Wolves' Roger Johnson nearing final goodbye

Wolves outcast Roger Johnson could be on his way out of Molineux for good – as Kenny Jackett was linked with Newcastle midfielder Conor Newton.

Roger Johnson
Roger Johnson

Sheffield Wednesday boss and former Wolves assistant manager Stuart Gray revealed 31-year-old defender Johnson is one of several options he is pursuing as he ponders a summer of change at the back at Hillsborough.

Johnson took a sizeable pay cut on his estimated £25,000-a-week wages to join Wednesday on loan and played 17 games for them from September to January.

He was set to extend his stay when West Ham took him on loan for the rest of the season.

The £4m former Birmingham centre-back only played six games for the Hammers, though, and none since March 31, seemingly seeing any hopes of a permanent deal dashed.

But he could get another chance at Hillsborough, where he performed well in his four months on loan earlier this season.

Gray said: “Roger did well here and would be one of several options we have in mind.

“But we’ve got to have a few irons in the fire.”

Kamil Zayette, 29, who has been injured since November, will soon be Wednesday’s only centre-half under contract.

The club have released three experienced central defenders, in Stafford-born ex-Tottenham man Anthony Gardner, 33, ex-Birmingham City stopper Martin Taylor, 34 and Miguel Llera, 34.

Gray wants to keep the pairing – Oguchi Onyewu, 31, and Glenn Loovens, 30 – that finished the season.

But the ex-Villa coach is understood to be seeking to recruit at least one centre-back this summer.

Wolves head coach Jackett said yesterday he is yet to hear from any of the clubs where the eight senior players have been on loan.

Meanwhile, Wolves have been linked with a move for Newcastle midfielder Conor Newton, who has been released from St James’ Park.

Wolves have joined St Mirren, where the 22-year-old has spent the last two seasons on loan, and Sheffield Wednesday in being linked with the box-to-box man.

Newton has played 51 games and scored five goals on loan at St Mirren since initially joining in January 2013, with four goals and 40 appearances this season.

Last season he was part of their Scottish League Cup-winning side, scoring in the final in a 3-2 win over Hearts.

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Comments for: "Wolves' Roger Johnson nearing final goodbye"

spanish ray

Hurry it along Kenny and get rid of him.We never want to see him in a Wolves shirt again.He has no loyalty to the club or the fans,why we had him in the first place no-one knows.


Is he the most toxic player ever to come to wolves? His attitude stank

andrew stevens

I thought he was a great signing at the time. Turned out to be totally disastrous.

colehill wolf

With his attitude wearing blue and white stripes will suit him good riddance never want his sort here again when you consider the four legends who have died this year he makes your flesh crawl!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack the Hat

I bet Roger will be dead chuffed to finally sign for a bigger club as you lot drove him to drink.



Jack, I think there would be a few of us who would drive him to Sheffield....!!!!


that counts sandwell town out than.


I fully agree that from a footballing viewpoint, and in terms of his personality having a detrimental effect on what must currently be a positive and united dressing room, Roger Johnson is deservedly never going to wear a Wolves shirt again. ----------However, less of the venomous aggro please, be it Johnson or anyone. Never having met the man, I am in no position, to form a judgement about his personality, and I'm not going to rely on E&S reports and posts to do that. He's not for us, definitely, and for reasons already aired, good riddance. --------But, as with all footballers whose careers are such a short part of their lifespan, I wish him well in making the most of his time as a footballer.At his age, he hasn't got much of it left.


