Broken leg for Wolves' Sylvan Ebanks-Blake

Wolves were today reeling from the blow of losing Sylvan Ebanks-Blake for the rest of the season with a broken leg.

Video journalist Nicky Butler went out onto the streets of Wolverhampton to as Wolves fans reacted to the news. Find her on Twitter @nickybvideo.

Scans yesterday showed the club’s 15-goal top scorer cracked a bone in his lower left leg following the innocuous-looking clash with Birmingham defender Paul Robinson in Monday’s 3-2 win at St Andrew’s.

The 27-year-old striker, who scored twice in Wolves’ latest victory, now faces an operation imminently and won’t return to action until next season.

Manager Dean Saunders initially thought he had suffered ankle ligament damage, and he was able to limp away from the ground on crutches.

But tests confirmed the damage was much worse than first feared. Wolves are now concentrating on their chief marksman’s immediate health but with one eye on the future.

Boss Saunders said today: “In the space of 16 days and three games we have lost three players with broken bones.

"Against Bristol City, we had Carl Ikeme with a broken hand and David Edwards with a foot fracture, and now Sylvan.

"They are freak injuries and they are ones that we could well do without. It was a bitter blow for Sylvan on Monday and for the club too.

"But it gives someone else a chance.”

Ebanks-Blake said today: “Obviously I’m bitterly disappointed to be missing the last five games, but I will be right behind the lads.”

The former double Championship Golden Boot winner is out of contract this summer and may have kicked his last ball for the club.

Saunders had recommended the former Manchester United reserve for an extension to his deal, and he is free to negotiate a free transfer under the Bosman ruling.

Tentative talks had begun on extending his five-year stay after 61 goals in 177 League games for Wolves.

But it’s understood they have been put on hold until the club’s immediate future has been resolved.

Wolves rejected a £1million-plus bid for him from Crystal Palace in January, while there was also interest from Hull City.

The grim news on Ebanks-Blake tempers Wolves’ recent revival after four wins in their last five games.

In that time, the former Plymouth man has shown his value by grabbing four of his goals, while he has missed just one league game this season.

But he becomes the fifth player to be ruled out for the rest of the campaign in the last three weeks after goalkeeper Ikeme, Edwards, Bakary Sako and Razak Boukari.

Saunders must look within his squad for a striking solution, as he can’t recall 23-goal Leigh Griffiths from his loan at Hibernian.

On-loan Wigan forward Nouha Dicko, who came on for Ebanks-Blake at St. Andrew’s, could now win an extended chance.

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Comments for: "Broken leg for Wolves' Sylvan Ebanks-Blake "

The Flying Winger

Hammer blow for us, underlines the foolishness of not signing a new striker.

Hope for a speedy recovery for him.


Doyle will be falling over himself to replace Blake in the center.

Dean Shambles

Now we must ask for Leigh Griffiths back ASAP

the hanging gardens of molineux

How many more times will people ask to get Leigh back from his loan?

How many more times will people keep saying Doyle falls over all the time?

How many more times will people say Blake is lazy and two stone overweight?

How many more times will Dean Saunders be referred to as Dean Shambles?

How many more times will Dean Shambles say stupid things after games?


hahaha - why don't you have a drive up and tell him to come back ASAP - straight past Manchester - turn right at Glasgow....

Chillo Wolf

somebody tell him about the loan deal before i scream


You obviously can't read


Can't you read, it's been said here before & IT'S IN THE BODY OF THE TEXT ABOVE

We can't recall Griffiths


For the umpteenth time their is no call back from griffiths loan


Griffiths isn't coming back ever. He has a g/f up in Scotland and doesn't want to come back to Wolves. I think the loan didn't have a recall clause until the end of the season?



Right then, he has done his bit for the cause. The rest of you, FINISH IT FOR SYLVAN, FOR WOLFTOWN AND FOR THE SHIRT ON YOUR BACKS.

That was me trying to be all "Richard III" there. Stirring stuff.

Leigh Griffiths

I'm on mae way, Jimmy !!!

I'm stirred not shaken after an address like that. I've strapped on mae broadsword , tucked mae kilt in mae longsocks, painted mae wotsits with woad and fired maeself up with a dram or tae of Glenfiddich. I've got mae sandwiches under mae Tam'o'shanter and an A-Z of Bolton.

There'll be nae prisoners taken on my watch

Oh yessir, we arra peeple !

I'm only coming tae watch you understand. I know it hasnae sunk in with some of yers yet, but, I cannae complete my escape from Wolverhampton until the summer, under contract tae Hibs


Sure you shouldn't be Henry V instead Pete? Too much time in The NewH


You mean Henry V Pete not Richard III.


I must admit to being all over the shop with Shakespeare. Henry V, is that the Kenneth Branagh shouty one then? Which one's Richard III? Is he the one who goes mad? Which one's, "My horse! My horse!"? That one's pretty shouty, if memory serves. Anyway, I was thinking of the "once more into the breach" one. So, feel free to sort my Henry from my Dick.

