Kenny Jackett ready to welcome Wolves army to Molineux

Wolves boss Kenny Jackett today welcomed the prospect of Molineux’s first 30,000 crowd for over three decades by declaring his ambition to fill the ground regularly.

Wolves fans celebrate the promotion
Wolves fans celebrated promotion at Crewe in April

Head coach Jackett is thrilled at the thought of the first 30,000 home gate since the FA Cup quarter-final replay against Middlesbrough in March 1981, when 40,524 attended, as fans flock to welcome Wolves for the first home game since clinching promotion from League One with Saturday’s 2-0 win at Crewe.

Jackett urged his record-breaking team to produce a fitting performance to match what is sure to be a carnival occasion against Rotherham tomorrow.

“There’s always a great atmosphere here but you stand there and see it and think it would be fantastic to fill the place every week,” said Jackett.

“Saying it and doing it are two different things, I know that.

“But to be able to fill it, or near fill it, would be a great feeling and a big achievement.

“I would feel proud. It would be great to see Molineux with that type of atmosphere, and it would show we’re doing something right inside the club if you’re getting near to that volume of supporters.

“It’s an exciting challenge and a big responsibility to make sure we reward that support by putting on a good performance and the team can justify it and send those guys home very happy.

“It’s a big challenge but one we’re looking forward to and want to rise to.”

Wolves are guaranteed their biggest gate of the season as ticket sales have surpassed the 28,598 for the 1-1 draw against Leyton Orient on December 29, thanks in part due to fans’ social media campaign #30k2WV1.

The South Bank and Stan Cullis Stands are sold out but some seats remain in the new north-east quadrant normally reserved for away fans.

Promotion-chasing Rotherham, whose fans will occupy the lower tier of the Steve Bull Stand, have around 400 tickets of their 2,542 allocation left.

The uncovered temporary seating, which has been unused since relegation from the Premier League, will remain closed but the BMW adverts covering the Steve Bull Stand upper tier flanks will be removed, leaving a potential capacity of 31,000.

That would be the biggest league crowd at Molineux since February 28, 1981 when 34,693 watched a 1-0 defeat to champions-to-be Villa.

“We’ll be very well backed because there will be a fantastic crowd here which will be great for me personally to see the place buzzing,” added Jackett.

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Comments for: "Kenny Jackett ready to welcome Wolves army to Molineux"

Hit him on the tail

Ha ha! Can't wait until next season when there's only 10k turning up. Bottom of the league and Jackett out!!...mark my words.


You always know when someone posts on here under a "name" you've never seen before that the comment probably isn't worth taking seriously.


Laugh, laugh.......

Your words are so important, I am sure we will all record them and seek you out to congratulate you on informing us when all this happens......LOL.


Is that you Jack ?? I thought you were still in hiding.


Natterjack strikes again on another post name!!! Wowee.

We Only Need One Half!

Wheres the football chat Betty?



We Only Need One Half!

karl, do you have a carer by any chance? only your repeating exactly what you said on our pages, and it still nonsensical?


Crowds were double that when we went down last season i assume u support sandwell town from your armchair no matter what you do what you win and who you buy you will always be in our shadow just the way it is sadly for you now go play on ya own site n hope your superstar team can learn to defend 3 goal leads

Hong Kong Pete

The true and loyal supporters and people of Wolverhampton are turning out in support the success this season and in support of this famous club.

It will be a great day for Mr Jackett and the squad the supporters will shown their appreation of what has been achieved l am sure of this, l shall be there to applaud all of them and the loyal supporters of Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Hong Kong Pete




Let's hope the 30,000 will hear the fat lady sing at the end of the match.

Good luck.


This promises to be a really great occasion for all sorts of reason. Wolves are still chasing the title. Rotherham are still chasing an automatic promotion place. Supporters will be there to show their appreciation to the players and the manager for gaining promotion back to the championship. And the sun's going to shine as well.

