Stephen Hunt out to earn a new Wolves deal

Winger Stephen Hunt today insisted he would be happy to sign a new contract at Wolves but admitted he has to earn it.

Football - Barclays U21 Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Wolverhampton Wanderers

The 31-year-old’s deal expires this summer and, after recovering from a long-term hip injury, he knows he has work to do to impress manager Dean Saunders.

“All I want to do is play football and so I have to do what I can to impress the manager between now and the end of the season,” said Hunt.

“I’ve got to do well and earn the right if I want to have a chance of a new deal.

“It’s always easy to say ‘yes I want to sign a contract’, but genuinely I’m happy here. My family are settled which means a lot and I really enjoy it at Wolves.”

Hunt’s only appearance under Saunders was his late inclusion at left-back against Blackpool after Stephen Ward was ruled out with a neck injury in the warm-up.

And the Republic of Ireland international is happy to be Saunders’ ‘flexible friend’ to get as much action as possible.

“I’ve played at left-back before and maybe fancy myself to play there in a few years’ time,” he said.

“To be honest I’d be happy to play anywhere – left-back, left-wing, right-wing, midfield, in the hole. Hopefully I can provide the manager with a few options.”

Saunders appears keen on Hunt, who added: “He seems to like me and that breeds confidence if you go out on the pitch and think the manager rates you as a player.

“When you’re losing for a long time it can be hard to drag yourself out and only the strongest will survive. I will never get down about it because what we do for a living is fantastic and we’re very fortunate.”

Fourth-bottom Wolves are currently on a run of nine games without a win while they have won just once in 12 at home.

Hunt admits they must get rid of the losing mentality that has gripped the team over recent seasons if they are to win their survival battle.

“There is such a thing as a winning habit and there’s also such a thing as a losing habit,” he admitted.

“We have to get the winning habit back and quickly because the league table doesn’t lie.”

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Comments for: "Stephen Hunt out to earn a new Wolves deal"


Many don't agree, but I believe Hunt can be very, very important to our team over the remainder of the Season.

He is one of the very few of MM's squad who gives everything for the team. His approach is perfect for us in the difficult situation we are in.

Go Steven!


I agree. I think his character is just what we need in that dressing room right now - and out on the pitch. Tenacious, spirited and the kind of player that's a pest.

He's got a lot to play for personally and that can only be a good thing for Wolves. Getting match fit will be the key. A part to play for sure.

jimmy paige

Which part of Sandwell Town are you from again...?


Nice thought! He will leave in the summer and will be remembered for his goal that helped us stay in the Premier. However God knows how much he has cost over his time at Wolves. Could not play for first 6 months and can't remember when he was fit. Sell asap

Aussie Tim

Your spot on because Stephen gives his all and we need that for the rest of this year and into the future.

Our new signing in defence from Reading looks like another no fuss player so he will be a good acquisition as well.

Hopefully Hennessey is back next year fit well and ready to lead this side into the future...perhaps all isnt lost after all.

Dean Saunders appears to be a good man and the team like him...thats a great help too !


Of course he would be happy to sign a new contract, because he knows nobody wants him!.

Left back required

Not him!


what we need is hunt to stay fit if he does it's good news for wolves ,at least he's a battler ,not too many at wolves these days ,unless you count urban commando henry

Left back required

Init, sorry, can't agree at all. Your opinion smells the same as those who think that if you put a shift in, you're worth inflated wages. Apart from scoring against Blackburn, which is worthless history now. Hunt has hardly done a thing for us, IMO. Nice try from the fella who needs to satisfy the missus with another contract but most likely he'll get injured again and be at home for the best part of it. No thanks. No more.

Capital Wolf

We already have an Irish striker, turned left back, who can;t do the job of a left back. Why on earth would we want this guy to convert to left back. To replace Ward??????? Atre you serious????? There must be a real left back out there in the world. If he is Irish, I don't mind, but no more square pegs for round holes please.

Times up Pal

"In a few years time," people will have forgotten even the poorest of your moments with this club Stephen. NOW is the time to begin the search for the club which will want you as a left a few years time, indeed.

Roaring Boy

1 good game since he has been here against the Tescos. See ya


Harsh. I was certainly glad to see his strike go in v Blackburn a couple of years ago and, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't think I was the only one.

He hasn't been helped by injuries. Like MarlowWolf, I tend to think he could still do a job for us.


and scored a goal worth £50M to Jez ad Steve lets not forget that!

jimmy paige

Hopefully you will be Berra's driver.... ttfn

101 chicken chow mein



The headline should read...

