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7 days ago

MPs criticise UK over Taliban raid

The deadly Taliban attack on Camp Bastion took place in September 2012

British commanders have been accused by MPs of complacency over a Taliban attack on the main UK base in Afghanistan in which two US marines were killed and more than a dozen other personnel injured.

12 days ago

Cancer tests 'give false hope'

Researchers found that more than half of a group of men whose cancers were initially classified as slow-growing turned out to have more dangerous tumours

Men with prostate cancer are being given false hope by tests that underestimate the aggressiveness of their disease, a study suggests.

12 days ago

Anger over paedophile laptop move

A paedophile has launched a bid to have a computer containing photos of his victim to be returned to his possession

A self-confessed paedophile could get his hands on intimate photos of a young girl he abused because police officers have refused to delete them from his confiscated laptop before it is returned, human rights campaigners have said.

14 days ago

MoD accused over Afghanistan book

Dr Mike Martin said he was commissioned by the MoD to research the UK's conflict in the province, but when he turned the study into a book, officials stepped in to block its publication

A former Army captain has accused the Ministry of Defence of trying to block publication of a book on the lessons to be learned from Britain's military campaign in Helmand Province, despite commissioning him to write it in the first place.

24 days ago

Malaysian triumph for Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton won the Malaysian Grand Prix by finishing just over 17 seconds ahead of Nico Rosberg (AP)

Lewis Hamilton's 100th points finish of his Formula One career proved to be a comfortable lights-to-flag win of the Malaysian Grand Prix.

27 days ago

Police crack down on dangerous dogs

Merseyside Police have launched an operation to seize dangerous dogs

A number of dangerous dogs have been seized in a crackdown on owners who flouted court orders which allowed them to keep the animals.

1 month ago

Rosberg triumphs in Australia

Nico Rosberg won the Australian Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg ushered in Formula One's new era by claiming his fourth career victory in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

2 months ago

Miranda angry over detention ruling

The partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald was detained at Heathrow airport under anti-terror laws (AP)

A journalist's partner held for nine hours at Heathrow under anti-terror laws has reacted angrily to a High Court decision that police and security services were legally justified in detaining him and examining material he was carrying.