Wolves and West Brom pay £2.3m to chiefs

Wolves and West Brom shelled out over £750,000 more to their highest-paid director than neighbours Aston Villa did last season, according to a report.


The rivals’ salaries topped £1m to dwarf Villa – and even Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle – in last year’s accounts.

Wolves’ highest-paid director, unnamed in the report but understood to be chief executive Jez Moxey, was paid £1.2m despite relegation, while Albion’s top director, believed to be chairman Jeremy Peace, banked £1.1m.

Moxey’s salary was subsequently halved following relegation to the Championship. Villa’s biggest-earning board member, also unnamed but thought to be chief executive Paul Faulkner, only took £256,000.

The league’s top salary was at Manchester United where chief executive David Gill made £2.6m last year.

In the report, players’ wages – £1.6bn – accounted for 67 per cent of Premier League clubs’ turnover for last season and they have spent £4.5bn on wages in the last three years.

Villa’s wage bill, the seventh highest in the league, was down from £83m to £70m, still 87.5 per cent of their turnover.

Albion’s rose from £39m in 2011 to £50m. Wolves’ spending on wages remained at £38m.

A new record TV deal, a projected £5.5bn for the next three years, starts next season to further boost club balances.

But under new financial fair play regulations, they will need to limit their losses to £35m each year if backed by the owner’s cash and £5m if not.

Clubs have also agreed, with the increase of TV money, that only £4m can be spent on increasing players’ wages, although that figure rises to £8m in 2014-15 and £12m in 2015-16.

The extra TV cash will help ease the net level of club debt in the Premier League, which stood at £2.4bn last season.

Wolves and Albion were reported as debt-free while Villa had a £122m debt which was dwarfed by Chelsea’s £878m and Manchester United’s £420m.

But the report showed top-flight clubs are becoming better-run with losses down to £205m last season from £361m in 2010-11.

That was mainly due to Manchester City slashing their losses from £197m in 2011 to £99m last year.

Villa suffered an £18m loss before tax, but that was down from the £54m they lost in 2011.

Albion posted a profit of £1m as Wolves also finished in the black, turning in a £2m profit.

The financial rewards for the highest paid directors at Premier League clubs vastly outstrip directors’ earnings at non-football companies of a similar size.

Gill’s salary at Old Trafford was more than 10 times the average chief executive’s salary at UK companies, according to research by the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR.

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Comments for: "Wolves and West Brom pay £2.3m to chiefs"

Aldridge Wolf

Well done Jez you deserve it.....


so we cant sign players cos we wont give them the wages but you take this amount out.....sigh.......


Most good players would want more than 1.2m a year. It's only 25K a week after all


I'll do the same job just as badly for half the price lol

Orlando Wolves

Albion profit = 1 million - Wolves profit = 2 million. Albion top half of the Premier League - Wolves with one foot in League One.

In the eyes of Jez Moxey, that is success.


Performance related pay can always be manipulated.

Nuff said

UTWorkers ooops Wanderers


Oi, moxey, your cheque to my GREGGS shop has just bounced, I'm closing your tab.


Would love to hear how Steve Morgan justifies this. Let's say £750,000 overpaid to be kind although to be honest he should have been fined rather than paid for the way the club was run over the last 18 months

Wednesbury wolves

Totally agree


That makes a nice change!




You spelled pastries wrong you moron! Plus, they're not that expensive, Greggs is, but there are other options I have seen them!


It's spelled "pastries" learn to spell.

And I like it!



Sad Wolf!

Well, well Mr Moxey!

All that money each year for what???

pye green wolf

obscene how can he possibly justify such a salary then come out and say he's hurting like the fans this drain on our resources must go and go now


The E&S AGAIN deliberately attempting to turn the fans against the board . . this article has been written with the aim of prompting a negative response. Why can't you ever just get behind the clubs you report on and be positive? Oh yes, I forget . . . you are in the business of mindless journalism. Let's face it, if you actually had an ounce of journalistic talent, you wouldn't be working for the E&S. Bore off.

North Bank

"Let's face it if you had an ounce of journalistic talent, you wouldn't be working for the E & S". True Wolf if you feel that to be the case, then why on earth have you visited thier website? Surely, if they are as incompetent as you say they are, you wouldn't waste your time browsing the site?

I also happen to know through work experience there, that the journalists especially the sports ones are very talented. As an aspiring journalist, I would love to be able to use the richness of the English language in a way that Martin Swain does.

Finally, these obscene figuers that the chief excutives are earning, should be made know to the fans; as we pay good money to watch the team.


When you mentioned obscene figures i thought you were on about petenuts and his band of mentals.


Obsessional stalking is not a great look for a man, 669.

old golds worth more

For richness of language just listen to our fans when we are losing!!....lol

Shrewsbury Wolf

Come on, if the press spent half as much energy looking for good new we'd all feel better, but it's not going to happen is it, they just can't help themselves, a Mr Blair got it right, they love bad news and it is like a feeding frenzy, I don't buy papers to feed their ego's any longer, they border on inciting decent people, would I use the word scum describing reporters and editors, too right I would


Couldn't agree more, surprised E&S actually printed your comments.

chris h

True Wolf and Pam, Well they didn't print mine.This is unfortunate timing before the Charlton game,but it is a current news item,printed in the Guardian last night.It is the job of a newspaper to inform its readers of newsworthy items.Otherwise we will be back in communist USSR. If you don't want this type of news coming out don't you think maybe prudent Mr Moxey ,given our failure last season, might have agreed to pay some of his vast remuneration package back to the club.That would have sent a signal to the fans that he does actually care for the well being of the club.


NO WONDER WOLVES COULDN'T SIGN ANY PLAYERS IN THE JAN WINDOW ! This is typical of companies all over pay the director's the massive wages and some of them couldn't direct traffic !!!!!

