Simply fan-tastic - biggest Molineux crowd in 33 years witnesses Wolves thriller

Hat-trick hero Nouha Dicko today insisted the Wolves fans who invaded the pitch yesterday were just “happy” as the club prepares to face an FA rap over supporters’ actions.

A packed-out Molineux bathed in spring sunshine as more than 30,000 supporters were treated to an Easter cracker that saw Wolves beat Rotherham 6-4. Picture: Tim Thursfield

The French striker scored his first treble in the amazing 6-4 win against Rotherham. But the game – watched by 30,110, Molineux’s biggest crowd since 40,524 attended the FA Cup quarter-final replay against Middlesbrough on March 10, 1981 – was marred by four pitch invasions near the end.

Around 300 fans streamed onto the playing surface from the South Bank, with three of the encroachments during the game to leave Wolves facing a fine.

Other fans swiftly condemned those who ran on, but the invaders ignored public address calls not to return to the playing area – and also a threat that the game could have been abandoned if they didn’t stay in their seats.

But Dicko said: “They came on the pitch but it was for a good reason – it was all good natured and we were all happy. I understand how they feel because I was here last season when the club was relegated and I’m here when the club has got back into the Championship.

“I’m delighted with this and I understand them – they were just happy. They didn’t do anything too bad – they didn’t kill anyone, they were just pleased and it was good to see them in high spirits.”

Dicko believes the size and exuberance of the crowd shows Wolves have Premier League support.

“There are a few Premier League teams who don’t get 30,000 for a game,” he said.

“So it shows just how big this club is and how happy the fans were.

“We’re all happy for the fans and their support just shows how well we’ve done this season.”

Dicko’s treble – against his former loan club – took his tally to 11 in 16 games for Wolves, while Dave Edwards, Sam Ricketts and Kevin McDonald also netted as the team set a new record for wins in a season – 29. It was also the most goals Wolves have been involved in or Molineux has witnessed since November 27, 1965, when they beat Portsmouth 8-2, and most they have scored since they thrashed Gillingham 6-0 on March 22, 2003.

“It was the first hat-trick of my career and I was really delighted with it and delighted for Wolves,” added Dicko. “It’s always great to score goals but I was just as happy to score against my old team.”

Dicko said Wolves are now focused on winning the title – they could need as many as four points from their last three games after Brentford beat Preston 1-0 – and beating the division’s record 101 points total.

“The gaffer told us to win the league now,” he said. “The record number of points is 101 so we’re focusing on that.”

Wolves’ hopes of setting a club record lowest number of goals conceded in a season have gone after the four that went in yesterday made it 29, two more than their best in 1923-24.

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Comments for: "Simply fan-tastic - biggest Molineux crowd in 33 years witnesses Wolves thriller"


I just hope that the FA do not overeact to the minority of fans who, to some degree spoilt the occassion for the majority. A fine is almost inevitable, but (and I'm not sure whether it's in the rules) they might consider a points reduction. One pitch invasion is bad enough, but three will be viewed as a far more serious issue.

What I could'nt quite understand, there was a whole line of police standing in front of the Rotherham fans ( who were well behaved), and an inadequate number of stewards in front of the south bank. After that first invasion they should have got it the other way around. Someone needs to look at the CCTV footage, analyse it, learn from it and prioritise resourses to where the threat of pitch invasion is most likely to happen.

It has to be said that the vast majority of the south bank (which includes me) were not overly impressed by the behaviour of those so called supporters who invaded the pitch. Hopefully this will not happen at the final home game, and all fans can then have an opportunity to applaud the players at the end of the match, for what has been a truely fantastic season.


Totally understandable action by the police. They were quite correctly committed to avoiding violent clashes. By blocking the morons who ran on the pitch from the Rotherham fans stopped the incident turning into a riot.

Those imbeciles would have taunted the away fans and fights would have ensued.

Identify as many as possible by and ban them.


Understandable after what your fans have put up with in recent years and the kids just 'popped their corks'. I hope the FA take a lenient view as it would be a shame to spoil the party. Good luck next season, (unless you play us of course. Then you're on your own).