You've found my Achilles heel, can't stand Shakespeare. All those words and thespians. I'm afraid that when it comes to viewing pleasure, it has to be Con Air.

Tim Vine

Try now is the winter of our discontent

Lord Molineux

Richard III peenuts ?

Was he one of Barnum & Bailey's clowns

Aaaargh !


Possibly your worst ever post, in a long and distinguished career of uniform awfulness and the notable absence of wit or smarts. Sound the horns!


How can it be the worst ever if the awfulness is uniform? Come on Pete!


Easily, by letting the standard drop beyond the previous uniformity of awfulness. Hence my saying it's the worst ever. There, that was easy.

I don't mind you trying to catch me out, but you have to have a hook with which to do so, you can't just go in studs showing without thinking first, I'll just perform a dainty side-step.


Forgot there were no hooks on my studs - hoist on my own shoestrings!

Old Goldilocks

I think you mean - 'A Striker, A Striker- my Championship status (Kingdom) for A Striker.

Dow ave the same ring abart it dus it!

Bury me quick!

Steve B

Richard the 3rd might be more appropriate - Now is the winter of our discontent!!!!

We are 1 point above relegation and everyone who isn't injured can't score goals!


"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves, or lose our ventures."

I think what he means is - we've got the wind in our sails now, so let's blow this joint.


Thought you didn't like Shakespeare? But your quote is unfortunate as it is from a speech by Brutus who soon after has to fall on his sword rather than be captured in battle. Not prophetic of Wolves I hope!!!


Found it on that Internet innit? Perhaps Dean Saunders is Brutus... Perhaps keeping us up will be his valediction.


As others have pointed out, your mangled quote should be a referrence to Henry V in his speech before the battle of Harfleur. I think it ends: "Cry, God for Harry, England and St George".

However, a referrence to Henry V is perhaps an appropriate one as he went on to defeat the French at Agincourt against all the odds. A bit like the situation at Wolves when it seemed like we were not going to survive relegation a few weeks ago.


Mangled "quote"?! Many references to Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and the accepted hip-hop nomenclature of our home city in the works of Shakespeare, are there?


Two pyrrhic victories, not filling me with confidence.


If you mean Harfleur and Agincourt not Pyrrhic at all,great victories with very few English casualties. If you mean Boro and Brum well that remains to be seen!


I like how I have elevated the forums' intellectual levels, as evinced by this thread. Finally, my influence is starting to trickle down.


Siege of Harfleur not battle!


How many legs has Robinson broken ???

Jack ♣ Hat.


Guessed some idiots would dive in. Seb carries too much weight so if he gets nicked he weight acts against him.

To the rest of the players: He ain't heavy he's my brother. It's "Yo heave ho" time, you all have to pull together. Go get.



Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish. In English please.


Robinson is a renowned thug, little more than an animal really. He has no place on a football pitch and would be more suited to bouncing people out of nightclubs.


Not as many as Kevin Muscat!


Come off it, Muscat wasn't that bad.

Googles "kevin muscat adrian zahra".



Mr Robinson - take a bow. Don't think he'll be out drinking in Wolverhampton any time soon! To steal a line from Jimmy Greaves - "that bloke has created more scar tissue than Harefield Hospital..." - scumbag!


What is it with Wolves and injuries.....

Every season we get most of our top players injured. SEB's can't be helped because it was a tackle but we get a lot of pulls, strains twists and hernias. Is it bad luck? or do we train our players wrong or do we just buy broken players?

Like loosing Sako and Hunt coming in and performing the way he has I hope who ever replaces SEB will have a good impact!

Always an up hill battle but I feel we will win the war! (living in hope).

Jack ♣ Hat.


The new third choice glove-man played a few games as striker for Blackpool and scored five goals, maybe worth a shout.



why dont you just worry

about who will play uo front

for sandwell next yeawe dont want

to hear from you

psalm 23

Your grammar is similar to Bully's first touch.


Still bombarding these sites then Jack.

Still nice to see you are interested in a BIG club.

Selly park wolf

Feel gutted for him and just hope that wasn't his last game for us!

Well done Morgan and moxey for yet again not backing your manager during the window with a striker!

This will come back to haunt you!

Moxey out Morgan out!


I'm not worried. M&M are bound to have a plan B otherwise they would have signed a striker last week. Good luck with the recovery Sylvan.



Manchester Wolf

Not the news we needed as he was certainly hitting back on his form again. Hopefully he recovers quickly and that he does sign a new contract with us for next season. Not a great way to leave the club.

Looking at the teams we have still to play surely we still have the quality to get us the goals we need. Not sure about Dicko though as he did not impress the short time he was on the pitch.

Hope Saunders does not consider Ward as a ideal replacement upfront though.


There is no one I hate more right now than Paul Robinson.

Jack ♣ Hat.