I just hope that the game is better than the MK Dons away match, where the fans turned out numbers. That was a fantastic day and will never be forgotten by all those that were there that day, but the game itself (apart from the result) was'nt that memorable.

Assuming that the figure is 30k plus, it shows the potential of what could be achieved at Molineux. During the past year, we've seen a quite a change taking place at the club - and for the better. It's not just the appointment of Kenny Jackett, but from the owner down, it seems as though everybody at the club is working together in a far more harmonious way.

I'm not sure where this leaves us with regard to resumming the re-developement of the stadium, but at some stage it will have to be restarted. If Wolves are to ever become a club with the highest ambitions in football, it must have a stadium with a capacity of over 40 thousand.

The timing is the tricky bit. Some supporters will no doubt trot out the usual mantra: spend the money on the team first. It's something I've heard all the way back to the 60's when I first started watching Wolves. With the exception of the John Ireland stand nothing got done until Sir Jack took over. The truth is, there's never going to be an ideal time for the redevelopement for to resume. Investment in the team has to go hand in hand with investment in the stadium. It's unlikely anything will happen next season, but in my opinion it needs to be done before we reach the premiership again.


Once again I have to agree with you. It's a bit of a conundrum that one. M and M will be damned if they do and damned if they don't. It would also make financial sense whilst building costs are low, however not as low as when the re-development started. Also I do believe that after stage 2 (The Steve Bull Stand) and stage 3 (The Jack Harris) the capacity would be 36,000-38,000 with the option for stage 4 (redeveloping the Billy Wright) to make it 50,000. However I think 36,000 would be about right and even to fill that it would need a radical move such as in Germany and make the prices really low, but I have made that point before.

A nice problem to ponder, something I don't think our "friends" down the road will ever have to consider.....!!!

Cannot make tomorrow, but I hope everyone has a great time. I will be there for Carlisle though.

Peace and happiness and all that other good 5hit....(Jimi IOW 1970)

We Only Need One Half!

That's why your friends down the road are solvent and not looking over their shoulder at the bailiffs each season. We live in the real world.


BH - Yes, I'm sure you're right with regard to M & M, they'll be damned if they do, and damned if they don't.

As and when Stage 3 happens, I hope they seriously consider making the south bank a safe standing area - either in part, or even all of it.


Where's Jack and his FFP garbage on this thread? I mean, he hasnt mentioned it for ten minutes.... looking forward to tomorrow and another magnificent third tier turn out. How embarrassing for other clubs in the "elite" league who cant outdo us.... Monday will be a great trip too, even though its on th box, and crazy kick off time, the G & B army is out in force once more... be slightly more away fans for our nothing match than at the Etihad eh Jack...anything to say one that one me old pal?

Thank you King Kenny for this year , top man

We Only Need One Half!

Where were these 26,000 when you only had a 4000 gate at home earlier this season?

Glory boys eh!


Probably same place as your fans are going to be on Easter Monday?

We Only Need One Half!

Oh I'm sorry Jiwal, I thought when you got that 4000 home gate it was £20 a ticket, not £56, was I wrong?

We Only Need One Half!

Jiwal, was I wrong about the price difference?

yes or no?

We Only Need One Half!

Guess I wasn't than Jiwal.

How embarrassing, eh?


Tosh my boy. Wolves will ALWAYS have a bigger following than Sandwell Town because Wolves are the bigger club. And I wonder how many will be at the Hawthorns if Sandwell slip into the Championship? 13,000? 15,000? Not much more for sure. Just focus on staying up and you won't go far wrong.

We Only Need One Half!

You can dream about us dropping to your level Johneboy, never going to happen.


Double tosh 1 half :-). And I always had you down for a sensible bloke. Just goes to show that I can be wrong on occasions (very rarely though). My only dream is for Wolves to get back to the Premiership and have some ding dong derby games.


We Only Need One Half!

Well I'm sorry I have shown some one who believes he is always right he is not, my apologies.

Why do you think we will be dropping to your level, I mean going bust, double dipping, and playing two divisions below where we are now? your a sensible trap, so you say, what are you basing your theory on? I would be more than happy to discuss it.

