Wolves hunt Lee Tomlin as striker chase hots up

Wolves have enquired about £3m-rated Peterborough attacker Lee Tomlin as head coach Kenny Jackett admitted various bids had been made for players.

Richard Stearman of Wolverhampton Wanderers and Lee Tomlin of Peterborough United.
Lee Tomlin challenges Richard Stearman in Peterborough's 1-0 win over Wolves in November.

Tomlin, who has scored nine goals this season and often plays in the attacking midfield role Jackett has identified, is the latest target to emerge this window.

Peterborough rejected three bids for stockily-built Tomlin from Celtic on deadline day in the summer rising to £2.5m, interest which is said to have turned the head of the forward, who submitted a transfer request.

And with Tomlin into the last 18 months of his contract, the former Rushden and Diamonds attacker has now been made available by Posh.

The London Road club would be reluctant to sell their star player to a promotion rival, hence the inflated asking price which is likely to see Wolves continue to trawl the market for value for money as the clock ticks down.

Tomlin is currently banned for two games after being sent off for the second time this season in Posh’s 2-1 defeat at Swindon on January 11.

The 25-year-old has been a star performer at London Road, but five red cards since joining Posh in 2010 and seven in his career have put question marks over his discipline.

Jackett stressed he doesn’t expect more than one more signing this month unless Wolves suffer injuries.

“We’ve made various bids at various times for different players, or enquiries, over the last few months,” said Jackett.

“I’m not going to name any individuals, unless their clubs agree a fee. But we’re not at that situation with any player at present.

“In this window I’d be very surprised if it’s more than one addition. It would need an injury to be more.”

Wolves have failed with one bid for £1m-rated Coventry striker Leon Clarke, while Jackett watched the similarly-valued Scott Hogan from Rochdale at the weekend and has Celtic’s Callum McGregor and on loan- Swindon man Alex Prichard on his radar, among others.

Jackett refused to be drawn on Wolves’ bid for Clarke, despite Sky Blues boss Steven Pressley claiming interest from Molineux.

“I read Pressley’s comments but it would be unprofessional to comment,” said Jackett.

Jackett again hinted at unhappiness in his current attack however with Leigh Griffiths’s future again under the spotlight.

He added: “Have we got enough goals in us? Are the combinations right? Those are maybe other questions.”

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Comments for: "Wolves hunt Lee Tomlin as striker chase hots up "


Jackett stressed he doesn’t expect more than one more signing this month unless Wolves suffer injuries.

Dave Edwards, George Elokobi and Sako, there hasnt been a better time for you to get injured, go do it for the better of the team!


Not nice!!!


Sorry I forgot to mention Kevin Foley, what does he bring to the table now days? I think wolves should consider selling these fringe players who cant even make the bench, and are on lucrative contracts..money can be better spent elsewhere.

Chillo Wolf

Fringe? Didn't Edwards score the opener against Preston?


Yeah but this is the same edwards who gets injured for fun, is he worth it, didnt play well in the champs and thats where we want to be next season.


& you think the club hasn't considered selling some players? Clubs have to want to 'buy' them first or do you not realise that?

Edwards?...have you not seen any games he's played in?

Stourbridge Wolf

What Jackett really wants is a proven striker who is currently unattached who he can bring in on a fee and his wages being on a pay as you play basis. The sort of striker who will come straight into the team and get you a couple of goals on his debut. Someone maybe like Chris Dagnall. Oh sorry, i forgot he went to Leyton Orient!

Stourbridge Wolf

sorry the spell checker failed. It was meant to say on a free!


Interesting but I doubt that Moxey will agree to spend that much.


Said we should go after him in the summer....

Personally the comment from jacket at the end is wrong against Layton orient for example he played Cassidy as a target man but at the expense of Griffiths. Griffiths comes on and hits the post and has a chance superbly saved. What I'm trying to say is if you don't play your goal scores the forwards aren't going to score. Griffiths should start. Also siggy should be higher up the order as he could be our target man and he can score. IMO UTW

Chillo Wolf

Listen very carefully, i shall say this only once ... Griffiths wants out.


Sorry chillo but how about we listen to griffiths. He hasn't come out and said I'm not bothered about Wolverhampton wanderers. He said he wouldn't rule out a move to Scotland in the future....the e & s make an article claiming griffiths wants out personally griffiths looks the most passionate player when he is playing he runs everywhere stretching the defences and causing chaos. He has scored 13 goals and hasn't played every game like the other leading strikers in the league and he is our only consistent striker. I'm not saying he should become big headed or have an inflated ego but he is the player aswell as ricketts and Batth that take notice of the fans and are an important contribution in the golden overhaul of the past 8 months under jackett. Plus if he wasn't bothered he would of gone in the summer....UTW

Chillo Wolf

I disagree, he's not for us and we ain't for him

BUt i take your points Kenco

Up the Wolves


Agree entirly about griffo, the only reason he scored 30 odd goals for hibs was because of the amount of game time he had, you can only score if your on the pitch, unless your name is Cassidy or Doyle.

Griffo wants out, so let him go but untill then play our most prolific goalscorer, somthing Jackett has overlooked.

