One Direction's Liam Payne cleans up on Sesame Street

As one fifth of the most famous pop group in the world, Liam Payne is used to mixing it with the big boys.

One D Sesame Street
L-R: Liam, Bert and Harry.

But now the One Direction star can count Bert, Ernie and Big Bird after appearing on hugely popular children’s TV show Sesame Street.

Liam and co recently recorded a guest appearance on the American show. It will air later this year but a sneak preview has been posted of the band’s antics.

The video shows Liam and Harry Styles joining Bert for a rendition of the alphabet.

Twenty-year-old heartthrob Liam, from Bushbury, appears to get in a muddle towards the end of the song, but when puppet Bert asks him if he forgot the letters, he says: “I was just waiting for you to finish man, I thought you were going to do a big crescendo.” The video also features a short performance from the five-piece singing about the letter U, a regular feature on the children’s show.

The appearance is likely to partly restore the band’s ‘clean’ image after several controversies and scandals in recent months.

Last month Zayn Malin and Louis Tomlinson were filmed joking about illegal substances as they smoked a roll-up cigarette.

The pair referred to the cigarette as a ‘joint’ and discussed how a police officer might be able to smell an illegal substance in their car. Shortly afterwards Liam admitted the group had a ‘lot of growing up to do’.

Earlier this year Liam was forced to apologise after a snap showed him just inches away from the edge of a 34th floor balcony. It came hours after he made a plea to followers of his band to stop visiting his home.

But One Direction fans certainly seemed to enjoy the Sesame Street snippet.

Twitter user ‘Retrosqueeze’ said: “My three-year-old little boy is learning the alphabet from Liam Payne and Harry Styles singing it with Bert on Sesame Street.”

Stephanie Rose tweeted to say: “This just put the biggest smile on my face.”

And Konrad Kociszewski added: “This is awesome and Liam Payne’s face – priceless.”

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