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Jackett the Hat

I could tell he was ronk Albion........always looks like he needs a good wash !

Captain Mardon International

I bet you wish he scored all those goals that he did for you instead of us.

CantelloRocket 78

Yes, he often got muddy picking the ball up from the back of the Wolves

Stearmans overhead kick

Can give it but but your the first to belly ache when you get it back ain't you Cantello Rocket78?

CantelloRocket 78


If you opened both eyes, you'd see it was Jackett the Hat who 'gave it out', with unpleasant jibes about the personal hygiene of Kevin Phillips and Albion fans-

if you're supporting his comments, it speaks volumes about yourself.....

Bedford Wolf

Sad little person supporting a sad little club. Forever in our shadow.

CantelloRocket 78


believe me, not just Baggies fans, but the more mature, intelligent Wolves fans will read your comments and see exactly who the sad embarrassment really is-

what was that again?-

' don't think Wolves is a bigger club than Leicester then am guessing.... '

Whatever happened to the standard of education in this country.....??


Forever in your shadow? Don't shadows cast down over things below them?

Prem or League 1

You're pathetic

Jack the Hat


Don't know whether you realize or not, but the HAWTHORNS is the highest football stadium in england above sea level, how do you manage to get a shadow all up there from all down there in Dinglehampton?,

Gorra loff ay ya.


Walthamstow Albion

Bradford, Wolvo doesn't, never has done and never ever will cast a shadow over the glorious Black Country because Wolvo isn't, never has been and never will be near enough to the Black Country to be able to cast any kind of shadow - albeit there's an accumulative shadow from the many many obese stomachs and over-inflated heads around WWFC to cast a huge shadow over the hills around the Shrops-Staffs borders.

Still choking on those 11 POINTS ay ya, poor souls.

Baggies and Bathams...the Black Country way

Jack the Hat

Jackett the Hat,

Whatever gave you the stupid idea Super Kev would want to play in Divi 3?. What will your club do, without ALBION giving you parachute money as you have had enough. Time to look after proper football clubs such as Fulham and Cardiff.

Staying up, staying up, STAYING UP.


Kevin Philips was an excellent player. Why can't football fans understand that their team is not the be all and end all.

I have been a Wolves fan for 33 years and have never argued with my dad about football and he supports WBA. Everyone needs to grow up and enjoy what the team is doing right now.

It is irrelevant how big other teams are, just enjoy the Wolves

Jack the Hat


That is the problem when you have to Kowtow to your dad as it stunts the positive side of your character. I am enjoying what my team are doing and have been partying on Marstons *Double-Drop* for a week now. I can't help it if Super Kev didn't want to lower himself to play in Divi 3.

Come on you BAGGIES.


Kevin., you would not have caused offence,you would not have got into the team.

CantelloRocket 78

Very original idea - leaving a guy out the team because he's so good, he'd make the others look even worse than they are.....:-)

Bedford Wolf

That comment is stupid and embarrassing. Just like your lovely new kit. Lol

CantelloRocket 78


just wonderin' - have you ever noticed how sharp wit always seems to fly right over your head?


Thought not......

Jack the Hat


Only just started to take interest in the beautiful game have we?.


John B

Good on you kev. What a servant and true professional you have been to all the clubs you served. Will never be forgotten


Your loyalty to a smaller club is admirable however you have missed out on the bigger picture.

You can now wallow down the Tesco Hub AKA The Vine and join in the competitions to make a pint of Bathams last all day and have no fear of recriminations.

Good luck for the future.

boy from the REAL black country

I wouldn't say Leicester were a smaller club mate, and thats not jut because they're a division higher either.

Bedford Wolf

If you honestly don't think Wolves is a bigger club than Leicester then am guessing the men in white coats are beating a path to your door right now. Sad.

The Real Bully Hoo.


The only thing missing from your posts is the 'yah boo sucks' at the end.


We might support different teams J.T.H. but what a funny comment!! I'm still loffin' 24 hours later! These clowns who respond so abusively to you will never be in your league ( in terms of humour ).------- Of course, in terms of football, within two years we will bypass each other, without actually meeting!


Again, as I and many others paid our compliments to a great pro, hope Mr. Phillips stays in football in some capacity or another.

Meanwhile, I had no idea that Phillip's kid chose Wolves and is currently serving in one of the club's highly acclaimed academy youth team setup. Anyone know his first name, age and any details about his skills and progress?

Nice for change, if having junior score goals for us., not against, like his old fox-in-the-box father, ha!



Kevin Phillips was possibly the best player we never signed in the modern era. A total pro. He's also the kind of bloke you would always make an effort for! Typical of the man that he's giving up the open-bus tour of Leicester to support Jody. I hope, when the time comes, that Wolves can be involved in any testimonial game for Kevin Phillips. Even better, I have a suggestion. When his testimonial game comes, Kevin could (finally) play for Wolves, against one of his old teams.


Now that's a proper Albion shirt.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Excellent pro that a lot of modern footballers could learn from. Keeps himself fit, never any trouble to the manager and a gentleman on the pitch. I wouldn't be surprised to see him do well if he goes into management.


