Wolves target Stephen Warnock set to join Leeds

Wolves were today set to miss out on Stephen Warnock with the Aston Villa left-back on his way to Championship rivals Leeds to discuss a permanent move.

Soccer - Pre Season Friendly - Burton Albion v Aston Villa XI - Pirelli Stadium

Warnock – a confirmed target of Wolves manager Dean Saunders – travelled to Leeds today to discuss personal terms on an 18-month deal at Elland Road.

Talks are at an advanced stage after a nominal fee was agreed between the clubs. Neil Warnock’s side have moved ahead of West Ham, who are only offering a deal unil the end of the season.

Both Wolves and Villa confirmed there was an enquiry from Molineux for the 31-year-old, but it appears Warnock’s destiny hinged on who was prepared to pay the most of his £40,000-a-week wages.

Manager Saunders has also been linked with Southampton left-back Danny Fox, but Wolves were cool on the prospect of any interest in the former Walsall defender today.

Meanwhile, Norwich insist no bid has been tabled for striker Simeon Jackson, who Wolves have been watching.

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Comments for: "Wolves target Stephen Warnock set to join Leeds"


I wonder if we only offered a loan deal?

It will be easy for M and M to say ''we tried to sign player x, player y'', but if they are not realistic in their offers, then they are worthless.

I'm still looking forward to the signings that DS makes, as he has stated they will not be squad players. (I will not hold my breath.)


Why am i not surprised! Smells of Moxey yet again! Same old Wolves. We are wheRe we are because of him. That's if the rumours have any substance. But we have been down this road before. Leeds want it more than wolves, yet come to think of it all the clubs in this league want it more than Wolves.

I say it again as many have done before me, WE WILL NOT DO ANY GOOD UNTIL MOXEY IS OUT!

Never mind eh. We'll just be the whipping boys for every bugger else as usual.

No passion. No sound investment = relegation!


Can't blame him for wanting to play for his dad, Colin.


Gone to a bigger club


And better!!


Another disgraceful epsiode for the not so obvious reason

When the Club are doing 'Real Business' (whether buying, loaning or selling), They do it quietly. This Paper has to play ball or otherwise it loses its communication lines into the Club

A recent example being the Richard Stearman loan which was only reported as a done deal once concluded

The Warnock example is a disgrace. Why?

Because it was always a non starter

Yet the Club were happy to let this Paper keep Wolves Fans believing that it was a possibility.

If they had been serious about the Business , then this Paper wouldnt have been allowed to report its development over several days..there would have been a '3 line whip' veil of secrecy drawn over it.

Another deal that never was.

Any real incoming deals will be done very quietly and will be very cheap.

Wheres the Money Gone?

...Ever Decreasing Circles


Why can i sense another transfer window closing fast and no decent players in................ if there was ever a time to act it is now. We are in BIG trouble.

spanish ray

It shouldn`t be a surprise that we haven`t signed anybody yet Morgan is running true to form in only looking for loans and cheapos.It really is time that the fans started showing their dissappointment by staying away until Morgan has sold out and Moxey has dissappeared.This club will never ever do well until these two have gone.


so... basically that means we have got rid of just one player and not signed anyone???

with only two days left of the transfer window not looking good.. the squad needs changing!

at least with stale he new that he had to get rid of loads of players and had targets lined up.. maybe thats the real reason wolves got rid? so they wouldn't have to spend any money?

oh well, will be at leicester game on thursday still...


Sorry Deeps but your last line explains this clubs attitude towards it's fans. I for one won't be there and can't face watching it from my armchair either. I sympathize with your comments but think Spanish Ray has made a better one. Don't buy into Morgan & Moxeys piss take, it only encourages them.

The Flying Winger

Don't worry we have Hunt now for LB position, daftest thing since Stearman at RB.

It is becoming more apparent that Moxey's words some weeks ago about these players having to get us out of this mess, was a statement of intent not to buy anyone this month

That is looking as though this is what will happen, no one is coming and fans have been given another false dawn.


The people who pretend to run our club are total and utter jokers.