Not even Super Kev or Odemwingie?. Henry is far worse than Robbo.



Hate Odemwingie? We love Odemwingie over here right now! Tootling off down south in his little Odemwingie-sized car, dreaming of parking it in a more desirable locale, then having to tootle all the way back up again, a lover spurned... Funniest moment of the season!

chris h

A big loss.He would have scored a lot more goals this season if they had signed a decent target man to play with him,like Iwelumo helped him get the golden boot a few years back. We are now told 'tentative talks have begun on extending' his contract. This should have been solved last summer or before.I have criticised Jez Moxey on this site for years,but it seems to me rather than learning from previous errors he is intent on repeating them.Price of everything and the value of nothing.Right now though we need to forget the failures of our owner and chief executive and concentrate on giving total support to our team.Let us hope someone else steps up and scores the goals to keep us in the Championship.


I'll go along with all you have to say, chris h. So true.


What makes you think it's Moxey's decision? The club's directors and owners make funding decisions and the Chief Executive Officer executes those decisions. If the decision was made not to invest in more players I doubt very much it was Moxey's call.

In any case we have Doyle, Cassidy and Dicko to play up front and Hunt, Hammill, and Peszko to play on the wing with Sigurdarson who can play either role. Surely enough for 6 games and to keep us in this league?


Total hard truth as usual Chris.


I would love him to stay with us for next season, but I suspect there will be plenty of offers for a consistent goal scorer. From a team point of view the solution seems pretty obvious, Sigardason goes up front and Hammill (given up hope of seeing Peszko again) play wide right. It does limit our options though. Speedy recovery Sylvan and good luck for the future.


Paul Robinson is a football thug

Get well soon SEB and thanks for the goals and sign that contract


Well I think we'd all resigned ourselves to losing him for the final games anyway. Get well soon Sylvan. It's depressing to think we've probably seen him kick his last ball for us. Thanks for the memories SEB!

Another victim of Paul Robinson's thuggish approach.

The failure of the club to land a striker in the transfer/loan window is now shown for the folly it was. Relegation would be far more costly - if targets wanted decent money and the prospect of a deal at the end of it then something could have been done surely.

This news is not necessarily going to break us though. When morale is good you can overcome setbacks. This would have been 'game over' a few weeks ago with Sako also sidelined. But I just feel there is a spirit now that gives us a real chance of being able to deal with this.


Well at least we brought in those strikers on loan that we were after.

Tamworth wolf

JJ. What does that mean?


Irony, my dear child, irony.

chillo Wolf

Sarcasm actually, not irony. There is no irony in the comment. It would be irony if the injury had been caused by a striker we were attempting to bring in.


Not meaning to be a pedant, Chillo old bean, but it is, in this case, irony - sarcasm is a spoken phenomenon dependent on delivery and cadence, and many argue that it cannot exist in the written form at all.

Yeah, like we're going to listen to anyone who thinks THAT.

Chillo Wolf

we learn we grow ...


I like to think that I learn, but never grow.

john payne

he was being ironic................

Chillo Wolf: My most sincere apologies for being such an ignoramus and many thanks for the timely correction. I always knew that my degree in English wasn't worth the money I paid for it. You will also have noticed my error of punctuation immediately after the colon. I respect you, sir. Not many people catch me out!

Chillo Wolf

Apparently you were correct ... according to Petenuts that is

My apologies


When the term "according to PeteNuts that is" is being used, there's no "apparently" about it.

can't help it

It means he's easily pleased!


Some years ago, I inquired about the supply of specialised drinking water to the Molineux (Sir Jack was the owner at that time).

My main question was this water just simple mineral water. If so, was there any other treatment given to the players which contained fluoride.

I asked this question because fluoride is a dangerous element to give to anyone. When given in medicinal doses, it will cause bones to increase in mass, but also become brittle. Brittle bones break and fracture more easily. For example, it was once a 'quack' theory promoted by the medical establishment to give fluoride treatments to women with osteoporosis. As well as damaging other parts of the body, the fluoride treatment given caused more problems than it created 'solutions'.

Something is happening at the Molineux, and it would be interesting to know exactly what is going on in the treatment room.

Mike of Adelaide

I agree, if they are not drinking filtered or spring water the risk from fluoride is actually quite great. In Australia most of the Aussie Rules clubs are only drinking filtered water for that very reason. Worth considering.

quality counts

ha ha, if you truly believe that the drinking water is causing broken bones you need to be the next manager! Total rubbish is what we have had since McCarthy... comments of the water geez, what next could there be for an excuse?


I think stopping players from punching tactics boards may be more effective

Doctor Teeth

Flouride occurs naturally in both sea water and fresh water and in some locations around the world levels can be found to be high. However this not the case in Europe and the amount of flouride compound added to our drinking water in the Midlands is strictly controlled.

Since its introduction there has been a dramatic improvement in dental hygiene both in adults and children.