Chillo Wolf

Jackett is trying to develop a squad for the future here so why would he play someone who doesn't want to play for Wolves?

Jackett hasn't overlooked Griffiths, he's made a decision based on the fact that the lad wants out.


Woop, they broght back the old message system!

Chillo, I get that Jackett is trying to build a team and a dedicated one at that, just feel the lost points, would of been in the bag with a griffo wanting in or out, cassidy wasnt doing the business and doyle aint for the last 2 seasons.

Dicko is here now anyway and hopfully we will get another striker in when Leigh packs his bags.


Yes, but the future in which division CHILL ?

Chillo Wolf

Fair enough

never boo and never leave early

It's a shame that Siggy has not been given an extended run. Could have done so at the expense of Cassidy when he had that run in the team.

Mr Jackett keeping his cards close to his chest regarding potential signings and being professional about it.

The reported comment of only one addition to the squad this month unless there are injuries?. Wolves had a number of players out at the same time already by unfortunate injuries in my opinion stretching the squad.

If there are any more unfortunate injuries after the transfer market closes will it be a situation where Wolves are looking around for players in the loan period.

ln my opinion l would have thought this is the time to ensure there is enough strength in the squad to see Wolves push on and get promoted.


Only one signing expected ? Make sure it's a Centre Forward then Ken.

Nice to see us linked with a 3mil deal but I think we could do better than Tomlin for that sort of money.

How does 3mil sit with all those who waffle on about the FFP rules, and us not being able to spend big money on players?

His wages must be 30 bob a week.

Like I've said many times before, in simplistic terms the rules are intended to stop clubs spending money they cannot afford. Nothing stopping Morgan 'gifting' his entire fortune to the club to spend on players, just as long as it's we have the money to sustain their wages.

It doesn't all have to come from gate receipts, sponsership, commercial etc.

Happy Clapping

Chillo Wolf

Let's go get Ronaldo then ... you do live in a dream world sometimes Private Frazer

We're all doomed!!

Sedgley Slayer

Don't know much about Tomlin but he has been sent off twice and only scored 3 goals this season in the league which makes me question whether he would be worth the money being mentioned.


old golds worth more

Ha! Who are we going to be linked with next? First E & S said it was Philips, next up Bradfords Wells (the best of the lot IMO), then Leon Clarke, yesterday it was the guy at Rochdale, today its Tomlin of Peterborough!!!If any of it is true, then so much for KJ playing his cards close to his chest. Any more strikers being mentioned and it will look like we are getting desperate! I know managers like to have many irons in the fire, but some of these mentioned (barring Wells) are no better than what we have already got. £3 million for Tomkins!, either Peterborough are having a laugh, or they are trying to give Moxey a heart attack. The only more more signing is expected quote from KJ is dismaying as well, because we need a creative midfielder as much as we need a striker, but with the two goals from midfielders in our last game, KJ probably thinks we are now okay in that department! I was hoping Notts Forest would rekindle their interest in Sako during this window (still time I suppose), as we can no longer afford the luxury of a player who only performs every three or four games or so. Still very very quiet on the Hennessey and O'Hara fronts as well, which is disappointing, especially regarding O'Hara, because it looks like KJ will only play him if we have just eleven fit players available! At least Hennessey is getting onto the subs bench! Well with ten days to go in the window I suppose we will have to wait and see what happens, if this window turns out like the previous two January windows, there will be a lot of unhappy supporters around!

Farmer Ted

OGWM, as you say, IF these rumours are true you can bet your bottom dollar that it's the agents (or players) who are releasing information to the media and not KJ; I think we know his style well enough now, and Moxey has a history of keeping things under wraps where ever possible.

Not sure you're being fair on McDonald when you say we need a creative midfield player. He's settled in nicely now and has been a revelation in the last few matches. A few months ago the midfield looked all at sea but with any four or five from McDonald, Price, Edwards, Evans, Henry, Jacobs, Sako and Davies I think we look well set.

22k supporters and the man that matters, Jackett, can see exactly where our weaknesses lie. Goal scorers.

Also take issue with your last sentence. Wolves have signed three players so far during this window and clearly one or two more to come through the indoor. Just how many do you want?

It's the outdoor that is concerning. There are at least five players who need to be moved on.

old golds worth more

Some fair points Farmer, but to me a creative midfielder is not only someone who creates goals for others, but gets a fair few himself as well, and in the goal scoring department McDonald had hardly figured at all. Another striker (must admit I've never heard of him) now being linked with us, is Hull City striker Nick Proschwitz., well I suppose today is a different day, I am just wondering who we are going to be linked with tomorrow? As to the signings, I don't consider the signings of Jacobs and Henry as significant in this window, as the whole point of the window is to strengthen the team and those two were already here. Granted had they gone back to their clubs it would have weakened the team, but as they were already here it hasn't strengthened us either. So in effect, we have only really signed one player, Dicko.

old golds worth more

oops typo in previous comments. Should have read only ONE more signing, not more more signing!


Tomlin £3,000,000. ha, strike off one of the zero's and Jackett & co might be interested. Dont know how he'll pass the 25 page dosier though.