The sooner the fans turn on Morgan and moxey and get them out, the sooner we start recovering from this embarrassing state.

Protests must start now!!!


Ok I take it you have a new owner lined up than?.


NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF WE SIT THERE AND TAKE IT!! You keep calpin if you want!

Moxey's hair gel

i will buy.

i will even double Morgan's money - #20 - no problem


Anything would be better than laurel and hardy....oh i forgot your solvent and yow am a bigger club than us

Bully chose better.....

& we always will be.............




Morgs and mox have ruined our club.

There is only one way to hit these guys ands thats by not going to molineux.

Get a grip football fans. Spend some time with your family instead.

My season ticket in storage.

Its a total disgrace.


Hope to stay up, sell everyone , then start afresh with our youngsters........ Numbers down, wages down and SUPPORT DOWN .

As a long term plan i hope i`m still alive to see it !


Well how familiar is this, eh? Money has talked again and Moxey has left us high and dry with his refusal to pay the going rate. Why have we been outbid on the wages side by Leeds for God's sake when we have £25m from summer sales and parachute payment advantage over them???

I've said before Danny Fox would be a good option but I don't suppose that will materialise either.

Early bird anyone?


Oh well there's a huge shock. Let's face it, we all knew this was coming.. think we need to do whatever we can to bring in Danny Fox, as with Ward and Elokobi both injured we have no left-back at the club. Disgraceful.

bytham wolves lincs.

so we missed another player by being too slow just like the rubbish we have now. sort it out moxey. pay the wages so we can attract some quality players.

Not keen on the Last Manager. Or the CEO

Frantic Friday was followed by Slow Saturday and Sunday, Morbid Monday, Tense Tuesday, Wait (a bit longer) Wednesday and finally closed with Tempting Thursday!

Temptation being an irresistible force at work (The supporters) trying to move static bodies (Morgan and Moxey )


And the eve of the game dim and dull friday


can't blame him to be honest.

Gordon Bennett

Steve Bull said Last week that Morgan was committed to getting us back in the prem. Steve, man, have they issued you with the same rosy coloured specs that everyone else at the Mol seems to be wearing? You said "wait and see" well Frantic Friday came and went, manic Monday came and went and now we seem to be drifting aimlessly through Tuesday, asking daft Money for Stearman when maybe £1m might have seen him off the books with cash for us.

Last minute brinkmanship, Moxey's method of operation has seen us miss out on quality again and again, but at least Mick seemed to know who he was after. We are now totally in the dark about what Deano is trying to achieve, apart from getting the wage bill down.

Give me strength!!!!!

Waggies Left Peg

Shock Horror, Wolves miss out on transfer target because they want everything for nothing, it's been said before "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys", guess we have more monkets on the way then.

StandUpif YouLoveJez

come on this is laughable. Everyone knew it. There is no way Moxey would pay the going rate.

And that is why we are heading to League one..

such a well run club , it make you feel warm inside doesn't it?


Yet another player slipping through our fingers because we aren't prepared to pay the wages! You pay peanuts you know what you get.... a league 1 side!

paul davo

another one bites the dust, he would have of been a good one for wolves, small fee would have compensated for the wages he"s on, as Leeds have already worked out , two and a half days left to save the club from the drop Moxey, an influx of new faces needed to lift the club, WAITING for the excuses, ie clubs won"t release players, wage demands to high, I just hope M&M make me eat my words, but i won"t hold my breath .


The pair of clowns at the helm of our club are making us a laughing stock - to mirror the rest of the West Midlands. Asking far too much for players and then loaning out to relegation rivals and getting pipped by Leeds - nowhere near as successful and just coming out of a financial nightmare - because of skimping, is farcical! Not interested in Danny Fox... well who are we after? Pull your finger out Derek Branning, as there is already a Get Moxey Out facebook page and a Supporters Petition Group meeting tonight. This club is in turmoil and there is a distinct possibility of relegation? If that happens, wait for the backlash and see the attendances drop a lot more!