101 chicken chow mein

Thanks Cyril sensible comment as always, good luck to you too.


No one popped their corks.

And they weren't just kids.

These are selfish, moronic adults who were determined to ignore the club's pleas for them to stay off the playing surface.

1. The referee would have been correct to abandon the game immediately.

2. The League would be right to deduct as many points as they wish from the club.

3. The club WILL be heavily fined. Do these morons care?

You bet they don't.

4. Players may have been injured.

5. Fans staying in the stands were denied a proper celebration with players at the end of the game.

We don't want these imbecilic morons at our club.

Remember Scarborough..


Well said mate - and I was at Scarborough.


Yes it was ill judged by those that came onto the pitch, & it could have been a lot worse with the game threatened with being abandoned. But perhaps this could have been avoided had the club & the police stopped to think that among the 30,000 there were obviously over 10,000 who weren't regular fans. It would have been prudent, considering a full house, to perhaps 'expect' some to invade the pitch, given the easy access to it. Whether it was alcohol fuelled, high jinks, the excitment of the moment......or just plain stupidity, perhaps a little more thought may have helped prevent what happened. No, it wasn't nasty or malicious & there was no baiting of the opposition fans or players.....just a mixture of 'relief & exuberation'. So I'm not condoning the behavior, simply attempting to understand it. Given where we have been over the last few years & the depths we sunk to, I can see how, during a game like yesterdays, ones common sense 'swith' may have been pushed to 'off'.

Oh, & Scarborough, I was there too & if you are comparing the two, you are very wide of the mark..........very wide.


That would be 'common sense switch'.

chris h

Good post Cornish .


I was at Scarborough too and that day was just a thicker end of the wedge that is fans ignoring the entreaties of the club to keep off the pitch, not to stand up during games and spending the match abusing, jeering and goading opposition supporters.

If the police had not separated the fans there would have been fighting. Plenty of fans ran onto the pitch waving their arms in the air and focusing directly on the away support.

chris h

I am guessing your moniker has nothing to do with the liberal early days of Bob Dylan. They were in the wrong, but thankfully no harm was done, Wolves will get a bit of a fine. Better policing and stewardship will avoid repeats. Putting up fences banning people, don't you think you are over reacting? There is no excuse for what they did, but how many Wolves fans can honestly say they have never been on the pitch. I have been going 51 years and I think I have been on the pitch once, when we won promotion in 1967.If they had banned me Wolves would have lost 47 years of income . How about you ? If you check the history books pitch invasions at Wolves were quite common in the early 20th Century. Perhaps it is something they put in the beer in Wolvo, how about banning beer.


Big Bob Dylan fan.

I didn't suggest putting up fences that was someone else.

The club ASKED the fans pre-match to stay off the pitch.

The policing was spot on. The stewarding was spot on. The stewards are in no position to forceably stop hundreds of people running on the pitch. The police stopped rioting by stopping the "Wolves fans" having access to the away supporters.

No, I've NEVER been on the pitch and I started going to games in 1969.

What if the League decide to keep us down a division because of the pitch invasion? What if they did?

Yes harm was done. 90% of Wolves fans were denied celebrating with the players after the game.

It easy to enjoy the game, celebrate wildly and stay in the stand. Just do it.

chris h

Likewise, got most of the albums, must have seen him more the half a dozen times (a couple of times he was actually very good)and got too many books on the subject ( according to my wife,anyway). But I have too say your conformity comes across very differently from most Dylan fans that I know. Kenny Jackett got it spot on, just a bit of over exubrance . Live and let live. Don't forget ' he who is not busy being born, is busy dying'.


PS: Great photo.


Cheers Cyril, let's have another one!