In some countries it is added to salt, so important, and cost saving, it is.

Most of the controversy surrounding fluoridation is based on a moral point of view. Should mass medication take place ?

Look around you, how many people under 60 now have false teeth ?

Nothing like the amount you would have found in the 50s and before.

Has there been an increase in bone disease? NO !

To suggest that the recent spate of broken bones amongst Wolves players is down to what they might be drinking rather than football impact related is pure conjecture.

Leave this sort of stuff to the Green Party, the Flat Earth Society and the Crop Circle Loonies.

You'll have them blaming Moxey for it next !


This wins the award for most 'left field' comment!

You may be on to something though.

And it may be worth examining whether there has been too much red wine consumed in the boardroom this season too


Over the years we seem to have accumulated more than our fair share of injuries as though, through training or over-training or for some connected reason, players become more susceptible to breakdown. Worries over future of Hennessey, particularly after Matt Murray's experience..

Ronnie Allen

Very good point sir. I am drinking Margarita's non stop in Key West and constantly falling over and injuring myself. I will inform the local barmen of the fluoride issue.


There are some comments on here which identify with what I'm saying. Thanks for the input.

Then there are some comments written by jokers. That's OK. If it amuses you to make light of a serious issue, no problem.

Finally, there are folk like 'quality counts' and 'Doctor Teeth'.

I spent 13 years of my life researching fluoride and it's side-effects. I also specialised in statistics and quickly discovered that the so-called facts-and-figures allegedly showing fluoride in water to be beneficial, to be not worth the paper they are written on. Sorry to say that fluoride is mostly a political issue. The truth and the science are poor relatives.

So, listen up, Doctor Teeth. What you are spouting is pure, 100%, political diatribe. You 'learned' your 'facts' from the establishment, not well-respected, sound-minded, honest, decent and well-meaning scientists and researchers. If you want to be grouped with the quacks, the charlatans, the small-minded, then that's your choice.

Also, Doctor Teeth (I doubt very much you have any worthwhile medical qualifications), please don't refer to my claims as belonging to the "Green Party, the Flat Earth Society and the Crop Circle Loonies". To associate this remark with me, and to involve these groups with each other, is just downright insulting. But it does show your incredibly ignorant and childish nature. Grow up and get a proper education before you publish any more of your drivel. Thank you.

Doctor Teeth

What a pile of over-sensitive balderdash !

With a bite back like that you must have been enjoying flouride laced water by the Jeroboam

Suggest you go back to night school, remedy your ignorance and stop trying to rabble rouse the boys in the trenches.


Thanks for proving me right about your lack of knowledge and complete ignorance. Enough said.

Doctor Teeth

That's okay

Glad there'll be no more of your drivel

Bye !


Not sure any of this is relevant to Ebanks tibia, but I'm willing to listen. When you say 'researching' who were you working for? What papers did you publish in that period? Are any of them available online? What are your medical qualifications, or was this purely statistical as opposed to trying to establish a causal link? I would genuinely like to know.


The best source for information may be: I suggest you begin your education there.

If you want to see another website, which is an archive with limited information, then go to:

Click on this link for a pertinent report:

James Gold

He read the Muppets Guide to Tap Water


The season-ending injury to SEB has come back to haunt Moxey. Deano wanted a PL striker on loan. We didn't get one as we couldn't afford the extra salary! Dicko will have to do. Thank goodness we still have Hamill, as Bolton wanted him on loan. I believe we will comfortably stay up, no thanks to Moxey, but Deano will have to slash and spend in the summer.

tickle tackle

unlucky sylvan, hope you recover soon .

so, hammill could come in wide right and siggy moved up top with doyle and may be dicko could come on to shore things up.utw

Tipton Wolves

Last time 5 games don't you mean last 6 games anyway stick Stiggy up front and play Hammill or Dicko on the right midfield.

Tipton Wolves

Oh I forgot to mention this might be another blessing in disguise as Doyle and Ebank Blake don't often score in the same game as they seem to take in turns doing the goals scoring duties so maybe Doyle will start banging in the goals now.

French wolf

Why not give Cassidy a run in the team, if not why did we recall him from Tranmere where he was scoring for fun.


If it is a blessing it is well disguised.

Just our luck

Just as Blake started to look like his old self.

Siggy is starting to look a player so time to take on the responsibility.

Not the first time the wolves medical staff have tried to walk a player off with a broken leg. (Addy G v Villa)

Woolfie 4371

Well that's the final nail in our coffin i think I can't see siggy scoring the goals to keep us up. JM & SM you are too blame for not replacing fletcher, Jarvis & kightly , and now SEB the guy who has been getting us most of the goals is out we are left with siggy and I don't think he'll do the buisness for us. We got £24 million for our three best players and we should have replaced our striker , for me there is NO EXCUSES THAT JM OR SM CAN COME OUT WITH THAT WILL JUSTIFY THE SITUATION THEY'VE LEFT US IN NOW. League 1 is now only a matter of time I think . A fed up woolfie.