The Teecher

We Only Need One Half!

Time to change your name methinks.

Try 'We Don't Need Injury Time' is seems more appropriate in these dismal Waste Bromwich Albion times.

Also, can you liven up on your punctuation. "Glory boys eh!" is clearly a question and should also have a comma.

Glory boys, eh?

We Only Need One Half!

Hark at her, you cant even spell West correctly you numpty.

Farmer Ted

Oh dear! That one's gone right over your head hasn't it?

Nice one Teecher!

With amount of attention you're giving our site today you clearly don't have much going on in your life do you?


Neither can you 1 half! Trap or chap? See your reply above :-) Most amusing. keep them coming

We Only Need One Half!

Because us Premier clubs are not playing till the Easter weekend, did you not get the memo Ted?

johneboy, hands up, you got me confused with all the clap trap you spout.


On here again WONHO HO HO HO.

You are getting as prolific as Jackass.

We Only Need One Half!

Course I am Betty Crocker, did you not see my post the other day? I have already apologised to the genuine Wolves fans for my intrusions, but whilst you and the other idiots keep coming over spouting crap on our side I will be returning the favour.

p.s. at least I actually try and keep it relevant to football, try it, you might like it.


Wolves are having a party because we won promotion. The other thing is that we are buiding a strong team under a knowledgeable manager. Sandwell will have a party if they stay up and even if they do the manager will be sacked and key players will be off. So all you Sandwell Town fans that sneer should look closely at your own house and start wondering how on earth things are going to change for the better?

We Only Need One Half!

Your really want to give an established Premier League Club on how to manage a team Johneboy, good grief!

and your credentials are?




I wouldn't stretch to 'established' 1 half. That's a bit rich. My credentials are that I know my facts which obviously you struggle with and then you seem to get defensive and make things up :-)

We Only Need One Half!

What facts would that be than johneboy? the fact we are heading into our 5th continuous Prem season, when the best you have ever managed is 3? or the fact we are about to enter our 9th season in the Prem, when you have only ever managed 4 in total.

Lets be honest if we finish in 16th, your best ever placing, that will be a bad season by our standards.

Blimey johneboy, if we are not established, doesn't look like you will ever be at this rate does it lol.

p.s. tell me one thing I have made up?

We Only Need One Half!

You really want to give an established Premier League Club advice on how to manage a team Johneboy, good grief!

and your credentials are?

p.s. if ever we want to know how to go bust (again) and double dip, be sure, you will be the first we ask for advice.

Melbourne wolves

Supporting wolves since 1974 - never a dull moment. Hopefully 30,000 tomorrow and 40,000 next year. I'll come back from Australia for that! Up the Wolves


Oh dear see the mass ranks of Sandwell are on here showing there jealous side again. Bless them. All doom and gloom on your side is it lads. UTW.

We Only Need One Half!

Jealous, of Div 3 side? you sure lol


Exactly Albrightondek ! Peopel will moan if we spend money on the ground, just like they did last time but you HAVE to look at the overall picture of a successful club and its as much to do with the infrastructure as the team. I want money to be invested equally , not in massive amounts , on both ....

Great season and I would like to thank everyone at the club for making me a happy man !!


If we beat Rotherham AND Brentford lose to Preston, we are effectively Champions-elect on 96 points. Brentford would then be able to get only a maximum of 96 points, but their goal difference currently is 22 less than ours.


cant wait, few beers after the game then curry over in west brom eh


common johnwaynessaddle a curry in westbrom that will definitely make you sick ?

We Only Need One Half!

So you both know where to come for a good night out then? funny, I haven't been to Wolverhampton since all your bars, restaurants and pubs started going bust.

Now we know why, your all having a much better time in West Bromwich!



WONOH I agree, the few occasions I have happened to be in West Brom, the best times is the roads leading out of WB.

Trump of Wolf

What about Wearing False Beards in support of our furry friends on the pitch?

