooming good (i'll give you that much mate!!) and you should have had 2 pens in the second half and how was Sterling booked when most of the Italian back 4 had done worse fouls and got no cards!!!!

Still think you'll get out of the group as Uruguay are poor and costa rica were very lucky..and then who knows.....

regards mate


We Only Need One Half!

Hi mate, yeah watching it I would have thought a draw would have been a fair result, I'm a bit miffed because going into this I was expecting to beat Italy and struggle against Uruguay! well that theory is out the window, Italy hadn't won in their last 7, then they go and put a performance like that.

Stunning result for Costa Rica, can you imagine the questions that will be asked if they go thru at the expence of England and Uruguay?


Andy h

You ll note from my comment on the top of the thread I feel exactly as you do with this appointment, even having slept on it I can see no positives at all, but like you he's the man so we give him a chance.

As for people running the club knowing more than we do I must admit I am starting to wonder, at the moment I am clinging to the hope that we are going to get some excellent signings to get our enthusiasm back.

To me though will this appointment make us an attractive proposition to potential signings

On a brighter note Italy put the smile back on my face this morning when I looked at the score, I can't even bring myself to watch,here's hoping a Lugano rocket ends their tournament on Thursday lollllll

As for the baggies we just have to wait and see

We Only Need One Half!

Andyl, do you live in England?



Aye but from my ancestry the blue blood runs through.sotland was drilled into me from an early age by my dad n grandad

I turn to Andy h on here for support lolllll

We Only Need One Half!

I know what you mean, its a nice enough place, but you wouldn't want to live there.

astle bridge

To Kev in Mallorca no you cant have my name .If you feel the need to change your name I suggest you use your real name Mr Jeremy Peace haha

frank griffins winner

Frank griffins winner

the only way alan irvine could have impressed j p is to agree to his demands ie

to accept below average wages

to work with existing staff

except their is no money to spend

must have loan signing which you can have at the end of august

agree a one year trial contract

having agreed all this j p is well impressed and tells him the jobs yours son good luck


Irwin top class appointment, was he not selling Irwin tools at local car bootsale, oh well he can afford to sell his business as his going to get paid well at favourites to go down West Bromwich. Jeremy piece a legend in Wolverhampton fc eyes good luck bing bang boing lol.


Reports are coming in that just before, Irvine was appointed, JP admitted to RG that he felt strange, After tests the Albion doctor can confirm, that a Suspected shape changing, mind controlling klampett, from the planet dingle, had taken over JP, a pair of dungarees were found in the board room along with two massive bare footprints.

AI give him ten games and see where we are, there is nothing we can do, vent your anger , slag of Peace, Stick up for piece who knows, we are just supporters, who happen to support WBA, and unfortunately , we don't get a lot of say, at the end of the day it is Peaces train set, and he'll play with it how he likes, shame. Didn't now a lot about SC, or PM, and I certainly know nothing about AI, so i'll say the same about him as I did SC lets , give him 10 games and see where we are, there is nothing else we can do. bong bong


Jeremy piece in a few months time, " The reason I've called you in my office I have a concern, We haven't had IRWIN". Apologies just could not help myself. ..bing boing..


No just kidding baggy followers I'm totally out of order I shall have to eat humble pie when this time next year we shall be referring to you as Premiership Champions, bing bong bang.

We Only Need One Half!

Its ok naz, you can just call us the team that finished above you, again.


naz, your spelling is atrocious, 'piece' for Peace, 'his' for HE IS,

'at' for 'as' (there again 'at DOES rhyme with t**t). Here you are, semi-literate, spouting home made bilge on OUR site, yet you support a team who crashed through the floor TWICE and have no idea how you'll cope this season with cheap, 3rd division players and THIRTY MILLION QUID IN DEBT !!!!! It's like asking a chicken to put its neck on the guillotine. HOOOWWWLLL. (There is a full moon right now).


I am surprised by this appoint, I'd admit, but I'm trying to see it in a wider context. This is a new Head Coach, not a manager; therefore his primarily role is training. What few of us know is the job specifications of Alan or Terry; who will lead, I assume Terry. Those who say this appointment makes us a laughing stock, but have already judged the new set up without evidence of it being a certain failure are, in my opinion, simply making themselves look rather foolish..

We Only Need One Half!

Cant argue with that Bob.