"Stephen Hunt out"

Yet another one who is a complete waste of money thanks to MM!


We always used to hate seeing him in the opposing team - he was always so "in your face". That was why we were pleased when he came to us and gave other teams hassle for a change. I don't doubt his spirit, but he came to us injured and he has had lay-offs ever since - and he is getting older. Now the two Ms are getting so tight with the money, can we afford to keep him? As a squad member? Injury-free, yes perhaps - but there will always be a doubt that he can stay that way.

sports giant

Headless chicken comes to mind


Stale had to cope with all the injuries, but not Deano. Now as almost all the injured players are back in action, DS has no excuses for not winning.

sports giant

don't worry he will find some excuse

Ever the Optimist.



well the good news is we dont want turned us down once,you then decided to come here,and have done absolutely nothing since. now youy say you want to be our new left back should try being a commediane,and with your hairstyle you nearly there.

Selly park wolf

Get rid now please! Did nothing for our club apart from his last gasp goal,which avoided the inevitable for another season.

Gave 100% I'll give him that but quite simply and like so many others just not good enough!


Just hope DS does not get conned by the bunch of players that have let Wolves down for the past two years, we need a clear out, some of the players are beginig to realise that no one wants them. We need two full backs and a creative midfielder and a striker. Just read that the last time Gorkass played at Wolves he was slapped in the face by a fan, all I can say welcome to wolves the fans have been slapped in the face for the past two years.


What has he done?--Get rid pronto!

manc andy

Wards just what we need at the min,,hes a good time waister,and a pain in the arse to play against,,bring him on with 10mins to go when we are glinging onto to a point,,releases his chains and watch him go;;;;;;You could always stay on as ball boy if it doesnt work out,,,,,UTW

chris h

Deano, Just remember to have Hunt on the pitch for at least the last 10 minutes of the last game of the season,we might well need him!


if hes got to earn it might as well cancel contract by mutual consent now


a left back for you looks like hes the right age ha ha

English Exile




what are we Readings dumping ground.......???

Now NOT KEEN on the Whole lot at the TOP

You have forgot McGhee!!!!!! Look what he did when he was here!!!!!!

Frantic Friday

Its a strange coincidence that he's got himself fit know that his contract is up for renewal, tell you what mate, go and ask big nose for a contract, you and others like you, have sucked this club dry with no return...Go away with the rest of the rubbish thats got us in this mess....

The Real Bangkok Wolf

straight swap with Henry, give Batth the arm band, and O'Hara for Doyle

He is just what is needed at present, a battler,unlike berra not wanting to get injured before his big money move to some other mug of a club with more money than sense for this overrated donkey(hope he takes the 2 johnsons with him aswell as they are also a waste of space.

Lets just say he can do no worse than s.ward can he?

spanish ray

Get rid of.

Treeko wolf

Whinge Whinge Whinge! Are there any wolves supporters on this site? You sound like baggie scum! Lol.


I think that Steve Hunt is a useful squad player to have.Sign him up for another year.


I'm sure he would stay on a nice tidy contract. I did rate him prior to his arrival but for whatever reason he's never really delivered. Time to move on me thinks.

Scott Ashman

Because he wants a new contract. It's money for doing nothing.

He's 31 we have seen nothing from him. Get rid.


Sign him up and put him in the starting line up....


Sign him up and put him in the starting line up....hes not been given a chance since he joined the wolves under thick mick.......

Ward Out!



Stourbridge Wolf

I remember lauding the arrival of Hunt - he looked like the kind of player you wanted in your team when ever he played against us.

However have to agree that he has only ever done two things in a Wolves shirt - played one good game against albi*n and scored a decent goal on survival Sunday.

I suspect one injury too many has resulted in us paying over the odds as unless he makes a dramatic turn around in pace, form and desire he is finished as a Wolves player - especially given the fact he is one of the highest earners at the club.


Totally underachieved. Wrong side of 30, I see only further injury problems. Get rid.


Do not need another player converted to a left back, need a shake up,thanks for the memories time to move on.


Looked impressive when he first signed, but gone off the boil before and after his injury. Thats a bad injury to get at 31. As stated he is a battler and he deserves a chance. No harm in giving him a few run outs till the end of the season and judge his contract renewal on that basis. At that age most he will get is a rolling monthly or yearly contract.




wasnt headless chicken when scored goal agst blackburn to keep us up in prem worth contract if still in championship need players like hunt who have been there seen it and done it in my opion especialy in this league .

Times up pal with short memory!

Didn't Hunt's goal keep us up 2 years ago? Totally disagree with your comments! We need players with a bit of guts and determination. Hunt fits that category.


