Pepe Mel wants West Brom assurances before resolving future

Pepe Mel today claimed Albion will need to match his ambition if he is to stay at The Hawthorns for next season.

West Brom boss Pepe Mel
West Brom boss Pepe Mel

The Baggies boss is gearing up for talks with chairman Jeremy Peace following Sunday’s season finale against Stoke at The Hawthorns.

And the Spaniard said he does not want against fight against relegation next season after the club’s top-flight status was effectively secured at the weekend with two games to spare.

"I need to listen to what the chairman has to say,” said Mel.

"I want to know what he has in mind for the future of this club.

"I also want people to understand that I'm an ambitious person and I want to be able to make the arguments to take this club forward.

"What I want to do is carry on is by improving and if that means certain talks need to be had with certain players they will be had.

"If West Brom decide that it is me to carry on, those talks will need to be had.

"If I'm the West Brom manager next season everything will have to be done hand in hand, together.

"There's also a lot of uncertainty regarding the players so it is important that everyone knows who is boss.”

Mel has overseen Albion’s survival but question marks remain over his future after a succession of off-field problems including concerns from senior players over his methods.

He said: “I arrived here on January 14 and encountered many problems from the start.

"We had our best striker sold to Hull City and then the Nicolas Anelka situation.

"We've had a lot of situations that needed resolving and in spite of that we had a good April.

"We had to convince the dressing room that we all had to work hand in hand to go down a certain path and I'm very proud of my players, especially Graham Dorrans, Saido Berahino and Craig Dawson as they have been outstanding.

"With two games in hand to certify our safety means we have done very well.

“We've come a long way, we've drawn against Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton and won against West Ham, Norwich and Swansea.”

Meanwhile, Zoltan Gera and Liam Ridgewell (both knee) have been ruled out for tomorrow’s trip to Sunderland while Billy Jones (hamstring) and Steven Reid (groin) face fitness tests.

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Comments for: "Pepe Mel wants West Brom assurances before resolving future"


Pepe Mel won't be in charge if the quotes are true.

I hope i'm wrong.

CantelloRocket 78

What Pepe says it obvious and reasonable-

if there's to be talks about the future, he needs to put his views forward - would anyone expect it to be any different?

The media have tried to link us with Tim Sherwood, but he's likely to burst in the Chairman's office, and demand 'c'mon, what ya gonna do about things, 'cos I ain't hangin' abaht.....?'

I mentioned previously that Pepe's creating interest in Spain, with both Real Betis and Malaga watching developments, so he'll most likely find employment if he returns home - but if JP wants him to stay here, then they'll need to work out how to move forward together, that's what this meetings about-

we should know more after the next couple of games, at present all we really have is snippets of interviews, rumour, and guesswork - sensational gossip won't make an iota of difference to the overall situation or outcome.


Spot on post.

Pepe should demand assurances and if doesn't get them then he seems to be a man of principle and will be off.

Can we really believe that JP would allow Pepe to completely remodel the club from grassroots upwards?????

Jack the Hat


I haven't read anywhere that says Pepe wants to remodel the club from the grass roots upwards. we all know and so does the Board that some good players are needed. Okay there might be a few more adjustments that could be made but Mel won't be asking to have the club second mortgaged I'd have thought. Lets not forget this is a two way stretch, Jeremy and the Board will also want assurances.

Let the talks begin.



Above post was from Simmo 54 CR - don't know what happened to my title

Jack the Hat


My post was to you then mate and not to CR; when are the E&D going to sack their guillotine man as they need to cut their ties with him.

Gorra loff ay ya.


Jackett the Hat

Pepe, you come across as a genuine person, but if you want to make arguments you could really do with speaking English, trust me, it does help.

Kev in Mallorca


Well it dow seem to hold yo back.


Bostin response that Kev LOL

CantelloRocket 78


considering you've been coming over here with countless jibes, day and night, every week for the past two years, changed your name several times - even using two at a time, or posting anonymously to try fooling the mods - and made many nasty personal remarks about everything Albion - then praising someone as being 'genuine', and asking them to 'trust you' is so disgustingly hypocritical it makes me feel physically sick-

nothing short of repulsive.