I'm not being funny Cyril and co but what right have u got to call people trolls if they pay there money to WBA then they have a right to come on here and voice there opinion so please don't lower the tone and judge other people just because u think u know best ! I don't think this is a good appointment so I won't be supporting the club with purchasing a season ticket and I won't be selling my shares to JP and that's just my view thanks

astle bridge

Just because a lot of posts are of the complaining nature does not mean they are posted by trolls .In a democratic country like this is you are all entitled to your opinion.I myself have supported albion since 1954 so I can moan & whing on anything albion if I so choose

CantelloRocket 78


of course not everyone's a ' troll ' - they tend to hide under false names, lack intelligence, and are unable to spell-

by the way, it's ' whinge ' with an 'e'.........


cr78 that's below the belt mate that's getting personal I thought you were better than that .Iguess I was wrong still im big enough & ugly enough to disregard your sarcasm just don't be a silly sod mate

CantelloRocket 78

'fake' bomber-

trying to copy Wbabomber's name?

answering directly on behalf of 'bridge', not the first time you've forgotten which of many names you're currently using, and confused yerself-

thankfully, I didn't think you were 'better than that'-

we all know what you are, and only expect the usual low life standards......

We Only Need One Half!

.......or give their names and come out of the shadows?


Well said


Bob that's spot on

naz oh little naz, how can you come on here being so cocky after all you lot have been through

Take it you've not long got back from your couple of shandys whilst still celebrating your Div 3 success

Sad little naz go and sleep it off

Worry about your own load of garbage


Is it wrong of me to suggest that a man who is determined to gain more control of the club should appoint a manager on a short term basis (1 year) to reduce the value of the shares of the club?

Oswestry Baggie

Having had time to reflect on this completely illogical appointment, one thing kept coming to mind and that is JP does not make illogical decisions.

A number of things concern me and the only conclusion that I can come to is that this was not a footballing decision.

Firstly, why after an extensive search spanning over a month, spreading across Europe looking for a Head Coach who in the words of the WBA PR Dept. must be as a pre requisite "renowned for their coaching ability" do we appoint someone who has not even been as much as linked with any professional club in a No. 1 capacity for over three years.

Secondly, why after shifting through 50+ applications, drawing up a shortlist, holding a number of interviews, speaking to other people in the game, gathering information and completing a process of due diligence against each candidate and spending a small fortune in legal fees to ensure that the board has the confidence to offer the position to the best qualified person for the job, do they only offer a 12 month rolling contract?

Thirdly, why would JP now commit £2m of his OWN money to purchase additional shares at a premium in a club that is 10 players short of a PL squad and is now, after the new Head Coach announcement has had its odds slashed at the bookies for relegation? If we were indeed relegated, the lost future revenue would significantly reduce the value of his company (we call it our club, therein lies the difference) meaning that £2m would be gone for a Terry Burton. To put that into context, it would still take JP almost four years to earn £2m net of tax and NI from WBA. Can you see JP working for nothing for four tax years?

Fourthly, why did Tim Sherwood turn the job down? A cockney would sell his own Grandmother, so why after agreeing a deal in principle on his own contract does he take a moral stance on his backroom staff salaries? I would wager that he was offered more than a 12 month contract and on significantly better terms that AI.

Mr Sherwood, would have signed a confidentially agreement before final discussions. I believe that during those discussions JP would have disclosed that he had an agreement in principle to sell his controlling stake in the club on reaching 75% ownership to an unnamed party. The company at this point would be in a period of transition where every significant expenditure outside of the agreed temporary budget has to be agreed with the third party, meaning every decision becoming long tedious and drawn out. Would you take a job if you were told you had a budget of x if the acquisition goes ahead, not sure what the budget is if there are any delays and by the way you could be reporting to a different board in a few months?

This may all sound a bit far fetched, but if look at the detail, read and analyse the stat a/c's and look at how he has restructured with the holding company and it is obvious that JP will not be associated with WBA in 2015.

JP, thank you for turning a shambles of a club that I love into a saleable, well run asset but please move on asap so the new owner(s) can take us out of the holding pattern that we have been in for the last 18 months and hopefully run the club as a club and not an asset.

The unfortunate one in all of this is AI who is nothing but a caretaker.

The View From Baggy Bottom

An excellent, if stark and a little scarey, analysis which makes perfect sense.

What's going on at the moment has very little to do with football. It's a lick of paint and tidying the garden up a bit on a house you're about to sell. You don't want to spend too much on it at this stage but it needs to look presentable and show promise and value.

Lets hope the new owner wants a home to live in and is not buying to let. It would be nice if there are plans for an extention and perhaps a conservatory.



Wow,thats some post!


Astle Bridge, sorry mate you are not allowed to whing(e) and moan about the Albion because if it is slightly negative about our club then you will be accused of being a troll. You must toe the party line and just accept that only a few are allowed an opinion and the rest of us can only comment or join the debate when asked.

