Liam McAlinden ready for Wolves after Shrewsbury loan

Liam McAlinden was today told he is ready for Wolves first team following his loan spell at Shrewsbury.

Liam McAlinden of Shrewsbury Town celebrates after scoring a goal to make it 2-0
Wolves striker Liam McAlinden, pictured on loan at Shrewsbury Town, is ready to feature in Wolves first team.

The 20-year-old striker has been recalled early after impressing with Graham Turner’s side, scoring three goals in five starts plus a further four substitutes appearances.

The Cannock-born attacker rejoined his team-mates for training yesterday and head coach Kenny Jackett believes McAlinden is ready to challenge for a place up front as he looks to get more from Wolves’ misfiring attack.

“I do think he’s come back to us on a high to earn a place at Wolves and use that experience he’s gained positively,” said Jackett.

“If suddenly we have an opening, I wouldn’t hesitate to put him in.

“He’s got three goals and it’s an area where our forwards need the competition.

“There’s no reason why he can’t – he certainly has the ability to convert a chance when he gets one.

“That’s the thing with him. If the team can make opportunities with him in it, I think he’s got a good chance of converting a good percentage of those that come his way.”

Jackett added: “He’s needed first-team football – he’s 20 and hasn’t played much, so to be involved in quite a lot of games in a short space of time is good for his confidence.

“He trained with us yesterday but it all depends on how he does when he’s on the pitch.

“But from really Kevin Doyle and Leigh Griffiths being selected the most, after that it would be Bjorn Sigurdarson.

“He’s been behind those but now we have a high amount of games in a short period of time.”

Former Wolves boss Turner believes McAlinden would challenge for a place at Molineux when he returned and Jackett feels the youngster has benefitted hugely from his time at Shrewsbury.

“I felt it’s been a good experience for him,” he said.

“It’s a positive thing to go out on loan, get some games and then come back with a fresh enthusiasm and a fresh confidence.

“After the MK Dons game, we have a very busy period.

“We want to be as strong as we possibly can and have every option available.

“It’s with that period in mind we’ve brought him back.”

Wolves send an Under-21s squad to Stourbridge tonight in the Birmingham Senior Cup (7.30pm).

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Comments for: "Liam McAlinden ready for Wolves after Shrewsbury loan"

3 points Satruday

I don't care who plays up front as long as the service is there and the strikers do their job.


It would be great to see another local lad step up and do well. Hope it comes to pass, Liam. By the way, E&S, do you remember "Teecher" who was always correcting us in the pre-log-in days? If he were to return, he'd tell you it is "benefited" (only one "t") - someone at your place is always getting that wrong.


He's obviously made quite an impression during his loan spell at Shrewsbury. I still think it would have better to let him complete his 3 month loan at New Meadow before bringing him back. But if Jackett and the coaching staff have been watching him play, they must think that he's reading now to be given a chance.

Looks like Doyle and Griffiths will start the match against MK Dons, with Sigurdarson and McAlindon on the bench. Which makes me wonder what Jackett's intention is regarding Jake Cassidy. Assuming that all the strikers remain fit until the Xmas matches are completed, I would not be surprised if Cassidy were allowed to go out on loan somewhere.

chris h

We are going to need all the help we can get. Brentford will be challenging.They have just appointed a new manager, Mark Warburton. Clearly they have got a lot of bread.


Hopefully sliced, next time we meet. Then we can make toast with them. Regarding a previous post of yours, chris h, I am a bit concerned as I was born in 1941.

chris h

Solent, But there is a maturity and balance in your comments that was not evident in that guy who liked us to think he was 91 years old.

Farmer Ted

....and me only a few years later!

Should Jez ever make it to Pope, can I suggest we call him Pope Innocent XIV ? There hasn't been an Innocent since the middle of the sixteenth century. It would so suit him.

I can see him now, waving from his balcony, high in the Billy Wright.


Thank you, chris - although I'm a bit worried by the responsibility your kind and reassuring words have placed upon me!! Farmer Ted, what type/colour of Papal smoke do you have in mind for the new Pope "Innocent" (good one, by the way) - that of burnt pies?

chris h

Farmer Ted, They will make some money, but gates will drop. At least St Peter's has got a decent roof.


Wouldn't Moxey be Pork Pius xiii?


Freki - now that is brilliant.


Jackett brought him back too replace the ones going out i.e Doyle, Siggi, Sako or even Griffiths i think at least 2 of 4 will be gone in jan window, Morgan wants the big wages off the books so Doyle Sako and Siggi look to be the ones out, Then if we do go up we will try the loan market to try to stay in the championship, Morgan just does not have enough money to take us to the prem and keep us there that we know, he cannot even finish the build he started, 40m is loose change in football these days to finish the white elephant he has created, and if and its a BIG if he will need at least 100m to build a top 10 side in the prem, pie in the sky, if he had spent some of the 200m he got in 3 seasons last time on players we would still be raking in 60m plus a season sky money,

FIFA Manager

Bring on more youth players. I'd like to see Eusebio on the bench on Saturday and a twenty minute debute in the second half.


Hear hear.

Ritchie Wolves

Good move to bring this young lad back after a couple of month on loan and scoring goals. He is a good player at this level.

Now lets get Cassidy out on loan and scoring goals too?



I think we will need to be looking at some new players in the January window and possibly Sako, Hennessey and Sigurdarson might be sold? Here is what Jackett thinks is his strongest side and who we have as cover :-

Ikeme (Hennessey) Doherty (Foley) Stearman (Ebanks-Landell) Batth (Elokobi) Ricketts (Golbourne) Henry (Ismail) McDonald (Davis) Edwards (Price) Sako (Jacobs) Griffiths (McAlinden) Doyle (Sigurdarson) Subs: Evans, Cassidy, Eusebio, Forde

That's a big squad for this league and as seen in the cup games, the reserves are clearly not good enough!


i agree however the midfielders we have are too similar ie price, mcdonald, edwards and evans are similar. henry, jacobs and sako are the quality. then davis is our ball winner but he isnt consistent enough. the problem is he has kept player we dont need such as edwards and foley. i have a lot of respect for them however they are passed it. for me in january we need a ball winner, left winger and maybe another cm thats young. Murphy would of made the difference if we had of got him. UTW


Wolves 2-1, utw


Good to see Liam back, I hope he gets a game now and not left on the bench. He looks like he as all the credentials to be a good centre forward big mobile powerfull youngster, I cannot wait to see banging the goals in for us along side Liegh. COME ON WOLVES.