I was watching Burnley today and was surprised to see they have four ex-Wolves players. How did Wolves manage to end up where they did?

Captain Mardon International

Jealousy just confuses me?

CantelloRocket 78


very simple, mate-

jealousy's really down to anger and frustration, that someone else already possesses whatever you crave-

it tends to keep you awake all night, often posting on a rival site at 3.00 a.m. in the morning, when everyone else is fast asleep.....;-)

Kev in Mallorca


Sorry to involve you, but your just a vehicle. My first comments are directed at Mboy, then I want to try and address a wider audience so I'll comment after the match tomorrow.



It didn't stop him leaving Albion for their Birmingham neighbours?!

CantelloRocket 78


Captain Mardon wanted 'jealousy' clarified - I'll just direct him to your post.

Sadly, you've just embarrassed yourself.......


Jealousy? Are you sure you understand my post or are you confused?

Top professional but he wasn't bothered about moving from one Birmingham club to another!

CantelloRocket 78

No confusion here-

Kev didn't 'leave Albion for Birmingham' - as you put it, or imply - he ended his contract with the Baggies, then became a free Agent, with no ties - he chose to join whoever offered him a contract with the terms he desired, mainly with his family's welfare in mind, and Blues were the only club to offer him those personal requirements - it's an important difference-

as for 'moving from one Birmingham club to another', he came to a Black Country club, then continued his career at a Birmingham one, again there's a very clear difference, and you know very well this is the case.


I'm getting a little bored of proving you wrong. The Hawthorns has B71 postcode, the B stands for Birmingham.

Kevin Phillips turned down the Baggies contract offer and accepted an offer from Birmingham City. He moved from one Birmingham based club to another.

Think before you post...

CantelloRocket 78


The 'B' post code's purely for the post office sorting dept. to simplify, it doesn't mean that district is part of the city-

if I'm not mistaken, DY of Dudley is also used for Kidderminster, which is miles away-

you must know this, but insist on these childish jibes by twisting the truth-

sad and embarrassing.


I'm getting sick and tired of correcting you 1877.

West Bromwich Albion are a team that represent West Bromwich. West Bromwich is in the black country. Bit like Coventry's home ground is at Northampton, doesn't mean they are a northampton team. Besides, as far as i am aware the ground is in Based half in smethwick and half in west brom, niether are in birmingham.

As for Kevin Phillips, he went to Birmingham beacause Albion had a policy of only offering over 30's 1 year contracts. Blues offered him 2 years so he took the "more financially viable offer". Just remember that he turned down his old club sunderland to join us and, he turned Wolves down when he was 40, he still considered himself too good for league 1.

Glad to put you right.


I honestly feel sorry for you. The season is almost over and like Albion, you must do better next season. Very poor, pointless comments full of incorrect comments this season. Get a good pre-season of general knowledge under your belt and come back a new and improved poster. Enjoy the summer mate.

CantelloRocket 78


I've constantly put the truth to you, and you've just closed your eyes and covered your ears, pretended you're not listening-

anyone else reading these posts can see very clearly how you keep twisting the truth, and refusing to acknowledge the actual facts-

it's the kind of thing children do when they don't want to accept things.

I'm afraid you've just made yourself look foolish, honestly you need to grow up.

Jack the Hat


I have a B registration vehicle and I can tell you categorically it has never seen Birmingham so what is actually your point as a post code only says an area comes under a certain umbrella for postal purposes.


I see you have my problem, trying to cast pearls before the swine.


Captain Mardon International

I enjoyed the goals he scored. Good times....


Unlike now.

The Real Bully Hoo.

So you're saying it's not good being in the league you dream of getting back to? After the way you've celebrated getting out of the 3rd division I'd have thought our achievement would rate as great times.

brierley hill wolf

Nothing but admiration for the man and the fact he gave up his seat for me at a restaurant in cyprus many years ago (1999) just sums him up!!



As a Wolves Fan, I always have had, and always will have, utmost respect for Kevin Phillips. A class act, on and off the pitch. If his son turns out to be anywhere as good as his father, we have unearthed a gem.

My sincere wishes for the future, Kevin. Whoever gets you will get a proven winner, and a great ambassador. Best wishes in whatever your chosen future turns out to be.

Bedford Wolf

The sad man is back! But as ever like a Jeff Astle shot for England he is wide of the mark. Forever in our shadow......and can't bear it! Hahahahahaha

The Real Bully Hoo.

Disrespectful and childish.


But not abusive.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Great and apparently Hitler was nice to his dog so all's well.


A class act, although he was past his best when he joined the Albion he oozed class and he never lost his ability to score goals. I am sure he will do well in the media if that is the path he chooses to take.


question is were are those so called fans who blamed Moxey for not signing him.


I am a Wulfrunian and have jibed Throstle fans about being Brummies but with my tongue firmly in my cheek, about a third of Wolvo is Black Country and all of West Brom. Cradeley Heath has a post code of B64 and I don't know many folk who would dispute that as a Black Country town. Phillips is a class act and I always dreade it when he got the ball, for that reason I am glad he has retired, good luck to him in the future.

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