Jackett The Tw*t. I've already warned Pepe that you speak with forked tongue and he understood that 1st go !

Ronnie Allen

Good man Pep. So do the fans lad.

Who saw MOTD last night when Robbie Fowler got asked about West Brom next season??

'Gary they seem to be a club who are happy to finish 4th from bottom'. Not exactly an Alex Ferguson appraisal, but I relate to it.

If Mel stays, he needs backing and not just financial. He has seen enough of the dross we have, to move them on and hopefully bring in his own players. And appoint a new captain. All change. Radical, wholesale changes. Crack on son.

Jack the Hat

Pepe Mel needs to be given his chance, all he is asking for is what every-one wants at our club, improvement, he is not asking for the earth but for reassurances.

" I'm very proud of my players, especially Graham Dorrans, Saido Berahino and Craig Dawson as they have been outstanding ". Mel's preceding words shows he knows fine talent when he sees it.

I would be proud to have such a fine Head Coach at our club.

Onward and upward with the BAGGIES.


Santas a baggie

And all those things are reasonable to ask for.

Captain Mardon International

I'm begining to feel guilty

Kev in Mallorca


I should think so an'all!



Pepe came in mid season and has struggled with the players the league and the club. He has let the players have a little bit of rope to try and keep them happy and we have survived.

Now he knows the players understands the league better and knows how the players recruitment department work he is saying now it will be my team on my terms and you the club will back me or fire me.

I hope we back him as he has kept us up in difficult circumstances and deserves a chance to do it his way with his players.


I do hope that our Chairman sees Pepe's comments as positive and talks from his heart and not using the media to push the chairman, as we know how he sees things slightly different to the rest of us.

Lets have some stability for the coming season and quickly get a positive action plan going forward......Boing Boing!


Good luck with those talks mel,

Word of warning thou don't go into peace and ask him what he as in mind for the future of the club.

You could try the more grovelling approach and ask something along the lines of where he expects you to get the club in the near future,

I hope you get the chance to show us fans what you can do with your own team and staff, but i got a funny feeling it's going to be ADIOS


The board appointed pepe mel so e shud be able to do the job how e sees it. No point appointing a manager and then tell him what to do. If they chose him to do a job then e shud av the opportunity to do it his way. If e fails then fair enough . Then you act accordingly.

Jack the Hat


Mate, the Board left no stone unturned to bring in Senor Mel, that says a lot to me.



This article has the same ring to it. State the bl**din' obvious then add a slant to it that makes us uncomfortable. Let's look closely.

His contract was for 18 months with a 6 month 'get-out' clause on both sides.

Has that altered ? NO ! A review will take place after our final game. Has that altered ? NO ! Imagine YOU are being interviewed for a job. "I want you to work 100 hours per week and have no say in what you do". Tarra a bit an' thank yer fer 'avin' we, might possibly be your reply. Especially knowing your previous employer wants you back. (Been there, done that, TWICE myself, a strong position from which to argue one's case). Can any of you imagine JP conducting an interview in this manner ? (I exclude Ciderman, Alien, Jackett the Tw*t from this request as we are conducting a sensible discussion). Whatever else he may be, JP is a successful business man and if he wants Pepe, he'll make sure he gets him.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done Cyril.

That first couple of lines cuts right to the chase of what upsets people about some of these articles. Excellent bit of writing.

We Only Need One Half!

Like a article highlighting a slip by an Albion player.

Well, did you ever?

The Real Bully Hoo.

I really hope that JP is as impressed by what Pepe says as I am. I think we've all looked on him as a good-natured easy going individual but there is obviously quite a bit of steel in there as well.

I must admit that while I wouldn't see a Moyes, a Curbishley or a Jones as the end of the world none of these old tried and tested managers fill me with any excitement. I see Pepe along the lines of Martinez, Wenger and Rodgers, a manager with new ideas and who thinks football is about entertainment as well as success.