FFS all of us are Albion fans - apart from the real trolls that stand out like the idiots they are - and as such are allowed an opinion. Surprisingly, we have free speech in this country and the reason some of us have come on here to vent our spleen is because we care. Oh, and before I am accused of being from 'the dark side', I was one of the 2000 loyal supporters who stayed behind at the end of the Stoke game, took dogs abuse from the clayheads for 20 minutes and STILL appluaded every Albion player and their families. Can some of you 16000 season ticket holders say the same??

Danish Baggie

To all of you who says we are serts to go down and want your money back for the season ticket, this is what to do:

Lets say you paid £ 350 for it. You place another bet of £ 350 on Wba going down at 3/1.

Easy, your on to a Winner.

We Only Need One Half!

Marc, you forgot to mention "all the clowns" who could do it so much better. Only mystery to me is why they are sitting in the stands and not the Directors Box if they are that good?



You are a noble man and much of what you say is correct.


I feel that Jeremy Peace is more concerned with running a successful business than running a successful football club.

I am in no way suggesting that taking on huge loans to satisfy the wants of a greedy manager is the way to go, but can you imagine ANY other premiership club going down the route of appointing a man with Irvine's c.v.?

I can't


some klampett has pressed the abuse button yet again, cant wait till its rescinded , im going to take the mad mick out of you sssoooooooo much , yeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


After reading through the posts from last night and today, the expected onslaught from the neighbouring trolls came and went. This time I chose to ignore them just as I hope all the genuine Baggie fans did.

Ok Alan Irvine has been appointed, and when all the flak has died down he has to be allowed to get on with the job. What I would like to know is whose style of play we will be adopting ? Will it be Irvine's', Burton's, or a mixture of the two ? And how will the joint roles of Kelly and Downing be apportioned ? Also we have to find a new man to take charge of the Academy.

I firmly hope that JP will do the right thing and, as Simmo54 requested above, come out and explain the happenings of the last few weeks. Personally I don't see it happening, but we can hope.

Whatever happens we MUST get behind Terry Burton, Alan Irvine and the joint coaches. We MUST try to ignore all the jibes from the Championship side down the road and rise above it.

In the coming weeks we will have lots of sensible things to discuss on these pages, with players coming in, personnel being convinced that their future lies with us and you never know JP might come clean at last. Sorry I don't think there is enough soap in the world for the last thing to happen. Onwards and upwards. Baggies till we die.!!!!!!!!!!!!!


On reading your post I have to raise the following :-

Who is going to convince the players their future lies at the Hawthorns no one will now come of any stature just take a look at the Chris Hughton situation at Norwich never attracted one big well known decent player. So if the signings are not coming through the door to bring sucess wages certainly won't keep them there.

The top players we have will consider us a total joke so you can expect transfer requests from the likes of Mulumbu, Olsson, Yacob, Foster, and Berahino. JP may not let them go but who wants players that don't want to play for the club.

Onwards for sure but I'm not sure about the upwards.

And so if it MUST happen and I MUST get behind Alan Irvine then I certainly will I'll make sure I'm RIGHT BEHIND him in showing him out the door at our beloved club.

I'm under no illusions of the size of our club but where we have come from and where we are up to now this man is a step in the wrong direction.


The View From Baggy Bottom


I'm glad you think we will have plenty of sensible things to discuss over the coming weeks. The problem is that the club has handed the E&S the perfect hea dcoach appointment to beat us over the head with from now until the new season actually starts.

From now on, all through the summer, will will be 'linked' with all kinds of 'transfer targets', some real, many grabbed from thin air. For each and every one of them, who for whatever reason, fails to sign on the dotted line, there will be a headline;

Irvine fails to land Ronaldo; West Broms lack of ambition fails to entice Messi; Bale deal put on hold as Peace fails to agree lunch allowance.

You get my drift. Everything from now until the first kick of the new season will be measured against the decision to appoint Alan Irvine, who, rightly or wrongly, will be seen as the 'cheap option'.

This is not a reflection of the reality of the situation, but it's what we will read in the E&S. Only when the new season actually starts will we get a break in the negative headlines, providing of course that we get some points on the board and play some decent football.

It's going to be a long, hard summer for loyal posters on these boards.

Next items on the E&S agenda; The New Strip Official Unveiling,(with a poll), and with the fixture lists announced on Wednesday, 3 options,1.'How many points can West Brom muster from first ten games',(with a poll). 2, ' Irvine Handed A Tough Start To His First Ever Premier Season'. 3, Unsettled West Brom Must Capitalise On Easy Start'. Can't wait. Today's story should be a real gem following the weekend unrest.

It's time to close ranks Baggies.





TVFBB. That was as sensible a post as I've seen up to yet. The E&S are quite worried about what will happen at The Moulinex in the coming season. No money, no experience of The Championship with a good but inexperienced manager at the helm. They will probably have a field day for a while with negative 'WEST BROM'

headlines, but reality for both clubs starts in August.


