Wolves and Walsall in Capital One Cup draw

Wolves were today handed a low-key tie at Morecambe in the first round of the Capital One Cup.


Kenny Jackett’s side, who were one of 35 seeded teams with Walsall and Birmingham, will travel to the Globe Arena in the week commencing August 5.

And twice League Cup winners Wolves will be hoping for better fortunes after losing to Morecambe –16th in League Two last season – in their two previous meetings.

Walsall were drawn away at Port Vale. The Saddlers, who were one of 35 seeded teams with Wolves and Birmingham. Manager Dean Smith said: “It will be a tough game."

Birmingham are at home to League Two side Plymouth in the first round of the Capital One Cup


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Comments for: "Wolves and Walsall in Capital One Cup draw"

Sir Billy Quiet

Can be cold by the coast, good idea to take a coat or Jackett???

Jack ♣ Hat.

Sir Billy Quiet,

That is one hot potato.


Big Len

Give it a rest mate,you are soooo not funny.

Stop embarrassing yourself.


A silly opening sentence, I suggest? As Wolves were a seeded team, what glamour tie were the Express and Star expecting?

Melbourne Wolf

Well that drives the reality of our plight home eh? Morecambe in the first round, how satisfying!

Sir Billy Quiet

Don't worry when we get through we may draw a Championship side or even a Premiership team!

Its the excitement of the cup that keeps us third tier supporters excited about the season to come.

We could feature on Match of the Day as a giant killer! maybe the cameras will come and spend the day with our players to see how the lower league teams prepare for a big day out with the big boys....

Oh the shame of it all - Moxey out NOW.

Golden Nugget

Still pretending you weren't his biggest fan and abused anyone who criticised him? Have the decency to apologise to me and all the others.

Sir Billy Quiet

I am sorry Golden Nugget forgive me for supporting the club.

Can you now apologise for calling for McCarthy to be sacked or is that still a good decision?

Golden Nugget

I support the club not Moxey. The only thing wrong with the managers sacking - it was 3 years too late. The man was an idiot who could only paternal manage. A system as outdated as him. You are a hypocrite and a fool.

Belgian Saddler

Hopefully it will turn out as satisfying as Luton did last season


Morecambe fans are probably saying the same....get used to it, wolves are just a medium sized cub now.

Jack Uzzi

Oh dear, Morecambe have the upper hand and psychological edge here with their recent two wins against, another season trophy less before a ball is kicked me thinks.

Indigo and Violet

Lovely! I live in Morecambe. Hopefully will be a little less painful than my last visit to Christie Park! Does anyone know how I can get hold of a ticket? Will it be buy on the turnstiles or do I have to go through the Wolves end? Help a girl out! :)

Jack ♣ Hat.

(Wolves were today handed a low-key tie at Morecambe....... .)

It won't be low key if it ends like their last two meetings, the fans will see to that.


Jack ♣ Hat.


Walsall have managed a glamour tie as far as the first round draw is concerned, a Midland derby with Port Vale. Your place Birmingham haven't done so bad, at home to Plymouth Argyle. So the E&D are right in my opinion.



We keep seeing comments from Jack the hat, it would appear that his sole intention is to promote disharmony amongst the faithful. Jack why dont you concentrate on your own outfit. The good thing about Tesco bags is they make fine flying toilets. To sum it up Jacks a grade one tripehound.

And another thing I will not be making any more responses to this wind up merchants comments. We all know what he is!!!!!


Sorry, last sentence incorrect. Should read ....... "we know what we are" and yes we do.

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

Baggiejon. How long has it been "we" when talking about a person?

Sandwelloneon methinks.

Stale Knew

Victor, Victor, looks like a cheeky punt on Morecambe in the offing


A day out & a stop over by the seaside what a great draw...just provisionally booked the 2 days off work


Not a bad Tie, just hope they are a bit 'wise' in Morecambe. Looking forward to hearing about Matts half time pie on the GoalZone commentry.


What did I say the other day? I said that Morecambe were reputed to have the best pies in the entire League! Moxey will be delighted with the draw!

Boris the Wolf

Bring me sunshine,

In your smile,

Bring me laughter,

all the while...etc etc...

Exit football league doing silly dance...

Filthy Wolf

Before we diss this, remember if you were one of the many at old Wembley for the Sherpa Van. I was.

It was a great day. A silly competition but we did not care.

Bully throwing himself at everything in the last 10 minutes TRYING to score will always stay with me. This is the level we are at, so let's do it right.


thanks sir billy for admitting you have been wrong about poxey and morgan, but to ask supporters to agree we were wrong to sing for mad micks head, NEVER!


I thought it was normally Wise after a fall ?


Why doesn't everyone stop moaning get on with it support your team and get behind them,doesn't matter what league we are in!!!


Come on Wanderers...come on Wanderers...come on Wanderers


Will everyone stop moaning