West Brom begin search for Ashworth successor

Albion have begun the search for a new sporting and technical director with Jeremy Peace set to ask FA-bound Dan Ashworth to head-hunt his own replacement.

Albion have begun the search for a new sporting and technical director with Jeremy Peace set to ask FA-bound Dan Ashworth to head-hunt his own replacement.

The Baggies hope to keep Ashworth until the end of the season before he leaves to take up his new role in charge of the national football centre.

And his top priority in his final months at The Hawthorns will be to lead the process to recruit his successor.

Talks between Albion, FA officials and Ashworth in the last 48 hours have left the Baggies resigned to losing their highly respected football supremo, who has made it clear he wants to accept the challenge of heading up the FA’s operation at the new St George’s Park site near Burton-on-Trent.

The club and the FA could make a formal announcement before the weekend. The FA, who are keen to set Ashworth to work as soon as possible, have asked about buying him out of his £200,000-per-year Albion contract, which includes a 12-month notice period.

But Peace has made it clear he wants Ashworth to work a large portion of the period with the Baggies keen to keep him in charge of their football operations for the whole of this season.

Albion want Ashworth, who heads the club’s scouting and recruitment department, to remain in charge for the January transfer window.

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Comments for: "West Brom begin search for Ashworth successor"

Inside Man

Must be doing something right if all our people keep being headhunted. As long as the replacement has the same basic ideas as Dan I'm sure the transition will be smooth. It won't be a disaster as some people will make out & I wouldn't be suprised if we promote from within.

Bromham Baggie

For the last couple of years I've read posts by people who have a huge range of knowledge of the world's players, are brilliant judges of players' abilities, have strong opinions on how football should be played - Dan Ashworth should be easy to replace. However, I'll be sorry to him go.

Baggie in Jersey

Great loss when it happens, and BIG boots to fill. However, I have faith in JP and DA to come up with another gem for the future of WBA.


Is there anyone better to recruit a successor for Dan Ashworth than Dan Ashworth? Let's hope it's another Dan Ashworth special whoever he recommends.

On another note, whilst most of us on here would probably take £200k a year at the drop of a hat, proportionally given the state of finance in football, £4k a week is great value for what Ashworth's brought to the club.

It's a sad day if and when he leaves, but the idea of Ashworth being there is based around continuity of a structure, so I trust JP includes the idea of losing Ashworth in that and the club are well prepared.


kev r, how about terry connor or mcarthy, lol.


Gutted if Dan leaves but its not a one man operation and I'm sure that the club have scouted options for this position just as they have for all the playing staff.


just doing our bit to help our NATION out!!

you expect it though being best side in the midlands!!

hodgson went and we brought clark in

so lets see what happens now !


they have already made one club a laughing stock mate!

we are years infront of those sort of people nowadays !! hence why england are looking at us so much these days!!

i have heard that dominoes pizzas are interested in gettin jez on the front of there leaflets though lol

kev in mallorca

Psalm 23

You were saying?


kev in mallorca


Come on mate you've got to have a comment on this one?


CantelloRocket 78

I've said on another site that it wouldn't exactly be a surprise to see Dan leave,as he's still a young and ambitious guy,you expect interest from 'high' places,and I think Bully said recently that if he didn't take an F.A. Job,he'd probably still be a target for one of the 'big six' clubs.

I've also mentioned elsewhere that many fans have worried in the past when various managers and players have left the Baggies,but we usually end up getting a similar or better replacement.

Dan's part of a network,and all the other pieces are in place,so a new,capable guy slotting in should keep everything solid.

I believe the future's STILL very bright........everybody chill.

Another Worcester Baggie!!

Wish the FA would bloody-well leave Albion alone.

They've already nicked Roy Hodgson and now

they're sniffing around Dan Ashworth.

Still, I suppose if you're the BEST club in the Midlands it's inevitable.........


I still don't understand why England would want Ashworth.

Unless it is to follow the English Cricket team model and have half the players come from overseas! Given the rise in the number of British ex-pats since the Thatcher years, there must loads of skilful kids around the world with English grannies. Maybe Ashworth's role will be to set up a scouting network to find the best ones and get them to play for the mother country?

Anyway, thanks for the squad Dan.

Stoney Lane

I am furious. Throughout my lifetime our players have never got a proper look-in for England. And now the Football Association have not only stolen our manager, but now our sporting director. Why Albion? Is there no-one at West Ham, which every commentator seems to constantly praise? Or ANY of the so-called top six clubs? It also comes at a point when we have a real chance of achieving something in this division for the first time since the late 1970's. And what does it say about Gareth Southgate? He refused the job, but is happy to commentate for ITV on the efforts of others - adding his voice to the army of 'experts' who keep on talking us down. I wish Dan well after the wonderful job he's done for us, but this really is too much!


gutted dan ashworth is going just hope jp can find us a replacment of the same calibre, dan has found us some gems over the years that have moved our club forward he´s always going to be a legend to many of us.