Please JP, live just a little dangerously and 'Give Pep A Chance.' Could be another song there for Saturday Kev. 'All we are saying, is give Pep a chance.'


Good post n cracking line 'football is about entertainment'.

I would like Pepe to hold his cards a little closer to his chest though, after all, he'll soon be sitting opposite JP whom, we all know often/always gets his own way.


CantelloRocket 78


it looks like quite a few songs are beginning to emerge-

any chance of an album deal out of this......??

Kev in Mallorca


Om gargling as I type! Hope I can remember all these songs!!



I think obviously Pepe should be given a chance, we are still in the prem with two games left to play and looking at some of the recent performances you can see what is ideas and game plays are. Ok he is going to want some assurances who woudnt.

I'll be ther singing give Pepe a chance on Sunday not Saturday though.




And if we get to next Christmas with no off field distractions and we are in the same position as when Pepe came here well then it would've been a mistake.



Hi TRBH, I agree with you on the Martinez, Rodgers etc. I would also like to say that I to hope that JP is impressed by PM, I honestly think that with the results, i.e. the 3-3 s etc., would have broken any dressing room and manager, but he kept going. However, I believe that JP ( if PM stays) must give the beleaguered bloke his choice of staff, a decent transfer budget ( not an insane one just sensible) and a say in the players contracts as I believe there are 12 to be sorted out. He must work with R Garlick on new faces, as I believe that Garlick cant do it on his own.

PS I cant believe that Liverpool even tried to copy our tactics. Pure plagiarism. Stick to your own brand of football Rodgers.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Worrow Capey.

It's my hope and belief that JP is pragmatic enough to know that what you say is exactly true. I think at the end of last season there were a couple of players that we owed a last hurrah to because of the excellent service they've given. I think we've done our duty by them and they will know that as well. I think you're spot on and whoever our manager is next season will get the best war chest we can afford because like I've said before, if we go down JP stands to lose more than any of us.


jackett , what a complete James hunt , and Kenny to. must be brothers.

colehill wolf

cantello its ok for you saddos to have come on our forum for the last two years giving vitriol but you don't like it back do you and if Pepsi has any sense he will jump a sinking ship that's going no where as per usual

CantelloRocket 78


I know Coleshill, or Colehill in Dorset, maybe?

Anyway, whatever-

I think you'll find that over the last two years I've posted ONCE on the Wolves site, and that was to give praise for ChrisH over there-

now, whoever you are, and whatever you're talkin' about, what was you sayin' about saddos??

Seriously, where do they get these people from???

We Only Need One Half!

Colehill, you have been allowed to get off very, very lightly these past two years, trust me.

See, I said the other day they think we are beastly towards them, can you imagine what the past two years would have been like if the roles were reversed?????

The mind boggles.


Colehill - James hunt


Its his last game in charge Sunday then.



Going nowhere????????

I'll have you know that the good ship Baggie has just steered carefully around the Cape Horn and into beautiful blue (and white) calm seas on our fifth circumnavigation of the major oceans.

Whereas the Wulfie Netto Trolley ditched in the Tipton cut has just managed to pop its wonky wheel above the murky watery surface.

Bon Voyage for at least another season and world cruise. COYB

Essex Baggie

I’m new to this but I’ve been reading people’s opinions on here throughout the season and thought I’d share my own. I’ve been very impressed by Mel since he joined. He inherited a squad with a lot of issues, but he dealt with those gracefully. He also inherited a squad of players that do not necessarily fit into the style of football he wants to play, but he adapted his style to try and get the best results from the team. He has also worked with coaching staff that he has no prior working knowledge of. At no point has Mel made excuses for what at times were shortcomings.