Absolutely delighted for Dicko - I wasn't there unfortunately but with his contribution and his hat trick, it would seem from your comments he must have the accolade as man of the match - although there are plaudits for Stearman also (you must hang on to him, Wolves). I think Dicko is being very generous towards those who invaded the pitch. For obvious reasons, the club will want to play down those unfortunate events. Despite what Dicko says, something dangerous could have resulted. It was mindless of the so-called fans involved. It was also extremely selfish because the actions of 300 or so, denied virtually 30,000 the opportunity of acclaiming their team who would otherwise have stayed on the pitch after the final whistle. It is a pity that some action cannot be taken against those who interrupted the match whilst it was still in progress. I guess I'm from a different era - we didn't swamp the pitch after Honved, Spartak, et al. I hope the authorities are not too draconian towards us.


A great day and a great game. Thank you to both teams. Well done to the Wolves fans for showing what a massive club we really can be. 30k in the third division is something only a handful of clubs could dream of. Maybe Steve Morgan's dream of a 50k Molineux is not so far fetched. A handful of morons certainly did not spoil my day. Here's to #50k2WV1. No harm in dreaming.


The only way to stop any pitch invasions again is to ban anyone encroaching on the pitch from Molineux for life, maybe that would get the message through to the idiots who have at the very least cost our great club money and could have in the worst case got the match abandoned. Anyway all that said, thanks to Kenny and all the staff for bringing some pride back to Wolves and making my Mondays a lot more bearable! (I work with a Villa fan, and am enjoying his squeeky bum moments!)


No matter what Nouha says, we all know rules, they should have kept off the pitch while play was still going on. They have probably cost the club s--t loads in fines money that could go towards team strengthening, they will be the first effers to moan if Steve and Jez don't. I want to congratulate KJ his staff and the players on a brilliant season you have put the pride back into the whole of Wolverhampton, just keep it going for the last 3 games. KJ's GOLD AND BLACK ARMY.

Mountain Wolf

As a Southbanker, I refused to dignify the actions of a very few by even noticing them.


Nouha Dicko makes a big mistake in condoning the actions of those selfish, moronic imbeciles.

Have a think before you open your mouth, Nouha for 90% of Wolves fans that match was ruined by having to angrily boo and chant at a substantial minority of tosspots who think that it's OK to risk our promotion because they want to cavort on the field.

No, no,no. Express and Star please start a campaign that we us true fans can sign up that means that this won't reoccur at the Carlisle game.

Please can all Wolves fans stay in their seats to cheer the team as they (hopefully) parade the League Trophy around the stadium at the end of the game.

Identify the pitch invaders and ban them.


Again, well said mate.


The league trophy if we win it, will not be paraded till the Jody craddock testimonial, Monday May 5th, let's see how many real fans turn up for that game and how many invade the pitch.


Who's told you that nik? I would have thought that if we have already sealed the top spot, the trophy will be there on the last game!



oops, the expressandstar changed the story from the delayed presentation to the latest one about continued celebrations. sorry my mistake. utw


I was in the North Bank and you have to say though that the majority of the South Bank were unanimous with the w****r chants.


Yes they were and many kudos to them.


So chanting an obscenity at the pitch invading clowns is now acceptable is it? As Mountain Wolf said ,the more dignified response was to refuse recognition of these events rather than respond to them by using obscenities. How is that type of behaviour ever going to improve standards at Molineux? ----------- My main concern was the lack of a flexible police response to the emerging situation at the end of the game. It was apparent to all in attendance that the problem was in the left hand corner of the South Bank, yet the police failed to make any move to confront it. They stayed put, intently guarding the docile opposition fans. I've read the reasoning for this on another post, but the rationale behind it didn't wash. There was a highly considerable police presence there, which quite simply, failed to respond appropriately.


I'd count chanting an obscenity at the morons who were putting at risk our promotion and title hopes a petite mal.

I'd prefer people not to swear at all, but you do have to make some concessions. The fact that a good majority of the South Bank crowd stayed in the stand and showed their disapproval of the pitch invaders is something to be noted and applauded.

The police are not there to stop pitch invasions. They are there to maintain the peace. What they chose to do at the match which was prevent "Wolves fans" from confronting, taunting and goading Rotherham fans was EXACTLY THE RIGHT THING FOR THEM TO DO.

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