A superbly level headed post. I myself never saw him play. Living down south and working Saturdays, the only prem game I got to see was at home to Wigan on boxing day in, I think, our final prem season. It's fair to say none of our side played that day. Worst game I have ever seen in my life. And I saw them pulverize Southampton in div 2. In 76-77 when I had a season ticket only to see Southampton attack 6 times and beat us 6-2. So I have seen some dreadful games in my time and some poor players not fit to wear the Old Gold. The only thing I can say about him is that when we sought to strengthen a leaky prem defence, I was shocked we bought him when he had just been relegated as part of a very poor Small Heath defence. I was sadly proved right. I too wish him and all our cast-offs well. I think Sir Kenneth has got it spot on in in buying players on the way up rather than those who had gone down, and long may he continue to be a genius in the market. On a lighter note, I only got to see one game this season. Rotherham at home. So now I'm a happier bunny. On the fans, there has always been, and always will be, a negative element. I have heard both King John and Bully being told they were rubbish. But against Rotherham, apart from the numpties who invaded the pitch, I was proud to be a fan that day. I have been in a crowd of 50,000 in the South Bank against Leeds and I can honestly say that the South Bank against Rotherham was louder and more supportive than I ever remember. I hope that continues and that all fans in time will post as level headedly as you have done. I wish all the regulars a great season to come and will try and come and join you a bit more often. I just wish the North Bank would sing. Some things never change!

old golds worth more

Totally agree with you Derby, I like the majority of posters in here at the time of his signing thought it would be good business to get him (amazing how many of them are now in denial). He would probably have been a good signing if a certain MM hadn't upset the dressing room, despite Karl Henry (in my book the biggest toxic influence of them all in the dressing room) saying he was okay about handing over the Captains armband. We move on and hopefully Sheff Wed will sign Johnson and good luck to him if they do. I also hope Brighton sign Ward, QPR sign Doyle and somebody finally comes in for O'Hara, Foley and the other unwanted fringe players so we can really move on from the past.


Just read your post J.T.H. As usual, nice one!!

Voice Of Sanity

Personally I think that Roger Johnson was hard done by. His talent was never allowed to flourish and his confidence was shot to pieces by Wolves players who ignored him in the dressing room and our fickle fans who never gave him a fair chance to embed himself into our hearts. He could have been another Bull, Wright, Richards or any other legend. Given time and a defence who could have followed his excellent leadership and commitment I think that RJ could have been going to Brazil as England captain this year. I hope that he keeps up the good work at Sheffield Wednesday and goes from strength to strength.

I have to go now. The nurse says they are ready to X-Ray my head injury. Hope there is no brain damage.

Euro Wolf

VOS. Maybe your text explains why you are writing on here and Johnson plays Premiership football?

Voice Of Sanity

And your point is ? ? ? ? ?


Euro clearly couldn't see your tongue firmly lodged in you cheek!!!!

Oh the irony of it !!






Nice comment Voice Of Sanity, but I fear, and most contributors will agree, that our collective brain damage is way beyond repair!!


I must admit, when we singed him I thought he was the messiah. Now I know he is just a very naughty boy.!

Benidorm Bill

So what has he done so wrong to be called a naughty boy ! OK he had a drink after a game with other wolves players and RJ was the only one to turn up for training the following day. I could name a few Wolves players who have consumed large quantities of alcohol are they naughty boys aswell. At least RJ wanted to player football and took a wage cut to continue playing and not like the O'haras of this world who have sat on their back sides all season doing nothing apart from cameo role in las vegas.


I apologise if this went over your head, it's a quote from a monty python film, the life of Brian. Watch it and take a chill pill.


Some on here would love it if we did in fact singe him instead of signing him......


Wow! With the vile regards Johnson on this board, anyone would think he is the Devil incarnate!

Yes it is better all round that RJ departs our club for everybodies sake, but there is two sides to every story. Nobody involved with Wolves in the 'melt down' period is clean, far from it. RJ is an easy target to heap all the blame on; he shoulders responsibility for some of it but nowhere near all of it.

brierley hill wolf

He cant take all the blame but like I have said before a certain wolves player not long retired told me not long after we signed him that he was trouble and I do believe he has been proved right dont you, history tells you the rot started when we signed him....


RJ may have been awkward and problemsome, clearly not helping any situation, but as we both agree there were many at fault. They as well as RJ take the blame, some more than others no doubt.

Let's move on and hope RJ does too for his and our sakes!