I have been a season ticket holder since the days of Brian Little (admittedly not as long as many of you on here). It has been a pleasure growing up and watching the club evolve. Each manager I have seen has brought something new to the club that has seen us develop into an established Premier League side. Megson brought us stability and a determination that we had lost under Little. Bryan Robson was able to attract experienced Premier League players. Mowbray got us playing attacking football. Di Matteo continued the counter attacking philosophy. Hodgson kept the attacking side but added a defensive steel we had lacked for several seasons. And Clarke brought us a free flowing passing side with an effective strikeforce. Each manager has had a chance to put their stamp on the side and it has served us well. I’m sure that given time Mel can put his stamp on the team and move us forward again. Peace has backed each manager in the past. He might run a tight ship and not splash the cash but each season he has looked to strengthen the team in the areas we needed. Of course he is going to back Mel and rightly so!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's an excellent thoughtful post although a few on here will wear there fingers out reading it, (only joking.)

I very much hope you're right and that the two of them come to a sensible agreement on an amount of spending. We will actually have a lot of wages freed up for next season which to us is probably more important than transfer money.

colehill wolf

yes simmo 54 with gates the poorthorns can only dream about away support Sandwell Town can't even spell 25 clean sheets which is more than your missus has in the house etc.etc. But at least with your new shirts you will be able to hoist up the white flag easily you really are the poor relations of Midlands football COYW

The Real Bully Hoo.

Gates we can dream about.

4,226 home v Oldham.

13,000 home local derby Walsall.

Under 15,000 home Tranmere.

6,000 away Tranmere (how many of those were away fans?)

Yes the gates did get higher as the season went on and you experienced a rare success but will they hold when the Championship clubs are smacking your bum week in week out?

Clean sheets.

Brentford and Orient who both ran you close both have free transfers as their main strikers. Not quite as easy to get clean sheets when you are up against Aguero, Suarez and Van Persie.

Hoisting the white flag.

We'll contact you if we need advice after your double drop. LOLOLOL.

End of season report.

Coalhole Wolf, must try harder.

CantelloRocket 78

Colehill, or whatever-

now yer testing our patience, so listen good-

The Baggies are about to enter our 5th consecutive season in the premiership, whilst wolves have just come out the 3rd division with a bunch of kids, and a handful of championship reserve players-

Albion's record gate is over 64,000 at the Hawthorns - higher than your lot have ever had-

a short time ago, Jez Moxey was making repeated offers to 'buy a ticket and bring a friend free', in order to fill up the Molineux

seats, and now the 'glory hunters' have crawled out the woodwork to enjoy watching your lot beat the mighty Brentford and Leyton Orient-

The Baggies have repeatedly battered your lot senseless in BCD's, the last time at the Mol. you threw in the towel to stop an absolute slaughter-

You ain't had a decent team since Shirley Temple was on the Good Ship Lollipop, and you wouldn't be in existence today if the local council hadn't dragged you back from extinction, and Sugar Daddies Sir Jack and Bob the Builder haven't propped you up for years-

now you and your stupid, arrogant, jealous, deluded numpties run along back to the Mol., because your Club Captain Sam Ricketts is so excited about playing in the Chumpionship next season that he can't sleep at night, so you can bore him silly 'til he drops off-

did you catch that LOUD and CLEAR, Molehill Wolf......???????

We Only Need One Half!

"poor relations of Midlands football"

Which is why we, Villa, Blues, even Coventry have a far superior record in the Prem than your lot, although yours is better than Walsall's lol.

What's it like knowing your going to finish below your nearest rivals for the 5th season running, before a balls even kicked, hurts right?

CantelloRocket 78


as this little upstart brings up the issue of 'poor', it reminds me-

I saw a few figures last night that shows the increased financial 'rewards' of being in the top flight-

It seems that for winning the Premiership title last season, Man. Utd. received a 'windfall' of £60 mil. - yet THIS season, whoever finishes BOTTOM are in line to pick up £63 mil. !!!

Man.City look odds-on to take this year's title, and in doing so will pocket an amazing £95 mil. - which they desperately need to fund Toure's

Meanwhile, Wolves have run out of parachute money, still have unwanted big-earners on the payroll, will receive next to nothing next season, and have an owner who could sell up any time he wishes to, call in his loan debts, and possibly leave the club in dire straights with the financial disasters of Coventry and Blues ringin' in their ears-

and this lot come over here makin' arrogant, snide remarks about us being 'poor'!!!

