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New domestic abuse offence created

Theresa May says domestic abuse is "a hideous crime that shatters the lives of victims"

A new domestic abuse offence of "coercive and controlling behaviour" has been announced which has a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison.


Baby's body found 'near' mother's

The body of Charlotte Bevan was found in Avon Gorge

A mother was found dead near the lifeless body of her baby daughter after going missing from a maternity hospital, an inquest has heard.


Family hope for cell-death justice

A police sergeant and two civilians have been charged over a death in custody

The family of a mentally-ill church caretaker who died after collapsing in custody have welcomed the decision to charge a sergeant and two civilian staff with manslaughter, saying they were "cautiously optimistic that justice will be done".


Mental health call for pregnancy

Pregnant women who experience or are at risk of mental health problems should receive extra support, Nice says

Women at risk of mental health problems should receive more support at every stage of pregnancy, healthcare professionals are to be told.


Cartoons 'more violent than films'

Children's cartoons tend to be more violent than adult films, experts say

Children's cartoons are more violent than films for adults, with their main characters more than twice as likely to be killed off than those in films for a maturer audience, according to research.