Jack the Hat..........this bloke has a real problem he must spend hours trawling through Wolves posts...he must be a closet Wolves fan, or have some sort of compulsive disorder. Would be a little better he he stated some sense...he has real problems..i suggest therapy


Nicely put Big bad wolf

We must never forget how board performed over that 3 year period. It's to easy to put all the blame on the said mentioned players!

Wolves aye we

Farmer Ted

Get your retrospective spectacles here!

When we signed Johnson most Wolves fans were pleased although a lot will now deny that, like I suspect a few at the top of this thread. There are those amongst us who swing violently between ignorant praise and ignorant criticism. Stearman, Edwards, Henry, McCarthy...even Kenny Jackett to name but a few...yes, you know who you are.

The big problem with Roger Johnson was McCarthy making him captain. It split the dressing room and the manager could never motivate the team again. Another problem was his limited ability. That's not meant to sound as harsh as it may. He was a great centre back in the box, heading, kicking, sliding in and throwing himself at seemingly lost causes, but outside the box and out of his comfort zone he could be very uncomfortable with his lack of pace. Premiership forwards were able to skate past him at will.

It will be good for all parties if Moxey can negotiate an exit for him into the Championship, which is about his standard. Then all the Spanish Rays can come to Molineux and shout abuse ..... Though some of them will certainly need directions.


Ted, I will openly say I was more than pleased when we signed him. However history now shows us that his reputation was made on one really good season at Blues in which they went virtually the entire season with the same back four, i.e. Carr, Johnson, Dann and Ridgewell. That just shows you what you can do when there is continuity, especially at the back. Funny though the following season that same back four was part of the Blues team that were relegated. The missing link? Joe Hart......

I am afraid with hindsight Johnson was a weak link. A lesson we should learn here is never sign a defender from a relegated club......well, maybe..!!


What they forget, though, is that nothing on the internet is anonymous. They – GCHQ, the police, Google – know where you live.

Saw this earlier, be carefull what you post.


I fully agree with your astute assessment Farmer Ted. ----------As for you Thehoffsleftsock, nice comment, but you've got the wrong Johnson as a very naughty boy .It must be "BRIAN" Johnson, former cricket commentator, he of "The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey" fame.


Benidorm Bill, please understand that the "naughty boy" comment was a film reference. Have you never seen Life Of Brian?

Old Salopian

As ever, Farmer Ted you speak with the voice of knowledge and reason. As a season ticket holder for a good many years, I don't recall any great dis-concern when Roger Johnson first arrived. Many believed that his defensive partnership with Scotty Dann was one of the best around and that Wolves could have done a lot worse than bring the two of them together at Molineux.

Doubtless, Johnson through various antics, including his spat with the now cast aside Hennessey brought the ire of the South Bank onto himself. However, as with the majority of the Wolves outcasts (Jamie O'Hara aside), he has gone on to play for a side in a higher division than the one Wolves had sunk to.

There may be a very interesting book in years to come when someone from the inner circle of Molineux finally reveals what went so wrong with what on paper was potentially a good footballing side.

But that's the past. Lets enjoy the summer and look forward to KJ in the Championship come August.

Euro Wolf

Sad episode.

Where did it start? McCarthy wanted to change the captaincy. Work politics meant that the old captain (Henry) and his mates were not going to accept it. First mistake by McCarthy was that the old deposed captain should have been sold. Second mistake was that Johnson was isolated and did not have a group of senior players brought in to support him. Hennessy's behaviour was unacceptable on the pitch, someone dished the dirt when Johnson got drunk (just like loads of players up and down the country still do, and don't even mention the harder stuff!), and got caught out with a surprise training session. The rest is history. Johnson couldn't cope with the public humiliations, and he was hung out to dry as the McCarthy-Connor leadership lost its influence.

I defy many - not all - of the people on here to have done any better in Johnson's shoes in this situation. In particular the attitude to him being drunk is pathetic. Look at the bigger picture history of several of our former players!


