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Clubs push for May Qatar kick-off

No decision has yet been taken on when the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be played

The Qatar World Cup in 2022 could be played safely between May 5 and June 4 rather than in the winter, the European Club Association has argued.


Sky-watchers out for meteor shower

Weather conditions are said to be near perfect for this year's Geminids meteor shower

Sky-watchers have braved freezing temperatures to enjoy a celestial firework display as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reached its fiery peak.


Geminid meteor shower to light sky

Sky-watchers will be looking to the skies as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reaches its fiery peak.

Sky-watchers will be burning the midnight oil today as one of the year's most spectacular meteor showers reaches its fiery peak.


Child sex image viewers 'need help'

Acpo's child protection police chief Simon Bailey says 'non-contact' paedophiles need treatment, not prosecution (Norfolk Police/PA)

Paedophiles who view child sex images online but are not likely to be "contact abusers" should get medical help rather than face a court, Britain's most senior child protection police chief has said.


Sport's gambling problem revealed

Former Stoke City winger Matthew Etherington admitted to a gambling problem

Professional footballers and cricketers are three times more likely to have a gambling problem than other young men - and the problem is worse if they are on lower incomes, according to new research.


Family 'key to children's progress'

Children of the highest-qualified parents continue to significantly outperform those whose parents are unemployed or have manual labour jobs, the survey found

The family background of children born at the turn of the century is still the most powerful factor in determining their development in school, the latest evidence from a long-term study has suggested.