The Real Bully Hoo.


Not for the first time may I say, 'top post.'

As for the tough close season.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Bring it on.

Let all the cheese eating surrender monkeys do the worse.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers, For he today who sheds his blood with me shall be my brother, Be he ne'er so vile, this day shall gentle his condition, and gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, and hold their manhoods cheap whilst any speaks, that fought with us upon St. Cyril's day!



Life goes on and even if we had appointed Moyes or Laudrup we would still have been treated with disdain by the E&S. You've been on these pages far longer than I have, so you know what to expect. Like with any reporting you either believe it or you don't.

I think we knew that whoever got the job was going to have to work with a restricted budget, unless JP surprises us all, so it will be interesting to see who we attract.


We Only Need One Half!

TVBB, I shouldn't worry about it too much my friend, it is inevitable, but, at least we now have proof, not that many of us needed it, that they know about as much about our club as the average guy on the street, and it has the cheek to market it self as a local NEWSpaper.

Manny Fagnet

What is it with Chairmen/CEOs called Jeremy?

I must admit, I thought we'd seen it all down Waterloo Road, but what is Peace up to, the crazy man?!

Kindest regards,



I thought Sherwood and his pals would have been the wrong decision for Albion, only time will tell if Irvine can do a decent job. Most managers started their careers in the lower leagues. Shankly springs to mind.

You never know.

The Real Bully Hoo.


You're so right that it used to be the natural progression from the lower leagues. There now seems to be a belief that as with designer label clothes, managers and players have to have a big name and a big price tag.

Well done to the minority on here who are willing to give the bloke a chance before condemning him.

Kev in Mallorca


Exactly and that's why I can't understand all this parc on here.

Nobody is guaranteed to succeed so lets just wait and see, if it turns too parc? then's the time too protest.



Sherwood is probably kicking himself right now and both his mates wondering whether they were greedy. We may never know. Being our No. 1 candidate will have raised his profile somewhat but that doesn't pay the mortgage off on your house. A sensible man would arrive, succeed to an agreed level and then re-negotiate his contract. I suspect he thought having managed Spurs, we were delighted to have his interest in our job at little old West Brom. (E&S have me referring to 'West Brom' instead of 'Albion', 'Baggies' or throstles).

PS: has anyone offered Moyes a job or interview since he announced he was Champions League material ?

Ronnie Allen

You are deluded beyond belief. Do you honestly think that significant, respected coaches were even considering the job at Albion?

All those idiots that suggested Ranieri, Mancini were a choice, just what are you on??

Moyes was never coming here. People on this site need to understand that we really are a small club. 1954 was a long time ago.

Not a 'troll', as the famous saying goes.


Albion fans should return their season tickets if they are not happy, ''the customer is always right'' and it's your right to return goods ie tickets, and next season don't buy one, simples I'm surprised so many season tickets were bought to be honest, if you are one of the unhappy then think hard next time and don't be taken in by JP,

It's a classic plan really JP pretence making you think that Tim shirewood is the one, you and 16,000,00 others buy then Boom the cheap option = JP laughing all the way to the bank

Hit him on the tail

Maybe we will go on a massive spending spree and buy 8 quality players because if not I can see the 16k season tickets sold slowly dwindling away. I haven't renewed which is the best decision I have made this year.


Solihull, how can you return what you haven't got ? YOU are not and never have been an Albion supporter.

Tail, I fell for your crap once, about a week ago. You don't keep a dog, it's a Wolf !

Now both of you go away and play in the Hoss road.


Cyril I didn't buy a season ticket this time around and that goes for next season, you just like to have a go at people who don't agree with you and your gang of over weight mates acting like you own the E&S threads, you don't know me and that goes for the rest of you, you lot think your the E&S police so get a life and tend to your garden plants, in other words shut it, you love to judge people you know nothing about,I've been an Albion fan a long long time so I can say what I like Old Fart


Have you forgotten that we nearly got relegated? True Albion fans don't want to go through a season like that again, me included, or are you happy about it? Come to think about it you must be a dingle, Cyril get on your own page

The Real Bully Hoo.

Very reminiscent of another poster on here.

Nuff said.

We Only Need One Half!

Umm, indeed.

"you love to judge people you know nothing about"

Ok solihull, when do you want to meet me and put your forthright views to me? You wouldn't people thinking your hypocrite now, would you?


Wonoh what makes you think that I want to meet you? Are you that important? No I don't need to, I only need to meet up with friends and fam! But thanx for the invite Not


WONOH I don't know where you are comming from with me judging people, and this hypocrite thing you talk, saying that I don't want people to think that of me do you think that I would be bothered really ?