We will stay up even without SEB. A bitter blow but one man's misfortune is another man's opportunity. Cometh the hour, cometh the man. This is not to let Poxey Moxey off the hook, Deano should have been allowed to sign a PL striker on loan, no doubt. We couldn't afford another salary apparently.


Hahahah - do you have your own special league table that has us adrift at the bottom and losing to Bristol, Boro and Birmingham?

Steve B

Has the season finished?

Are there no more points to play for?

Are all the teams at the bottom still winning?

Is our defence still abysmal?

Is anyone else scoring consistently, other than SEB for us?

£24m and we can't afford another wage... Woolfie 4371 has it spot on. I'm gutted.


But he didn't say 'we might struggle to score enough goals', he said it was the 'final nail in our coffin'. He said he couldn't see Siggy scoring which presumably means his memory doesn't stretch as far back as his excellent goal on Saturday.

tickle tackle

erm actually woolfie4371 does not have anything spot on.

he has mentioned league one every week, regardless of the results.


Good luck for a full recovery.


Good luck Sylvan, i hope you stay and come back next season stronger and better, we have a problem filling your boots i would like to see what Wardy can do as striker. He came here as a forward and use Hamill as a supplier Siggy and Doyler have both been playing well, play Siggy wide and Doyler grafting through the middle. COME ON WOLVES.

Mark B

Feel sorry for SEB, but lets get Siggy up and running down the centre, I am sure we have youngsters who can finish.

Good luck to Nouha.

spanish ray

Sorry,get well soon Seb.

Dave O

Jez Moxey please resign

Wilding Wolf

That Paul Robinson's always been bitter -

He's never been the same since he lost his leg in Neighbours....


Gutted. keep faith tho

hopefuly this means no clubs will come in for him on the summer :)

wait for all the leigh griffiths comments.

understand the rules!!!


Paul Robinson injured Michael Kightley before!

Blake was never going to sign for us in the summer unless we paid him Prem wages.

God knows how fat he will be after 6 to 8 weeks in plaster eating pies.

Sorry to see him go like this but being lazy and overweight has not helped him. He has missed more goals than he has scored so perhaps it's good news as Siggy has to play center forward now which is his best position and Dean would not have thought to have played him there!!

6 more games for Dean before he gets his p45


If you are reading this thread, Sylvan, hope the break heals well. It was really bad luck and we are going to miss you in these last games.

ian clarke

dont worry play sigurdarsson up front along side doyle and play hamill on the wing with hunt on the other side, keep playing without henry and ward and we will be fine and bring in batth for gorkes because he his too slow, and foley for doherty could make the difference. next season have Hunt has captain or foley never lost against big premier teams when foley was captain, way better team without henry and ward, look out for a striker out of contract perhaps louis saha short term deal should keep us up and pay his wages, start playing hamill, call back forde. ebankes blake player of season going to miss you get well soon, take care wolves number 1, stay up and fight for blake keep up the current form , make robinson permanent next season, break the bank to sign him, well done deano on beating blues


Do you actually watch the Wolves?

Foley has been our worst player this year by a million miles!

Saunders. Foot

That's all we need, top goalscorers out for the run-in. Gotta be Siggy up front and either Peszco or Hammill takin his place on the right, keep Doyle up there sittin on the last man and let Siggy do Doyles normal runnin and support. Was asked after the match if I would've took a choice between a fit SEB or the Brummie 3 points ? I said I'd take the points at the time ,but I'm avin second thoughts now, he's bin superb just lately and he will be missed.

Martin Swain had a little pop at Roger Johnson a few days ago, stating that he could do with some of Butlers attitude (Walsall F.C ).....he then said in the analysis how comfortable Johnson dealt with Nicola Zigic, it seems that he knows RJ is a decent player, but he's still an easy target when he fancies shooting the odd bullet. It just gets a bit tiresome when there's a club not to far away, who's discipline rule book went in the skip yonks ago. Wolves ay we....

Read between the lines

Responce to just our luck, have you never heard of a hair line fracture. which you can have and not know about till a few days later when scanns are done, ie after bone healing starts or will not show up on scans.

So to question the med staff for helpng him off the pitch in a way that keeps weight off the leg is far quicker than waiting for a stretcher was perfectly correct

What has happened is seb has a hair line fracture at the botton end of his fibia bone, which for any one who has ever seen this bone would be no surprise it has happened.

Assuming it is a hair line fracture from position of foot when hanging in air if it was a bad clean through break the foot would be in a different position but there is always the chance that sebs strong ankle ligaments are holding it all in place.

The chance of this is very slim as the way he went over on the ankle which caused the hairline fracture would have cause the bone to displace if it was a clean through break.

This is an extremely common injury with footballers.

All the best for recovery to seb and hope he get contract sorted out with the wolves for next season.