Dougan is king...


Poor old Thewell must be fed up to the back teeth with all the 'targets' we're looking at. Those 25 page dosiers aren't written in 5mins and if what we are told is to be believed they have to be completed before a player/candidate can be considered.

Imagine getting to page 20 only to read in the E&S that the player has signed for another club and we're looking at someone else.... Doh!

... wonder how many managers went that way when we were recruiting before we ended up with Jackett ?


Chillo Wolf

Signed three players in this window already and possibly one more to come. Dossier (double s) seems to be in working order.

... and it's Thelwell

We're all doomed!!


Lol. I know the spelling leaves a bit to be desired but I'm trying to post from a new phone which is a nightmare. You need fingers like needles to use it, not cumberland bangers like mine. Half the posts I make seem to vanish as well, no idea why.

Anyway my apologies Chill. I will try harder in future.

Chillo Wolf

Haha you had that phone at xmas Eldervo

Come on mate, get with it!!

chris h

The type of player we need should be flamin' obvious, especially now they are loaning Butch Cassidy out. We need a target man. Someone to win knock downs, someone to attack the ball in an oponent's penalty area , some one to get on the end of crosses. We had two, Fletcher and Vokes but they sold them last season one for a king's ransom and the other for peanuts. Nouble might have done the job, but they signed him on a free and let him go on a free. In the 50 odd years I have supported the Wolves we have been by and large a long ball side, especially if chasing a game. How many times this season have we slung high balls in from the wings and from our defenders with the ball coming straight back, because no one on our side can get hold of it . We were relegated last season because they failed to address this problem, surely they are not about to repeat the error and then fail to be promoted ??? Whilst Moxey dithers there is always the prospect of more failure.

Chillo Wolf

Kenny Jackett is the manager Chris, not Moxey. You are talking about football matters and laying the blame at Moxey's feet ... AGAIN.

It's got nowt to do with a dithering Moxey. The board have backed the manager so far (and that's from KJ himself) but again i'm sure you know different.

chris h

Chillo, Didn't you read the article last week it is the talk of football that Moxey won't pay Championship rates. That came from the Express and Star not me. I know you have a blind spot and don't believe them. Do you think it is the manager that has put bids in for 'lots of targets.' Of course not and the final decision will be down to Morgan and Moxey. Why cannot you see the obvious ? For years on here I have been spouting on about all the missed targets , and it is a long list. We were actually in the market for the likes of Cabaye and Lallana, missed out of them of course. This was years before Jackett arrived. When Moxey first arrived there was a deal in place to sign Sheffi Kuqi at a BARGAIN price. the agent came back and wanted a bigger cut and Moxey pulled the deal. We would have saved a few grand by turning down the deal ,but lost millions in the process and failed to sign a striker in the Steve Bull mould who could have been another hero. It's been going on for years, when will the penny finally drop with you.

Chillo Wolf

The board have backed KJ - simple as


We already have a 3m striker, SIGGY, just needs Jackett to tell him he is the main man and go out and prove it, he is good in the air and has pace just needs to play the No9 role. if Griffiths is on his way play Doyle behind Siggy, Jackett wants to play football so 4-4-1-1 gives you just that. I think paying 1 or 2m for a striker is a waste, as chances are he will not be good enough for the Championship IF we go up, like i have said before most of the squad will not hack it in a higher League, so we will need to invest millions IF we go up.


Regarding Tomlin, I can't see this happening - and certainly not at that price. (And would those red cards fit in with Thelwell's dossier requirements?)


The club has to be run as a business, paying silly money for any player is a route one disaster.

The Head coach....KJ, has ideas which he discusses with the whole management team, I believe this is the way things should be done.

Mick McCarthy certainly had his own ideas and was backed by the board, the player s he bought have and never will be premier league players, they might just be at premier league clubs but poor clubs struggling as Wolves did with them.

People are mentioning that we have players who should be off-loaded, this is stating the obvious but which club would take these players on a free, ask SEB.

Chillo Wolf

Well said mate, some people on here expect us to pay over the odds prices for players with no pedigree. People also seem to think that's it's so easy to off load players with big contracts and even bigger wages.

It's simply not that simple

old golds worth more

One of MM's gripes was that when we went in for Craig Gardner Sunderland also came in for him, and Gardner wanted to come here, but Moxey would not pay the wages he wanted, so he went to Sunderland. We have always been among the lower payers when it comes to players wages (a fact confirmed in the E & S recently), but some will say we are a well run club with sound finances, while others will say, yes but look where that policy has taken us over these past three seasons!

Chillo Wolf

In my opinion it was not the transfer policy that took us down the leagues. It was the timing of MM's sacking plus the fact that we did not replace him and then didn't back SS. And don't get me started on DS. Bad top level decisions i grant you but nothing to do with the transfer policy, again in my opinion.


"Stockily built"? Is that a football euphemism?

Three million quid. THREE MILLION. Let's just give that a moment's thought.

Chillo Wolf

Not sure who has plucked that figure out of the air Pete but one things for sure we won't be paying it.