One thing I know for sure is all your friends are here @ E&S and not outside your four walls

The Real Bully Hoo.


This is the second time you've posted this and the first time I replied to you that the 16,000 that have purchased season tickets are supporters and not customers.

Why would JP be laughing all the way to the bank because making an appointment to save a few thousand pounds that could potentially cost him millions would be ridiculous wouldn't it? If you disagree with this please be so good as to explain your reasoning.


TRBO first of all let me congratulate you being able to count to two!

Secondly he is laughing all the way to the bank because it's the money he will save towards the funds he needs to have a better grip of the club.

His penny pinching nearly cost us a prem place Remember?

His bad decisions have cost the club many times ie being relegated umpteen times.

Supporters have the same rights as customers do they not?


I just can't believe it , 5 flipping weeks to make the right appointment & we employ a person with no premiership experience , has been sacked twice by preston & sheff wed. I was really looking forward to Tim Sherwood being appointed.

And so what, he wanted to bring his own backroom staff in , we needed a good clear out a fresh start out with the dead wood.

What happened to Mckay & hughton, these blokes had premier league experience

i am sure they would have done a better job.

Peace said we will learn by our mistakes , you have to spend money for quality.

Looks like the cheap option again , i really thought this time we would make the right choice .

Lets hope we spend money on new players ,don't let us down Mr Peace.


Listen to Tim Sherwood on 'TalkSPORT' Breakfast Show (1053am) in the morning (Monday) talking about why he turned down the ALBION job.

Mad Shaver

Albion Fans blast Irvine appointment Why?

Because he has had no success at this level

Appears to be done on the cheap,Sherwood more expensive

looks like lack ambition by the board or its Ruler

And above all the track record of the board in making chose's about managerial positions,very poor record.

How long will this guy last before they panic again and show him the door instead of making bold decisions at the outset, January?

I know this setup has done reasonably well financially but where' the ambition and excitement which is the basis of achievement in football.This board is bland and has no balls.


Come on Mr Peace, you are “Irvine” a laugh. Boom boom!

My first missus always told me I was a comedy genius – she usually told me this in the bedroom for some reason……..

But on a serious note, this may not be too bad an appointment. The mandate here is to build a management team that gels and works together as that, a team. Obviously Irvine is a guy who will be happy working with Terry Burton and, probably more importantly, KD and DK. It has been said that KD was instrumental in holding the players together last season so it’s important he was retained as part of the backroom staff. He kept us in the Premier League with no money for crying out loud! Look what Harry Redknapp did to QPR a couple of years ago with a wad of cash so thick you could beat an elephant to death. Just for the record, I am in no way condoning beating elephants to death with bin bags full of cash – or indeed suggesting Harry Redknapp has ever done this (that should keep the litigation lawyers happy).

Irvine’s mandate is to coach so as long as he can do that (and by all accounts he can) then we have the makings of a strong management/coaching staff that will work together without big egos. I was never convinced Tim Sherwood was the right man for the job. Big ego, too antagonistic and too ready to take a pop at his own players. Better we have the quiet man who can motivate so let’s give the man a chance.

As regards attracting “big name” signings, let’s take a reality check. We don’t pay the wages and, to be honest, I’m glad we don’t because too many clubs in recent years have gone belly up by throwing stupid money at it. We will never be able to attract superstars, we must live within our means and make sure we have a solid scouting network and a reputation for good coaching. Seems to me the Hawthorns hierarchy is trying to do just that.

We have retained a core of good players, we have retained the coaching staff that kept us in the PL, we are going to make some new signings, we have now got a coach with a good reputation to lead us and the club is on a stable financial footing. Personally I would say the glass is half full, not half empty.

Come on you Baggies.


Loads of severe unrest by Baggioe fans on this one. Doesnt look good for the season start especially if results or performance go down hill and dont match expectations. Sad for them that a Dictatorship exists in their club. Not good prospects for 2014-15 season.

The Real Bully Hoo.


Name me one club that runs along democratic lines. Name one club that listens to what the fans want.

Clubs are run by the owners. This is because the owners carry the can when things go wrong.

We Only Need One Half!

I seem to recall Wolves having a mossive protest the season before last, didn't 30 or so actually turn up, its in the E&D archives if you care to check Robert.


As a wolves fan I am shocked why him is he better than steve clarke nope and tim sherwood would have been great for you,but penny pinching,it was down to tim bring in a couple of people with him, and it couldnt happen.irvine is a good coach but not a manager

The Real Bully Hoo.


I think JP may now realise that he may have been hasty in getting rid of Steve Clarke. We all make mistakes.

As for Tim Sherwood. One of the reasons Spurs got rid was that he is a loose cannon. We are not the only job he's turned down because we don't meet his high standards. He seems very much like Phil Brown without the tan to me and may well end up managing Southend.