J♣ck the Hat.

Don't blame Dan for wanting to over-see the St George's site and some. He is already in our folk law so he may as well be in ENGLAND's; and in recognition for his wonderful work as the first ever Technical and Sporting Director of our club, *"Thanks for the brilliant service you have given to our club; all the best for the future Dan"*.



We knew DA would leave sooner or later, it wasn't what we wanted but we will prepare for this in the correct way, the infrastructure at WBA is in place to cope.

I see KHS has come to gloat, from what I can see of the situation on "the dark side" it will be many seasons before we have the pleasure of their company again.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I've said before that much as we don't want to lose him if it hadn't been the FA somebody like Chelsea or Liverpool would have come in trying to unsettle him. At least this way he'll have no interest in taking any of the scouting system with him. Football is all about change and every change is a gamble but as others have said, you couldn't have two better blokes than JP and Dan himself doing the selecting.

My personal tip would be Max. A hard task master who gets on well with everybody and is not easily impressed. He also has a vast knowledge of overseas players cloned from watching Youtube videos.


I see we've already had one of those jolly little pranksters from over the way suggesting Mad Mick and even more hilariously Terry Connor. How do they think them up? Oh yes I remember they had us all in stitches when they suggested exactly the same thing when Roy left. Such fun.


IF Peace paid decent wages, maybe Sandwell would be able to keep some staff ?

andrew Farrier

You would think if the FA had any decency they would have left the club alone after poaching the coach . Maybe they will come back for the chairmen next. I cannot say I'm impressed.

lsland baggie

wished they would leave us alone first appleton then hodgson now ashworth who next the masscot baggie bird

Robin Brittain

I wonder what role Roy Hodgson played in the apparently impending appointment of Dan Ashworth by the FA.

Although Ashworth may be just as keen to join the FA as they seem to be to appoint him I cannot but think that the timing of the appointment is not ideal. Having caused disruption to our club in the close season we are now faced with another upheaval shortly after Hodgson left.

Whilst Hodgson may have saved us from relegation it should also be remembered that his stock was very low after he left Liverpool.

If Hodgson has encouraged Ashworth to join him at the FA it scant reward for the club which enabled him to rebuild his career.

I am afraid that the situation leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.


Sorry to see him go but the offer of a position of this kind is a hard one to pass up. Thank you for everything Dan, what a superb job you have done putting us back on the map and making competitive.

However, as Warren said above, who better to find a replacement than the man himself, he rarely gets it wrong and I have the utmost confidence that he won't this this time either

Jack's mate.

Ideal replacement just down the road methinks.

CV reads:-Knows nothing about football but a king of real estate. Saves money in shed loads but will keep the club solvent.

Sound familiar?


Kev R, brilliant mate, that really made me loff as Rocket would say!

Boing Boing!!

Clipboard Clarke

Terry Connor would suit the Albion down to the ground. Get him in!

Cyril Randle

Sad news indeed, but life goes on. Now promise, if we hit a hiccup in the near future, it's got nothing to do with Dan the Man moving on. (I nearly said 'upwards' but thought better of it).

We all wish him well. He may one day be boss at the F.A. and it won't stand for 'Fanny Adams' any more.

Laughing Stock

We are a laughing stock.Moxey costs us £1m a year and Ashworth who actually contributes something only costs £200k.

Sort it out Mr Morgan.

Stripeys for relegation next season.


Clipboard, I hear TC is going for an interview at WV1 4QR tomorrow morning, surely Big Jez wouldn't be stupid enough to give him the job back......would he???

We got solbakken the club

Well done Dan Ashworth! A very astute and ambitious dark sider who wants to represent his country. Hopefully, if and when appointed, can you try and talk Ben Foster out of international retirement please cos after Hart there ain't a lot of Quality. A fixture at Legoland away might do the trick.

Au revoir our kid...


I could be wrong but wasn't there a Technical Director in place prior to Ashworth? He moved on for family reasons (I forget his name)We were in the championship then so it didn't really get the press.

So regarding this situation, its not like Dan set the whole operation up; it was in place prior to him being at the club. So I think we can all be confident that this winning operation will continue.

Mike Baggie Fan(Coseley)

I for one are dissapointed that Dan Ashworth is joining the FA,Great loss, what a excellent job he has done over the years and finding some great players for the Baggies.