Bit Late for tomorrow so wot about last home game of the season? you can easy get one of Ebay



Heard earlier that Stearman had been linked to a number of Championship clubs, including Ipswich - one of Micks old signings.


Inevitable I suppose. Could be that it is part of his agent's ploy to get Wolves to offer him the best possible deal by suggesting other clubs are interested. It seems everything comes down to money in the end - I hope we can keep him. His true worth has been shown since KJ has played him in his favoured position.


Can't make it to the Mol tomorrow but I really hope that we put on a stunning game and cement the title race! Hope the Football League Show does us full justice!



got ticket for sb stand for rotherham who will pose a credible threat and what we dont want to do is copy leicester and after

getting promotion get tanked at home . also got tickets for carlisle. utw.

Kev in Mallorca

Please do all propa Wolves fans a favour, and stop supplying us with ammunition, if you know who it is get BeeCee off our threads in an effort stop further embarrassment?



Oh dear, what low grade posts we've had on this article, especially the so called "banter" between Wolves and Baggies supporters. At least Jack The Hat has some intelligent humour, a bit of humility occasionally, and, above all, can spell and punctuate!!! -------------- Please note, We Only Need One Half. Put your sledgehammer "wit" to bye byes!


Over the years,Wolves have had the tendency after a few good wins and play in front of a capacity crowd to fall flat on their faces.I hope that I am wrong.Kenny Jackett sounds like he has the right up on what we got and move out and replace the deadwood.For too long Wolves have rested on their laurels ending up with the eventual decline of the team rather than gradually replacing 'stagnated' players. I was not happy with KJ's appointment but up to press he has proved me wrong.Carry on the good work Kenny.


I'm not bothered about interest by other clubs in Stearman quite frankly. True, he's had a great season but other clubs are only interested 'cos he's available on a free at end of season. Unless a PL club comes in for him, he'd be mad to leave Wolves for another Championship side! Unless PL interest happens I fully expect him to be offered and to sign a new contract. This goes for all our other star players too, and, yes, we have quite a few of them. Quite honestly, if anyone is going to be doing any poaching, it's Wolves and I expect we'll be looking at picking up one or two quality players from relegated PL sides. Generally, relegated PL sides are in turmoil (remember us in 2012?) and players are, or have to be, sold cheap. One exception was Newcastle a few years back. Looking at the bottom 5 or 6 in the PL today, the 3 that get relegated will be selling their best players fast.

chris h

I would love to see Wolves have a swanky 40,000 seater stadium with brass knobs on and each stand with a decent roof that doesn't get most of the fans wet through when it rains. But at least for the foreseeable future IT JUST DOESN'T MAKE ECONOMIC SENSE.

1 how many times does it need to be spelt out, the money these days comes from being in the Premier and earning a minimum of £60m from television distribution rights.To receive this money you have to have a good enough team to get to and stay in the Premier. New stand don't count, new stands don't win football matches, but good footballers do. This television money is massive compared to income received from gate receipts, for Wolves by a factor of at least 8 to 1.

2 How many times did Wolves sell out Molineux during 4 years in the Premier when capacity was circa 29,000. No more than 4 or 5 times a season. So where is the sense of spending £40/ 50m on new stands if the additional capacity is only going to be needed 4 or 5 times a year. How are you going to get your money back ? What are you going to do with the unused seats: more BMW advertising sheets perhaps.

3 How is the club going to fund the new stands? There is very little chance it will come directly from Steve Morgan, and Sir Jack has already spent his money on 3 stands for us. What are we going to do pass the hat around, or ask Jez Moxey to sell more pies. Or perhaps we might go into debt. No risk in that is there, we only ended up broke due to the debt on a new stand in the 80s and according to Jez we would have ended up broke if not for parachute funding in our fall from grace this time. The one thing you learn from history is people never learn from history.