Unbelievable, Jeff!!!!!

And JP will still say we got no money?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Not that unbelievable if you cast an eye over their boards.

One listed the other day, players they should 'take' from other clubs, listing people like Sam Byram from Leeds, Aaron Cresswell from Ipswich and a few others that are interesting Premier League clubs.

Another went a step further suggesting that Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand would be good signings to bring the kids along.

This train stops at all stations, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Never Never Land, Narnia, King Midas Castle and terminates Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

We Only Need One Half!

CR, yes, I wouldn't put it past the cheeky berks to now start whining that the teams joining them in The Championship will have a unfair advantage because of the parachute payments.

Mark my words, it will happen.

oh the irony!

We Only Need One Half!

p.s. Does anyone know how much you get for winning Div 1? I've looked and cant find a figure, other than one quoting £100,000, but that cant be right, can it?

CantelloRocket 78

If you get £100,000 to win Division One, somebody will be pleased-

Bob the Builder will now have his entire transfer kitty for the Summer.......;-)

Jack the Hat

colehill wolf,

Your small time team have had many a bashing off the BAGGY-BOYS so I appreciate your jealousy, shown by your childish Dog-Head post. We are now in line for our fifth consecutive season in the Premiership unless Norwich beat Arsenal twenty-nil in their final match and we don't score in our last two. I've seen better football from a school under-nine side than what your lot play. To reach our standard will take your club years to attain. Have you read of Man City being hammered by the F.F.P.D. for overstepping the break-even point with their monies?; lets hope your club have, or else.

Gorra loff ay ya.

Have a nice Summer dreaming of ALBION being relegated yet again and how your club will storm the Championship, sweet dreams even though they won't materialize. We will be thinking of ways to beat the Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Liverpool and the like, CHEERIO again.


Jack the Hat


You will need 60,000 crowds to try and make up the parachute hand outs you have had off the BAGGIES. We now have to look after Norwich, Fulham and Cardiff next season.

Gorra loff ay ya.



"If I am the manager to move this club forward then certain talks will be had with certain players. It is important for every single player to know who the boss of this club is."

That's from skysports wba site . go on pm sort em out. Boing boing


Sit Rep - 22.53 hrs. Any dingle or suspect Dingle on this site is to be approached with pure and utter contempt. Do not fraternise with them , for e.g., thank you for your kind words what a genuine football fan, pleasure to meet you, can we go for a pint , and remember the good old days. etc., its b****ks . It will lead you into an ambush. Just like ELAKOBI, poor bloke cried knowing it was his last day as a wulf, exactly he was thinking what have I done.

Any Stafford bin dipper must be reported, and will be known to you as they will speak and behave like a complete James Hunt., or will bore u to death. "Did I ever tell u about the time I took me library books back late". boing boing. Kenny and co go to h.

Danish Baggie

Two more wins, and we will most likely finish 12th. Go on lads. Could even finish 12th with a winn and a draw.

CantelloRocket 78

It seems an online poll carried out by the 'other' local newspaper resulted in 92 per cent of Baggies fans saying they want Pepe Mel to still be with us next season-

over to you, JP..........

Hi Rocket.

I hate to say it but fans are notoriously bad at picking managers. I think in this case though we could be right and after all, we're only backing the Chairman's original choice.

The Real Bully Hoo.


That's me.

CantelloRocket 78


yes, you're right of course-

if Pepe does decide to stay, and manages to improve both performances and results, it could be mentioned that JP appointed him, which would be greeted with a spontaneous deathly silence, or a begrudgingly miserable 'it's about time he got summit right....'-

it's always a great feeling to be appreciated....


In the latest round of BCD verbals W0lve5 started brightly with Jackett the hat but Albion had him under control within minutes

with contributions from Kev Simmo Cantello and Cyril.

Things then simmered down but a late aggressive push by Colehill led to a great defensive attack from Cantello with contributions from WONOH.

W0lve5 can't even win an argument.



That made me smile old chap :-)


Now where shall I start?? :o)


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