Our predicament is beyond serious, yet we can't sign a premier player (even on loan) and continue to chase lower division players. It feels like it is April Fool's day every day I read the E&S!1 I can't believe the level of ineptitude by the management. Surely Morgan can see how grossly our of depth Moxey is? Just get rid!!

Tamworth Wolves

Is anyone suprised by this, look foward to watching my local team Tamworth against the Wolves in the conference in a few years time with these buffoons in charge. A Sunday football club is run better, I have supported the club ofr over 40 years and always had a car sticker in my car to show my support but after the pathetic excuse for a club over the last few months this has been removed to save any further embarassment


Your a TRUE fan surport you team though thick and thin,how much should we pay in wages £40000/50000/60000 money don't matter as long as we get our man,and when the prices go up you lot will be here to pay the increased charges


Leave it out Rat....suppose you wanted TC a new stand and continuation of all this dross. You have to accept the Club is in crisis and that is down to your mate's, Jez and Steve.


Agreed 100%


Best form of protest is to stay away boycott boycott


what you want a gold watch because you have removed your sticker from your car

Loyal Wulfrian

It looks like it is the wages structure at Wolves which will be our downfall. All these rumours but nobody signed. Not long to gonow. I will be very disappointed if we don't get at least a left back and a striker before he deadline. But it looks like loan deals for us if any. Can the once great Wolves attract better players, probably not. UTW


Suprise Suprise, we miss out again.


I despair....I think I might place my season ticket in an ATM and allow it to be swallowed up and never seen again....I don't think I have ever felt so deflated about the wolves....48 hours remain, another thrashing against Leicester.....if Moxey dare say, we tried our best but we simply won't pay silly money bla bla bla, had enough of the wolves now been going since I was 8 I'm now 36, everything about the club stinks of defeat, the ground, staff, owner, CEO, me....you..........ever other poor sod that has to endure the molineux.....................oh dear............

Bojangles Wolf

No-ones coming in are they???

Hes got to do something and Id go for some the following people if i was Deano.

Matt Smith(Oldham), Jose Baxter (Oldham), Danny Fox (Southampton), Steve Morison (Norwich), Andros Townsend (Spurs-Loan), Arron Cresswell (Ipswich), Scott Loach (Ipswich), Gael Bigiramana (Newcastle- Loan), Jobi McAnuff (Reading), Dave Jones (Wigan- Loan {Get Him Back})

But we arent even being linked with anyone- Its VERY VERY disturbing being a Wolves fan at present!


Here we go again...., same old crap.

All that dosh in the bank and we lose out to Leeds this time...NO AMBITION, NO CLUE....under this lot we are in big trouble...the Wolves are going down!

Weybourne Wanderer

It seems as if the excuses are already coming in thick and fast!

gReEn NiGeL

He wasn't coming anyway.Why would he join a bunch of unambitious losers on low wages ?.

Wednesbury wolves

Was never coming, moxey would not pay half his wages never mind 40,000 a week. Glad we have got all the new players in, so that there ready for leicester on thursday!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely clueless.

Saunders Foot

No club in the championship can pay 40k a week, there's better out there somewhere, just need the right man to sniff em out.

We Only Need One Half!

The penny dropped has it, Sherlock! I have been posting that on your pages for over three years.

Mills wolf

This just shows how far we have fell when we cant or wont compete with leeds, a club who went terribly in debht not long ago and went crashing into division 1

Morgan out

Wheres the money gone ?


all talk and no action ...mind you whats new.... we are fast becoming the laughing stock of the football fraternity in the midlands ....oh for the days of Mr.cullis ...oh i forgot they sacked him as well!! there you go never did have a board that knew what they were doing ...AND WE STILL DONT...i thought people learnt by their mistakes obviously not!!

Morgan out !!!!!!!!!

YOU CAN STICK YOUR EARLY BIRD WHERE THE SUN DOW SHINE...... Im done untill morgan and moxey have left !!!!

Phil Smith

Absolutely typical!!!

Filthy Wolf


Remember that boys, it will be the byword for 2012/2013 season.

