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well done wolves Dave has always been quality.



June 14, 2014 10:38 am

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Farmer Ted

Nik, an amazing result by Holland and a truly wonderful first goal by RVP, but don't rule out Spain just yet, they can still qualify, regroup, and beat a poor looking Brazil in the next round.

Two observations, so far;

If this Brazil side do get knocked out early on, which country holds up the South American banner, ( let's hope it's not Uruguay!)

FIFA shouldn't allow Japanese to be referees.

C'mon Engerland, surprise us all!

chris h

Farmer Ted, I was thinking exactly the same thing , don't rule out Spain beating Brazil if they meet in the next round. I seem to recall East Germany beat West Germany in 1974 before the now banned Kaiser went on to win it.The over riding thing about last night: wasn't it a great game to watch. Reminded me of some of the other great games in prevous World Cups, Brazil v Hungary, '66, Holland against everybody in'74, Italy v Brazil '82. etc etc. At its best football takes some beating.


Nice one Nik. Like Cervantes, they'll be writing their memoirs in jail.


As a Clubman and role model there ain't many better than Dave Edwards at the Wolves.

I just hope he can stay injury free for the coming season as he will play an important part as KJ continues to build..


Black Country Wanderer

Cant knock Edwards for his loyalty and work rate,had a rough time over the last few seasons from fans including myself,but last season was great,so good luck Dave, stay injury free and show the same style as last year and you will do for me

As for Baradji, seen some You Tube clips, looks useful for a youngster 3 goals in 5 appearances last season,left foot, right foot and a header,looks strong and classy,lets hope if he comes hes not homesick in a month though


Apparently Leicester City are in for Baradji too..


On the dark side, the natives are up in arms as they announce a Everton youth coach as manager, jackthehat, it's not a funny world just now is it?