We can only wish him well and hope he makes a sucess for the FA.It is important we can find the right replacement to carry on finding the right type of players for this club at the price that is within our structure.so come on jp we need to get this correct !!!Once Again !!!


Obviously RH bigged up DA massively

to the FA having known what a good job

he had done down at B70!!

All the best Dan!

The futures bright....

The Real Bully Hoo.

22 Robin.

I have to admit that the same thought crossed my mind. I'm a proud Englishman but I now have very little interest in the England football team as I feel they have been taken away from me. They have been sold lock, stock and barrel to the highest bidder. If you don't live in London or support one of the big hitters then they're a bit embarrassed about us country bumpkins taking an interest unless they want a manager or technical director that is.

I suppose it may be that Dan fancied the job off his own bat because it will be high profile and unlike the manager's job it will be risk free. But the thought is still there, was there a certain somebody behind the scenes manipulating Gareth Southgate out of the way to make way for somebody whose quality he knows of first hand. If tht's the case thanks for nothing Roy.

Talking of which I notice that there are the first rumblings of dissatisfaction in the media because Roy didn't steamroller the Ukraine.

In respect of the England job I'd like to remind Roy of something he once told Wolves fans 'beware what you wish for.'

31 BR.

I'm not sure if I've got it right but wasn't it Simon Osbourne and didn't he leave because his family were pining for the fiords of Norwich? I seem to remember posting on here at the time that his leaving would pose us major problems as he'd unearthed some good signings for us and he'd be hard to replace. Just shows how wrong you can be, let's hope Dan's replacement is another step forward.

32 WW.

Very funny post.


25- just these wolves divs still think there on the same level as just makes me chuckle mate!!

there a laughing stock and have been for years! how much money they have blew

and more or less everytime we have played them we beat them

and for some mad reason they still think there as good as us

but hahahahahahaha they aint

CantelloRocket 78

It's a new day,and to quote Ian Dury-

'Reasons to be cheerful,one,two,three.....'.

1) If DA does leave,indications are that he'll help the Baggies to get the very best replacement for himself,and I'm sure he already knows the top guys to approach.

2) We now have what's probably the best squad of players ever assembled at The Hawthorns,with a bench full of International players that many other clubs would love to have in their starting XI,and

3) Millions of football fans around the world keep a close watch on the English top flight,and for the last couple of weeks they can see West Brom in the premiership top 3,how impressed are they?

Hey guys,it's such a gas,our club are class!!

Jack's mate.

37.KEV It is blown not blew. It is beaten them not beat them. Finally it is arn't. If you use ain't then us it correctly.

9 out of 10 for the post. 1 out of 10 extremely poor grammar.

CantelloRocket 78

39 Jack's mate-

don't you believe in using a comma from time to time?

By the way,it's aren't,not arn't.

So remember to 'us' it correctly in future.

Wone out of tenn for gramma.

And I think the word I have in mind for your post contains a double 'L'........


im posting football stuff on a newspaper website whilst im at my borin workplace .

not on the apprentice mate!

now calm down and take the register!!


WW respect for saying what you think, I suspect most Wolves supporters think that but won't admit it i.e Solbakken and Jack's mate above.

Boing Boing happy days!!

Robin Brittain

TRBH No.36

I am pleased you share my reservations on the DA appointment. It makes you wonder just who is left at the Albion to poach and I am very relieved that Steve Clarke is a Scot, which hopefully rules him out if Hodgson is replaced. It may be a little premature to mention Hodgson,s demise but many more performances like the abysmal show last night and the pressure will begin in earnest.

I suppose but heaven forbid , that the only realistic target at The Hawthorns will be the Chairman himself. Whilst it's unlikely I am sure he would provide the FA with a giant shake up which is why it will not happen.


This is an absolute disaster

Its good that JP has dug his heals in to keep him till the end of the season, and in JP we must trust. But still today as i speak this is a disaster.


Just sitting in my villa in northern Italy and gone online for the 1st time this week and am very disappointed to hear that.

I believe Jeremy peace will do what it takes to get the right man for the job, after all da has to within the parameters set by JP. So Jp knows exactly what he wants.

Plus more positive headlines for us will turn many heads.

I'm confident.

Jack's mate.

The pocket rocket.

'us' it correctly. Good grief another from the TESCO school of twits, and double 'L' to you.

The Real Bully Hoo.

46 Jack's mate.

When you've been trying to be a Smart Alec and then been shown to have failed miserably you would be best heeding the old Chinese proverb 'Idiot armed with a Hoover in a duel usually blows his own brains out.


46 Jack`s mate

You insufferable OAF,Cantello has pointed out YOUR gramatical shortcomings with "us" it correctly, read your previous post before arrogantly claiming superiority.