Missed players, missed shots, tackles, crosses, headers, clearances...........

Hopefully "MIssed relegation" will end the season.

SydneyAU Wolves

One comment in that story tells me everything I need to know - "destiny hinged on who was prepared to pay the most of his £40,000-a-week wages."

I have taught my kids - normally you get what you pay for, for wolves these days that is so true.

Silver Wolf

At this moment in time I don't think it matters much.

It might go some way toward understanding why we regularly fail to get the players we would prefer to recruit, but the death wish that seems to pervade the air at Molineux will hardly disappear simply by the arrival of Warnock or, for that matter, any one player in this world.

A mass exodus of the 'tried and failed brigade' is needed followed by a recruitment drive for worthwhile players. But, how that is to be achieved is anyone's guess - a start from Division1 now looks a real possibility.

Lanesfield Wolf

With Warnock’s destiny hinged on who was prepared to pay the most of his £40,000-a-week wages we were doomed.

Moxey's wage policy, which has brought Wolves so much financial success (shame about the football), ensured that we had no chance.

I don't believe that any fit player would choose Wolves with the current management structure.

The whole of the football world thinks that Morgan and Moxey are a joke.


So Leeds are more ambitious than Wolves, what a surprise!


Why are you surprised? You ain't a big club... Leeds have had loads of trash over the years but still a bigger club than Wolves, ever have or ever will be..


I would hazard a guess that the comment was heavily laden with sarcasm..... I may be wrong but, like most of us suffering Wolves fans, WorcesterWolf is probably sick to the back teeth of the delusional comments that spout the "big club" rubbish and expect us to attract all the top players....

The last time we were a big club was the 50's and I wasn't even a twinkle in my old mans eye then......

Apart from winning the last ever First Division in '92, Leeds were last of any greatness during the late 60's to mid 70's.....

The words pot, kettle and black come to mind....

Taxi for the two clowns

Morgan out !!!!!!

Moxey out!!!!!!


Looks like no movement - struggle ahead


Struggle ahead !!! we have been struggling all season


If this was medieval times, Moxey and Morgan would be in the stocks, they are worse than a pair of clowns, every day it goes from one error to another. When will they start to run our club properly.. We should have had 2 or 3 quality players in by now swapped for some of the deadwood.. We need a striker, we don't need to sell one. If Ebank Blake goes, we would then need 2 strikers. The whole thing is just a comedy of errors, I pray for the day to come when Moxey leaves us. I think there will be a big party like winning the league or cup final, cars hooting all day long. We are not in debt, yet we act like Barnsley! Saying that Barnsley fans probably get treated better.

wednesbury wolves

he we go another player missed players leaving none coming in what a joke is really worth being a wolves fan i am not blaming deano its morgan,moxey making sure the purse strings are shut very firmly shut so come on lets get players in please

Phil Smith

Mr Chairman and CEO I'm really struggling to comprehend how rapid our demise has been. Cannon and Ball would have struggled to do a worse job. Please understand the majority of fans couldn't give a hoot how solvent we are. We care about what happens on the field.

We, obviously now, can't compete with the likes of Leeds or Crystal Palace.

What are our Goals? What are our real aspirations? Its obvious the Premier League isn't either.

We will not invest in the likes of Stephen Warnock. Not a Premier League player, but perhaps one that will help us get there.

Mr Morgan your silence is deafening. Mr Moxey your deceit is almost abusive as far as us fans are concerened.

Stale Solbakken was right. The players we have do need changing. Dean Saunders will know that now.

What Stale needed was support and backing, just as Dean Saunders does now.

Where is that support? Where is your commitment? Where is your ambition?

Have a look at at yourselves. The common denominators in all of this is you pair.....I really do fear fear the worst unless you accept not only the part you're playing in this farce but accept your responsibility in putting it right instead of blaming manager after manager.

Adi Nuff

Couldn't agree more. Well written.

The point I would make is this. The club, we are told, is solvent....wonderful. So why do we need a multi millionaire like Steve Morgan. He invests nothing and takes plenty.