QPRs debt was bad, it will now be shocking now one cup Arry's there, how long before he walks away leaving them bust

Black Suit

One Cup 'Arry! LOL

The trail of disaster he has left behind is extraordinary. Respect to the savvi Spurs Board for protecting themselves from him.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Nameless One.

Love the 'One Cup' name as well.

Black Suit.

Good point, Spurs are the only one of One Cup's ex clubs not to suffer financial problems after he left. Bournemouth, West Ham, Southampton, Portsmouth.

lee wolf

Not surprised! so, so glad i haven't renewed, this club is wrong at the moment. To many fat cats having there cake and eating it. To those 9,000 that have renewed your part of the problem and not the solution. We will never move forward under the current owner and CEO.


I am also glad you did not renew who wants fairweather fans.

lee wolf

unlike you Bazrat having been a season ticket holder for 22 years i have seen owners that have had gold n black blood in there vains. Jack Harris for one, a man that refused to ever cash in on a Mr steven Bull! could you see this clown ever doing that i think not, he would be laughing all the way to the bank. How can people like you still defend these muppets??? Doing away games next year, 2 muppets will not have a penny more off me!

tipton wolf

I have renewed for next season .

Why am I part of the problem ?

Its upto me what I spend my hard earned on.

If clubs had to rely solely on gate money where would that leave everyone.

Nice money if you can get it .

Do you think the top paid players have earned there money the last couple of seasons ?

lee wolf

Tipton wolf you are part of the problem because all these 2 want and understand is money! what bigger shock would it have been to them if only 5 thousand had of renewed? they take us for granted. Moxey must say it don't matter what we do these muppets will still keep coming! i work hard for my money and fat cats are not having any more.


Yes, but yours is probably tax deductible for a business entertainment box.

You are probably paid too much too.


Manchester Wolf

Hope you are the fowl mouthed twit that sits in the North Bank. At least we will get some peace next season.

How can season ticket holders be part of the problem?

lee wolf

No, I'm in the south bank, so i hope the fowl mouthed twit is there for you next season! Do not question my comitment mate, i've had bust up after bust up with fans last season defending my team. But what i can't defend is the way Steve Morgan is distroying my club! You must be a foul to keep defending them!

Tim Vine

Er, shouldn't that be fowl beaked twit?


Part of the problem will be at charlton tomorrow Lee Wolf , what settee will you be on ?

Tart !

lee wolf

Away season ticket holder for the last 3 years! anyone want it they can have it! would rather spend time with my family.


Hopefully this means that after the next two games we won't here / see anything else of you


£1.2m..............not bad for faliure


So he's picked the players he also trained them as well as ran the club,no wander we got relegated.

Listen to the armchair warrior


Check out his title - he is the Chief Executive. If he doesn't carry the responsibility as the only paid executive who does? If he is not ,making the crucial decisions then why the hell was he getting £1.2M a year?


It's a lot of money for Peace to take, but if you then say Luke Moore would have been paid around £1.3m a year, it seems slightly less significant, particularly when you compare their contributions.

I do think the headline's a little mischievous. Yes Villa pay a lot less than Albion or Wolves, but Randy Lerner is a lot wealthier than his counterparts, his reason for getting into football is slightly different to Jeremy Peace's I would imagine, particularly given he's already 'donated' a considerable amount of personal fortune to Villa. I doubt he really needs a salary to exist.

That said, if I was a Wolves fan I'm not sure I'd be thrilled to see how much Moxey takes!


Unlike Moxey, Peace deserves his salary because he's done right by WBA he has in place an structure that is working Director of Football, Head Coach. he doesn't stick his nose into player purchases apart from saying yes or no.

I'd love to see this structure at the Wolves but while Moxey the penny pincher is there he will build up our hopes then break our hearts over and over again with false promises


It's enough to make you sick.


"The financial rewards for the highest paid directors at Premier League clubs vastly outstrip directors’ earnings at non-football companies of a similar size."

Says it all really. Football clubs live in a bubble with little sense of reality.

I suspect that part of JM's salary reflects the fact that he is a 'human shield' for Steve Morgan.


All clubs should be debt free at the start of each season. Wolves and Albion set an example. it is an absolute mockery of fair play that Chelsea,Manure and their ilk are allowed to be so far in debt yet still pay millions for over hyped players

Never will be a level playing field until something drastic as done. Youc an blame Murdoch and SKY tv for this.......as for Moxey's salary, one of teh main reasons I won't be having another season ticket until this parasite is gone

Jack ♣ Hat.


Good shout.



Scandalous. The sooner he is out the club or takes a lesser role - not acting as our director of football - the better the club will be? It's all well and good that people say that he balances the books and makes us profit but surely some of his bonus needs to be performance related? Quite clearly, our wage structure and tightness on transfers have cost us key players!


The man is a disgrace, if this was anyone else, in any other job, he/she would have been dismissed years ago.

If anyone needs further proof of this mans unending poor performance just do some research on Stoke City's record since the VERY DAY he left them and came to Wolves.

Morgan can do what he wnats, he owns the club, whether we like it or not its his club and his money. I know a bit about Mr Morgans construction business and he does not suffer fools, he also will not suffer "yes men", so i fail to see how he puts up with Moxey? SACK HIM, and put a footballing Director in place at one of the finest football clubs in the world.

Saunders Foot

It ain't enough for Jez, lets all dig deep and give him more! Lets give him the shirts off our backs, give him your granny's gold , trade in your kidneys or sell all our children, start simple with a car or bike, it's easy......Don't stop till he explodes! It's then and only then , we will know where we all stand as true fans. The mind still boggles in his level of unaccountability . Business savvy CEO ! We'd have been better off with a chimp......Wolves ay we.

The Newt

So we got relegated with a £38m wage bill which was the third lowest in the league. Just goes to show that eventually unless you pay the going rate on (obscene) salaries it will catch up with you. I'm convinced the board thought that Swansea and Norwich would have no chance and gambled the squad was good enough without significant improvement.

