Wolves under-21s grab derby win over West Brom

Albion and Wolves served up a snapshot of their seasons last night in a junior Black Country derby bussed out of the region to Coventry’s Ricoh Stadium.

Eusebio Bancessi of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Aaron Birch of West Bromwich Albion.
Eusebio Bancessi was scouted by Kieran Scott.

A solitary goal from Wolves striker Bradley Reid settled an absorbing and entertaining Under 21s run-through of the contest which has been lost at senior level for the past two seasons.

And that says everything about the momentum of the old rivals’ respective campaigns as a troubled Albion knuckle down to fight for Premier League survival while Wolves revel in a genuine spirit of re-birth under Kenny Jackett.

It is the gold and black youngsters who were able to go bouncing into training today after shading a contest which had enterprise and endeavour in equal measures.

The exultant shout at the final whistle of Wolves goalkeeper Jon Flatt, as his team repelled one final Baggies assault for an equaliser, said everything about how competitive the fixture remains even below first-team level.

Certainly match-winner Reid will be revelling in his first derby winner as it climaxed a stand-out performance from the 18-year-old striker recruited from Wrexham in the September of Stale Solbakken’s regime.

Reid nagged away with pace, power and skill at Albion’s central defence where the powerful Donervorn Daniels and Callum Jones were never able to relax in his presence.

There were other eye-catching performances, with left-back Jordan Cranston, support striker Sam Whittall, wide man Robbie Parry and the gifted Eusebio all making an impression.

For Albion, Liam O’Neill’s composed holding play in midfield, with strong support from Aaron Birch, was a prominent feature.

Wolves, having so nearly caught Albion cold with a goal after 40 seconds when a Reid effort struck the woodwork from a Dominic Iorfa cross, claimed their winner with the striker’s clinical header from a superb Cranston cross.

Albion missed their best chance of an equaliser in the last 10 minutes when a mis-hit Flatt kick gave Roofe his team’s clearest chance of the night. But his attempt to chip the Wolves keeper was safely plucked down by Flatt and Wolves held out for a win to add to the feelgood factor at Molineux.

Albion: Rose; Atkinson (Donnellan 90), Daniels, Jones, Gayle; O’Neil; Roofe, Birch (Francis 85), Nabi; Jones, O’Sulllivan (Ward 75). Subs not used: Palmer, Howkins.

Wolves: Flatt; Iorfa, Tank, Elokobi, Cranston; Jakobsson, Kosatrna, Eusebio (Kellerman 53), Parry; Whittal; Reid. Subs not used: Torras, Keita, Hause, Erdey.

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Comments for: "Wolves under-21s grab derby win over West Brom"




As a moderator on WBAUNOFFICIAL I would just like to say many congratulations to the best team in the Black Country.

The sooner our Spanish mistake is rectified the better or we'll be playing the senior team next season. If we win a few games we'll probably stay up and not play them after all.

End of Blog



You wont go down, I will be having a cheeky tenner on you beating a very poor Manure side on Saturday




Many thanks, JIWAL, but we are dreadful - although sometimes we are awesome!

A huge loss for us was McDonough in my honest opinion although if we win the next few I will be fully behind the club's decision to dismiss him.

End of Blog



Sadly, I feel that your board have made the same error as Wolves did with Solbakken. It's a matter of conjecture, but I think it may have been better if Steve Clarke had been left in charge - at least until the end of the season.

Although I look forward to the resumption of the black country derbies, I would get no pleasure in seeing yet another midlands team being relegated from the premiership. Too few clubs represent this area.

Far more preferable, would be for Wolves to join you in the premiership in a couple of seasons time.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hi Albrighton.

A lot of us didn't want Steve Clarke to go but then we don't have to actually make the decisions do we? Anyway it's done now so it's no good worrying about it.

I think the big difference is that your squad were so ingrained with Mick's style of football that the change to SS was too big. SC was playing football on the ground albeit in a different style of play to Pepe Mel so not such a major upheaval.

Anyway I think all of our fans are behind this bloke and his style of play has a lot to do with that. Whether he can make it work quickly enough is yet to be seen but I hope we don't panic and sack him if we should go down.

Always a pleasure speaking to a fair minded Wulfie, I have a lot of mates who support them.

brierley hill wolf

Bully its all about having the time to get it right thats the problem as you know football is so different these days managers sacked after a month or two ITS CRAZY- has he got the time to get his methods through to the players only time will tell, you have to stick with it and give the players/manager the support and hopefully all will be ok. I am with Albrighton rather be playing you in the Premier League than the Championship.