Unlucky SEB & good luck for the future. Such ashame that he will leave this summer.

A striker aged 27 -32 is in his prime, and with the right service SEB can score 30+ a season in this division. M & M should get this contract sorted or he will score these goals for someone else. Don't hold your breath though, I doubt this will happen.

SEB deserves a contract unlike some other players at the club but unfortunately we will be stuck with them next year which is why half the fans have not bothered with their tickets.

Has anyone noticed a little pattern in our recent good results? Stephen Ward & Karl Henry have been dropped and we have started winning!!!!!!

You can say what you like about DS, but he has shown the balls to kick these two into touch. KH is a decent player to bring on after 70 - 80 mins to close a game out and that is it, that is his function, nothing more.

Wards new role should be emptying bins or cleaning boots, that is all.

Get well soon SEB, a summer of rehabilitation unfortunately and I pray to see you in a Wolves shirt again next year.

A Word For-Ward

Stephen Ward was brought to Wolves as a centre forward/winger, and scored three goals in his first six games, in 2007 season. Since that time due to injuries to other players, he has been forced to play at midfield then full back, which were not his natural positions.

At full back he went on to international honours with Rep. Ireland, and opened scoring on his debut in 5-2 win. He has patiently played out of position for wolves since then, and missed recent games through surprise red card s/o.

If you played Karl Henry at centre forward, would he be picked for England, no sir, I don`t think so. Although I agree your comments re. KH absence, your

words are extremely derogatory against Ward, who gives his all every game.

Regarding criticism, last season Roger Johnson came in for many a blast from

posts, and must have suffered miseries. But how many posts considered the

immense difficulty in him being sold due cash needs by BCFC. Then being brought in and made captain straight away, without chance to play and win the confidence of team mates and supporters !! Players need time to settle in.

The situation put him under immense pressure, and must rank as an error of judgement by Mick Mcarthy. This season he has showed tremendous character

in coming back with grit and determination to become a stalwart in defence.

Soccer players are still humans, and allowances surely should be made for their individual circumstances, don`t you think. Supportive words make for a better spirit in the camp !! Lets go For-Ward !!


Ward couldnt tackle opening a bag of crisps


Can someone please tell me how many Wolves players Mr Robinson has either broken the legs of, or given serious injuries to? The list must be extensive now.

Robinson the ex Sandwell town thug

Robinson never could and never will be able to play football .

The scum bag should be held accountable for his caveman style and banned from the game before he does anymore damage !!!!


yeah and i bet you cheered every muscat tackle , if he never could and never will be able to play football you should of signed him , he would of been your perfect player


Boogie. You have nearly matched Jack, KEV, BOO HOO, Costello n Hassle with the number of posts on here.


Gutted for the lad.

Just hope that isn't the last time we see him in a Wolves shirt, I for one will be fuming if that is the case.

This kid has been a very good player for us at times harshly treated by both club & fans.

15 goals in this team this season is a fantastic return.

Hope for a speedy recovery SEB, you're always welcome here!!!

On the team front, bloody hell we are getting thin on the ground now, personnally I'd play Sigardason up front& bring Hammil in & use Dicko from the bench, with Cassidy, that's all we can do!!!

Fingers crossed for no more injuries!!!!


Gutted to lose SEB for the rest of the season; he's our main threat in front of goal. Without him, I'd probably go 4-5-1 because Doyle thrives on playing up fornt by himself and also that formation would allow O'Hara to play higher up the pitch with Henry sitting in midfield along with Davis.

Steve B

My thoughts exactly.

But if it don't work there aint no plan b...


gutted for SEB, get well soon

Going down

Why is it Robinson's fault? Good and fair tackle!!! If it was muscat who would have done that he'd be a hero in your eyes. Fickle wolves fans, couple of wins and everything is hunky dory.


Just shows what you know about football!! It was a classic scissor tackle that went unpunished. Typical Robinson tackle. He's been doing it for years and you know it. As for Muscat, that was years ago and even us Wolves fans knew he had a dirty side. We never said he was an angel and accepted it when he got punished.


No way it was Robinson's fault. Anyway, that is just a sideline. You need Griffiths back from up North! A new face in the dressing room and playing with confidence. Could be the boost you need for the run in.

A little knowledge


He cannot come back

Get your facts right before you pretend you know what your talking about

A Baggie fan living in a dump like Manchester

Does it get any worse?


Sylvan, get well soon and hopefully we will see you next season

Farmer Ted

So the choices are.....Siggy down the middle, Cassidy, Dicko or Ward. Depends on the opposition, I suppose, but I expect Doyle will cut a lone furrow at The Reebok.

The other alternative could be Johnson or Batth as an emergency striker. This has been done *before although its more likely to happen during a match when chasing a game to win it or save it.

I can't comment on Dicko, I really hope he takes his chance and becomes a Molineux hero, but.....

ever since Morgan burst into the dressing room after the Liverpool defeat undermining the manager and his players everything has gone wrong. The latest being not bringing in a striker in either window.

