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I will hold my hands up and say that of the three short listed candidates (McClaren, Coyle & Jackett), Kenny Jackett was my third choice. Not that I thought he was'nt capable, but simply that I thought the other two were better - particularly McClaren.

What, how, and who made the final decision to appoint him over the other two probably won't come to light for sometime to come.. But I think it's fair to say that neither McClaren or Coyle would or could have done a better job.

However, I don't think that this seasons sucesss is just down to Jackett alone. Prior to his appointment there were changes taking place internally at Molineux. Possibly the most important one being the appointment of Kevin Thelwell. The profiling of players prior to them being bought is a significant factor in ensuring that the right team spirit exists in the dressing room. Between the two of them they seem to be able to identify the kind of player(s) required.

Although Jez Moxey will still control finanially who can be bought and sold - and on what terms - he seems (along wth the owner), to have less influence in the actual choice of players required to make up the squad. I'm sure I'm not alone in noticing that both the owner and the CEO have not be quite so prominant this season in the media. They've allowed Kenny Jackett to front virtually all the interviews and make any annoucements necessary. Maybe that was part of the deal when he was appointed.


Old Wulfrunian

My choice of the short listed candidates was Coyle, followed by McClaren and Jackett in that order. My reasoning at the time was that the first two had higher profiles than KJ and had experience at a higher level.

Apart from that minor change to Albrightondek's post, I agree with every word he says.

KJ comes over very well in interviews, never boastful, always giving credit to opponents and has remoulded the team and their style of play in a way that none of us thought possible at the start of the season. If he picks up the 2014 League 1 manager of the year award it will be thoroughly deserved.



I was one that wanted Kenny as I kept an eye on millwall last season and he came across very well when interviewed.I will be at the match today and the next 2 home games to roar the players on and hopefuly to promotion.Love this team and Kenny UTW.

London Wolf2

Albrightondek - totally agree with all that you have said, my thoughts exactly.

Three more points today and we are nearly there.

C O Y W...........C O Y W.


When you think of all the players Kenny has had to get rid of or not use, he has done an incredible job. 11 players out of loan, I've lost how many he has sold but has he made a bad signing yet? No.

Kevin Therlwell was an expert at identifying players at Derby and that's why we made him the Head of our Academy and now he has an important role in the senior team. Henry, Jacobs, Mc Donald, Dicko, we will have some more of these types please!

We need to consolidate back in the Championship and clubs will be making huge cut-backs to coincide with Fifa financial fairplay and in 2-3 years start looking towards play-offs and promotion with a young side who will only get better :)

Noodle Vague

Has he made a bad signing yet? Well, his last one was a bit of a head-scratcher.

But minor quibbles aside, couldn't be happier with Mr Jackett this season, a very difficult job carried out so far with a fair degree of class, and some football to care about at last. Hopefully all our fans will realise now that sometimes a little patience and a little trust can reap rewards.


King Kenny has done a great job at this level and should be good for the Championship. I really hope that he also develops his skills with the team, to take us to and keep us in the Premier.

The supporters certainly deserve some Premier success when we get there.

Why is Moxey still here

Totally agree with the comments re KJ. I must admit when he was appointed I thought, "Oh no here we go again", but he has done an excellent job. Only one question remains, - when is Moxey going???


kenny has done a great job but so have moxey and morgan we are quick to critically have a go but credit where credits due.NEXT SEASON IS WHAT I CALL A FREEBIE (we arent expected to run riot so lets enjoy the minors tag and go for it.kenny did a fantastic job at millwall with little or no money and kept them up every year now look at them millwall get relagated yet for the record I like ian holloway and think he would be a great fit a wolves one day he just needs to get his hunger back and go back to the funny guy who got the best out of players- I think he has got to serious and spends far to much time thinking about things.hes best when he says he will have some fun and have ago .dont try and be someone your not holly and you be bacvk to your best