Has he been value for money - No -so no new contract

Another nothing story from E&S


Hunt is a battler, and was quality when at reading and the short time hae was at hull. like many before and after him though unfortunately injury and sub par performances have dogged him, be that as it may he knows which way the oppositions half is to direct his passing and gets on people's ankles like my nans Yorkshire terrier so I for one would support him in replacing Karl Henry in the middle

Alan in Cyprus

All our long-term injured staff ought to be put on a "no play, no pay" contract until they can prove that they are an asset to our Club.

Whilst I agree that he is a battler, he is of little use to us permanently injured.



Hunty is an honest pro and always has been. He comes from humble background and not scared to roll his sleeves up and fight. Not many of the Wolves players will do that for your club. Get behind him and everyone at Wolves.


I read these posts and wonder if a lot of you have ever actually watched a game or are even wolves fans. I think you just like moaning. I hope the players don't read half of this crap but it would explain why confidence is so low Well said Marlow wolf


Boy oh boy!! Do I feel sorry for the spouses of some of you lot. They must dread you getting home. It is a certainty that all they will get is moaning and negative comments, no matter how hard they try, and no matter how well they do. Anything they say will be dissected, rearranged and used against them. Get a life, for goodness sake. All you EVER do is moan, moan, moan.

What a dreadful state to allow yourselves to get into. This player wants to give all for the cause at the Wolves, and all you do is knock him. How well do you perform as supporters? Supporters "SUPPORT." Some of you couldn't find your way to the Mol with a satnav, and yet you knock performances and players with impunity. just try to be positive for once in your lives. you never know, you might enjoy being away from the other sheep.

Harrow Wolf

Agree he has never shined here but he was a class player when he played for reading and i was very happy when we brougt him from hull (i think). Another player mcarthey ruined,but he always gives it his all and under the right boss could shine. So stop with the unconstructive comments (insults) and give the bloke a chance.


His motor has gone - deadwood - get rid!



Are you watching what I'm watching

Can't give him a contract on the basis of one kick he did 2 years ago.

Think its been said already but strange how he can be fit just when his contract is about to run out.

saying that he is probably better than many who start every week so do we give in to him cos we aint got anyone better ?

Are you watching what I'm watching

Blimey I just read that our new defender Kaspars Gorkss was slapped by a fan last time he played here for QPR - thats what i call getting one in early cos we usually wait till they have been here a few weeks before we have a go !!!

Welcome to Wolves Kaspars xx

Dudley Buoy

Injured player with no pre-season training. Is he fit ?I guess he deserves a chance but he has done nothing for us since the famous last gasp Blackburn goal 2 seasons ago. Trouble with WW is that the players as a squad are not unified, nor resilient, nor showing professionalism and character, let alone any ability. I speculate there are clearly cliques and counter-productive activites that will only be sorted our with a massive player clear out and a re-build. I have lost faith in all the old guard who got us relegated and want to see them go. We fans should be angry and asking questions. Why do WW keep us at such arm-length? I do not feel included nor a valued partner by WW, I feel I am a marketing statistic for repeat sales. I despair

old golds worth more

Its not DS he's going to have to impress, but the man holding the money JM! He will only get a new deal if he drops his wages, (as much as I like his go for approach), I feel he's another free for someone in the summer, just to get him off of the wage bill.


It appears that some of us have totally lost the plot. How on eart can we offer this bloke a new contract? I believe he is one of the reasons along with........ ( we all know who they are) why we are in this position. Yes i agree that he is here now, fit ish ! and raring to go but his words mean has much as the big comments made by Henry, Saunders and Moxey. Pure Bo......ks. Now less of of the rant and back to the point.

Hunt out

Moxey out

Morgan out

Thank you.

John K

If we go down again this season you knockers can hang your heads in shame. You don't deserve to support our great club - I don't give a damn if you have attended every match home and away for the last 5 years. Your negativity has made the players scared. All you ever do is moan moan moan. You are a miserable uncharitable bunch who should go and watch AN. other team. HOW can we ever attract decent hungry players with fans like you. Shameful..

Rushall Wolves

Well said John K! I hate negativity and reading anything positive on this site is a rareity indeed. You have hit the nail on the head. Negativity has rubbed off on the team and affected the confidence of the players! Players like Ward, Doyle, Henry, Berra are all the usual scapegoats. I agree that these players have underperformed, but you have to ask the question why?

If you have nothing positive or constructive to comment about, then do us all a favour, you Statler and Waldorf fans, stay at home and complain about the wife's cooking!