Well Mr despot Chairman get the corn ready cos the chickens are coming home to roost.

* Chris Sutton, Norwich and Freddie Pickering, Birmingham are two defenders that come to mind, who went on to win caps as strikers, but, I know there are more


I am waiting for another negative comment from Psalm23 who is the worst fan ever to comment on this site.Sorry I should not have used the word fan

I can only assume he is a non season ticket holder and does not know where the Molineux is.

Anyhow goodluck to SEB who has proved good value for money to date, (Moxey spoke)

Whatever happens I only hope that Moxey is sent off to pastures new but Morgan would not be able to work out what was happening re football matters so he will still be here for ever, it seems, to haunt us


I think you will find he is an Albion fan.

psalm 23


I am and I wish Ebanks Blake a full and speedy recovery.


Maybe the confusion was caused by another of your own fans disowning you the other day!

can't help it

Allow me to help a little...... I wouldn't think he's a Wolves fan

Psalm 23......Big clue!!!




Why not give him a contract befitting his efforts and contributions to the cause with a proviso that we stay in the league. Can't the fat controller get off his Ass and try and redeam the situation. I would do his bloody job a lot better for one hell of a lot less. The man ought to walk!!!!!!!!!!!


Solentwolves, i fully endorse your comment re SEB. But haven't i said to you on here, that we've needed a FOURTH top stiker/target man all season, but im afraid we've got a complete novice owning our club in Steve Morgan, and a penny pinching CEO in Jez Moxey. Between them they've cost us dearly over the season in our transfer dealings, or should i say lack off dealings especially since January. I also hope we see SEB in a Wolves shirt next season, as he's the only natural goalscoring striker in the squad, but again i have my doubts with SM/JM in charge of club. UTW:


Ebanks - we have 6 games left mate not 5...................... Burnley, Huddersfield and Hull at home and Bolton, Charlton and Brighton away..................

This is a massive blow to us in our fight for survival. The injury is not the fault of Moxey and Morgan but the fact we did not get in any cover when Deano blatantly wanted someone in that area quite possibly is.

Cassidy, Siggy, Doyle, can you get the goals we need to survive? I would not be so worried if the central midfielders occassionally got on the score sheet but they dont.

I would go with Hammil one wing, Hunt on the other, Midfield of Davies and Henry, supporting Doyler and Siggy.

We do not have many other options. Ohara is pants at the moment. He used to be dangerous to teams but now is more dangerous to us as he cannot keep up with the pace of games and his passing is dreadful, often putting us in trouble.

Fingers crossed everyone, gonna now be a very bumpy ride. Id have even played Vokes now if we still had him. Bet you he scores for Burnley against us.

Still trying to remain positive but there is no way we should be left in this situation when Deano said he wanted a striker when he first got here, before Sako went even.


This is really bad news for both the player and the club. Watching the game in the pub, I did'nt think it was a particularly bad tackle. I would question why the physio did'nt call for a stretcher. It was clear that he could'nt put any weight on his foot and was in some pain. I would have thought they needed to err on the side of caution and and taken him off using a stretcher.

The tackle reminded me of the game I attended at Craven Cottage a couple of years ago when Bobby Zammora broke his leg following a challange by Karl Henry. It seemed a fairly routine tackle and play continued for short time. Sadly these things can happen at anytime, anyplace to any player. Unless we change the game completely to a non contact sport, serious injuries of this kind will, regretably, happen from time to time.

I sincerly hope that negotiations can continue to keep SEB at the club. His last two goals may well have helped ensure championship for next season.


That idea bout robbie blake ok. 6 games left. Get him in a pay as u play deal. Couldtnt do any harm. We got not defence so gota outscore who ever we play. Keep the faith UTW

Joe 90

I hope the SEB recovers quickly and signs for us again. Wolves appear to be on a cruel run of serious injuries and I sincerely hope that they avoid the drop. BUT Moxey already has his excuse now should they fail. Bet he is grinning like a cheshire cat.

colehill wolf

Like all the other sentiments on here it goes without saying come back stronger SEB and as for a replacement I think this is where Siggy stands up and makes a name for himself that's what Stale bought him for plus theres a lad called Winnall give him a chance I can see a point at Bolton not a past happy place for Wolves but looking at whats left we are the form team another 7 points should be there what another horrible season Wolves fans but your loyalty has shone through except for the Hunt charade and you have proven once Gold and Black always Gold and Black in finishing I cannot believe Morgan did not get O' Neill in on Monday to help Saunders with a bit of experience UTW

darren woolridge

Bad luck SEB, Hope you make a full recovery soon.

now back to football

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Mr Saunders DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO BACK TO PLAYING 4-5-1 Because that would mean playing HENRY and would result in DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think Henry is one of the most useless footballers ive EVER seen. He brings ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the team other than :






At least, 1 by 1, ALL the useless Mick McCarthy players are being dropped. Look at the difference with Doyle now Henry isn't playing!!!!!! It's not a coincidence!!!