We would be far better off with a less wealthy but more commited person who actually supports the club and cares about the supporters.

Plenty money is useless to us when its not ours nor never will be.

hagley Numpty

The first of many non-arrivals!. Morgan and Moxey aka Bhatti Bros reincarnated no doubt trying to "attract" players with little or no intention with an invisible cheque book. Fans taken for a ride yet again. My advice as a former season ticket holder is stay away and someting may get done. Dont hold your breath

Selly park wolf

Another potential target come and gone as like frimpong, which once again comes down to the fact that misers moxey and Morgan are doing it on the cheap!

The club is staring the league1 trap door in the face and not a signing on the horizon.

I'm sick of listening to all the PR bull that comes from the molinuex big wigs, which wasn't helped by last weeks Steve bull blog when he was full of praise for the scouse mafia.

I feel saddened for our demise but I also feel disgusted that Morgan's promise of investing in the club to a certain real gentleman in sir jack Hayward, heaven knows how the haywards are feeling about this lot.

Morgan please sell our club to someone who cares you are a disgrace to our great club!

And as for the happy clappers that kept reminding me that we are a well run club throughout this season all I can say is you too are a joke. RIP WWFC

Realistic Wolf

Usual hive of activity I see, pathetic does not describe it. Come on Jez, I suppose the yes man has said the squad is good enough. Stale wanted big changes, unfortunately it would have cost money, hence the boot. Bit like our style of football really. Saunders should stand up and tell us what he really thinks about this fiasco. If he thinks picking the same old has been team will improve our chances then we are doomed to relegation. If we cannot afford to buy (oh really)then play Stale's signings along with the youngsters, at least we may see some effort.


Who can blame him... I cant imagine that Moxey offerred to pay much of his wages ! maybe a pie and a Bovril at each game.


It's a family aff-aaaaiiiiiiirrrrrr

It's a family aff-aaaiiirrrr

Hey ho. Onwards and downwards.

Sedgley Slayer

Warnock to Leeds, no bid for Jackson. So who exactly are we trying to sign?

But there again, why would we be interested in a left-back with lots of Prem experience and has even represented England?????

Hard not to feel incredibly dissilusioned as a Wolves fan right now.

The people who run this club are an absolute joke.

Fatcat Hater

Well when you just talk about targets and dont place bids like our great club other clubs beat you to them, but every wolves fan know no one will be coming in and waiting for Moxey's yearly statement that they tried but were priced out, plus stop letting people leave on loan just sell them if there not needed otherwise the same problem happens next year.

Northampton Wolves

Never felt so deflated and uninterested in my Wolves supporting career.

This is worse than seeing Wolves get beat in the 1987 playoff final v Aldershot..

The chairman is a joke and we c'ant attract half decent players to save our life.

Please transfer all the big wage earners and play our youth players.

Would rather be in a relegation battle with the young lads than the present idiots.

Wolves have lost their identity.


What a joke...as if we really tried to sign this bloke? Does Morgan think we are stupid ? We do the same old thing every year, pretend we have been in for players to appease teh fans, then trot out the same, lame old excuse "couldnt do a deal"...." we were so close to doing business"....well Moxey, you don't fool us any more. Morgan , just get out of MY club, and Moxey, if you had any morals you would resign. You have taken us backwards, and is unforgiveable. We all need to vote with our feet and show these two numpties we have had enough of this circus of horror


The problem being Wolves never showed enough interest in the player.................. again this is MOXEYS job. Every recent manager has stated they submit their targets and leaves it to Jez to negotiate.


wait for the "we tried to sign a few players but there was no point in signing players worse than we have" speech to come tomorrow. Ask any Stoke fan, the difference before him and the difference after Moxey.

No excuse. If Leeds do sign him then obviously their negotiator is better than Jez Moxey! As for wages, how can Leeds afford them if we can't???

COMPLETE SHAMBLES WOLVES! and some of you fans stick up for him and wonder why we are where we are. You say its just the players fault................ wake up! This club will average 15,000 fans next season if nothing is done, then you wont be so blind to it.

lord chips

Oh well.... looks loyke weem not as attractive as bankrupt Leeds.... can,t win em all... pardon the pun....