On the bright side it could have been worse - Bolton and Blackburn managed to make a mess of things with wage bills of £55m and £50m!!

Regarding Mr Moxey while every club needs somebody to control the financial side of things I'm staggered by his salary. Surely we could employ a competent financial director AND football director for less than his current salary. Just a thought....

Joe 90

Moxey gets £1,2 million for running a club that is relegated. I shudder to think what he would have got if Wolves had not been relegated, or even worse (stupid thinking of course) qualified for Europe.

Now it is cut in half he will only get over £0.5million for being in charge for yet another DISASTROUS season with almost certain relegation AGAIN. This man surely has no conscience.


Jez Moxey £1.2m after relegation, would have been £2.4m if we had stayed up!



Well Jez, you know where the savings (and salary cap) can start right away.

sports giant

Jez deserves more than that,pay peanuts you know what you get.


Well more proof that this club is in a shocking state.

Absolutely disgusting and until this fat cat goes, I'm staying away.


not suprised we in profit we never spend anything.

Jack ♣ Hat.

We hear you Londonwolf.


The Real Bully Hoo.

The intelligence oozes from this post, how can we argue with such logic?


No need to spend money if you can keep finding bargains or loan signing that can put you on the brink of Europe


Apparently, we are more debt-free than any of the other 19 Premier League clubs from last year, and actually have £13m sitting in the bank.

I mean, that's no flaming good if we get relegated, but at least all the numbers are good.

Fat cat Wolf

If you want the best you have to pay.Quality does not come cheap.

Phil Smith

Worth every penny.

What I can't understand is why is salary was halved? This guy is real value for money. May be we should have offered to pay more for our season tickets and kept him on the salary he deserves?

Oh by the way a purple pig driving a lorry as just turned up to take me to Mars.


Albion’s rose from £39m in 2011 to £50m. Wolves’ spending on wages remained at £38m. LOL

How things have come back to bite you on your rears you deluded lot.

Remember you lot saying Albion were poor, no money, couldn't compete with you blah blah blah.

You are out of our league now - literally and figuratively!

we'll meet again, don't know where don't know when...

...some sunny day aye!

gReEn NiGeL

Go and crawl back underneath your stone. Ant brain.


The thought you put into that comment, must have surpassed your one brain cell


ouch...sticks and stones and all that. You lot are really hurting aren't you.

That's Stone Cross to you. It's a lovely stone. We do a St Georges's march every year - biggest in the Black Country. That's Black Country - not including Wulvo of course.

Did you know the ant has the largest brain in proportion to its body size of any member of the formicidae family. I say formicidae but do you consider the ant an animal? Must be a complement in there somewhere so thanks.

I love Moxey, he gave me a seat in the South Bonk once. Loads of people had been to Tesco beforehand for some reason.

...some sunny day...

The Teecher

Got that little lot off your chest ?

Now grow up and start behaving like an adult, if indeed you are one.

(A bit of night school to learn how to use our English language may not go amiss, either.)


Is it difficult when you type or does that sixth finger get in the way?


Most of us have 10 fingers (well, 8 fingers, 2 thumbs) so I'm confused as to how the 6th would get in the way...

The Real Bully Hoo.

Proper Wulfies.

Sorry. We're not all like that.


If we have to sell our highest earning players next season, why does this not affect Jez Moxey, he is a drain on the resources of the club. He loves to tell us how wonderful he is, how we are unlike Portsmouth, maybe we could do better and find someone who will orchestrate the club better, aiding it to return to the premier league. He is the most disliked man in Wolverhampton, is that really who you want at the head of your business.

IZZYBON the mon from Luton

well If I was Morgan I'd be asking Jez Moxey for a Refund.

he's done a great job in getting top money for the players he sold but has Sat on the Purse since then not spending a eyeful

SACK HIM MORGAN or ask for some of our money back

Bobby Smith

Worth every penny...


Inevitably this will attract lots of criticism regarding Moxey's salary. Let's keep some perspective though - £1.2 million is a relatively low figure in the grand scheme of things and certainly will not have had any impact on our current situation.

sedgLEE wolf

How can you justify paying Moxey more than big clubs like Chelsea and Liverpool pay their Directors? He made us a nice £2M profit but at what expense, squad strengthening resulting in relegation.

He took a 50% pay cut, following our relegation from the Premier League, but that is still DOUBLE what Villa are paying their highest paid Director, and they are still a Premier League club.

Get your act together Morgan and put the clubs money to better use, in "TEAM building", not Moxey's back pocket.

Selly park wolf

Simply disgraceful to pay moxey that kind of money when we couldn't even pay out for a loan striker!

One of many reasons why we are where we are in the league.

Morgan Please get rid of moxey and replace him with a cheaper CEO /director of football.


It's ok our new shirt sponsor will cover his wages no problem!


Sat back waiting for all the positive comments about how Jez is well worth the money.


Milking our famous Football Club dry get rid of the lot of them Morgan and Moxey are a disgrace........

Marlow Wolf

Not really a £1.2million performance from our CEO!

Still, the Owner thinks he is one of the best in the Football League.

Actually, this season, he is currently the 41st worst!!

Sadly, two very poor commercial managers controlling our great Club.

mr smug

seems fair...


Wait for about 2million posts about the pantomine villan.

E&S, talk about holding a red rag to a bull.Bet the lines are already in meltdown.


One word............................................Disgrace................................Give it to charity!


Good advertisement for fooball as a whole, i've never been one to suggest the board should have done this or that, i steer clear, basicly i don't know enough about the running of a football club. Some football supporters rabbit on about the board and the chairman, but would be wise to get a better understanding of the game played out on the field.

Having said that, i do wonder what was going on at the Albion before JP was installed, those wilderness years, never again i hope.