It may have escaped your notice but we employ coaches and not managers which is why Lennon, McKay etc were never really in the running.

Baggie 68

Why oh why is everyone having a go at Jeremy Peace. He offered Tim Sherwood the job of Head Coach but nice Tim but "DIM" had to push JP before securing his own position, by after asking for better pay for his two mates, not a very sensible move by any account especially with JP in charge it was never going to happen. Especially when he is NOT a proven premiership Manager/Coach, it could have gone T**s up within 6 months and cost us a lot of money don't, forget when he took charge of Tottenham he had a squad of players worth possibly Six Times more money than our squad.

Some of our so called Baggies fans have very short memories it was only last week when most of the moaners were saying how fantastic it was to have a shrewd Jeremy Peace running our Great Club, what a difference 7 days makes, JP from hero to villain.

I was shocked by the appointment of Alan Irvine but time was running out and he was probably the only one available at short notice, don't forget that we also have Keith Downing who at the start of the campaign was a popular choice for many supporters.

Also a lot of our supporters don't think outside the box, our Fantastic West Bromwich Albion Club are in the Premier League the Cream of the Cream, not the lower divisions, so be PROUD and back the team and the Head Coach like I have done for the past Fifty years or more through thick and thin.

Do Not forget when YOU start Wanting Big Named Players

that Sherwood would have wanted, you don't get them for peanuts, how is a Club like ours with a Crowd Capacity of about 26,700 going get its Revenue. You seem to forget that JP has frozen Season Ticket prices again, therefore if you want Top Quality Players and Head Coaches then the Money has to come from somewhere, are you willing to pay more for Season and Gate Tickets. The answer will probably be get stuffed. Let's all get behind Alan Irvine and give him a Keith Downing oh plus Dean and Terry Burton and give them a chance before spouting off, if it doesn't work well, then we have got a replacement Academy Coach.

Now C'mon you Baggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

Baggie 68.

Yes it's Tim Sherwood here making demands not Mourinho, Van Gael or Ancelotti. He seems to have built a massive reputation on running Spurs for a few months. I just replied to a Wolves fan that he very much reminds me of Phil Brown, a legend in his own lunch time.

I also noticed that when we were supposed to be getting Sherwood in it was all down to Terry Burton but as soon as the Alan Irvine appointment was announced it was all down to Big Bad Peace.

Your last point is an excellent one. I hope all of the people demanding these glamour managers and top name players have three mates who are willing to start coming to fill our new 60,000 seater stadium and pay £1200 a season instead of the £350 they are at the moment. And I'm the one that's been accused of living in Cloud Cuckoo Land on here.

We know what we are.

We know what we are.

Pride of the Midlands.

Some of us know what we are.


Baggie 68 a BRILLIANT, positive post with reality as the driving force. Pleased to have you on here as most of the Trolls have been spouting bilge for hours now. And from their wonderful, bankrupt status that is arrogance on the Blair level.

Kev in Mallorca


What a wonderfully refreshing positive and accurate post, please stay a while?

lets just hope your not the exception to the rule in today's posts.


CantelloRocket 78

As the dust settles, we can now only watch with interest-

the articles claim it was Terry Burton who wholeheartedly recommended Alan Irvine, and he'll be working closely with the guy and his Assistants as a new team.

If this framework fails, there'll obviously be a further massive backlash aimed at the Baggies hierarchy, but if it works-

what happens then..........???

Medway Baggie

It has been said often that new managers, new players and new backroom staff are gambles. They either work or they don't.

Fans and media brandish names around like confetti saying that they managed big clubs. Moyes was in the frame, failed at United (better resourced and with more skilful players) and compared with Martinez underachieved at Everton, Houghton, failed at Norwich, Sherwood, released by Spurs and, like Pepe, was seen as a lame duck by a lot of the fans towards the end of the season. Most, sorry nearly all, of the names had been sacked or left other clubs. There were a few, like McLaren, who were still in work and before anyone starts chanting cheap option or Peace doesn't pay compensation, if Peace had wanted someone, he would have gotten him and we aren't the first club to offer one year rolling contacts.

The point I am trying to make is that we are different from other clubs, just like they are different. We have different players, different resources, different ambitions (anyone who thinks we should be in Europe or challenging the big guys are deluded). We have to build slowly, look through "cast offs" to find diamonds and guard our academy. You don't climb Everest in one go, you build base camps. That is what we are trying to do.

We now have a new head coach and what he has, or hasn't, achieved with other clubs is history. It is what he can and will achieve with us that counts and a lot of fans are writing him off before he's even taken a practice session. Personally I am going to wait and trust in the board and yes I was surprised, but reading all the media stories nowhere was there any indication from the club that anyone was any choice.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Medway.