Bankrupt Leeds ?

You are jokin'

Get up to date

The Flying Winger

Who is the 21st Richest man In the country?

Yes you have guessed correctly.


Jez Moxey!


Hmmm... I wonder if Sir Anthony Bamford would be interested in buying a football club... he certainly deals in the right colours...

Accountant Wolf

It's Eddie and Sol Zakay at #29.

Mr Morgan is not in the top 100, if that's whom you were referring to.


Quite so, Acc. Wolf. He's about 210th. isn't he?


Oh its so easy to pull money out of thin air for players, coventry,Portsmouth,Leeds (now after 10 years now got money men in )the trouble with you wolves fans is that you cant see where the money has gone we still have a wage bill of 30million we still have police bill 15grand a game we still have rates to pay to council,electric bills,staff.the acadamy all those players and staff all in all about spent the jarvis.fletcher money we have players on big money still here and surprise surprise no one in the league we are in can afford to pay them and no one in the premship wants them,so we are stuck with 30 odd players all getting big wages,so wake up wolves fans unless some rich arab wants us we are stuck with what we have and just look at Birmingham they overspent and now in trouble

Realistic Tim

A last a realistic poster, thank goodness for some common sense! Thank goodness Jez Moxey is charge of the finances and not some of you jokers who seem to think that money grows on trees. Tell me if I'm wrong here, but last time I looked, there was no queue of rich Arabs or Russian billionaires waiting outside the Mol demanding to buy the club from Mr Morgan. I'm no happier than anyone else about the situation at the club but unless some of you want to dip your hands into your pockets and make the owner an offer he cannot refuse nothing will change.


Time gentlemen please, I was a season ticket hold for best part of 35 years and was fed up with all the deception and broken promises comin out of Molineux. Saved meself and me family loads of cash.

Didnt we used to be a club with ambition!!

Morgan go back to spouse land and invest in your beloved Liverpool.We dont want you at for club!! Your investment and vision since you've been at the club are laughable.Your bringing this great club down to its knees.We've not had much down the Wolves since we won the league cup in 1980 but we've had pride and dignity,your turning us into an embarrassment.GO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!


Whilst I have always been a loyal fan the current state of our club is fast becoming and probably become way beyond the ridicule of this E & S forum page. It is apparent that we have lost all ambition and relegation could soon be a reality, what will we become then?????????????

I don't know whether M & M ever truly listen to fans but I for one will not pay to watch this farce, as for Thursday it will come and go and the only certainty will be another defeat and probably a heavy one too!!!!!!


Reading Mr Bulls bloggs last week, when he chatted on the express & star video questions and answers he was saying that Morgan was new what he was doing and that he was heading in the right direction.Well, Mr Bull if thats how you assess someone then i will give your restaurant a miss in the future as your obviously deluded as the rest of the football club that you represent...


Is Mr Scholls, Giggs or Beckham available think of the shirts we cold sell, there's some good players from the lower leagues, watched Bradford a couple of time and there was a lad called Bell who ran rings(Sorry for the pun) around Arsenal and Villa I'm sure e could do the business against Peterborough and he likes. Keep the faith I feel a suprise coming on Friday .


Can't blame him; only a fool would want to join the rubbish we currently call the squad. The managers keep getting blamed, 4 in 12 months, and they still can't perform!

Mark B

The guys too expensive for what he is, OLD and a typical Leeds player dirty.

nigel wolfnut

Can someone please tell me - is there a plan at the Molineux? What are we hoping to achieve and how do we propose to achieve it? Go on enlighten me. It's bargain basement time folks. Don't forget the new TV deal in the Prem. We really are going to be the poor relations. We didn't invest this time last year, built a stand - and it's cost us millions, and will cost a lot more in lost revenue. Morgan is supposed to be businessman. If he ran his company the same way he runs the club he would be broke. Invest properly in the team with a Manager who knows how he wants the team to play. This is being fudged all round. Why would Fox want to come here? the football grapevine will be at work 'Don't touch them mate they're in a mess' - and do you know what - we are. Early Bird anyone?