So that's where the money's going!

The interesting points here being that the (believed) highest earner at WBA is the CHAIRMAN Jeremy Peace whilst at Wolves it is the CEO Jez Moxey!!!

Also that the next highest at WBA is (believed to be) their CEO on £256,000 - AND they are a Premier League club - it begs the question, why did Moxey receive over 4 times more?

Even now with Wolves a Championship club, (it is believed that) Moxey STILL RECEIVES more than 2 times the salary than his counterpart at WBA!

Is it any wonder Wolves need to rein in costs when the CEO is grossly overpaid when compared to a club of similar size AND of Premier League status.

IF Moxey's salary was reduced by a further 50% then a Director of Football could be employed to oversee football matters and it would not cost the club a penny!

Expect nothing and you will never be disapointed !

This just about sums up football.

Huge reward for failure.

In fairness to Mr Peace at WBA, he appears to have created a financially stable and relatively succesful club.

As such, his reward is far more justifiable, albeit completely over the top for the scale of the actual business.

However, you cannot blame Mr Moxey for his salary, the ultimate purse string holders could easily have said no to any demands or offered a more reallistic figure.

How many of us would refuse it !


Well I know which club get their money's worth and its not wolves

The Voice Of Sanity

What a surprise!! And THAT is why we are where we are; greedy executives and greedy players ALL overpaid and under-achieving

Chris White

Before all the idiots jump on this Board remember these Two Words| - LAST SEASON


Before you make smug comments remember these words. THIS SEASON he is "earning" something like £600k more than twice as much as Peace or the Villa chief exec both in the Premier last time I looked!

Baldy Bouncer

Poor, poor, poor Mr Moxey. How are you going to manage on ONLY £600,000 this year.

My heart bleads.

Hacked off Steve

This just re-inforces the view that our no1 priority is to turn a profit, not retain Premier League fooball and Moxey picks up a fat-cat salary as a result. Every fan in the World however views that as a £1.2m salary to reward failure.... unbelievable.


As bad as the bankers, Jez. As the operational man you have got most recent big decision WRONG...............like the last 4 Managers, failing to do anything about the appalling capitultion of a very poor playing squad, building a stand when squad investment was needed and marketing to WW fans rather than treating them as STAKEHOLDERS. Enjoy your £600k as we slide into Div 1. Clear out the relagation players quickly, get in a Manager who will make us a bit different and have a FULL review openly and publicly about the state of WW and how to be a closer club. Do it Jez or GO

Golden Blood

That money could have assisted Mick McCarthy in buying a decent player. You let Mick down big time Moxey.

I wish Mick was here and you were the one sacked Moxey

The Voice of Reason

Didn't Mick waste enough money when he was here?

Jack ♣ Hat.

The Voice of Reason,

....... and player resources, how long was Fletcher left on the bench before Mick decided to let him have a bash at it?.



Whilst I have no problem with high salaries for those who bring consistent success to the club, in the case of Jez Moxey he has received his for sheer incompetence. He wont be getting any more of my money.



Moxey is a PARASITE

Go NOW Moxey

Poxey Parasite

Sums it up brilliantly

Both name and comment

Nothing else to say - no more comments needed please

arrested MP

Moxey is on more cash than Peace and JP owns the majority of the club. But according to Morgan; Moxey is the best in the Country. Doesn't his achievements just prove it. I'm amazed Morgan can run a business (this is the bloke looking to shift houses for £250k in Bilston??) let alone building the 18million pound stand which is empty. Maybe its easier to become a Millionaire than we all think?

The only Wolves fan I know who likes Moxey is John Wolf (who is so much in love with him that he is looking at all the local venues for a civil ceremony)



Mountain Wolf

Well, Mr Morgan. If, as you imply, Moxey is the best, why don't you have him to run Redrow?


Jez Poxey should be paid performance related salary , the man is a joke even would be £0.99 pence would be too much

manc andy

Well, abet Moxey's not loosing any sleep,,. Different world init,,there talking in millions while the rest of us deal in pence,,,AND THEY ARE ALL WORTH EVERY PENNY_--NOT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,UTW


It would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. Moxey should be dismissed as CEO because his last 3 year's of club development has dismally failed. His only saving grace is that he made sure WWFC were in the black but this counts for diddly squat when the club are facing relegation to Div 1. Moxey should have learned by now that it's a balancing act of keeping the club financially stable but also ensuring the results of the football team are positive and sustained. Moxey achieved 50% of his job responsibilities at the enormous expense of the other 50%. Any fool could do this and Mr Morgan should replace him at the end of the season. If Mr Morgan is looking for a replacement then I'll throw my hat into the ring. I'm sure I couldn't do any worse and I'd do it for a fraction of what Moxey is paid.

Francis St massive

Money well spent for the baggies i think........hmm not sure the dingles will feel the same.

Silver Wolf

I assume contracts were not on a 'payment by results, basis?

An Investment Analysis of the procurement of a circa 50 strong playing staff that achieved relegation one year and in the next is trying desperately hard to do the same, should provide good evidence of grounds for dismissal.


As a baggie its pleasing to see the club financially well run.

I believe Jeremy peace has done a fantastic job in improving the club from top to bottom. Its now financially stable and debt free and proving a success in the league. His pay packet would be in line with the top earners at the club in relation to players. Himself being a majority shareholder and chairman its a sum thats to be expected.

What does concern me about the premier league in general and the finacial fair play league is the bigger clubs will only continue to be succesful as the risk of big money men taking over smaller clubs, then investing heavily for success would seem to be over. If you take into account the Man City situation (£500 million +) to win the league by goal difference and early knockout of the champions league. That amount of money just to compete.

When does it all start becoming fairly pointless as a supporter perspective supporting a smaller club with no real chance of winning anything, especially the league. The majority of premiership clubs striving to survive in the league , the majority of championship teams striving to reach the promise land to then aim to survive the following season.

