Emotional goodbye left me overcome says George Elokobi as he heads for Wolves exit

George Elokobi today admitted he was too choked to speak after his Wolves farewell.

George Elokobi with the League One trophy to sign off after six-and-a-half years

The powerful defender was in tears as he said goodbye to the supporters in the League One title parade after Saturday’s 3-0 win against Carlisle after being released.

It was just over a year since he was also in tears after Wolves were relegated at Brighton.

And the Cameroon-born left-back said he couldn’t help his emotions getting the better of him again because of all he’d been through with the club over the last six-and-a-half years.

“That send-off was all too much for me on Saturday. But that shows I’m only human,” he said.

“Saturday was a hard day for me not to get emotional – I think anyone would been the same if everyone had been wishing them well.

“I was like it because I’ve been through so much with Wolves, and to cap it off it was a wonderful occasion after winning the league, collecting the trophy and celebrating.

“The send-off I got from the fans was unbelievable – there were fans coming to me before the game crying when they spoke to me.

“They had tears in their eyes and were sorry I’m leaving, so it’s hard.”

Elokobi, who has come through a career-threatening knee injury, as well as two promotions and two relegations at Wolves, insists he has felt every bump of the rollercoaster ride as much as the fans.

“Last season we got relegated and those back-to-back relegations hurt because as a player, I’ve always given my all for Wolves,” he said.

“I’m a Wolves fan as much as I’m a player and when we got relegated, I was feeling exactly what the fans were feeling even though I only played the last game of the season.

“To see us going down after being in the Premier League for three seasons was a blow to me.

“I could sense and see how hurtful it was to everyone.

“I’d just recovered from a broken and dislocated ankle and I played in the game at Brighton.”

But this time the tears were also a release after doing his bit in helping the club back to the Championship.

That’s often been in a role unseen to the public, mentoring the younger players and reminding them of the standards and conduct expected of them if they slip up.

“My ambition was to stay and help the club back into the Championship, and on the training ground, I’ve helped out the manager and the coaching staff,” he said.

“I’ve helped the young players in the team by talking to them and advising them and they’ve been great for us.”

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Comments for: "Emotional goodbye left me overcome says George Elokobi as he heads for Wolves exit"


Utmost respect to big George. He always gave every ounce of passion and effort. It's a pity 5 or 6 players around him didn't feel ashamed and do the same then we might not have had 2 horrendous seasons. George will always be welcome at the Mol. Best of luck big man and wishing you every success with for the future.


Such a genuine man. Its sad there`s nothing for him at the Mol. I was honoured and very sad to shake his hand on Saturday. Talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve. THATS GEORGE.

Hartlebury Torch Man

Top bloke. Always gave 100%. You can't ask for anymore.

Media Wolf Pete

A true gentlemen, best of luck for the future George!

Bruce, Trinidad

A loyal servant in the old fashioned mould. Whether on the field, on the bench or not picked always 100% for the Wolves. Built like a tank and ready to die for the cause. A pity some of the other players who were with us in the Premier League didn't follow his example. They can hardly think that they were bigger than George! One of the best to pull on the old gold shirt.


Big George you've always given 100% for the Wolves on the pitch. I only wished that we had 10 more players over the last 2 years like you George and giving it 100% every game. I know you were not the most skillful or fastest of players but you did your best every game , and for that you will always be in the hearts of the wolves fans.

Good luck big George for the future, your welcome to visit anytime & you will get a great reception.


big George we were proud and honoured that your played for us wolves


A true gent and always gave 100%. Never really the same after that shocking cruciate injury at Ipswich (I was there) after which he truly had the turning circle of a tank. I hope he finds a decent club but can't really see it being at any significant level in the professional game as a full back. He is certainly someone a number of our ex Premiership players who are still at this club should look at if they want to define the word "commitment". You'll be welcome back anytime at Wolves by me Big George.


He'll be sorely missed. A role model to all and a real Wolves man.

spanish ray

A true 100% Wolves man on and off the pitch.Good luck for the future George.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

I cried on Sat when I saw you, Geprge, and again reading this article. What a man!!!

Voice Of Sanity

Wish I had hugged him or shaken his hand when he walked past me after the Carlisle game. Not seen that much passion for the club since Bully. I would have given him one more season, but I have too much sentiment to be a football manager and KJ has no room for George in his plans. Lovely guy, loyal club man, and very good defender (before injury).

Lobo para siempre

Thanks, George and all the best to you.

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