Jack the Hat

Well done to wolves youngsters.





Some magnaminity please Karl...thanks Jack...nice comment

Jackett the Hat

JIWAL, is magnaminity a serving of Magners, but in a small sized bottle.

P.S Jacks bein nice cos he knows what's comIng.


Enlighten us Jackett. What is about to happen? Is it that you are just a little over excited at playing the bigger boys like Bournemouth, Doncaster, Millwall, if promoted. Or has the ice cream man just pulled up?


I am so happy for you . I can feel your genuine excitement, your enthusiasm knows no bounds, its like christmas for all you Wolves fans. Bless

Thanks Jack. I'm pleasantly surprised.

Jackett the Hat

Sounded like it was easy, yet more proof of a fully functioning and productive academy. We need to beat the top clubs now........Wolves ay we.


Almost as easy as winning division 3 methinks. However i am not allowed to say this so get ready for removal . Sarcastic comments only allowed in one direction. You just wait and see.


So how come you didnt win it when you were last in it? And where is the last prem team to be double relegated? Give you a hint: they wear light blue and live in manchester.

Nice to see some baggies are still idiots. Taking the michael out of our position is rather dumb cause itmeans your kids got beaten by "3rd division youth" ... meaning your future is losing to brentford and port vale.


I think you will find Man City had two seasons in division 2 before relegation to division 3. It was not consecutive seasons.

As for our future being a catalogue of lost matches to the likes of Port Vale and Brentford. Have you not thought that some of these "exceptional" youth players at the Wolves who have now won one out of the last seven, may want to leave and play for a top flight club if they make the grade. And remember making the grade at the Wolves may not be sufficient at bigger clubs.

CantelloRocket 78


the report says Wolves 'just shaded it', so you say 'sounded like it was easy'-

yet more clear proof to everyone of those massive blinkers and deluded state you're so well-known for.

Still, I'm sure the kids enjoyed the run out, one day some of each may make it at senior level, which will be the REAL test.


Good to see the lads getting back to winning ways. The team have struggled a bit this season as quite a few of last years players have moved on - Price, Evans, Ebanks-Landell, Ismail, McAlinden have all been elavated to the first team squad.

Nevertheless this gives an opportunity for others to get their chance. Looking at the the team sheet, it's a mixture of academy players and other youngsters that have have been recruited from outside the club. Reid will deservedly get the plaudits for his winning goal, but there are others in that side that I feel sure will be featuring in the first team squad next season.

Eusebio can't be far away from an appearance this season. Impressible everytime I see him play.


Should be impressive.


"Albion and Wolves served up a snapshot of their seasons last night"

" as a troubled Albion knuckle down to fight for Premier League survival while Wolves revel in a genuine spirit of re-birth"


Do you at the E&S realize that you are in a commercial business and if you alienate half your readers they won't buy your paper and bearing in mind the other half can barely read (couldn't resist Clarkson moment) that is a recipe for disaster.

Jackett the Hat

Who delivers your E&S then Burnley.....Usain Bolt !


He may be in the country. I believe he is a Man Utd supporter and his team have a big game this saturday. Port Vale i think or maybe Walsall i am not sure now.


Very funny Jackett.

Did you write that all by yourself...?


Jackett is getting excited. Give him a little leeway, he has not felt like this since Fletchers equalser.


I see all the groundhogs have surfaced and are eating all the Mcvities buscuits.

Strange what a nasty taste they leave these days!!!!

Still with all the things going on in Sandwell!!!!! We should salute them???? lol.


I know players in both reserves sides and honestly couldnt understand why their not getting game time, these are young local lads looking to progress their career whatever the score hopefully both sides can see the talent pool, ill be the first too admit i would love to see some young wolves players do well i look at mcaliden born in cannock 20 years old that is a local talent there if we can harbour some of this young talent both sides would be in a much better position


I agree baggiehorn! Coming from a wolves fans these youngsters need game time, give them the chance to play for our clubs we both aren't manchester or london teams with x amount of dollar to splash. This is the only way any west midlands team is going to be successful. You look at Birmingham practically all youngsters as they don't have financial stability its just a shame the best ones belong to man u and the like…I also think our talent pools have got to become bigger as man u, chelsea and arsenal are ruthless in how they sign youngsters!!!


Just can't wait for us to meet next season. The Baggies pressed the wrong buttons by firing Clarke & hiring Mel which is very unlike them. As long our muppets in our boardroom keep quiet then bring on the Tesco cupcakes. UTW

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