I believe the time will soon be here when people begin to realise the cost of attending games out strips the entertainment benefit. Same teams each year winning the major silverware when does enough become enough?


Good points. I guess there will be a European super league consisting of approximately 16 - 18 clubs that are of the same financial status? Then the English football league will be reduced to 3 divisions that will be comprised of 'normally funded' teams. TV sponsorship and funding will be reduced accordingly bringing back more British players into football clubs? Salaries and stupid transfer fees will also reduce including agent's fees. It should result in a better England team too with more English players getting a chance to play? Maybe it will be for the better if it does happen?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Hallelujah brother, I can't wait to get rid of the fat cats and their plastic fans.

Craven Arms Crew


It's Sunday morning, i started to read your post, but it did my head in, i'll try again later :-).

liquidlater boing


Who would you reckon got the most value for money then, when you compare the current positions of Wolves and Albion?

Burntwood Boy

I DO NOT know how Moxey manages to live on such a small wage packet, still the club isn't in debt and the future of the club will change when the high earning deadwood have departed BUT which league for next season and at what cost is relegation IF it happens?

Dave O

Wonder why he wont resign 1.2m for total failure followed by 500k for another year of failure.

Jez Moxey please resign

Bedford Wolf

So thats £1,199,999.99 and £599,999.99 respectively that Moxey has been overpaid in the past 2 seasons.

Waggies Left Peg

What a way to reward failure, please let me know if there are any jobs going at the Molineux because I wouldn't mind being obscenely overpaid for making an absolute mess of pretty much everything I touch. No wonder we are in such a mess with these idiots at the helm.

Gloucester wolf

Say no more.......

London Wolf

I sincerely hope that no matter what happens at the end of this season, Wolves fans will not let Moxey have another season. How can he possibly pay himself more than those of a similar position at Chelsea, Liverpool and Newcastle!? Has the club gone mad? Yes. It has. Time to go and destroy a different football club Moxey.

Jack ♣ Hat.

London Wolf,

Well said alias Baggieboy.


Brazil Wolf





The Voice of Reason

Moxey out

Morgan out

Saunders out

Woodley Wolf

I'm speechless.


So theres no surprises with the fat cats then .


I am sure Moxey has a future in banking. Always guaranteed to get a big fat pay cheque - even when failing.


And we thought we had it bad @ Walsall... LOL.

...BTW, disillusioned Wolves fans, why not put your money where your mouth, forget the Molinuex and come and see some fantastic, attacking, passionate football by Young, talented and underpaid lads @ Banks's?


Moxey is not worth the money, Morgan please get rid of him.

If the CEO of Villa gets £256k it means that Morgan thinks that Moxey is worth 5 times as much as Villa and thinks Wolves are

5 times bigger club than Villa. WHAT A JOKE.

Paying him more than the CEO at Liverpool, Chelsea and Newcastle. Morgan please look at a league table to see where these football clubs and businesses are in comparison with Wolves

We need top players at the club not people like fat cat Moxey.

If you asked Moxey the top 10 most important people in the world nine of them would be Moxey and the other one would be that fool Morgan for paying that amount of money.

With season ticket holders paying an average of of £360 each it means that we have to sell 3,333 season tickets just to pay his wages.

As a season ticket holder at Wolves every time I hear the name Moxey it makes me cross. We are paying our hard earned money for his salary and NOT for our team.


Its crazy isn't it when you add it up, the equivalent to the whole of Walsall's average attendance goes to paying one man. Not a player but a guy who delivers nothing. No wonders clubs get into a mess.. He should be bringing in ten times the amount he is paid, to improve the club.. It is like paying a guy £20,000 a year to sell bikes, if he only sells one a week, it costs more to keep him on. I see Moxey as no different.


Once again another carrot by the E&S to get the so called Wolves fans moaning.

Let’s look at the facts, it’s the team’s performance that has us in the position we are in not the board.

FACTS everyone, yes it’s a lot of money but FACTS ‘are we a club in debt?????NO - Not like the majority of clubs so I say well done Mr Moxey, worth every penny.

darren woolridge

great, so, were in the black but going to end up getting relegated due to lack of investment of quality on the pitch.

Makes sense.

ShawHarry, very clever.


That's a very simplistic view of things I'm afraid.

I could have turned in a £50 million profit if I was CEO. How? By not signing anyone and playing the kids.

In fact, would we of been any worse off? No, how could we be.

Therefore, Moxey is a complete and utter waste of money. You should be rewarded for succes, not failure. I suspect moxey is only worried his salary should we go down, again.


But poor decisions end up biting you in the rear end.

Moxey will leave club if we go down and lead to debt OR Molineux will become a shared ground with a certain Wolverhampton Rugby club.

Their land being sold off for more housing for the 'less than masses'.

darren woolridge

This is nothing that any wolves fan with half a brain didn't know already.

Now, Can i ask everyone who posts on here. What do you think will change if we stay up? I would like to know your opinions. In my opinion nothing will change. Things will have to change if we get relegated in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, i don't want to get relegated but i believe this is the only way Morgan will be forced to make changes.



your wrong m8 the fact is we cant go another season paying 25million+ a season in wages even in the championship so getting relegated is one hell of a gamble when changes will be made if we stay up anyway,,,,/\/\WWFC/\/\,,,,


You may be correct that not much will change if we stay up. Saunders will stay, he will shift out some high earners fr small fees if anyone will take them (Johnson, O'Hara maybe Hunt, Doyle). He will get in Gorkss maybe manage to extend Robinson's loan buy a striker or two and a midfielder. We will hold onto Sako and Siggy.

On the other hand, if we go down we will have to give away all the high earners mentioned, not sign Gorkss (not that I really rate him), not get Robinson, lose Sako and probably Siggy. Any signings we do make will be of a much lower standard and we can look forward to struggling to adjust to League 1. Maybe Moxey will get sacked. Maybe Saunders will get sacked - and we can make another stupid appointment.