Alan Sugar, no mean businessman, said years ago that it's folly giving managers long contracts because if they want to go they'll break it and if you want to get rid of them it costs a fortune.

Kev in Mallorca

See mar mate, yo can talk sense when yo want too.

Adeu xx

Mad Shaver

West Brom Fans Slam Appointment why?

displays the attitude to do everything on the cheap,Sherwood wanted more staff and wage for them

The board have shown its poor at allocating this position in the past

May not be the case, but it appears to show lack of ambition and a more comfortable position,Sherwood speaks his mind

Overall it proves the board or the leader lack balls.

The Real Bully Hoo.

One other thing.

On his previous record as a manager.

Preston have had 11 managers in the last 10 years, which would suggest a problem with the club rather than the managers.

Sheffield Wednesday have had some decent managers who have all failed in recent years, my brother in law is a Wednesday fan and again is generally in despair at the way that club has been run.

Amongst the many twit ter posts slagging off the appointment are a lot from Everton fans saying how much they will miss him and the good job he's done.

I'm not saying he will do a great job because I don't know that he will but at least I'll be giving him a chance.

Kev in Mallorca


Dow come back here all bronzed, refreshed and talking sense!!


do lallytap

One good thing to come out of all of this is that it has got the committee on here squabbling between themselves like spoilt schoolgirls.

Never thought I would see the day....getting their frilly knickers in a twist, it's rather amusing

Lets hope its the start of the end of their monopoly on here of these silly bigoted men in hats, lets hope they stick to their train spotting and let REAL....whoops capitals, that will annoy them...REAL dialogue on here without fear of being called a Dingle, Vermin, Transvestite, doghead, slug, troll, nutter, mentally challenged and Jack the Ripper....I KID YOU NOT !!!

I for one welcome the new coach, it's better than nothing and I for one look forward in seeing what this bloke can do but take it from me, if he isn't any good after a few months then I WILL be vociferous in my objections as I will also be vociferous in praise if needed....I have every right to as I did with Co Co the Clown Clarke, Odemwhingie, Anelka and greedy Long but I also praised Pepe for the type of football he was trying to bring here and we was entertained

So come on girlies, pack in the hanbag swinging and become real men again ...REAL fans.

As for JP....His club...his money...his neck on the line, he has more to lose than us and we can't sack him

Just saying !

The Real Bully Hoo.

As you've proved in the last couple of days you can come up with some good stuff. Shame about the rest.

Kev in Mallorca


As Trbhoo has said, sometimes show's promise.

I would be interested in who's swinging handbags at each other though?


Quinton Baggie

Can't fault you there Dolally...its a funny old life...you are who you are and it is what it is...good for you if your all of the above lol.

We Only Need One Half!

Do, I will come and see you at the first game, you can give me your opinions then, I am not prepared to debate with you on here anymore, your too snide.

do lallytap

No problem WONOH, make sure you take that saft hat off, it will bolck the sun out

We Only Need One Half!

Oh No Do, it stays on, I want to see if you find it so funny when I'm stood in front of you, this back stabber and snake in the grass they come referring to at Albion, how have you not found him yet, your the best qualified, seeing your cut from same cloth. See you soon.

do lallytap

I will always find it funny WONAH....I am quaking in my boots and threats of coming to see me don't bother me one bit, I have met bigger (not much bigger) men than you and they have all failed.

I am right behind the goal, 6ft 2, half caste, Mrs is white and I have 2 young daughters so you should find me quite easily so come on then bigot bully boy come and see me and "TRY" to make yourself look "BIG" in front of my kids.....On your head be it

Your posts on here just proves what I have been saying for ages, you are nothing but a bully bigot who is all piddle and wind and nothing solid.