Surely the best business strategy for Wolves is to get to the Premier asap and stay there as long as possible and put aside a chunk of the annual £60m minimum television money to pay for new stands. That is grow the team to earn the money to grow the stadium which should by then reflect a bigger fanbase, on the premise that you have a successful football team. All this of course is much easier said than done. I have criticised Jez Moxey's record on here for years, but I don't for one minute think his job is an easy one.

Farmer Ted

I have to agree with Chris h on this one. I always felt that, managed properly, the new Stadium plans could thrive hand in hand with team building in the Premiership ..... but they weren't managed properly. As a third division team, soon to be a second division team it is NOT the time to be spending millions on stands we don't yet need.

However, Chris, let's get this "decent roof" on the North Bank put to bed. With our British weather precipitating and the wind blowing in the right/wrong direction, whether you sit in the North Bank, South Bank, Billy Wright or Steve Bull (even upper tier if it's gusting) you will get wet. I went to the away game at Manchester City's 'new' ground three years ago and got a right good drenching.

It's football, for crying out loud, it's an outdoor game, it's what us Brits have been watching for many years come rain, wind or shine. Our disabled fellow fans know the rules same as us; it'd be very difficult to accommodate them anywhere else but along the front edges of the stands which is the most susceptible area, (unless a corporate box and lifts were used.) When I was a kid I used to watch from the Waterloo Road and that's where the wheelchairs were placed. I don't remember anyone complaining when it rained. We got wet!

chris h

Farmer Ted, Once upon a time we lived in caves and then it was Castle Ring. I spent a few seasons standing in the Waterloo Road stand as well. But things have moved on a bit since then. If you are going to spend £50m on new stands, at the very least they should be designed to keep most folk dry when it rains. There is a fundamental design fault in the new North Bank, somthing to do with the height of the stand and lack of sufficient overhang due to Steve Morgan's desire to get fans as close as possible to the pitch. Sir Jack's North Bank kept far more fans dry. Anyway enjoy the game, looks like it is going to be sunny all the way.

CantelloRocket 78


I rarely come over here to read posts, but because your 'idiotic element' appears to be camped out on the Baggies pages, I thought I'd check this side to search for those the good Lord actually gave brains to.

Basically, I just wanted to say you've put together a sensible and interesting piece, and whenever I've noticed you in the past, the same thing has applied-

just keep up the good work, finding one intelligent post is always worth the effort, after sifting through mountains of garbage submitted to internet sites.

chris h

Cantello, Thanks for that. I am not that smart, some on here would say not smart at all, just care about my football club, like you. I understand the rivalry from opposing local fans sharing the same workplaces and drinking at the same pubs, but this should never be more than friendly banter. A hundred years ago our forebears shared the same trenches and were mates from the same locality sharing the same cause.


We all know that we are missing that bit of quality needed for the premier league.

We also know it cost's more to get these players in and a 30k stadium aye going to pay the way.

The club needs at least 40k and the fans need to pay more than 15 quid a game.

We Only Need One Half!

Well that concludes business for today Gentleman, I just thought I would give you a glimpse of what it is like when someone from another club attempts to take over your pages.

Apologies once again to the sensible wulfies, I have no argument with you, but until you can but a leash on the ones who infest our pages (and I am not even convinced they are actually Wolves fans) then I shall return to annoy again at some point. Good luck with the rest of the season.

Today's messages were sponsored by the following donkeys, karlwolves, Buckswolf, JIWAL, Jackett the Hat and BeeCee (johneboy you never quite made the list because you at least tried to discuss football matters)


Not sure how we Wolves' posters can "put a leash" on irresponsible posters on your threads. Isn't that the moderator's job? Haven't you lowered yourself to the same level as them by taking the action you have chosen? Finally, I have no problem in adding that I hope you stay up - I am fed up with London and the North West having a monopoly on the PL - I want the West Midlands fully represented with four in there and Walsall pushing for glory.


One more thing, We Only Need One Half, you have only done what your compatriot, Jack The Hat, is always doing on our threads - yes, sometimes as frequently as your "demo" today. Indeed, it may be him that triggers some of the annoying posts you get on your side.