If you think the second option is better then I suggest you should be careful what you wish for.


Well said. I can understand why Darren feels as he does but relegation is never a good thing, for one thing it can set off chain reactions that can lead to oblivion. This season is evidence of what relegation can mean.


Job Vacancy

WWFC require an established Director of FOOTBALL who apart from being able to identify requirements for players that are required to improve the squad to progress forward in our search to rejoin the Premiership Elite must to be able to do simple Maths

Swiss Wolf

What is Moxeys job role, and objectives? He does not pick the Manager, and he certainly does not pick the team! So why do we as fans (collectively because we are all in together) continually abuse Moxey. Yes he advises Morgan, but does Morgan listen to that advice.

Moxey has been at the club for 2 promotions, and was there when we stayed up for 2 seasons.

The club is not in debt and that puts in a stronger psotion to deal with s possible second relegation, other clubs would probably have to go into admininstration to cope with a double relegation! So has Moxey done his job well and met the financial objectives set by the club? The managers and players have failed so must take repsonsibility.

Grizzled Wolf

When Moxey first arrived at the Mol he stated in so many words.....

"the team will stand or fall by it's own efforts on the field. We will not be buying success...my job here is to keep the club solvent."

This is what he is doing...why are we so surprised? As far as his remuneration goes...if Morgan is prepared to pay him the price should we expect Moxey to turn it down...would you?

chris h

Swiss, you say the players are the problem,well Jez Moxey negotiates to buy the players. Mick McCarthy wanted to sign Dann,young McCarthy(now getting the rave reviews at Wigan),Moses(since joined Chelsea after Wigan beat us to his signature) Carroll (when Newcastle were in the Championship),Gardner (when at Villa,Blues and Sunderland).All these players have gone on to have good careers in the Premiership.The players we ended up signing other than Doyle and Fletcher have all failed and cost us a package.It is this failure to sign quality footballers that is the main charge against Jez Moxey.The manager identifies good players and the Chief Executive's financial caution has resulted in the club failing to sign the decent footballers required to keep us in the Premier and even worse might not keep us in the Championship.Then to rub salt in the wounds he gets paid one of the highest remuneration ackages in the Premier.


Have to agree with Chris, I've always felt that Mick very much identified the right targets, our wage structure was always the issue.. so left him with one hand tied behind his back, & having to take chances on lesser players..Those players listed I'm sure would've seen us go onto better things...


Take my hat off to your comment Swiss Wolf, puts some context and perspective around the argument. In considering his job role he is fulfilling what he is being asked to do, and does tend to be the easy scapegoat for disgruntled supporters when things are not going well on the field. From a financial perspective we are the envy of many clubs, and Moxey deserves some credit for this.

Personally, i think his salary is obscene, but I also think that about many walks of life such as pop artists, footballers, financiers and politicians. However, how much these people get paid is not my decision and Morgan must believe Moxey is worth his salt, otherwise he would get rid.

Ye Olde South Bank

If Directors' pay at the Wolves was linked to on-field success, Moxey & Co. would all be queuing at The Good Shepherd Centre, begging for a bowl of soup and a roof over their head for the night.

Some will blame the players for the state we're in; others will blame senior management (or even both). However, whatever your view -and we're all entitled to one- not many, I'd wager, will see these figures as representing 'value for money'.

Such is the price of success, I suppose....or, as in our case, failure. Sleep well, Jez.


Considering that the club is not a multinational company with many offices, facilities and employees, the wage that Jeez Moxley is awarded is nothing short of daylight robbery.

When comparing his wage (1.2mil) vs the turnover of the club (60.6mil) for last year it's about 2%. Not much you may say.

However, when comparing the CEO of M&S wage (0.98mil) vs the turnover of M&S (9,934mil) for last year it's about 0.01%

It's clear who is better value for money and it's not the guy who has a single site to operate.

tickle tackle

another non article by the express and star to fill newspaper columns and get a negative reaction .

if morgan had not built the new academy,stand and employed moxey that would have saved roughly about 26 million. would the majority of wwfc fans be satisfied if mcarthy had that money for players instead?

with no guarantee of survival?

morgan has got get the clubs board sorted out this summer or sell to someone who will. utw.

chris h

The short answer is yes,a lot better than ending up in the third division,with ever diminishing returns.McCarthy's main transfer targets were decent players,viz Dann., Gardner, Carroll, Moses.McCarthy,add that lot to Fletcher,Hennessey,Doyle and Jarvis and you have the core of a decent team. Subsequently he wanted Cabaye and Bia.But Moxey failed to sign them,mainly nodoubt due to wage restraints so as to fund the new infrastructure.What we have is one big wasted opportunity.An opportunity given to them on a plate via Sir Jack's tenner.

Tim Vine

Moxey got Bia for him

chris h

As you will be aware,typo, we were once upon a time linked with Ba .


Bring back Leigh Griffiths from Hibs!!

Come on guys it's Friday afternoon, the sun is shining so lighten up. What does it matter how much he earns as it will always be the same argument whilst we aren't doing so well, lets face it no-one moaned about it whilst we were in the Premiership.

We have more important things to worry about like the game we have to win tomorrow, so how about getting behind the team instead of whinging about things we can't change?

Come on Wolves!!

Wolf Blast

As I said a couple of weeks back Moxey if benchmarked against an FT company would be looking at £250,000 pa at best plus incentives linked to performance. If Morgan is supposed to be savvy then why isn't Moxey on this sort of deal. Plus it would appear that if we want to get rid of him then he has to be paid millions to disappear.

I also said earlier this week our salary bill was £28m when it is actually £38m. Time for change - Morgan should be lobbying ALL the other Championship Owners for a base plus appearance plus performance wage structure before everyone goes bust.