Bring it on BIG old fella

Quinton Baggie

To be honest this has gone to far and its just so tiresome...trolls, personal insults...my dad is bigger than your dad from a Baggie to a Wulfie and vice versa...some of the people on here both Albion and Wolves ought to grow up! call your selves men well I beg to differ...WE, all of us was led to believe Sherwood was odds on to be the next head coah by the E&D, Birmingham Mail and other papers and press...build us up and chop us down at the knees...one thing for sure JP does his business in private and it will always remain the same...where the papers get the information from really is not worth tonights chip paper...take it with a pich of salt...yes we was all looking for a big name to lift us out of the most horrid season both on and off the field...under Steve Clark after the second game against Swansea I did not want to come again as it was depressing...my 76 year old dad who has Alzheimers felt the same...but we saw it through and we are still in the Premier league...and we have another 38 games to keep that intact...there are no gaurantees in life apart from death...so none of us know how this is gonna pan out...Yes if Alan Irvine was not wanted when RDM got the job why appoint him now? Why not appoint him in January when he appointed Pepe Mel? Yes agree JP goes for the cheap option and maybe Sherwood might have been a disater and frigthened the life out of the board...maybe JP is waiting for someone else with this 12 month rolling contract...to be honest I dont think JP knows what he is doing and is pretty risk averse...it is no different when all of us go for an interview for a new job...we sell ourselves and the company have to decide and neiher party know what they are going to get...thing is now we can't change the decision so we have to accept it...we all have choices and I have renewed my season ticket rather than watch my son who at 19 plays semi pro football and take my elder dad the Hawthorns as this could be his last season...for me thats a tough call...for those that are really against the new head coach vote with your feet and stay away...i'd rather have a half full Hawthorns cheering the team on than a full house baying for the blood of the head coach and chairman and protesting...your decision; your call.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Good post Quinton and I agree with much you say. I'll be glad when most of the silliness over this appointment is over and we can get back to talking about football and the future. There has been so much educated as well as uneducated conjecture on the chairman's motives but we can only deal in facts. The fact is that we are a PL club, we have a new head coach with something to prove and we have a number of places in our first team squad to fill.

The new slate starts here.

Kev in Mallorca


Ditto, I'll leave it at that instead of agreeing in my own forthright manner.


Quinton Baggie

KIM - some of your one liners left me PMSL

Kev in Mallorca


Ad yo used too be a communications officer in the Navy? O'cor do Morse code, what's PMSL, is it a women's condition or summat, HEY! yow ay one of them Lady Boys am ya?


Quinton Baggie

KIM - you caught me out lol...i got it off my kids its txt spaek...peeing myself loffing

Jack the Hat


Hold your foot up mate I never said Sherwood was favourite as nothing was emanating from Albion.


Quinton Baggie

Jack - where did i mention your name?? Read any of my blogs and you or anyone else with the exception of Dolally and breifly Cyril and nothing derogatory...so I am miffed with you comment...if you could explain...I said the press had us all believe Sherwood was odds on favourite.


This appointment has certainly touched some raw nerves.

Sherwood would have been a good manager but he has an ego that was too big for JP to handle and he chickened out. Well that is what I believe but it does seem to be a strange choice and I do hope that he does some good for you baggies. The lad has to start somewhere but a Premiership club is a big ask.

The problem with an relatively unknown qualified coach is that it is difficult to attrct decent players to the club and that maybe WBA's problem. Still you have to support JP as he has kept you ion that Premiership for a number of years so trust the man

never boo and never leave early

At Wolves we've experienced considerable turmoil which resulted in successive relegations, which were deserved as a result. Make no mistake the decisions of the board landed us in League 1. However, that galvanised the supporters as it has shown with our home and away attendances.

We all support our teams passionately and have differing views, but the one constant that remains is the passion we have for our clubs. Yes there are supporters who dislike to the point of hate their arch rivals - personally that is sad to see.

Whatever the reasons for the appointment of Irvine as supporters you have very little influence. Yes you have, and are more than entitled to, your opinions.

From the outside looking in you have the core of a decent squad that should not be flirting, as you did last season, with relegation. Also JP runs a financially astute club. Having said that I'm on the outside looking in. You are far better placed and qualified to judge.

Finally to all our West Midlands teams in including the non league boys I wish you well for the forthcoming season.

CantelloRocket 78

Never boo-

each Summer - and often throughout the season - we have a handful of rival 'obsessives' and 'trolls' on this site who can't stop themselves from throwing jibes throughout the day - and even during the middle of the night, sometimes around 3 a.m.!! - which can only be explained by deep jealousy, extreme childishness, and pure stupidity-

so it's refreshing when one of the frendlier, more mature and intelligent visitors submits posts such as yours-

actually a few Wolves fans have posted on here with positive and thought-provoking views-

which sadly puts some of our own lot to shame.........very sad indeed.


Cantello I hate the dingles with a passion! I really do but what I would like to know is do you really sit there face pressed against your monitor at 3am waiting to catch a troll? Obviously you don't need much sleep because you are patrolling on here with the other constables all through the day! What a waste of life, oh well to each his own

Quinton Baggie

never boo - one time i will break my silence regarding a reply to comments from Wolves fans, but I echo CR78 has said and a very refreshing blog...many thanks...however when we have the likes of buckswolf below people like him drag your fans down.


Well I never - that's a "big" appointment isn't it - Tesco's relegated by Christmas? - off to Ladbrokes to get a few quid on before the odds slip any further…. UTW

We Only Need One Half!

What? the odds on us being relegated are already lengthening Bucks, better appointment than I thought then!