Stick with 4-4-2

in my opinion i would play Siggy and Doyle up front and try Dicko on the right and Hunt on the left. Siggy and Dicko could swap through the match if needed?

Any one else agree?????

i thing Bolton will be tough but if we can keep Henry from playing any part then i believe we have a very good chance of at least a point.

I would love Wolves to stay up but ask yourselves, What changes do you think would happen within the club if we stay up???

My answer would be plain and simple, NOTHING!

Give me your opinions please

wolves for ever!!!!!!


So from that I get you don't like Henry???????


Having recently been made aware that we have more players on the books than ants on a stick of dog poop, it's nice to know there is adequate cover for these types of mishaps.

Doyler to come to the fore. Siggy, Hamill and others to all try and impress.

Good team spirit seems to be growing. This should not hinder it, but give the lads more reason to stick together and overcome another hurdle, or something others would give them an excuse to fail over.

We are together. We are Wolves!


Deano, after we scrape a nervy and close fought relegation survival, either you go up to Eddy or I will fly out to the Queen City and stuff that opinion splitting toe-headed goal scoring scallion, Leigh Griffiths, into the boot of the car, and whisk him down to the MOL for the start of next campaign!

Your the boss. You also were a hit man in your day, so you should know a thing or two about spotting a quality poacher when one pops up on the radar; the kid could help us loads in the Championship, If we stay up, mind!

Get him down here. He's ours. Talk sense to the lad, because the Championship, again, if we do our little "great escape," will be far more better exposure for his talents than up north.

Besides, there are more McDonald's in Wolvo, per capita, than any other place in Britain! Okay, I made that up!


New York Wolves

So sad for SEB that he won't be playing the rest of the season. I had a feeling he was heading towards a 20 goal haul this season. Need to bring Leigh Griffiths back from loan, if his contact permits, for the rest of the season.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Best of luck SEB , we'll miss your goals . Don't forget we have young Cassidy waiting in the wings . He played well in the win at Millwall . Great chance for him to make his mark.


SOMES UP OU SEASON! seb will allways get you 20 goals in this league and would have again this season! He was re finding his scoring touch again because we have been creating more chances this last month!going to be hard to replace him!

wolves aye we

Gutted that ebanks out fancied him to finish with 20 goals but plus side Doyle showing form again and siggi realising potential also have cassidy and wigan guy that can play up top so can cover


shambles do you even go to the games? or are you another one of those idiots that have to have a player to knock? blake has scored 50% of our goals.,if he was as unfit or useless as YOU make out how does he do it?suggest you go to spec savers you muppet?


i hope and i pray, what ever division we are in next season, we havent seen the last of blakey in a wolves shirt.if this does happen only one person to blame POXEY. no doubt what ever division we will be in the fat controller will see this away of saving wages,instead of the bigger issue, WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS the football team

Bedfordshire Wolves

Sad to see Ebanks-Blake injured, but its only taken him 40 games to find his form.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, Saunders can now give Cassidy an extended run

in the first team and, if we reach a position of safety quickly, he may also be able to

give McAlinden a chance to gain experience ready for next season.


Sorry, what happened to the "excessive" squad that we apparently had to slim down? Seems that we can now barely put together enough full time professionals to start and fill the bench. We now only have Doyle, Sigurdasson and Casssidy to choose from as "strikers" and it seems doubtful that they will score enough goals to ensure survival.

Why oh why was a proven striker not signed prior to this disaster? I think we all know the answer. Morgan & Moxey have yet again gambled with the Club's future for the sake of saving a few bob. Even Frank Nouble might have proved useful in the current scenario.


chase terrace wolf

Psalm 23 is an Albion fan keep up.


We could always try Ward out as a striker.



Paul Robinson are you proud of what you have done??????????????????????????????????????


You rely on your ability to harm,cripple,or injure any member of an opposing team.

Why on earth have THE F.A still allowed you to play football god only knows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





Speak as you find

I don't like Paul Robinson anymore than any other football fan because of his style of play, but, on this occasion it was not his fault, it was just one of those incidents that happen in football. A lusty tackle and a player slightly off balance. Think Henry and Zamora.

Also watch 'our own' Jack Robinson and his challenges. So far his tackles have been perfectly timed, but he goes in very hard , sometimes X rated hard ( Bristol City ?)

He only needs to mistime one by a nano second and it's a red card and maybe a badly injured player.

Think on


How can anyone blame the defender here?

Ebanks fell awkwardly for a start. No-one at Wolves is blaming the defender and if you saw the challenge it really wasn't anything of note.

Yes its frustrating but are some of you honestly saying he meant to put a bad challenge in and hurt Ebanks??


Holyfields ear

Don't see the problem with all those premiership players we have that we could'nt sell on.

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