Let the PL survive as it sees fit but if we ever get back there it is clear we will never have the financial base to compete. MORGAN - why don't you sell a stake at the price you paid to another cash rich investor as your pockets are not deep enough to live your dream. If we had a stronger base then we woudl have acquired the palyers to stay in the PL or this season stay in the Championship at the same time as putting in place a long term plan for home grown talent which we used to be really good at.

I think we need 5 points so a point tomorrow plus a win against Burnely anda point at Brighton would get us there. I can't see two wins as much as I would like to dream as we have not delivered that sortt of consistency this season.

Codsall wolf

Quite sad really. We only had c10,00 season ticket renewals, and even including Jez Moxey's "50%" pay cut (ahem) it would need 1,746 (over 10% of those who renewed) just to maintain Jez's salary,

How on earth can this be justified?


Absolutely obscene. Nothing short of a scandal


Just like some of the players Moxey has landed on his feet, paid lots of money for very little in return. I have some advice for Mr Morgan, if you want to fill the stadium and be a success in football you need to invest in players and the rest will follow.

Moxey needs to realise that while it is good that the club is in a good financial state, if we are in a relegation battle every season we soon wont be, time for change I think.


Moxey should have used some of his own vast amount of money to buy us some players in January.


More facts

2011 accounts for Redrow Wolves (May 2012)

Turnover £452 m £60.6 m

Profit before Tax 25.3m £2.16m

Highest Paid Director £621k £1.2m

Total number Directors 29

Total directors pay £2,144m

Employees 779

Morgan you are paying Moxey nearly twice the amount you are paying your highest paid director at Redrow. Wolves is a relatively small business compared with Redrow. Redrow has turnover of nearly 7. 5 times as big as Wolves. yet you pay your CEO nearly twice as much as your highest paid director at Redrow.

Do you now understand why Wolves fans think you do not know what you are doing regarding the running of a football club.

Vastly overpaid CEO and nearly bottom of the championship. If you paid all your Redrow people like that you would not have a building business left.


Jeremy peace on 1.1m a year with Albion sitting mid table in the prem, Jez Moxey on 1.2m a year with wolves in a relegation battle in the championship, I think it's clear who's got value for money.


Lots of fans will read this and think that because of the rubbish job that he has done over the past few years they will not now be spending their money on making him even more prosperous and you cannot blame them. Like the Bankers they really do not get it.


The obvious point is that a Senior Financial officer from any medium sized Business, could have taken care of the numbers a la Moxey

How/ Why?

Not only are Wolves a relatively small business, around 70% of the Revenue is via TV Income and Centralised Commercial Agreements (ie You don't have to generate the income yourself as a business)

The Financial Officer would have earned at most £200k (probably less)

Assuming £200k guarantees that a Business based on 70% external grants, doesn't make a loss....

Does anyone think any semi competent commercial individual, could have made a bigger mess, over a longer period of time , than Moxey has made of the Footballing side of our great Club?

The Man is an overpaid failure

Telford Wolf

Never mind we turned a profit in, so Jez has done a good job lets pat him on the back.

How much has he lost? In real terms, how much revenue has been stopped from coming in? Instead of saying we are £2m in the black, how much would we be in the black for?

Because if we have lost money, then doesnt that prove his financial prudence hasn't worked?


Some of you lot havn't got the brains of a dead ant, Has a CEO Jez has done his Job, if I had a business he would be one guy I would have running it.

So he hasn't spent the "millions" on players that some of you idiots would have him spend, the main reason a lot of you lot don't like him is 1) He HAD TO GIVE THE SOUTH BANK SEATS TO THE UNMENTIONABLES! he had no choice the football authorities and the Police instructed the club to do it, 2) He had the audacity to ask some of the morons in the South Bank (who think they are bigger than the club) to sit down even though Wolverhampton's Health and Safety Authority were telling the club - Tell your fans to sit or RISK LOSING YOUR SAFETY CERTIFICATE! and put the club at risk! how dare Jez tell these higher than mighty cretins to sit - it's their club! they pay good money to support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? the club etc,etc, if Jez had got the bottle he would have closed the area that constantly stood and told them to seek their football somewere else, the rest of the South Bank and your fellow fans are fed up with you and look forward to seeing the back of you.

That and that alone is why a lot of the morons gobbing off about Jez hate him so much, not one of them could do his job! as I said I would have him looking after my business! would I have some of you lot working for me! would I **** , you would close me down.

When the company that I worked for closed down, the CEO left with a decent pay off plus a brand new Jag - the rest of us got the bare minimum redundancy pay, that's the way it is! get over it.


Ok Jez....sorry john wolf, are you for real mate?


Thanks for the usual effort to offend as many Wolves fans as possible John. I do tend to agree with you on the WBA game, even though I had to move. The standing issue is a joke, it is not unsafe to stand at a football match and I have no idea why anyone thinks it is. There are arguments about obscuring other people's views, which is why we need standing areas. The fact that we are still having this argument even after the Hillsborough report that caused the introduction of all-seater stadia has been totally discredited as a police cover up.

However all this misses the point of the fact that the club has been a complete disaster over the last 2 seasons. We made the decision, understandably, to change the style of play, then bought too few players to make it work, then changed back. Effectively we have wasted £10-£15M and put our Championship place at great risk. These are executive decisions and we only have one paid executive.



Agree with you 100%

The only horrendous future i can see now is a Premier 1 + 2 + 3,and screw the rest of football.

The badger baiter

Well thats Moxeys monthly food bill sorted then.



English Exile

Jez, just remind us what it is you do for Wolves that justifies that salary........








Jez moxeys second chin

Looks like there is enough in the pot for seconds then and maybe even an extension to the chins.