Well here we are again. No one in but we were promised a few new faces.

Same story from Moxey and Morgan. Are we mislead again? I think so.

We have reached a sorry state now.

Our illustrious CEO and Chairman make mistake after mistake.

They sacked McCarthy 5 months to late, appointed what has turned out the worst manager in the Wolves history, got shu of him and then appointed another non descript manager from no where. Having found him to be another failure, what do they do? they appoint a manager from the lower reaches, again on the cheap, who has been left a load of players that the CEO wants to offload.

This club under this top management is sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss.

As I stated before they promised us some new faces. It is not going to happen and if this is so, then we all should boycott all of the rest of the Wolves home games, not renew our season tickets and let Morgan and Moxey let us sink

They do not deserve our support.


Glad he's not coming. He's no better than Wardy - Just older and slower.

There's no point bringing in anyone who isn't better than what we already have.


Shame. I've always rated Stephan Warnock.


I have read some comments here and they've made me laugh. You should support your team through thick and thin. I'm a Leeds fan and I've had to put up wit this same stuff for last 10 years... Selling our better players and not signing anyone.. The people at the helm ruin and help clubs, can you really pay a little extra? You have Doyle for example and I bet he's on a fortune.. It also says he's on 40,000 I assure you he won't be on more than £20,000 at Leeds, our wage limit at the moment.


Stick to your own club; stick to what you know. If we want to rake over our problems, that's up to us - and it's our W-ton based paper related to our own club. You're not going to tell me you haven't had similar in your local press during those 10 years you write of? Or don't you have as a good an opportunity to comment in your paper (which is why you read others)?


A fan since I was five years old and I've had way too many birthdays since The fire brigade will be called to put out my next birthday cake.

Bilston born, Bilston bred, a Wolves fan forever and ever...

...but even I now come to these pages knowing what the story from Moxey and Morgan will be, long before the Express & Star breaks the bad news.

Following Wolves under these two does, at least, make up for the dire comedy output of the BBC.

And when you see when Morgan and Moxey are doing to our club, you have two choices - sob yourself silly.... or laugh at the pair of 'em.

I gave up being depressed and despairing when they put Clipboard in charge.

It's been non-stop comedy gold ever since.

neil smith

such a shame to see what has happened to us (leeds utd) seems to be happening to another great club. if you cant compete with us,and we are a joke then i fear for you guys!!!! lets hope we see you at elland road next year! best of luck

Tividale WOl

Well I'm going against the grain here because personally I think he's crap,I'm pleased he's going to Leeds, his best days are well gone and he hasn't impressed me whenever I've seen him play recently.i'd rather see a young lad from the reserves play his heart and soul out for us than another free loader get paid the money he will probably want.

Vaugely Noodle

I am fed up with reading the same comments day after day from the same subscribers with nothing happening and no response from morgan and moxey.They keep on taking our money and laugh all the way to the bank.The only way to make these jokers take notice is to hit them where it hurts i.e. in the pocket.Lets have a mass showing of our disgust at the way morgan and moxey are treating us and avoid the next 3 home matches.Lets be honest about it by saying that whats been on offer lately we wont be missing much.3 home matches would be quite a dip in the income and show the deadly duo that we mean business.Come on you Wolves fans stand up for the club we all love.68 years a Wolves fanatic.


Emma Dale i agree with you 100%, all you Wolves fans out there on this site, find Emmas blog read it and take note let it sink in, befor e you start shouting for the club to sign new players, the money is disapearing rapidly in players wages and if no one buys our players then all we can do carry on with them till the season ends. I don't remember any fans protesting when we were buying these players, and i will say this again if the clubs who are buying domestically don't get together and fight for the FA and Football League to get rid of these transfer windows nothing will change. COME ON THE WOLVES.

Laingholm NZ Wolf

Can anyone remember when we last brought anyone of note? Names and dates please as I'm struggling!