Albion braced for Simon Cox interest

Albion striker Simon Cox has emerged as a a transfer target for Championship club Derby County.

Albion striker Simon Cox has emerged as a a transfer target for Championship club Derby County.

Rams boss Nigel Clough is keeping close tabs on the 23-year-old and will consider a loan swoop if there is any encouragement from the Hawthorns.

Sources in the East Midlands confirmed today that the former Reading and Swindon man is on a list of forwards being watched by Clough, who is looking to strengthen his strikeforce.

The Pride Park chief is also keen on Scunthorpe's highly-rated Gary Hooper, Sheffield United's Billy Sharp and Everton's James Vaughan, who he signed on loan last season.

Albion would not consider selling Cox, who they signed from Swindon for an initial £1.5million a year ago.

But Clough would hope to persuade Baggies officials that an extended spell on loan with Derby and the promise of regular Championship football would represent a useful next phase in the player's development.

Cox is highly-rated at the Hawthorns and staff and coaches were hugely impressed with his positive attitude last season, despite several spells struggling for regular first-team football. and would not consider letting him leave at present.

But Albion are looking to bolster their own forward line over the summer and success in the transfer market for the Baggies could push Cox further down the pecking order, which could open the door for a possible loan move.

The player is also keen to make his mark for the Baggies in the Premier League, having just bought a house close to the club's training ground and would be reluctant to move at present. But his attitude could change if he finds himself on the sidelines in the opening weeks of next season.

But the Baggies will not be pursuing an interest in former Tottenham and West Ham defender Calum Davenport.

The 27-year-old has been working at the Baggies training ground on his rehabilitation from injuries suffered in an alleged domestic incident that is the subject of a pending court case.

But, having signed former Spain international Pablo Ibanez from Atletico Madrid, Albion will not be taking their interest further.

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Comments for: "Albion braced for Simon Cox interest"


Cox showed enough skill and good attitude to warrent a chance to play in the prem so I hope he gets his chance.

I think we will bring in a couple of forwards who may push him down the pecking order, but he is definately a player worth keeping.

Maybe if he does struggle to get in a loan out to a CCC team is a good idea - but with a recall clause.


Didnt rate the bloke when he first signed

but after a while he looked a lot fitter and

much more up for it,he also scored some valuable goals so you have to give him credit.

The best game he`s had for Albion was against

Arsenal in a cup match so hopefully the Prem

will suite him better.

yewtree baggie

we would be mad in getting rid of simon cox i think he as matured as the season went on he reminds me of kevin phillips i think he could be a good player in the prem, luke moore is always available for transfer or loan he doesn't want 2 be here and quite alot of supporters don't want him here he is bone idol and can't be bovered 2 play 4 us wake up rdm and get shot of him. we need 2 strengthen our attacking options abit more and back up keeper apart from that were ready

Cyril Randle

If Simon Cox progresses at the same rate he won't be going anywhere. His attitude is spot on, his workrate and engine of a high level, this could be the start of an important year for him. An early goal or two against top opposition and he'll come good. I have my fingers crossed we shall be seeing, "Cox, the Fox in the Box". We do have a New Zealand International who might benefit from a run with Derby County.


Robert (Koren) I'm sure us ALbion fans wish you all the best unless you sign for the wooluphs.

You have more skill and goals in you than anything they have. Have a great world cup and thanks.


smethwick baggie

I like Cox. I thought he looked a bit stiff when he first arrived and some of his early performances were a bit limp. However, he did improve and I later really enjoyed his penetrating moves in and out the box


if we bring another striker in which im sure we will then i think it will do him good to be loaned out to a championship club but not wolfs aye boing boing


ive heard from next season the premier league are doing away with the traditional white lines around the goalmouth and penalty area of the pitch,they are being replaced with double yellow lines and FA traffic wardens will be on hand to dish out tickets to any parked buses,aye boing boing

Cyril Randle


A photographer on holiday in USA was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read '$10,000 per call'.

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The man thanked the priest and went along his way.

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In every church he saw the same golden telephone with the same '$10,000 per call' sign under it.

The man, arriving back in the Black Country, decided to travel to a church near The Hawthorns at West Bromwich Albion to see if they had the same phone.

He arrived at the church and again, there was the same golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read '50 pence per call.'

The man was surprised so he asked the priest about the sign. 'Reverend, I've travelled all over America and I've seen this same golden telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is a direct line to heaven, but in the USA the price was $10,000 per call. Why is it so cheap here?'

The vicar smiled and answered, 'You're in The Hawthorns Church now, boy..... it's a local call.'


nothing to do with team chaps does anyone have any news on the new strip

No more Moore

Anybody think we're trying to get rid of/loan out the wrong striker. Luke Morre has got to go, I'm sorry to any luke moore fans out there (shouldn't be too many) but I don't think he has it in him to perform at the highest level. I, personally, would rather have Chris Wood up front as he is more of a physical presence and wants to play for us. Any suggestions on who they would like to see up front besides James Beattie. I think Alexander Frei from switzerland is worth a punt as he has scored a lot of goals for his country and has been their best player for many years. He is 30ish i think and so wouldnt cost too much and he is only at a swiss club so his wages wouldn't be too much either :)

Cyril Randle

On the showing we've had for £3million, who in their right minds will want to pay wages to Moore, let alone a transfer fee? I still think there is a very faint hope he will realise what he is throwing away. If he doesn't, his brother will no doubt welcome him at High Street United in the Boys Brigade Sunday League. (Division 2). How tragic.


10,yes mate home strip going to be blue n white stripes aye boing boing


On this site wolves fans keep banging on about wolves players being superior to ALBIONS yet on their site they want to get rid of most of them!.

Watch your backs new wolves players.


P.S. probably wont pass the moerators as this is the third time I've posted.


10, i do know that against us wolfs will be wearing brown shorts aye boing boing



Yes Sir Terry,

Especially after the first ten minutes.



Sir Terry

I've got a hard day today but you have made me laugh out loud with your comments today. You should be on the telly there's a slot that since Saint and Greavsie has not been filled.

As for Cox, I would agree with Happy - he has so much potential. If he struggles early season then loan him out but only with a recall clause. I would also agree with likening him to KP. He does show great awareness and the gift of anticipation around the box. The only permanent move out of the Hawthorns for Cox will be upwards to a bigger prem club like Liverpool Everton or Spurs.

The Real Bully Hoo.

14 Jack.

I've had this problem, especially when you post anything that doesn't toe the pro Wolves line. It seems to happen more at certain times of day so perhaps it's when there's a Wolves fan doing the checks. Hope now's not one of those times or this has got no chance.


Well folks its almost time,not long now for the moment we have all been waiting for,weeks of nail biting tension almost over,who`s it gunna be us or them,yes folks next thursday the fixtures are out, aye boing boing