John Evesham


Bearwood Wolf

What a joke, then again nothing surprises me at the wolves. The whole club priorities is back to front. i.e can afford to pay Jez those amount of wages but cant bring in a decent striker in the transfer window because of.... wait for it.... "WAGES!" You just cant make it up can you!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Jeremy Peace is to be commended on the format and ethics he uses for the good of West Bromwich Albion. Even when fans want to spend money we haven't got Jeremy holds on to his beliefs. £50 of season tickets across the board shows his concern for fans in this recession. Jeremy wisely holds back from extending ground capacity to balance out the need for strengthening our squad. occasional free coach travel shows his appreciation of our stupendous away supporters. This icon is worthy of a statue (Sitting pose) in the vicinity of the ticket office. We owe a lot to him and his business acumen. Long may he reside in our club.


nigel wolfnut

Wolves announce shirt sponsorship deal of a million pounds = well that's Moxey's salary paid then


Love it WWFC.......had to get right to the bottom of this load of rubbish before somebody said something both sensible and funny, well done mate !

We've have a really good record at Charlton over the years, so 3 points tomorrow is on the cards.....c'mon wolves fans, get behind each other, (believe me Morgan, moxey etc are not reading this stuff) and be positive about our Team. They need our full support over next 3 games

C'mon me babbies, wolves always !!!

Definitive Wolf

What will be his reduction if we are relegated again? (Look, I hope we aren't, but I have to ask). Will he even remain? If the worst happens, there are bound to be many recriminations and changes within the structure of the club. I'd rather think about surviving and worry about Jez afterwards.


shawharry,are you stupid? have you been to a game this season,have you seen the crap performanes that have been served up for most of the season.the reason WE ARE IN THIS MESS IS THE BOARD. crap managerial decissions, no finacial backing for the managers they have appointed. stupid contracts for substandard players. building a stand that was toataly unessasery. selling our best players, weakening the team and there fore ending any hope of being promoted. what planet are you on,another happy clapper who thinks the sun shines out of poxey and morgans a..e?


I ain't gonna stop goin cos of Morgan or Moxey.Surely the reason for going to a match is to support the team,no matter what. The football comes first,be it good,bad or indifferent.We've been useless for over 2 years,but the buzz of matchday and watching a game is still there and will never die. Stay away on principle? Fine,but not if its just because you don't like a fat guy in a suit. Wolves Till I Die ! ! !

Oxley Wolf

If Wolves were sitting where Albion are we wouldn't have much to complain about, but we arn't so we have a right to complain.

It really annoys me that someone is paid a bonus for doing a job they are already paid handsomly to do anyway and shouldn't that bonus be paid for success?? What the hell has Moxey achieved in order to be paid any kind of bonus let alone 1.2 mill ??? I wonder?

Good luck to the lads at Charlton - come on you can do this!!

turkish baggie

Moxley is doing exactly the same thing as CE at a lot of national institutions and that is, his pay is no reflection on the performance of the organisation!

It is the norm now in the UK that failures such as the CE of banks, NHS, airports and social services get as much as they can and sod the ordinary folk!

How can anyone be allowed to pocket so much for so little? Wolves are suffering at the moment and yet the chief executive continues to wallow in his fat salary. When the titanic went down, did they blame the cook? Of course not it was the captain of the ship!

Moxley is the captain and answers directly to the owner. The owner therefore should take action to ensure this person earns his money. He should also take note that without the wolves fans none of this salary could be paid!

The Albion learnt the hard way about 15yrs ago. We ain't perfect but the club as moved forward and therefore, Peace, who is the owner not like Moxley deserves his money. Here again Moxley employee the same as Peace the owner? Something ain't right?

Wolves, our rivals yes but as a Blackcountry man alot of my mates are wolves fans, they deserve better than this!


morgan out ,moxey out ,deadwood out ,saunders out ,league1 here we come

Fair Oak Wolf

Nothing to say on Moxey. Sick of him. Would cross the road to avoid the man as I'm not sure I'd trust myself to behave if I got close enough.

Morgan, sell up and get lost. And all those idiots who keep saying " be careful what you wish for" - WHY?????????

The man clearly has no intention of investing ANYTHING and is sitting on his hands watching his man, the Fat Controller, running us into League 1. What is the point of having money if YOU DON'T SPEND IT ON PLAYERS TO IMPROVE THE TEAM. What is the point of having Morgan, with all his cash, if he clearly has no intention of investing anything other than money in bricks and stands to make the club more attractive when he finally decides to sell?

I'd rather we go the Pompey route. In fact, I might go support them instead. There's a model of running a club I can believe in.

Steve and Jez, just get lost. Both of you.


Moxey get out of our club. You reckon you are Wolves biggest fan. If that was true you would give your salary to get better players.

Transparent, slimey, very poor CEO.


Getting a huge salary for failure seems to be trendy at the moment,they wont be getting any more money from me while this management is in place Im fed up with the broken promises made to the fans over the last 4 years

Jonny D

1.2 million, for what, 13 years of going no where, blocking managers doing what they want, blocking manager signing players they want. Giving media interviews at the start of this season stating "Wolves have a good premiership defence, it is one aspect we don't need to improve, this defence is good and will be sound in the Championship"

1.2 million for what.....................Wolves are where they are, with one link in place and has damaged this clubs prospects. Jezz Moxey. Leave now.

Empty seat, Row C, North Bank Upper, until Jezz has gone


All together now: He's the best paid director in the land, the best paid director in the land...

Are you watching, are you watching,are you watching Albiyun...

O'Hara n Johnson

I'm more concerned that Johnson n O'hara got paid 3-4m in wages last season after what they produced !

And heres all Wolves fans moaning about a director getting paid £1m for a year

WOW and what striker would we have got for a 900k bonus Moxey got ? wouldn't pay a prem players wages for half a season

You just need someone to have a pop at and because none of you come out with anything i.e tactical changes or name players we should have gone for etc you just make yourselves look like idiots moaning about the same old rubbish week in week out !