Are you familiar with the saying....hoisted by ones own pettard ?

You have managed what was once thought to be impossible.......you have given Dingles an even worse name.

Wall Heath Baggie

That Dan Ashworth as done a very good job for the Club is beyond doubt, but i reckon Uncle Jez will have contingency plans in place and all will be well in the future, Tranquillo ya all , especially Burnley Baggie your in danger of having a cardiac mate.


I was approached to be Dan's successor but i agreed with Jez baby that perhaps my negotiating skills needed to change somewhat !!!!!!!!!!!!.


46. Jacks Mate

"The pocket rocket.

‘us’ it correctly. Good grief another from the TESCO school of twits, and double ‘L’ to you."

I suggest you re-read your post at 39. and then decide who's from the school of twits.

Wall Heath Baggie


Pettard ?? new one on me mate , but it sounds most impressive.




when ya teams about as usefull as an ashtray on a motorbike

Cyril Randle

Some good posts on here. Stop nit-picking the grammar please or you'll start me off ticking and marking instead of swapping chat.

I have said and been lampooned for, the opinion that our sojourn with Hodgson suited both parties and was a marriage of convenience. It exposed us to an internal examination we may not have wished for by someone who is very astute, very articulate, very persuasive and wanting to put 'England Boss' on his CV before he retires. Nothing wrong with that overall, we all have ambitions, but it is also very self-centred.

We are left hoping that JP will pull another Angora bunny from the hat as he probably will.

Last night we lacked a finisher and we may well have been robbed Defoe's goal by the ref and a RADA actor from Ukraine. Some key members were missing, some key members are chosen because of who they are, not because they can still 'do it'. Roy will have them working on accurate centering of the ball for sure, a lost art indeed. I stayed awake the whole time anyway and we certainly deserved a draw at least.

CantelloRocket 78

46 Jack's mate-

it looks like everyone's spotted your extremely embarrassing 'blooper',except the author (that means you by the way).....doh!!!

And is 'pocket' the only word you can come up with to rhyme with Rocket?

How about 'cocket',as in 'Jack's mate cocket's up again.....?

(this is what happens when you decide to play with the 'big boys',yer get yer finger's burnt).

E1 Baggie (was B5 Baggie)

*cough* "petard" *cough*

Jack's mate.

47 & 48. I see that you have both got that book of quotes then. You know quotes are:-The act of repeating erroneously the words of another. The words erroneously repeated!!!!

CantelloRocket 78

47 Bully,

I like it,very funny.

To be honest,I've got several books on Buddhism and Chinese philosophy,but I've never come across a proverb with 'Hoover' in it.

Although I do have one on 'meditation' that says at an advanced stage,your mind becomes a vacuum..........:)

J♣ck the Hat.


Oy mar maet, youm gerrin me a bad naem bay ya. Cummin on eya wi all thet bad spellin un all. Youl atter cum upter scratch if youm gunna kep sayin youm mar maet wo ya.



just had a thought- hodgson -england

clarke - scotland,

we'll get a top unknown taff . he' turn out to be brilliant then h'ell be off to wales

CantelloRocket 78

30 Solbakken the obsessed-

it seems that whilst you were rushing over here to mention DA and Ben Foster for the umpteenth time,there were two lengthy threads on the wolves site,including one about your OWN goalkeeper,that you appear to have missed.

We know you spend all your time reading the Baggies stories,I thought I'd just remind you that other wolves fans are discussing wolves business,while you think of nothing but what's happening at The Hawthorns.

I hope you realise a psychologist would probably put this down to extreme envy of your neighbours?Oh well.......

Auf wiedersehen,our pet kid.


Remember Dan doesn't actually play for us so it's not quite as important as losing Steven Fletcher or Matt Jarvis to below average premiership teams is it!

The Real Bully Hoo.

55 Rocket.

You're right, the original quotation says Dyson but I didn't want to get done for copyright.

49 Max.

At the risk of being branded a swat instead of a roughy toughy football fan, I think a petard was a mediaeval type of bomb. When an army was laying siege to a town, some lucky b****r got the job of running up to the town wall with the petard on the end of a long stick and hoisting it over the wall. Often the bomb would fall off the stick before he reached the wall with unfortunate results for the petard hoister hence 'hoist on his own petard.'

It was a job usually awarded to domebody who was expendable as they weren't much use for anything else. Sid, Kenny, We'veGotStaleAtOurClub etc are always busy trying to drop bombs over here. I wonder why.

PS Max @ 47.

Sorry to hear you're ruling yourself out of the running at this early stage.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Domebody oops. I'll have Jack's Mate after me with a petard.

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