First video with Wolves boss Dean Saunders

Dean Saunders was all smiles as he arrived at Wolves' training ground at Compton today to meet the players. Here's his first video interview.


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Comments for: "First video with Wolves boss Dean Saunders"

Angry Allan

Welcome to the club Dean, hope that your time here is successful. Good luck!


Good appointment at least he has league one experience

Sir Billy Quite

Good players working hard - good luck with that!

Melbourne Wolf

Good luck Deano, may the force be with you

Good luck Deano! Players working hard! Well said, you've maybe done your homework already! Maybe closing the opposition down in our half would help greatly too! Just a point a of note regarding Morgans rebuild of the Molineux! Can understand where he is coming from due to the lack of atmosphere, even when we are winning! Most teams enjoy playing in our own 'backyard' and in closing the ground up, making it an intimidating arena for the opposition, may result in a few extra points a season?!? UTW

Sam Wolf

Let’s hope he can keep on smiling, that is probably more of a challenge than getting to the team to the Premiership with Gerald balance the books Moxey purchased on his shoulders


Great appointment, not too soon either, must have been in the pipeline for some time. ATB Dean, get rid of all the deadwood first.

Stafford wolf

Morning Dean. Welcome to the wacky world of Wolverhampton Wanderers!

We Only Need One Half!

Was it difficult for you to leave Doncaster?

Yes, those roadworks on the A1682 are a bleedin nightmare!

It couldn't have been that difficult a decision, took him all of 12 hours to make his mind up (and that was including beddy byes time!) Or, has he been lined up for weeks? Morgan and Moxey were determined not to have another Mick power vacuum scenario this time round! For your lots sake, hope its not choose in haste, repent at leisure.

Golden blood

Good luck Deano. There is no logic behind this statement whatsoever.

I think he is going to be a belting manager for us. It just feels right, he is certainly up and coming but has no track record. He is not tainted by pre conceived ideas.

Good luck Dean.

Tettehall Wolf

Good luck Deano. I think you will need it.


I wish Dean all the best he was a fantastic player, Let's hope he turns my beloved wolves around.

Good Luck Dean.

steve hingley

do not want saunders morgan sack a manager by fone is shocking.hope morgan gets relegated to league least wolves fans of old had some backbone.stale to get new job and we sack saunders then back to square one.

Ian B

Good luck Dean a lot of hard work to be done, please sort out our defense, the squad, and don't worry get the team playing well and the whole town will be behind you. All we want is good football and back to winning ways. Come on the management get behind the manager and we can be up there with the big boys.

Mark C

This could be very interesting? Not my first choice or second, third or forth for that matter. I don't like morgan or moxey but they acted very fast with this appointment. I say good luck to Dean you have one hell of a hard job. And let us fans show him true support! Please clearout as much deadwood as possible and sign new defender, creative midfielder and striker you can score.

As fans we want to see good attacking football and players you want to win! Dean, just finish season as high as possible and go for it next season!


Good Luck Dean Saunders, you are gona need it! The bunch of lads you are going to work width is gona let you down as well. The sinking ship already taking in a loads of water. To get safe you have to start sack players, and that is the only way out of the mess! Just start with Karl Henry and continue!

Sacking Solbakken was a big big mistake!

steve bull wolf

watch your back dont expect sod all off morgan welcome to wolves

paul villa

Ex "Villa" man , Quality at last !

Good luck .


Wonder how much of this appointment is the Old Boys Club from Wrexham ???

Seems that this appointment is not necessarily a Morgan & Moxey appointment but a Thelwell appointment.

Coincidence that Thelwell, Weaver, Webber, Saunders, Carey & Fitness coach were all at Wrexham together

3rd Gen. Wolves Fan

First job as Wolves new manager, Dean Saunders must prevent South bank from shouting "Wolves a we?", hope ya'll agree! Now try "Dean Saunders he's with the Wanderers" etc


Good luck Deano, hope you get rid of the dead wood- ship them off to Ipswich. Take what them two say with a pinch of salt,we do. Us on the South bank are behind you."COME ON ME BABIS"


Welcome to wolves lets hope you can save us from the drop and plan for a place in the play offs next season. UTW...

Great Barr Wolves

Welcome Dean, you weren't on my radar but good luck you are going to need it with this lot from the board to players. Just show us some improvement and you will get the backing of the fans. Its to late to get promoted this season so get everyone ready for next. BILLY SHARP, JAKE LIVERMORE for starters please.

paul davo

Well dean you got the job, so i wish you good luck, would have liked a top name but you never know we all have to start some ware, so come on all wolves fans get to the game friday and show Dean just how much we love our club, LIFT THE LID OFF .

dale bate

dimatteo would have been amore appropriate appointment

johny will south bonker

Congrats on your appointment Dean I wish you all the best , just put a team out that gives a trying performance that look interested if we get beat by a better team then fair enough we can accept that. All season this team has had a look of lost sheep I'm sure Your Welsh heritage can gather them back together Good Luck Deano !!!!!

Andy Small

Welcome Deano, not sure if the job may prove too big for you, only time will tell. Any chance of seeing some shots at goal for a change ?


fans who expect wolves to challege for promotion in the next 10 years are just as clueless as morgan.morgan had chance in premiership and blew it bigtime.remember john ireland stand got built we sunk big style.will not forgive fans who abused graham turner.i blame all the idiots who got mick the sack.will never forget the old days.south bank still rules,other stands full of muppets.a protest is needed,build anew stand or investment on pitch?


Good luck Deano Welcome to Wolves


I love the fact that he has a plan. Has basic and realistic targets and it sounds like he is prepared to sort out a few egos!

Good Luck Dean welcome to the Pack. Make yourself Pack master quickly!!

Come on you Wolves!

Wolfy Wonders...............What Now?

I think this is where Mr Saunders will have his chance to get the bit bewteen his teeth and shine to be honest and make a good managerial name for himself.

Go and get em' Dean!


Welcome to Wolves, Dean. I'm PeteNuts, you'll soon come to know and love me as "The Funny One" and "The One Who Can Successfully String A Few Sentences Together." As such, I'll stick out like a sore thumb.


Welcome to wolves Dean hope you can bring back some respect to this wonderfull club we all need it,good luck see you at Brighton on May 4

theocol wulf

wecome deano,what a player! lets get some goals,we love them @.'molly.get the boys shooting from all positions, i,m ashamed at our shots @goal record over the last few years.remember we were the only club in football league to score 100 goals per season,& we won leagues.i,d rather win 5/4 than1/ this & we will love you!

graham dyhouse

I think that he will make an exceptional manager, as he has been a player and he will keep wolves in the championship league.from graham[a villa fan]