Is it lonely up there on your pedestal?


At last someone else talking sense, over this sad episode, the real person to blame for Roger's downfall was Karl the crab, but he has gone thank god. Unfortunately too many Wolves fans wont for give and for get, they for get he had to play with the likes of Gorkis, Ward and steerman along side him. I would love to see him along side Danny.


Perhaps it was them being beside him that was the problem. You would like to see him beside Danny instead of Stearman ,I don't get that...

I remember the halcyon days of August 2011 when we were briefly top of the PL on the strength of 7 points from 3 games. One newspaper report said that it was a McCarthy masterstroke signing Roger Johnson. Unfortunately RJ proved to have feet of clay, or should I say, legs of lead? With hindsight, quite a few people, probably a majority, were wrong about him. Hindsight is 20-20 and nobody gets all decisions right, not even Mick. RJ has been rather unfairly demonised when he was just one of a motley bunch of underperforming players in that last season in the PL. In my book he's a cut above Jamie O'Hollywood at least as RJ has taken a pay cut to play first team football. I wish him well.

Voice Of Sanity

Oh dear Euro. You clearly have no clue. I am starting to believe that you ARE Johnson.

His first reaction on being bought by Wolves was to say, in interview, that he was disappointed that "a big club like Arsenal" had not come in for him and that he had to "settle for Wolves". Not exactly the best way to get the fans to back you. The captaincy issue was part of the contract offer. Any true 'team' player would have refused the offer in order not to upset the rest of the squad and maybe accepted the position once he had proven himself. There was also the fact that he was the worst central defender to ever pull on a Wolves shirt. The occasional goal that he scored comes nowhere near making up for the goals that he cost us.

The realists amongst us, who saw him play every week, will not miss him. His attitude, like his defending, was appalling.

Voice Of Sanity

Oh, and as for O'Hara. He paid his own way over to America for treatment on an injury and has played for Wolves Under 21's this season in order to keep his fitness and ability as good as possible. I doubt RJ would have done that


Yes m8 another record we could do without !!

the only Premier League club to be top of the league albeit for a few hours only and relegated in the same season !!!

Says it all doesn't it for the bunch of WA_K_RS we had playing at that time.


Hi of all the comments above I love to read Farmer Teds he should have a column in the Express and Star. Long may he write. MJE


I do not care.....those that do not honour theirself and their commitment are guilty. Wolves should insist...even if it cost you and me the heart of the club... more money.

Statos Boring Brother

I would just like that RJ has achieved something that very few footballers have managed to do - he won a cup with Birmingham.

When he turned up at Wolves, I too thought that he was just what we needed but I started changing mind after about 3 games.

The drink problem also highlighted the splits in the dressing room as I seem to remember that it was our super loyal goalkeeper and sick pay collector Hennessey who grassed him up. Good riddance to both of them.


Winning a cup doesn't matter in this debate stato.

The problem is as a professional footballer there are new expectations of you 1. You dont turn up to training drunk (Johnsons fault). 2. You sort out any issues in private as your a professional (Johnson and manangers fault). 3. You shouldn't put in a contract you are captain (boards fault and manager).

Theres a long list of faults in that season:

1)Mccarthey lost control (albeit i still think he would have kept us up)

2) The board panicked!!!! (Liverpool match and after the loss to sandwell town)

3) Mccarthey had favorites that caused discontent (Henry, Berra, Johnson, Jarvis, Doyle, Ward and ohara) but they couldnt work together as they were all so very different.

4) Injuries okay okay i know excuse but we had 6 players out with hernias!!!!!! That is crazy bad luck!!!!!

5) Bad luck when you think how many games we had played well or had something but to throw away 1 sometimes 3 points away.

This is just a few reasons why i think we went down however the actions of some players most notably Johnson, Ohara, ward and henry going out as if they are tv celebrities is past a joke and i welcome the level headed outlook of the current squad under the stewardship of Ricketts and Jackett!!!! UTW